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C.E.O Erica Vain MANAGING EDITOR Tyfani McDowell EDITORS-AT-LARGE Travis Vance Kristen Mack CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Philisha Reid CREATIVE DIRECTOR Terrell Anderson PHOTOGRAPHER Domonick Dangerfield Letter from the Editor: Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I’m going to keep this short and sweet. We are still here and getting better every issue. I want to dedicate this issue to my family and friends that love and support me through all the craziness that is this #VainLife. You all are everything. Family. Friends. Readers. #TEAMVAIN Yall are my EVERYTHING! Enjoy this issue…. Packed full of Beef, Tweets and Drama. POW! -EricaVain

INTERNS Jourdan Lemons, Natalie Stuppard, Aramis Harmon,


Not$only$is$Halle$Berry$beautiful,$but$she$also$radiates$an$ amazing$glow$while$carrying$new$life.$Ms.$Berry,$at$the$ tender$age$of$46,$is$surprisingly$pregnant$with$her$ second$child.$Though$only$three$months$pregnant,$Berry$ is$already$showing$and$we’ve$never$seen$pregnancy$look$ so$alluring.$Let’s$take$a$look$at$a$few$of$Ms.$Berry’s$ pregnancy$style$choices$from$her$first$pregnancy$and$ how$she$chooses$to$style$her$current$baby$bump….$ $ $ Ms.$Berry$is$showing$off$her$baby$bump$with$this$form$ fitting$purple$number.$The$beading$and$fit$of$the$dress$ really$hugs$Berry’s$curves$and$pairs$well$with$the$glow$of$the$ mommyEtoEbe.$ $ Sheer$genius!$Berry$is$showing$off$her$baby$bump$again$(right$ side)$in$some$sexy$leather$pants$and$sheer$top.$She’s$such$a$hot$ mama!$(don’t$you$6mos+$preggos$go$and$get$any$ideas$out$ there!)$I$LOVE$the$sheerElook$worn$for$baby$bump$no.$2.$I$also$ love$that,$even$while$pregnant,$Berry$is$still$in$unbelievable$ shape!$ $ $ Halle$Berry$makes$this$slinky$black$jersey$dress$look$like$gold.$ Not$only$can$we$see$her$bump,$we$see$that$Ms.$Berry$does$ “simple$yet$stunning”$very$well.$On$the$right,$during$her$first$ pregnancy,$Berry$was$more$reserved$and$modest.$It’s$safe$to$ say$that$this$time$around,$Berry$is$much$more$fashionable.$ Who$knows,$mature$pregnancy$may$be$the$new$trend.$Halle$ sure$does$make$it$look$good!$ $ Berry$is$expecting$her$first$child$with$fiancé’,$Oliver$Martinez.$ Although$there$are$health$scares$with$Berry$being$fortyE$six$and$ having$diabetes,$we$are$sure$Berry$will$have$a$healthy$ pregnancy.$ $ $


Explosive,!crazy,!and!ratchet!sums!up!the!Love! and!Hip!Hop!Season!3!Reunion!Show:!Part!1.!The! reunion!aired!on!Monday!April!8th!on!VH1.! Executive!Producer,!Mona!Scott!Young,!hosted! the!show,!with!the!entire!cast!in!attendance.! For!those!readers!who!are!not!hip!to!this!new! reality!TV!craze,!Love!&!Hip!Hop!is!a!reality!TV! show!based!on!the!lives!and!relationships!of! people!important!to!the!Hip!Hop!industry.!In!past! seasons,!the!wives!and!girlfriends!of!rappers!like! Jim!Jones,!Fabulous,!and!Juelz!Santana,!were! featured.!In!season!3,!Joe!Budden,!Mandeecees,! Rich!Dollaz!and!Consequence!were!the!featured! Hip!Hop!stars.!Singer!Olivia!and!Yandy,!fiancée!of! Mandeecees,!both!who!were!on!previous!seasons,! were!apart!of!this!seasons!story!lines!as!well.! Cameras!follow!their!every!move!and!let!the! world!in!to!the!life!of!someone!in!the!Hip!Hop! game.! ! From!fights!to!the!good!times,!necks!were!rolling,! hands!were!flying,!and!mouths!were!moving!as! every!moment!from!season!3!was!revisited.!There! was!even!the!use!of!a!lie!detector!test!to!get!to!the! nittyUgritty!of!it!all!when!it!comes!to!the!true! feelings!of!the!cast.!

