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Anything in dull, scuffed boots looks grim. Think about going to a wedding in a brand new outfit and wearing muddy work boots. It’s the same thing. The very same maxim applies to cars. A scuffed or grazed set of alloys makes the car look scruffy. That’s a simple fact. You can spend £50K on a car and if the wheels look dowdy or rubbish then the car will look rubbish. I never tire (no pun intended) of meeting fellow car enthusiasts. There’s a seam of high-octane passion that bonds us all in a common pursuit and the owner at Reinventing the Wheel is, I’m happy to report, a car aficionado. Jeremy Shackleton just loves cars and any form of motorsport. This zeal very neatly places him to be the ideal owner spearheading a business that re-furbishes alloys wheels. “It’s more about passion for cars than just work,” says Jeremy who was previously the boss at Broughtons in Cheltenham prior to forming the wheel repair business. Now that does smack of a grinding commitment to quality. This is no ‘modified Malcolm’ sporting a ‘soupedup Saxo’. This business is about supplying a quality service that’s really tuned into customers’ needs. Although a Cheltenham boy, Jeremy’s early years were spent at University in London studying French and Spanish which led him firstly to Peugeot before realising a personal dream and landing the top job at Broughtons. It’s clearly a long love affair with the automotive industry. Jeremy comments, “wheels are more aesthetic now than purely functional. Over the past years they’ve only got bigger and better.” He’s bang spot on. All the car manufacturers go to great lengths in designing and specifying the original wheels to match the car and providing customers with a choice of up grades at the point of purchase. The business is ideally situated just off the M5 at Tewkesbury with heaps of parking. I was amazed at the tidiness of the workshop APRIL 2012


Eric Barton meets up with Jeremy Shackleton from Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

which I guess is in keeping with Jeremy’s modus operandi. He further comments, “I started the business in 2005 and wanted to make sure we were situated somewhere everybody could get to easily.” I’m intrigued to find out more about his evident commitment to service. “Our customers want excellence, not just a ‘bob the bodger’ bargain job. We have some very discerning customers who quite rightly want things done perfectly and to a very high standard. Nothing leaves this workshop unless I’m satisfied,” says Jeremy. I’m refreshed to hear this kind of talk. There’s a malaise sometimes that shrouds the car trade, which is in isolation, caused by a few ‘bargain basement bobs’ and that can be damaging to the whole trade. It looks like Jeremy Shackelton is flying the flag for quality. “The business is growing at a steady rate and I’m making a commitment to investing in new state-of-the-art equipment and processes,” he says. “Fifty per cent of this business is private customers and a large proportion of our work comes from personal recommendations.”

There’s also a sense that they’ll tackle any job. In fact I’m told… anything from a Fiesta to a Ferrari. Jeremy Shackleton, like any good businessman, keeps his finger on the pulse of the UK economy and quips, “these days it’s more about repair rather than replacement.” On a personal note Jeremy goes on to say, “I also have an abounding passion for Spain and France, their cultures and cuisine. I just love travelling to these countries to soak up the atmosphere and visit whenever I can.” This year he’s also due to participate in the Prescott Hill Climb and is sponsoring a young 17-year-old driver in the Porsche Carrera Cup which is on ITV 4. So if your alloy boots are a bit scruffy and you’re in need of a brush up and repair, then perhaps give Jeremy and his team the once over. As I’ve already intimated, what’s the point in having a really nice car with horrible alloys? It’s like having caviar with chips and home brew. CS For more information: Tel: 01684 291900;


Eric Barton - Alloy Wheels piece- Style Magazine  

Formoreinformation: Tel:01684291900; EricBartonmeetsupwithJeremyShackletonfromAlloyWheelRepairSpecialists 00 A...

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