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Eric Barton takes a look at Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets...

Banks are like all businesses. They’re here to trade and provide a product. Simple enough message you would think. Last year proved to be a quagmire of confused communications in terms of our banks and their position with particular reference to local business lending and support. The media have (with some relish it seems) taken huge swipes at the banks, their lending criteria and some of the mixed messages being communicated. Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets have decided to really put their head above the financial parapet and be counted. Brave move. As one of the biggest banks in the region, it appears that Lloyds are doing all they can to continue their support of businesses in the South West and Gloucestershire during 2011 and beyond. They’ve doubled the size of their dedicated business teams by building on a core group of relationship directors to ensure that they can provide businesses with increased support, as well as continuity. Following on from their 2010 position they’re continuing on a strong, solid commitment path to back businesses with robust management teams into this year and beyond. You would have to be a hermit to not realise that trading conditions in the in the South West and The Cotswold Region are still extremely turbulent. That doesn’t mean business has to stop or indeed ignore the old maxim of ‘strive to thrive’. Economic signals are mixed, but as we move further ahead into 2011 there are positive signs that companies should be perhaps positioning themselves to take real advantage of potential opportunities. Jason Evans, Area Director, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets commented, ‘one of the key lessons for businesses from this

MARCH 2011

Ian Bristow – Relationship Director Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

recession is that quality management counts, and I believe it will be a crucial factor in getting the region’s businesses back on track. That’s why we set such great store by the strength of our customers’ management teams’. It’ll be no surprise then that as economic conditions improve those companies with experienced management teams and a crystal clear vision for their business should be in pole position to take advantage of the emerging opportunities. There’s nothing stellar about this approach. It makes prudent sense for Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets to support quality management teams through this economic cycle. It’s exactly this way they’ve been working with Gloucestershire businesses for many years. Take Cheltenham laundry company Paragon as an example. This business not too long ago won ‘family business of the year’ at the Gloucestershire Top 100 business awards and has been banking with Lloyds for over 80 years. The next 12 months are likely to remain challenging for businesses, but there are lots of signs that Gloucestershire is full of many well-run businesses. Jason Evans went on to further comment,’ I believe the strength and resilience of the management teams here

will stand our economy in good stead. We will continue to provide our full support to these businesses by giving them the financial foundations they need to get back on track.’ Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets have a plethora of award-winning corporate banking teams which are based in the key economic centres of Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester, Plymouth, Exeter and Taunton. They also have a hive of people with the specialist knowledge to help your business succeed and grow. Their team of relationship directors are available to offer support and guidance. Working alongside their dedicated local product teams, they provide corporate banking and finance solutions tailored to specific needs. Everything from risk management and structured finance, to cash management and international trade. It’s quite a bundle of product offers and support. I’m a great believer in the human face of any business and it was with a certain degree of pleasure that I found out that Lloyds really wanted to be highly visible and approachable. Ian Bristow, Relationship Director, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets, concluded: ‘It just goes to show that even in tough times there are still opportunities for businesses. With the right level of support from their bank, and a wellthought out business plan, the prospects for 2011 are encouraging.’ So there you have it. A bank that’s’ right on the money’, prepared to stand up and be counted and offer a host of products, services and support to local businesses. CS For further information: T: 07710 650306 E:


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