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Issue #11 June 3, 2013

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Are you Ready for the End of Breaking Bad?

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The Real Men of Hollywood


The Great Gatsby


ords cannot express how much I love TV & Movies. Some of my happiest moments are spent on my couch, enthralled by my favorite show or in a matinee movie on a Wednesday. Yes, I said matinee; they are cheap and sometimes I am lucky to be the ONLY person in the theater. I know I am may receive plenty of “you’re a homebody” or “that’s boring” comments in response to me professing my love of just sitting around and watching a show on TV or viewing a movie, but I do not care. I would say, so far, I have lead a very full life. I’ve obtained two degrees, played collegiate sports, worked jobs I hated, worked jobs I loved, started a few businesses, traveled excessively, loved, fell out of love, laughed and more. Noting all of these life “wins” and “fails”, I must say, the hour or two I spend in front of my TV or at the movies is time well spent and a step back from my forever busy life. It’s nothing like a good plot that pulls you into someone else’s story. I love the emotions that capture me when watching a good drama or the feeling of suspense when viewing an amazing Nickelodeon, which featured shows like All That, Kenan & Kel, Double Dare, As Told By Ginger, The Wild Thornberry’s, Figure It Out, and Clarissa Explains it All. Into my teenage years, the show Moesha, captured my attention and made we want to be the super cool girl with great grades, cool friends, and a hard-core teen boyfriend (Gotta love Q, lol). I would imagine I lived a life like the Mowry sisters in Sister, Sister. (Who didn’t wanna yell “Go Home Roger”) or pretend as if I had all the answers like Melissa Joan Hart in Clarissa Explains It All. And let’s not get started on how many Degrassi dramas of which I wished I were apart. As I grew to be an adult, my love of TV and Movies took a turn for shows that featured characters that I could envision being as an adult; shows like Girlfriends and The Game and movies like Love and Basketball, Brown Sugar and Jason’s Lyric. Oh! To be Joan Clayton [Girlfriends] in a power suit with a sheer top, big amazing hair and a shoe game out of this world. Q and Monica in Love and Basketball were my dream relationship! *Swoons*. My late teens and early twenties were cerI hope you all enjoy this week’s issue as much as I have enjoyed going down memory lane and old and new. Check out my 25 Top Shows and Movies of All Time and my list of favorite Actors Then and Now. Tweet me your thoughts @EricaVain. With Love,

Erica Vain, Editor in Chief

June 2013

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Are You Ready for the End of...

Breaking Bad?

by Jesse Lyles AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad is scheduled to return In case you are unaware and have spent the last few weeks catching up on the series on

However, executives at AMC decided to divide the season in half, showing eight episodes last summer and the remaining eight this summer. For those new fans who have not seen any episodes from and are just too anxious to wait for re-runs, here’s a quick recap:






“All bad things

must come to an end� 9

Gossip w/@Hip-Hop Socialite

The Hip-Hop Socialite recaps the hottest celebrity news and gossip of the last week, and drops a few exclusives‌.

I -


















To keep up with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite, follow her on Twitter @hiphopsocialite and Instagram @thehiphopsocialite.

Hollywood Beauty

Tips &Tricks

step out for red carpet events. If you’re not a celebrity, then you probably don’t have your own personal glam squad or three hours to sit in hair and make-up to work magic. But we here at Erica Vain Weekly are going to make the impossible possible with our style guide to get you looking as hot as your favorite Hollywood celebs in no time!





HAIR So, you’ve got your skin and face taken care of and now it’s time to tackle your mane. For a quick and easy hairstyle that looks like you spent more time than you actually did, try beach waves or a braided ponytail. In order to achieve careless but put-together beach hair, follow these simple steps


2 -



by Franchesca Renfroe







“Inspired by Pretty Liars�

Tune into Twisted on June 11th and tell us your thoughts!

Pretty Little Liars Returns for Season 4





by Janiel Thomas -



By Aramis Harmon


hhh, the ever-classic movie date; so simple, yet so difficult. Just because you and your date may not converse much, does not mean you cannot look fly. Here are some key looks to wear on a "Movie Date". Lets base the outfit on this summer’s movie list shall we?


