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Vitamin B for Weight Loss Vitamins have been gaining more and more attention for many health benefits, one of the many great finds are vitamins for weight loss. In this article we will discover the connection between vitamin B and weight loss. There are various forms of vitamin b that come from a variety of sources. Vitamin B vitamins are water soluble. They produce energy by using carbs and converting those carbohydrates into glucose. Working together these b vitamins help in to metabolize proteins and body fat. Vitamin B-1 AKA Thiamine Vitamin B-1 helps keep a solid metabolism of sugar and starch and convert it into energy for the body. B-1 helps the with a healthy heart function and muscles, it also helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B2 AKA Riboflavin Vitamin B2 also helps with metabolizing fats, proteins and carbohydrates. B2 is also used to help improve the skin, nails and hair. Dry Skin and a lack of vitamins are related and vitamin b helps with that, it also helps with energy. Some good sources for B2 are cheese, almonds, milk, vegetables and whole grains. Vitamin B3 AKA Niacin Niacin helps to improve and maintain healthy thyroid hormone production. Vitamin B5 AKA Pantothenic Acid Pantothenic Acid helps with muscles and overall energy in the body. It can be find in various meats, vegetables like broccoli and avocados. Vitamin B6 AKA Pyridoxine Pyridoxine metabolizes many different fats and especially unsaturated fatty acids. B6 helps with the overall function of the thyroid and a healthy functioning thyroid. It also is significant in amino acid metabolism and lipid metabolism. It also helps the brain with neurotransmitter synthesis. Vitamin B12 AKA Cyanocobalamin Vitamin B12 helps with the metabolism and function of every cell in the body. It is also a great function for the brain, nervous system and the formation of blood. Extreme lack of vitamin B12 can cause severe damage to the brain and nervous system. Low levels of

B12 can cause poor memory, depression and fatigue. Some foods high in Vitamin B 12 are beef liver, turkey giblets, oysters, cheese, egg, cows mil and chicken breasts. Vitamin B vitamins are very valuable for the body and it’s really good to maintain a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals, just by adding some daily small adjustments in your vitamin intake you can see great results. Studies have shown that vitamin b is effective with regard to weight loss. They have also been show to improve brain function, energy levels, immune system and overall happiness. So it’s good to keep up with your vitamin b intake because there can be a lot of symtoms that can be helped or solved by increasing your vitamin intake. If you’re looking to lose weight try to aid it with vitamin b, it can help your overall health and help you shed some extra pounds. It has especially been effective when combined with exercise and activity, so get out there and walk,run or just move more and vitamins will be more effective.

Vitamin B For Weight Loss  

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