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The Variety Of Men's Tennis Apparel To look at a tennis game today, it is hard to believe that white tennis outfits used to be the norm for male players. They used to wear pants that were full-length, which made movement difficult and a sweater vest or cardigan was worn over their shirts. Men's tennis apparel today has transformed with current styles, which are more comfortable and bold using a variety of fabrics and colors. In the 1930's is where the change from long pants to shorts occurred, and many male tennis players started to wear shorts over the long flannel pants. The color usually chosen was still white, until more recent years when colors became more bright to accommodate current styles. Another change has been in the types of fabric used for modern apparel. They now use more breathable fabrics in comparison to cotton, like performance fabrics like spandex, polyester and nylon. Although cotton is a natural in relation to absorbing moisture, it'll also make the clothing feel heavier and will cling to the skin. Technologies have evolved with new fabric treatments and weaves that are created to be more breathable. They'll provide coolness to the skin and will wick moisture away so it can evaporate more easily. Many of these fabrics may even have UV protection and have a built-in SPF of 50 or more. These fabrics have another benefit with the better color and shape retention. The main challenge in men's tennis apparel is that at an intense degree of play, it must be very functional. Shorts need to stretch in all positions, giving a 360 degree of motion yet still retain their shape. Lightweight stretch polyester allows for air flow and regulation of temperature and moisture. Another fabric that is comfortable and will wick moisture away is double pique knits. Men's performance shorts will need to be comfortable too, providing breathable fabrics and ventilated gussets. Men's tennis shirts are available in a variety of high-performance synthetic knit fabrics that offer free movement and range from T-shirts to crews to polo shirts. Sleeveless tops or muscle shirts help make it easy to swing away at an oncoming ball. Mesh materials help players feel cool while playing hard. The colors offered in tennis shirts could be bright and intense or more subdued. White is still available and is a popular color of some tennis players. There aren't many sports you can compare to tennis in terms of speed, endurance and the agility that is going to be required by the players. The right tennis shoe will have to withstand the continual movement of running and jumping along with the back and forth movements and quick pivots that will happen in a tennis game. Due to these rigorous movements, tennis shoes are constructed with the extra necessary lateral support. They offer stability for movement from side to side and are made with materials that are heavier and stiffer than other athletic shoes. There's a wide variety of brands and styles of shoes specifically designed for tennis. This footgear is stylish, sleek and frequently quite colorful. Constructed of materials that are lightweight, they also promise stability and durability for the active man. Also look for high-performance tennis socks, along with the best shoe, which are synthetic blends and help to wick away moisture to keep feet dry and cool.

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The Variety Of Men's Tennis Apparel Men’s tennis apparel has come a long way in recent years with functional and comfortable styles in performance fabrics. It'll be much easier to play hard in the right tennis gear that is made for the game. Cruise Control Gear is passionate about supplying the most suitable and most tasteful tennis apparel for women. Much more information on Cruise Control Gear are obtainable on the business' web page,

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The Variety Of Men's Tennis Apparel