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Custom Wine Cellars

Signature Collection Custom Wine Cellars

Signature Collection Custom wine cellars The Signature Collection wine cellar series were created from our 20+ years of traveling the world designing cellars for corporate executives, heads of state, and royal families. These unique collections of hardwood cellars are offered in three décor themes. The Winemaker Series (see page 3) features an exclusive blend of reclaimed wine barrel materials along with oak accents that are stained in

red wine. The Tuscan Series (see page 4) features selected distressed moldings, trim and pillars along with the use of ironwork built into the cabinet doors to create a true old world Tuscany appearance. Finally, the Cambridge Series (see page 5) resembles the essence of a formal English library, using heavy moldings and gothic cathedral mullion cabinet doors.

The Private Reserve Collection is for those who are looking for yet a higher level custom wine cellar. This ultra-custom cellar is offered for those who want an ultimate one-of-a-kind design. We have converted caves into cellars, excavated under a house to create a cellar beneath the living room with a glass floor to view the cellar below. Imagine a two story cellar connected with a spiral staircase — the possibilities are endless! Contact your wine cellar consultant to learn more about this exclusive collection. Signature design and CAD services require a great deal of exclusive attention to your individualized project. As a result, a design fee is charged. This fee is 100% refunded when the order is confirmed. As part of the service we will consult with you and/or your designer to design and build the Signature Collection best suited to your décor theme. Services include a detailed plan and front view color CAD drawing, cooling system load analysis, written proposal with a breakdown of the cellar components and bottle capacity, complete list of what needs to be “done by others,” and installation schedule. 2

Signature Collection WineMaker Series

Signature Collection Winemaker Series

Tasting Table

Barrel Stave Bins

Reclaimed Barrel Tabletops

The Winemaker Series reflects the true flavor of wine country with the rustic feel of white oak complimented with the use of reclaimed wine barrel materials. All counter and table tops use wine barrel tops highlighted by authentic cooperage and vineyard markings. The bins are made with actual barrel staves. We stain selected racking with red wine to further accent your one-of-a-kind custom cellar.

Winemaker – White Oak

Cabinetry & Drawers

Bent Moldings

End Panels

Moldings & Columns


Signature Collection Tuscan series

Signature Collection Tuscan Series

Tuscan – Sapele

Tasting Table

Chair Rail/Horizontal Display


Iron Insert Cabinet Doors

End Panels

Distressed Wood Cabinetry

Bent Moldings

Base Moldings/Columns

The Tuscan Series embodies the rural eloquence of Tuscany using distressed wood cabinetry and moldings, ironwork within the cabinet doors and hardware, and columns with boldly coved capitals. Ribbon sapele is the material used for this series. It is an imported hardwood from Africa that has a reddish-brown color and often contains a beautiful purple cast. This series brings to mind the image of a Tuscan villa.

Signature Collection Cambridge series

Signature Collection Cambridge Series

Tasting Table

Drawer/Solid Door

Cambridge – Walnut

Crown/Ogee Detail

The Cambridge Series is made with beautiful black walnut hardwood. It incorporates traditional custom moldings and recessed panel columns. The base, chair rail and crown moldings have an ogee decorative profile. The tasting table features a four panel top with alternating grain and heavy “Hepplewhite” tapered legs. The doors


Mullion Doors

on the hutch cabinets feature gothic cathedral mullions, and the lower cabinets have solid raised panel doors. The overall look and feel of this series is reminiscent of an Old English manor library.


Classic Collection Custom Wine Cellars

Classic Collection Custom wine cellars Classic Collection wine cellars have been the mainstay of Apex for over 22 years. Working one-on-one with a local Apex Cellar Consultant, our custom designed cellar creations are handcrafted to match your design and bottle capacity goals. Using this collection, the ďŹ nest architects, interior designers, and custom home builders have speciďŹ ed Apex in private homes, restaurants and wine retail stores around the world. The Classic Collec-

tion can be made to fit into the smallest closet space or up to large walk-in rooms that hold thousands of bottles. Pages 7-9 show examples of various sizes and shapes of cellars that we have built, along with Classic racking features and components to make a cellar unique. Use this gallery of photos and features to help you obtain ideas for your cellar project.

Wood choices: The Classic Collection has 5 stock woods to choose from. Each proposal lists all the woods and price for comparison. Most clients select a wood color to match the decor of their cellar.

