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obtains immense staff loyalty through caring and applying the ‘family approach’. Richard further comments,’ when my son was born our current Chairman, Peter Lovett, managed to get flowers delivered to my wife in the hospital before I did. That’s’ just one small example of how they really rate their staff ’. I’ve got a theory; it may be flawed, but it’s my theory. Happy, valued and motivated staff equals happy satisfied customer. The business at the moment has a very healthy turnover. Managing this figure work is no mean feat and Richard tells me,’ I clock on and clock off like all the other members of staff. I don’t need to, but I want to. I firmly believe in leading from the front. I make a point of always being extremely visible to the staff and constantly have a walk around the dealership to see how everything’s going in all the departments. It’s my job.’ Managing a raft of ‘spinning plates’ seems to be the very essence of what Richard Davies does. This financial responsibility makes him in my view, worthy of a credible comment on the state of the UK’s economy. Richard NOVEMBER 2010


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leans intently across his desk and simply says, ‘we’ve had a surprisingly good last six months here at the Porsche Centre Swindon. I’m not saying it was easy…just surprising. I think the next six to nine months may be considerably more difficult. I do however feel that with the range of cars from Boxster through to Cayenne, Panamera and beyond, we can meet this challenge head on’. Buying any new car should be a treat. Purchasing a new Porsche is akin to automotive Nirvana. There’s the thrill of your first test drive, then the pleasure of choosing the colour and specification. And then it gets even better; the real joy and delight of picking up your new car. However, it doesn’t have to stop there. I’m reliably informed by Richard Davies that when you purchase a brand new Porsche they’ll even send you (if you want to) on the PDE course. This is the Porsche Driving Experience day at Silverstone. You’ll be in the very capable hands of a professional Porsche driver who’ll show you the ropes as it were. What a brilliant thing to do... and it’s all complimentary. It’s this level of service that mirrors the belief in what they do at


the Porsche Centre Swindon. Richard goes on to further say, ‘I’m always available for all of our customers, they can even e mail me directly if they wish. I want to make sure that they get the very best service we can provide and the PDE track day is just one element of our commitment in making sure that our customers get the very best out of their Porsches from us’. The Dick Lovett journey has been a huge success story, fuelled by the very passion I’ve been banging on about. Today, it delivers through the Porsche Centre Swindon incredible levels of enthusiasm and gusto that can only be a good thing for the customer. So, if you’re in the market for an Approved Used or new Porsche then give them a look, or in fact you can contact the Dealer Principal directly. CS For more details and to contact the Porsche Centre Swindon Tel 01793 615888 


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