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Top 5 Holiday Gadgets for Dad

So it’s Christmas time, and yet again you’ve forgotten to buy your dad that thoughtful and clever gift you you’ve always meant to get for him. At this moment you usually find yourself scrambling through malls and department stores looking for something that he’ll actually use, or at least find somewhat amusing. You don’t want him to forget about your gift the next day, just like last year. Do not fear, for we have assembled a list of the five best holiday gadgets for dad that he can use around home. He’ll be thanking you for years to come.

1. Bluetooth Garage Door Opener Are you tired of your Dad always complaining about the unreliable garage door opener? You can grab him the perfect solution to that problem to brighten up his holidays, a device that connects the garage door motor to a smartphone app, allowing dad to open and close the garage door without having to carry around that pesky remote. Since it uses Bluetooth, he won’t have to worry about any radio interference problems. Also, the device to can link with up to 8 devices, allowing family and close friends easy access to the garage. 2.

Hidden Island Shelf

Ever since Back to the Future, people have been enamored by the automated compartments and hidden shelves, your dad included. This holiday, you can buy and install him a hidden liquor shelf in the kitchen’s island, allowing him automatic access to his secret stash of top shelf booze. All you need is a linear actuator and the labor involved with cutting through the countertop. It’ll be worth it when you see that bottle of Gentlemen Jack rising from the depths and into your glass. 3. Randall 3.0 Beer Infuser Your dad likes beer. You like beer. And if you like to drink good beer together, you can grab him the Randall 3.0 beer infuser this holiday season, a sure bet to make him think he’s done something right raising you. The infuser sports two chambers, one for flavoring the beer with spices or whatever comes to mind, and the other to hold ice and chill the beer. The device then connects to your stash of beer with a hose. In 20 minutes your dad’s frosty, flavor-infused beer will flow through the faucet. 4. Automatic Window Blinds If you’d like to make your dad’s life more convenient, you can gift him with the ability to automatically control the window blinds in any part of his house, letting him lighten and darken rooms without ever getting off the couch. All you’ll need is a motor for the blinds that can be installed in the headrail. They usually run off of lithium batteries and can be controlled from one universal remote, allowing your dad to control the house like the master he is.

5. Motion Sensing Deck Light Since dad was always asking you to make better use of the lights in the house when you were younger, turning them off and on depending on use, you can let him know you didn’t forget the lesson with a motion sensing light for his deck. The device uses 3 C batteries, which usually last around a 1 year, not to mention that it’s weatherproof. With a 160 degree motion sensor and a 30 foot range, your dad can enjoy automatic lighting whenever he enters or exits the house at night. You don’t want him fumbling with the key in the dark, after all. Any of these five gifts are sure to bring your father plenty of smiles and convenience these holidays. And finally you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you bought your dad something practical for once.

Top 5 gadgets to gift dad for the holidays  
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