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Starker’s in the rain? Not likely…

Eric Barton shares the mouse mat with IT supremo Roger White, Managing Director of SSL Clouds are wonderful things. Unless of course one of them lets go with the old h2o and you’re bereft of an umbrella or in the nude. William Wordsworth in 1804 had a few poignant, wandering, lonely scribbles on that very subject. Not the nudity… the clouds! I’m still landlocked in the blissful ignorance of a cloudless World. Not so the IT gurus of today’s business milieu. Computers now feel like the norm in the workplace. It makes us wonder what we did before computers. It feels natural to work at a computer because it blends into the 


business lifestyle. A scrap of paper and a biro isn’t going to cut it. When was the last time you watched somebody writing a letter with a pen? The invoices, letters, confidential documents, receipts and more can be done in less time than doing it manually. It’s true to say we live in an immediate World. In the damp, soggy fog that can envelope any companies’ IT strategy there is always a ray of sunshine, hope and help to burst the clouds of confusion that still shroud some companies IT planning and spend. Roger White and his team of cloudbusters at SSL (Severnside Software Limited) are keen to point out that with some forward planning and the right

approach it’s not all doom and gloom and you can easily avoid problems before the ‘bugs bite’ or you irrevocably watch your company grinding to an ITled gridlock. Roger White says, ‘companies need to keep their IT strategy and planning up to date and more importantly plan for the future expansion of their operation’. Never a truer word said. Talk to any entrepreneur and they’ll openly admit to wanting their own business embryo to be become bigger, stronger, increasingly efficient and more profitable. Its common sense to want growth and IT plays a huge part to not only the forward planning, but the smooth day - to - day running of any company. Just think of your emails MARCH 2013

going into meltdown or all your sales records or invoices disappearing into to a deep, awful void never to be seen again. Roger goes on to further say,’ it’s crucial that companies get a handle on their IT strategy and likely needs in both the medium and long-term. At SSL providing the key advice on this very area of 24/7 IT support is one of our real strengths. We don’t want companies to be out in the proverbial rain without any cover or support’. Computers have indeed transformed the workplace and workplace mobility will be the next revolution to impact corporate Britain as emerging technologies continue to enable and power our daily work lives. Roger White comments, ‘the growth and emergence of the Cloud and networking are now becoming indispensable to more and more companies and individuals alike’. Another important growth sector within the computing world will be the continuing rise of Big Data. According to analysts, there will be countless opportunities for the creation of new businesses to crunch the massive amount of information being generated every day by companies which is simply too big to store and analyse in house. Again that’s where Roger White and the ‘cloud busters’ come in at SSL; giving straight honest easy to understand advice that helps crystallise your way forward. It’s a scary reality that if you don’t keep up with this stuff then your company could be affected and you could easily founder on the shoals of indifference. Roger White is very emphatic when he says, ‘I don’t want any of our existing or potentially new customers to get bogged down in the IT maelstroms that can easily develop through either accepting the status quo or indeed being ill informed’. There’s and old adage that says people get bored, people get headaches…computers don’t. Companies like SSL are at the technological coalface when it comes to identifying not only problems but solutions. Like the ‘march of the penguins,’ the growth of office based technology is becoming inevitable and ever - more crucial to the every day operation of MARCH 2013

Roger White

even the smallest companies. When man went to the moon the Apollo spacecraft computer only had 1k of memory. It is now predicted that within the next forty year span one £1,000 computer will be more intelligent than the entire human race. That’s bonkers. Within fifteen years, one single computer will be smarter than the average human being, or somebody from some god forsaken mid – American inbred backwater. Within five years, one computer will have the brainpower of a mouse (of the animal variety) and Artificial Intelligence will have officially outsmarted all of humanity. The stellar moment in time at which computers ‘outsmart’ humanity is known as the ‘singularity.’ Computers are already acquiring the ability to learn from past events and mistakes, and after the singularity, they will be better at doing so

than any human being on earth. This coming paradigm shift leads us down one of two paths: One embracing technological progress and one rejecting it. Scary stuff. Roger White finally comments with a sage of friendly advice, ‘as a company don’t get left behind with any of these advances and certainly don’t be left naked or exposed.with your IT planning or current needs’. Roger White and the SSL team are always on hand to help with strategy, planning and support. It’s soothing to know they’re just a call away and can administer the complete 24/7 support and planning package that could just make the difference. Remember even poets use computers, starker’s or not! CS For more information Tel: 01452 720250


Eric Barton - SSL Profile - Style 2013  
Eric Barton - SSL Profile - Style 2013