Western Red Cedar (Non-aromatic)

Premium Redwood

All Heart Redwood

Malaysian Mahogany

Classic consulting, CAD & installation services

are offered locally through our national network of showroom locations. These premium services include: 1. Consultations at your home, jobsite or choose to meet us at our design showroom to discuss your wine cellar project. 2. At no cost, our Apex design team will draw a 2d plan and front view cad layout of your space. Along with the drawings, we provide a cooling system load analysis, bottle capacity and features chart, plus a comprehensive written proposal in the five wood species that we offer. 3. If the first design is not exactly what you envision, we will revise the drawing at no cost to you. 4. After final approval, our Apex craftsmen will come out to custom install your cellar.


African Mahogany

Classic collection Gallery

Classic Collection gallery

Curved corners to create

Display angle shown with

Stemware holders either

a smooth, continual look

optional rope lighting

side or front mounting options

Arches in styles of 1˝ x 1˝, 1˝ x 2˝ or 1˝ x 12˝ (shown) 7

Drawers allow for storage of your wine accessories 8

Cabinet doors to store bottles or cases behind closed doors

Rolling ladders for taller

Humidor inserts for cigar

cellars to access upper racking

storage, or choose humidrawers



Reclaimed Wine Barrel

Base & crown moldings

Tabletop materials include wood veneer, cork (three colors),

to finish off the racking

and reclaimed wine barrel material (cooperage or infusion)

Wood paneling for the walls and ceiling of your cellar 9

Apex Standard Doors Glass Etching Iron Door inserts

Wine cellar doors Apex standard cellar doors are exterior grade solid fir, 1 ¾˝ thick. They come in 4 styles as shown below. Glass doors are tempered double-pane safety glass. To enhance the beauty of the door, add glass etching or our very popular iron inserts. The ironwork is a stand-alone piece that simply attaches onto the exterior of the 5001 or 5001-c doors adding an instant rustic look to your cellar.

Apex standard doors

5001 Full Glass

5001-C Curve Top Glass

Glass etching (Shown for full glass)

Design #1

Design #2

Iron door inserts (Full glass only)

Art Nouveau


Window Insert

5201 Half Glass 10

5130 Solid Raised Panel

Design #3

Design #4


“Old World” Style Doors Reclaimed wine barrels

“Old World” style doors & reclaimed wine barrels

C1 Curve Top

C3 Curve Top

C3 Square Top

Apex “Old World” style doors

are hand crafted of solid Hemlock (except for the metal with ironwork door). Other woods are available upon request. We offer four distressing options and 12 stain colors. The grapes on the

Metal with Ironwork

Model c1 and c3 doors are handcarved by master artisans. Shown above are our most popular doors. Refer to our website at to view the full line of doors, distressing options and stain colors.

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Products: We reclaim wine barrels from California’s Napa Valley and use the materials for flooring, tabletops, wall & ceiling paneling, and unique furniture. The “Cooperage series” features barrel exteriors with cooperage markings and vineyard stamps. The “Infusion series” features the barrel interior, highlighting wine stained oak. Consider making your wine cellar an exclusive masterpiece with reclaimed wine barrel features direct from wine country.



Tabletops 11

Wine Locker cellars

Wine locker cellars

Raised Panel

V Groove

Standard Mesh

Art Deco Metal

Wine locker cellars are a new popular trend found in condos, country clubs, private dining and social clubs. These cellars are located in common areas and provide individual lockers for the clientele. Wine locker cellars are built much the same as any private cellar using properly sized cooling systems, entrance doors, tasting tables, 12

Solid Panel


Flat Wire Mesh

etc. However, the racking is cordoned off with individual locked doors to allow for several clients to have a private and climate safe place to store their wine. Apex offers seven locker door styles or custom designs to fit your dĂŠcor. Several different woods and stain colors are available.

Apex art Murals Cellar Accents

Original cellar art & cellar accents Apex art murals are printed on canvas, then hand-troweled in plaster to create a unique look for arches or open wall areas in the cellar. Perfect for new installations or easy to add after the cellar is built into an arch opening to add elegance to your cellar.

Vineyard is an original work of art created for Apex by artists Ron and Kristine Henshaw. Panels are hand-troweled in plaster, and after applying the highest quality reproduction, distressed by the artists.

