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Eric Barton meets up with Glevum Chairman Gary Jones.

Adding to, or improving your home is akin to a car purchase. It’s a big step and it usually costs a lot of money. The pleasure you’ll get though is usually rewarded by the choices you make. In other words, buy a ‘banger’ and just watch your well-earned cash disappear, or take some time and choose wisely. Home improvement is no different and with the average spend around the £3K mark you need to make the right choices. It’s with this very ethos that Glevum Chairman Gary Jones positions his company. Longevity and solidity in a sometimes volatile market place is both unique and visionary. Glevum Conservatories, Doors and Windows have been around since 1984 and as a local business based in Newham on Severn they know only too well the need to supply the very best products they can to ensure that customer satisfaction is over-delivered every time. Gary Jones started the business after a spell as an engineering apprentice. As is usual with most successful entrepreneurs he made some bold decisions at the time to create something from nothing. The company under his direction, commitment and vision went from strength to strength through the 1990s and into the ‘noughties’ to eventually become the vibrant and well established business it is today. The company has over 55 employees with little evidence of any staff turnover. AUGUST 2011

Gary Jones said. “I’m very proud of the fact that we retain good staff the way we do. We invest heavily in training and so subsequently want to ensure they stay with us. In fact, one of our employees Graham Rose has been with us for 23 years.” This most amiable Chairman has a strong sense of what’s right and wrong, which happily translates itself into a highly focused customer service policy. The fact that as a Chairman and local lad, Gary Jones can walk around the county with his head held high, knowing that Glevum has installed the best products with the very best levels of service must be a warming feeling. No grumbles, barely any complaints and every job completed on time and on price. On a recent customer satisfaction survey Glevum scored an impressive 6.6 out of a possible 7. Gary Jones was not even happy with that. “We aim to be perfect every time we do an installation. It’s as simple as that. There’s no room for errors or unhappy customers.” The trend towards supplying ‘A’ rated windows is of particular interest to Gary Jones as he knows the worth of top quality products that will sustain the levels of modern wear and tear, together with retaining heat and draughts. “The carbon footprint is crucial and if we can make a difference then we will. We seem to be supplying more ‘A’ rated

windows now which is a good thing all round.” Glevum has more strings to its bows than you might think. One of their group companies (Glevum Energy) supply and fit the very latest technology in solar panels which of course is flavour of the month at the moment. This, Gary Jones says, is a trend that a lot of new customers are leaning towards. The Glevum Group also have a buildings/construction segment to the business and boast Mitsubishi as one of their clients. Knowing their products at Glevum has been pivotal in establishing long-standing relationships with some of the biggest developers in the UK like Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes. So how does Gary Jones think the UK economy will unfold? He simply says: “We are coming out of recession, but slowly. We will, I think, see a recovery this year.” Gary happily admits to being a ‘serial entrepreneur’. As long as any new venture is based on sound business sense and adheres to his core business values, then he’s more than willing to take a measured leap of financial faith. That’s refreshing stuff indeed and a crystal clear path to the future vision and successful direction of Glevum. CS For more details/latest offers Tel: Freephone 0800 332255.


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