4 Going to go see After Earth? Released May 31st. Good choice. Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith will be sure to dirty up your date. So lets go with an edgy look. This movie is a great if you like as thriller, action, and sci-fi.



What about Now You See Me? Released May 30th. Lets see if you can out smart Jesse Eisenberg or Morgan Freeman. I bet they see you now!


Man of Steel June 14th. (s are you trying or Superman come rescue


World War Z to be released June 21st. Don’t look now, but Brad Pitt will be staring at you tonight in this number.


due to be released sighs) Oh boy, whom g to impress? Your date n? Hey, Henry Cavill can me any time.


THE BLING RING to be releaed June 14th. Uhhhh… Emma Watson with out Harry Potter. Watson actually "STEALS" the show in this movie. Why don’t you try stealing the night… Tonight.


MOVIES Grown Ups 2 Starring Directed by



Travis Wood For those of you who are not into detailed movie reviews, I’ve got 5 words for ya!..... YOU NEED TO SEE IT! Prior to watching this movie I read the book, once or twice, in high school (maybe 5 or 6 years ago) and I enjoyed the story then. In the book, the character Jay Gatsby is portrayed as very enigmatic. The movie brings his mystery and power to the screen, but also, in the earlier portion of the movie, paints a more vulnerable picture of Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio, as expected, does a fantastic job embodying the character of Jay Gatsby. Tobey Maguire, despite his awkward performance in Spiderman 3, perfectly portrays the narrator of the story, Nick Carraway. While he’s not necessarily an active character in the movie, the viewer is able to to form a relationship with his character; one that elicits sympathy. The remainder of The Great Gatsby cast put on a great performance as well.

One factor that is arguable is the quality and decision of music. The movie centers around the Jazz Age, but the music is spun with modern musicians. Think Jay-Z and Andre 3000. The actual soundtrack also features artists such as Nero, Lana Del Rey, Florence and The Machine, Gotye, and Jack White. While I enjoyed the music and believed that it added to the flamboyant-ness of the movie, I can definitely understand why a person would dislike the music. With all that said, The Great Gatsby is a definite MUST-SEE!

Pairing well with the great performances, the visual presentation of this movie is absolutely fantastic! While Gatsby’s initial presentation is a little corny, every party or party-like scene is filled with great choreography. Dance floors are filled with people moving in sync in complicated patterns. The color schemes are bright, ensuring that what needs to be seen is always the center of attention. Everything…feels authentic. The Great Gatsby is a extraordinary visual treat.

(Saldana). John Harrison (Cumberbatch) is a powerful villain on a quest for revenge that involves the Enterprise crew and costs the lives of many people including one special person in particular. Robocop actor Peter Weller makes a surprising comeback as Fleet Admiral Alexander Marcus. Actress Alice Eve portrays a science officer who goes by the alias Carol Wallace to keep her identity a secret.

By Nyasia Almestica

Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, and Benedict Cumberbatch Directed by J.J. Abrams PG-13, 2 HR., 3 Mins. J.J. Abrams has done it again! In the sequel to the 2009 film Star Trek, we find the Enterprise crew gripped by a unique situation that forces Captain Kirk to lead a manhunt for a one man army. With many things falling apart around our beloved crew, love and friendships are put to the ultimate test. The plot includes twists and turns that will leave the audience perplexed, yet yearning for mor and emotionally vulnerable. Director J.J. Abrams delivers vivid special effects to pair with his enthusiastic storyline written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Watching the characters develop over the four year gap is amazing. We get to see a different side of Kirk (Pine), one that is a little less arrogant and more righteous. Spock (Quinto) is beginning to explore aspects of his character that are foreign to both his friends and his lover Uhura