The!show!began!with!a!recap!of!all!the!fights!that! took!place!on!the!show,!from!fights!between!Erica! Mena!and!Raqi!to!Tahiry!and!Kaylin.!The!drama!was! nonstop!this!season!!The!reunion!show!continued!to! delve!into!detail!about!the!issues!that!these!ladies! had!with!one!another.!Mona!ScottUYoung!tried!her! best!to!get!to!the!root!of!these!issues,!to!see!if!there! ever!was!a!true!issue!at!all!or!if!it!was!a!case!of!the!“!I! just!don’t!like!her.”!Raqi!and!Rashidah!got!into!the! issue!of!Rashidah!being!a!scam!artist.!I!don’t!know! about!you!all,!but!I!feel!like!that!is!a!valid!reason!to! not!like!someone.!Raqi!and!Tahiry!engaged!in!a! conversation!about!their!altercation!at!Joe!Budden’s! pool!party!and!why!their!friendship!ceased.!The! conversation!then!changed!lanes!and!Joe!Budden!and! his!relationship!with!Tahiry!became!the!subject!of! interest.!From!there,!the!relationship!between! Erica!Mena!and!Rich!Dollaz!was!discussed.!From!the! looks!of!it!ladies!and!gents,!the!status!of!each!of!these! relationships!is!up!in!the!air.!Makes!one!wonder,!who! will!be!back!for!season!4…..?!

Who’s better, Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant or LeBron “King” James? This question has been well debated for some time now. And the answer is quite clear, Kobe. The most important reason Kobe is better is he sports 5 championship rings. In professional sports, players are judged by championships and Mr. Bryant has won 5 championships. Think about it… Magic Johnson has won 5, Michael Jordan has won 6, and the great Tim Duncan has won 4. Even in his 17th year Kobe is averaging 27.3 ppg, which reigns second in the league. Lets not forget in 2005 Kobe averaged 35ppg and was killing everyone! I believe if you look at the body of work of these two players, Kobe’s shines brighter. Now, don’t get wrong, LeBron is a beast and is the best player in the league right now THIS SEASON, but in order to be in the league of “The Greats” Mr. James needs more rings. Let’s face it, even in his 17th year, who wouldn’t want Kobe taking that final shot with seconds winding down in the 7th game of the NBA finals? Since LeBron has come into the league fans have wanted a Kobe vs. LeBron finals. Unfortunately, due to Kobe suffering from an Achilles tendon ! injury, fans will have to wait yet another year. Damn!! !

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! LeBron Raymone James a.k.a King James aka The Most Electrifying Man in basketball a.k.a One of the Best to ever do it. Ok, ok…let's get serious. When LeBron James entered the NBA in 2003 he immediately set the tone. In his rookie season, in a late season match up between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New Jersey Nets, he scored a season high of 41 points, becoming the youngest player in league history to score at least 40 points in a game. Year by year, James continued to grow as a player the NBA. January 19th of the 20042005 season, James at 20yrs old, became the youngest player in league history to record a triple-double. James was also the youngest player in league history to average 30 points per game. In 2009, James was titled MVP. In 2010, James divided the NBA by making a choice to join Miami Heat, but remained focused and became the 2010-2011 NBA MVP. Unfortunately, Miami went to the NBA finals and lost against the Dallas Mavericks. Determined not to stay down for long, LeBorn James came back in the 2011-2012 season even more focused and more mature. When Miami entered the finals against the Oklahoma City Thunder, James won his first Championship and became the finals MVP. In the 2012-2013 season, “King James” became the youngest player in NBA history to score 20,000 career points at the age of 28. Considering the way he’s played this year, it's a strong possibility he may receive the title of League MVP for the fourth time. Sometimes people compare Michael Jordan and LeBron James to determine who's better. To this comparison, my response is… When Michael Jordan was in the league, there was no one like him! Michael Jordan was in a league of his own! That's the way I feel about LeBron James. I think LeBron James is in a league of his own and his game gets better year by year. Who’s better? Kobe or LeBron? Kobe has had his time, and LeBron’s time is NOW. !



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I just want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rihanna and it concerns me that Ci-Ci and Rih can’t figure this out! I feel like if this gets any worse Ciara, will eff around and lose her career. #ThatisALL

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Issue #3 Rihanna and Ciara go at it. Halle Berry glows during pregnancy. Beyonce for H&M, Kobe vs Lebron and Love and Hip Hop NYC