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Eric Corl Founder Of Idea Buyer

The Idea Buyer Story

Idea Buyer, LLC has been helping entrepreneurs develop and prepare their ideas, products and technologies for retail distribution since 2007. What originally started as an online marketplace for intellectual property, has become an end-to-end business development and marketing machine. That company now also helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a business, while minimizing cost and completion time.

Our team of over 20 professionals provides support through every necessary step of turning an idea into a business. Our broad array of expertise and experience, allows entrepreneurs to focus time and resources on building their business.

Working with one company, possessing the capability to do everything from branding to manufacturing and retail management, is what our clients and partners recognize as our most valuable asset. Idea Buyer takes pride in offering something, unique within the industry, which also allows us to offer high value and high potential for success, at reduced upfront investment.

Eric Corl is the founder of Idea Buyer

Eric Corl is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Idea Buyer LLC and IdeaBuyer.com. Corl founded Idea Buyer during his junior year at Ohio State University and has since gone on to start a number of companies focused on helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market.

Eric was recognized as one of the top 100 most influential entrepreneurs under 30 by the White House Administration in 2012.

Idea Buyer, LLC is a 3 time Inc 5000 company. The company was founded in 2007 by President, Eric Corl. Idea Buyer is the fastest growing new product development firm in the US. In business for 12 years, Idea Buyer partners with select entrepreneurs to bring products to market. Powered by an expert team with vertically integrated capabilities from ideation to manufacturing and distribution, Idea Buyer has successfully brought over 700 products to market. Idea Buyer is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


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