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sporty with a bit of front Eric Barton test drives the new Mercedes - Benz C Class 220 CDI Sport. You’ll notice if you take a good glance at the new C Class CDI Blue Efficiency Sport, it now has a rather aggressive look to the front styling. Don’t be alarmed folks. Mercedes-Benz haven’t gone ‘modifying mad,’ it’s solely due down to some AMG refinements they’ve added to increase its level of appeal to a slightly younger crowd. Adding any AMG adjustments or body kits to any of the Mercedes-Benz range can, in my mind, be no bad thing. Mercedes-Benz have indeed on this occasion taken out the sharpening tools and honed up its profile and I have to say the slight look of menace it now offers may appeal to the sportier of you out there. However, don’t panic because if you prefer something more traditional, steadfast and warming, then the SE and Elegance models still prevail. The exterior styling has evolved just a tad with this new sportier version and the front now stares out at you with the famous three-pointed star so evocative of the marque. It really does look the part. Overall it’s a more pleasing gaze that holds your attention. The interior is all about functionality SEPTEMBER 2010

and slickness. The driving position is superb and all the dials are clear and in the right position. By that I mean you can actually see all of them when you’re driving... which helps. There’s plenty of head and legroom in the front. In fact, they’ve upped all the available room, even in the back. So, enough room for transporting five reasonably-sized adults. Cruising on motorways is as smooth and silky as you would expect, providing an effortless way of getting from A to the other side of B in a comforting blink. This is a car that you can go travelling in. It’ll easily gobble up the miles on a long-distance driving holiday and is equally at home gliding around the leafy back lanes of the Cotswolds. Under the new stylish package this C Class turbodiesel retains its front engine rear wheel drive layout producing 170 bhp, with 0-62 reached in a fairly respectable 8.5 seconds. And it returns an impressive 46.3 mpg which is superb for a car of this solidity. This Sport version comes with an Advanced Agility package which, at the touch of a button sharpens the damping control, tightens the steering feel and

increases throttle response. It does in a real sense make cornering a bit more fun as you’ll be able to go deeper and quicker whilst still enjoying a certain sense of security. Some of the new add-ons include lowered suspension for that meaner look. This new Sport version does really offer the best of both worlds... nicely serene in normal mode, with the dampers robbing the bumps of their worst efforts... or let loose the nuclear bomb and have some fun. This new C Class 220 CDI sport diesel will undoubtedly please the existing Mercedes-Benz customers, together with attracting a whole new host of admirers. So if you want to be sporty but not too flashy, then this new Mercedes-Benz C Class 220 CDI Sport is for you. And at just under £31K for the automatic version it’s a brilliant price for a whole lot of car. CS

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Eric Barton Merc C220 Style mag Sept 2010  
Eric Barton Merc C220 Style mag Sept 2010