There is a good balance of action and dialogue, which keeps the film both interesting and intense. The chaos surrounding all of the events are associated with with character development. You can see a major difference within each character, and it ultimately leads to the downfall and rise of Kirk and Spock. The scenes between Pine and Quinto are heartfelt, which allows Trekkies to embrace the origin of their long lasting friendship, which is complex, yet loving. Harrison is ruthless, as he shows off his excellent hand-to-hand combat, thick English accent, and well, unremorseful tactics. He definitely gives the crew a run for their money by threatening to destroy planet Earth if his request is not fulfilled. It is a race against time to save the USS Enterprise before it destructs and Earth is left with no other source of savior. Trekkies may also appreciate the foreshadowing of a previous Star Trek film (it’s one from a long time ago). Pay close attention to detail and you will understand the story, despite the fact that it often jumps from one problem to another, but hey...that’s life. It is unclear if Abrams will continue to direct the trilogy, but I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, regardless if you are or aren’t a Star Trek fan. I give it two thumbs way up! A+

Kevin Hart Let Me Explain



July 3rd

This week posted a number of stories to catch your eye, but there are four stories that are definitely quite a bit more notable. Franchesca Renfroe

No. 4 “Fabolous Talks Marriage, No More Groupie Love” – Fabolous, after years in the game is finally changing his tune. Fabolous is known for being a playboy. When Love and Hip-Hop: New York aired with Fabolous’ longtime partner Emily B., viewers observed Emily fighting for recognition from Fabolous. Now he claims her as “his lady”, which is a huge progression from Emily B. not having a title in public at all. When it comes to marriage Fabolous says: “I didn’t say I won’t ever get married. I mean, if it presents itself and I’m ready to do that, I would. I think marriage is a great thing and I just think a lot of people don’t respect it the same way that I respect it. Some people just want to get married because it’s just a nice thing to do. It’s a way to show that you love somebody, but they don’t see all of the things that come around with marriage and the mind state it takes to be in. People will get married and get divorced three months later. I wouldn’t want to move forward with something that I was unsure about on that high of a level. It’s a strong thing. It’s a commitment with you, the lady, and God. It’s something that you should look and feel that you are totally ready for and not just do it because it is the thing to do and ‘I want to make my friends jealous.’”

No. 3

“Breaking News: Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide?!?” – The Late and great Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old daughter, Paris Jackson attempted to commit suicide. Sources say it was because she was not allowed to go to the Marilyn Manson concert that took place on June 6th. Paris has been hospitalized and is getting the proper treatment since the attempt.

No. 2

“Wale Loses Tiara Thomas to Rico Love?!” – After two years of work, Wale’s artist, Tiara Thomas, who wrote and was featured on the his song “Bad” switched teams and decided to sign with Rico Love under his Division 1 label. Listeners wonder whether Tiara’s trading of teams is the reason that Rihanna replaced her on the “Bad” remix. Wale assured his listeners that there is no bad blood between he and Tiara. “She got her situation and she’s happy. I learned. I have a big heart. I give give give, I take producers off the street back home and I say, ‘come on, roll with me and we gon get this money. I’m gonna find you a niche’. I do that. She did what she had to do and what was in her best interest. And I guess that’s what all people do. So shout out to her and her situation. She’s talented. She’s dope. If you want to support her, you just support her. I’m not going to throw no shade to her or whatever. I learned and she’ll have a great career.”

No. 1

“Miguel’s Leg Drop Victim May Have Suffered Brain Damage, May Sue” – Everybody remembers Miguel’s infamous leg drop on audience member, Khyati Shah at the 2013 Billboard Awards. At first glance, the leg drop looked like it could be harmless. The pair even did an interview behind stage after the awards show. Everything seemed fine, but Shah has been experiencing “difficulties in cognitive nature” which lead her lawyer, Vip Bhola, to believe that she’s experiencing neurological issues.

The Leading Men of Hollywood by Malaika Nicholas

Hollywood fills the big screen with fresh new faces, but these actors do not measure up to veterans to the game. The “Big Dogs” have not only dominated the movie industry for over a decade, but they’ve been recognized with countless nominations and awards and will always be recognized as some of the most successful and iconic men of hollywood.


