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MY MOM I have a lot of people in my family that are special to me. But I'm only going to tell you how special my mom is to me. My mother ca.res for me so much I think I'll talk about it first. She makes me food almost all the time. It's always something great like spaghetti, pizza, and sometimes-even chili cheese fries. You won't believe such a good cook she is. She will definitely send your taste buds on a journey. She also buys me awesome and righteous clothes. Like one of my shirts has a BMX bike on it that's totally cool. Also I have a really grand Nintendo shirt that rocks the house. She is also really kind. She's so generous she makes my bed for me. She gets a pillow, she puts out a sheet, she gets out a blanket it's like I'm living in a hotel. Sometimes when she does a really good job I feel like I sleep in a kings bed. She's also always there for me. Whenever there's a problem. Like if there's a problem at school she helps me. She also helps me with a lot of things. She helps me with my homework. It's usually always math homework. She works it out with me and I just tag along. She also motivates me with school and tons of other stuff. She also hopes that one day I go to college and I'm going to make sure that happens. So now you should know why I couldn't possibly live without my mother.

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Letter to Nick Koger.  

While searching for homework papers in my son's backpack, I came accross this paper...needless to say, it brought me to tears! He wrote thi...