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Eric Barton meets Claire Blizard of eco cleaning company, Green Mop I hate lentils, I don’t have flip flops and I’ve never hugged a tree. That said, I do care about the environment and the over-zealous use of unnecessary chemicals we use, consume or produce in every day life. Claire Blizard, owner of local eco friendly cleaning company Green Mop is right on the money when it comes to the environment. Her cleaning company has a deep-rooted sense of responsibility when it comes to cleaning either domestic or commercial premises. Claire spent a number of years in London running a hugely successful business and after a year in Australia decided to move back to the Malvern area in 2010. Claire says: “As a committed environmentalist, I simply couldn’t find an eco friendly cleaning company to clean my own house. I spotted this gap in the market for a quality cleaning company with a true eco bias. “I think the potential customer base in and around Cheltenham provides a good platform, as most people around here really do care about the environment.” There’s substance in this comment as we do have a good



number of organic shops in Cheltenham and our glorious Town Council have at last got to grips with re-cycling. I’m surprised to hear that the plethora of products Claire has in her eco cleaning armoury include; white vinegar for glass, seaweed for oven cleaning and soda crystals for de- greasing. It’s a collection of products you could actually eat. Claire simply says: “We don’t need all the toxins we currently use in cleaning. Natural products achieve exactly the same results.” Amongst Green Mop’s customers are the YMCA head Office, a number of local dentists, therapy studios and of course households. Claire points out that a number of businesses are targeting to get their green ISO accreditation and using her company builds the scoring towards this certification. “The business has about a 50/50 split on commercial and residential customers. All my staff are fully trained and employed by me with no ‘part timers’ or ‘casual labour’ used. It’s important that my customers know and feel that they’re getting a fully professional service when they use Green Mop.

“All my staff are very carefully selected and their product knowledge is second to none. After all, they’re my ambassadors.” Having your house or premises cleaned is in my mind a matter of trust. Will they be caring, honest and dilligegent? It seems the ethos at Green Mop focuses on these very points. You need to know that your treasured possessions will be cared for the way you care for them. Claire says: “We treat each home or office as if it were or own. We take great pride in making sure the customer feels totally at ease with us having keys for access and delivering the very best service we can.” Grasping prices and quotes out of thin air is fine for the lackadaisical amongst some businesses, but how can you possibly quote on a job if you haven’t seen it? Would a builder quote for a roof without seeing the job first? No

he wouldn’t. Same applies to cleaning and this is where Claire is adamant that she will always make a visit before quoting. Makes sense really. Again it’s back to that element of caring about the customer. Claire Blizard finally says: “All our business is by referral which I think says a lot.” Indeed it does. I’m intrigued about the future of Green Mop and find out that over the next three years there are plans for bicycles and even electric cars as company transport. She’ll save a bob or two on fuel as it’ll probably be a ‘tenner’ a gallon by then. And I’m happy to report that Claire Blizard at Green Mop is offering all our readers a 10% discount for the month of June. Now that is a squeaky clean offer. For more information; Tel: 01242 807511; THE CHELTONIAN - JUNE 2012


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