He may be your mother’s biggest celebrity crush, but Denzel Washington is still one of the leading men of Hollywood. Washington is known for some of his iconic roles in Man on Fire (2004), American Gangster (2007), and John Q (2002). He’s also known for portraying historical icons, including Malcolm X in Malcolm X (1992), Steve Biko in Cry Freedom (1987), and Herman Boone in Remember the Titans (2000). Last year, Washington took on a role of a flight captain who is also a recreational drug user, in the movie Flight. In August, he will appear in in the film 2 Guns with Mark Wahlberg. Washington is also one of THE MOST successful African-American actors of all time. To date, he became the first African-American to win two Academy Awards, two Oscars, two BET awards, two Golden Globe awards, two MTV Movie awards and a whopping 17 NAACP Image Awards. Did I also mention that he’s made People Magazine's “Sexiest Man Alive”...three times!

From his Fight Club days to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt is not only smoking hot, but he’s also incredibly talented and versatile. Pitt is known for his roles in Oceans 11 (2001), Troy (2004), Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), and Inglourious Basterds (2009). What you may not know is Mr. Pitt owns his own production company, Plan B Entertainment, which has produced award-winning movies including The Departed (2006) and Moneyball (2011). As for his tremendous accolades, Pitt has been nominated for three Oscar Awards, received one Golden Globe award, won three MTV Movie Awards, and won four People’s Choice Awards. He’s currently living with fiancée, actress Angelina Jolie; the pair have six children together--Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne.

Award-winning actor actor Morgan Freeman is not only known for his performances on the big screen, but also for his deep, melodic speaking voice in documentaries and television shows. Freeman is well known for his roles in Driving Miss Daisy (1989), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Amistad (1997), The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Bruce Almighty (2003). He also lends his voice to several documentaries, including March of the Penguins (2005), The Love Guru (2008), and Breaking the Taboo (2011).

Our list wouldn’t be complete without actor and 90s heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio. From his breakout role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), DiCaprio has taken leading iconic roles in Romeo + Juliet (1996), Titanic (1997), Catch Me If You Can (2002), Inception(2010) and Django Unchained (2012). He’s also stars in this year’s summer blockbuster The Great Gatsby (2013). DiCaprio is one of the most versatile actors in the industry, but he still hasn’t managed to win an Oscar during his career. He was nominated for three Oscars, three Critics Choice Awards, won a Golden Globe award and nominated for seven others, won two MTV Movie Awards, and nominated for four Screen Actors Guild Awards. DiCaprio will star in one more movie-The Wolf of Wall Street, due to be released later this year--before taking time off to travel the world.

Freeman has earned several awards and nominations during his long career, including one Oscar award and four more Oscar nominations, a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, two BET award nominations, four Critics Choice Award nominations, two Golden Globes, and seven Image Awards. Fun fact: Freeman was featured on the opening track, Bombs Away, on B.o.B's second album Strange Clouds.

The Fresh Prince is another powerhouse actor in Hollywood. We’ve loved him in the 90s rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, especially his hits Summertime and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. He has since dominated the big screen, starring in films Bad Boys (1995) and Bad Boys II (2003), Men in Black (1997), Enemy of the State (1998), Wild Wild West (1999), I, Robot (2004), I Am Legend (2007), and Seven Pounds (2008). He also stars alongside his teenage son, Jaden Smith, in this year’s sci-fi flick After Earth. During his illustrious career, Smith has been nominated for two Academy Awards, won six American Music Awards, nominated for two Oscars, won two BET Awards, nominated for two NAACP Image Awards and won four Grammys! Smith has been happily married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith and the pair have two talented children together, Jaden and Willow Smith. Smith also has a son, Trey Smith, with ex-wife and Hollywood Exes star Sheree Fletcher.

Top 10 Summer

Blockbusters by Travis Wood It's the summer, and with the summer comes entertainment. Among the greatest of these are summer movies. You see, summertime is one of the biggest seasons for the cinema industry to release their best attempts at blockbusters. This summer is no different. With a large repertoire, movie theaters become packed with people and see a huge increase in business. Here's a list the top ten most anticipated films for the summer in no particular order:

One of the earlier films for the summer, Iron Man 3 follows Tony Stark as Iron Man in dealing with a terrorist threat, as well as his own inner demons that have grown since the Avengers. So far, the film has grossed over $1.18 billion dollars, setting records.

