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Table of Contents Dear Grandfather Why I Shoot Belief Bury Me in a Nameless Grave Jewish Girls Love Skinheads For The Time Being Away Acid Trip This Ends Now Going Bad Escape Me Into Focus Rescue Anonymous Confessions

Bury me in a nameless grave -Buried, bestowed, captive in the catacombs of trapped souls left behind -Once seeking freedom, alas triumphed defeat with their successor I came from God the World to Save -40 days and 40 nights all was prescribed on stone -Exodus led thy people across into the modern world separated by two forces created by one to govern like divergent I brought them wisdom from above -begs for mercy, the Forest says I plead you guilty of breaking and entering a stable relationship Worship -Up went three points and down came two towers -shraggally orphaces never overcome corrupt namesake power And liberty -a 16:1 ratio of having made history positive for those who can only dream -Dreams, as if you make them as real as you want, but we all keep trying and love -the reckless hearts battle unscathed for infatuations of the stranger no one ever knew They slew me for I did disparage -he was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree -and if the aberration falls down and no one chooses to hear, do they make a sound Therefore religion -an outlet for all things evil and the things holy -someone we look up to, but isn’t that just the one who raise us or teaches the knowledge to think Law and Marriage -the magnets bombard this wretched, wooden table -But to be able to finally open these incrusted eyelids to see a black sheep and two, or three, or four smiling back is a victorious feeling So be my grave without a name -and finally it’s time to think inside the box -and come back to our short lived reality -breath after sorrowful breath, did we accomplish seek it, did we be it The earth may swallow my shame. -as if the 21st were a hoax, and this is behind our everlasting eyes -we can truly see the light now

Acid Trip Transcending deep into our most vulnerable part in our brain; so it begins. Settling down in a savannah of open dreams, we put to rest all of our baggage and claim our right spot for the night. Into our mouths the magical cardboard went. All but hulk put it on our tongs and prepared for wonderland. We go into the domain de Boris and see his friendly mother. She invites us in willingly with no clue as to what will happen to her beloved kin. The five of us still feeling mighty and strong go upstairs to wait for something to happen. Boris puts on the Magical Mystery Tours and we all feel a rush of excitement and awe. Suddenly we all get the urge to dance and move, as everything then started to feel good. Not yet seeing the full wonders of wonderland we all wait for more. Slow but surely it happens. Everything starts to get more beautiful and hilarious. Boris then sets up a mysterious light show that flashes to the rhythm of the music. Transcended into a whole new era of life, we all feels the excitement, the rush, the adrenaline start to pulse through our veins. This was a unifying feeling, we had all felt the sensation trickling through our bodies as if “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” This shadowy figure, only known as Dirron, has broken through the impenetrable relationship wall; we feel as if we had known him like the childhood friend from around the block. Meanwhile, as we are tripping our balls off, the one not on this captivating narcotic is falling fast asleep in the bed that would soon harbor 3 of us victims in the morning after. All of us ended up finding something that entertained. Colin found a deck of cards with psychedelic tie-dye on the back, Dirren and Elsa made their way to the bathroom, which had a mesmerizing black light in it, and Boris just sat…tripping balls. After a short but possibly very long while we all reunited together and decided to go on a journey down stairs. Boris woke up Megatron and we all headed on our way. The stairway down seemed endless as if we were stuck in the Twilight Zone. Finally, now downstairs we all found ourselves some battle armor made out of the finest pots and pans. Megatron got himself a grand bowl of cereal and started eating. Looking at us with an entranced look on his face he laughs, then resumes eating. The rest of us, now suited for battle ask him how he is eating cereal so late. He then starts to look confused, suddenly he angrily says “what the fuck you guys! I thought you woke me up because it was morning you assholes!” We all burst into laughter take our armor off, and go back upstairs. Communally constituting intriguing thoughts as the night has to offer. Spewing out idea’s as if it were a logical choice to meander our way into the closed gates of the happiest place on earth.

Whispers: Anonymous Journal