Vineyard Row Marker was Tuscan Harvest Scene is based on a traditional marker housed at the Musee de la Vigne et Vin in Bequne, France. Hand-troweled in a sandstone material, each piece is a unique, handcrafted work.

Cellar accents are unique sandstone wall hangings and statues, available in either carbon or patina finishes. Shown here is our “Greek” theme collection. The Ariadne statue makes for a beautiful countertop piece. The Bacchus is a perfect wall hanging for an arch opening, and the tiles can be hung individually or as a set of three. The second collection (not shown) is our “Vineyard” theme that can be seen on the Apex website at Tabletop Sculpture of Ariadne, Bacchus’ Wife

a reproduction of the frescos at the Villa Bianchi Bandinelli in Tuscany. Originally painted on canvas, the scene is recreated in the style of a traditional fresco and hand-worked by the artist.

Bacchus Wall Hanging

Marchand de Vin appears in the background of the impressionist masterpiece “The Absinth Drinkers” by Raffaeli. Each piece is handpainted in gouache on hand-troweled plaster for a unique piece.

12 x 12 Tiles 13

CellarTec products & services

CellarTec products & services CellarTec Signature cooling systems are based on over two decades of refining wine storage. These premium systems are designed with the serious wine collector in mind. They include top-of-the-line components and features such as short cycle prevention, cold weather start program down to -15°f, condensate overflow alarm, high and low Freon pressure protection display, condenser cover for protection, liquid and cellar air temperature displays, and ambient temperature and humidity displays. As part of our services, Apex will provide a personalize load calculation at no cost to make sure the cooling system is properly sized for your cellar. The Signature CellarTec system is the most robust and technologically advanced wine cellar cooling system on the market.

CellarTec Classic

is feature-rich in comparison to other similarly priced cooling systems on the market today. Some of these features include audible cellar hightemperature alarm at the evaporator, short cycle prevention, basic high and low Freon pressure protection, cellar air temperature display, condenser cover, cold weather tested to 20°f, and optional handheld remote control. This system is a great value to protect your investment of wine.

CellarShield helps prevent cooling system downtime and the potential for damage to your collection. A qualified Apex refrigeration technician will inspect, test and perform the manufacturers’ suggested maintenance procedures on a regular basis.

Exclusive CellarTec 24/7 monitoring service Apex will monitor your cellar 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to give you peace of mind that your valuable wine collection is continually stored under the proper climate conditions. Protecting your investment has never been easier.

Features of our unique monitoring system: • Online accessibility • Personalized alert preferences • Real-time system condition display • Automatic service call option available with annual agreement. 14

Saunas & Steambaths 6ft & 7ft Tall MOdular Racking Kits Cellarpod Wireless Monitoring Retail Store Wine racking Refer to the websites listed below to learn more about other products available from Apex.

Other Apex products

Saunas & Steambaths

are available in custom pre-cut, modular free-standing or infrared styles for both residential and commercial applications. Refer to to learn more.

7ft & 6ft Modular Racking Kits are for our clients that would prefer to install their own cellar. Use the online sizing wizard to design a custom looking cellar or ask for free design assistance from our Apex consultants. Refer to

CellarPod is a wireless, 24/7 cellar conditions monitoring device. Place the “Pod” in the cellar, attach the gateway box to your home internet and monitor your air and liquid temperature, humidity, and light levels over the internet. Apex will notify you if there is an alert. Refer to

Custom or Modular Retail Racking products are de-

signed specifically for our retail partners. We design and install custom racking that best displays wine for retail sales. We also have ten standard modular racks that can be ordered online or with the help of our Apex sales consultant. Refer to 15

About Apex


Joe Leahy and Doug Smith

founded Apex on the principles of strong customer service. Trained Apex employees provide local on-site consulting using only the finest workmanship and materials. This unmatched “local” one-on-one business model has allowed us to assist thousands of satisfied customers since 1984.

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Apex Headquarters

Apex’s 60,000 sq ft headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Woodinville, Washington. To best serve you, we have established a national network of company owned offices throughout the United States. In addition, we have partnered with the best suppliers in the world to meet our high quality standards. This combination allows you to receive world class products at competitive prices. While working with a local Apex sales consultant, you can be assured that your wine cellar will be installed by a trained, licensed and bonded Apex installation crew.

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International Sales

Apex designs and installs wine cellars worldwide. Please email or refer to to see the international services that are available.

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