After such a stellar performance with the first reboot of the series, it's almost impossible for Into Darkness to have gone wrong. So far it's reached over $31.7 million. The movie has Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise dealing with an unknown foe that seems superior in every way, along with intrigue and mysteries on their own ship.

When was the last time a book from high school's required reading list became a summer blockbuster? Well advertised and with an all-star cast (Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fischer, and more), hype was no far stretch for the story of a mysterious millionaire and his pursuits of a woman.

How could this not be on the list? After such successful prior films, the third Hangover shouldn't be any less anticipated than the second or original Hangover. The "Wolfpack" is at it again; this time chasing down Chow in order to save their friend Doug (once again) this time from a gang to which Chow owes money.

In this nation's euphoria for superhero movies, it's been a wonder why a new Superman movie was not coming to a theatre near you. Seems like Christopher Nolan, the director of the highly successful Dark Knight trilogy, and Zack Snyder, known for his work with 300 and the Watchmen, decided to change that. Both Nolan and Snyder, are highly accomplished cinematic personas that are able to give Superman a movie worth his name. Superman is due to hit theatres June 14th.

Enters the sixth installment of the highly successful Fast and Furious franchise. Instead of working against the authorities, the gang has now been enlisted to work with them in order to take down a mercenary group, one that has one of their former members who was previously believed dead. Fast and Furious 6 has already made nearly $500 million dollars worldwide.

Missing the star of Pirates of the Caribbean or Johnny Depp's quirkiness? Come July 3rd, The Lone Ranger, starring the memorable pirate as the Indian Tonto, makes its way into theatres. It's a reimagining of thepopular western that originated on the radio in the 30's.

Haven't seen a good zombie movie in a while? Try book-turned-movie World War Z! Starring Brad Pitt, it follows a man trying to stop the pandemic that is slowly swallowing the globe. World War Z is to be released in theatres on the 21st of June.

Yes. There's animated films on the blockbuster list as well. Despicable Me 2, the sequel to a highly successful animated movie featuring retired villain, Gru, as he teams up with a group called the Anti-Villan League. Gru and his minions are due to hit theatres July 3rd.

Last but not least, is the animated prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc.. Monsters University follows how Sully and Mike became friends amidst their rivalry at college. This movie opens June 21st.


The Movies:

Brandy Brandy popped on the scene and took the R&B Music Charts by storm. The teenager had a voice of an angel and her melodic sound continues to stun today. She may have lost the braids, but she hasn’t lost her youthful radiance and quirky style.






NOW Making MAJOR headlines lately, many would say that the child star has taken a turn for the worse. I think she is just experiencing some serious growing pains. #LetHerLive












TOP 25 MOVIES &TV SHOWS OF ALL TIME 25. Gossip Girl I was a very late bloomer when it came to this coming of age, high fashseries I was HOOKED. The frenemy relationship between Blair and Serena 24. Martin Martinnnnnnnnnn. Martinnnnnnnn. I still watch re-runs of this classic comedy late at night on MTV 2. Gotta love the comedic genius of Martin Lawerence. 23. Sister, Sister 22. B.A.P.S 21. The Wild Thornberry’s I miss cartoons like this. These type of shows actually taught the youth in addition to entertaining them. 20. Poetic Justice 19. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 18.Brown Sugar 17. Lost 16. Think Like a Man Steve Harvey did a great job with his Best Selling book and when the book was successfully put to screen, I became overjoyed. Luckily for me, Man 2� 15. Sex and The City; The Series

14. Juno 13. Bad Boys 2 12. Avatar 11. Twilight 10. Love and Basketball 9. Harry Potter 8. Pirates of the Caribbean 7. Batman

6. Grey’s Anatomy Gazing into McDreamy’s eyes, hanging on to every McSteamy word; I love Grey’s. Every character, from Miranda to Meredith,have an in depth storyline and interesting interactions. LOVE IT! 5. Scandal hearts and minds of millions. The relationship between Olivia Pope and the President of the United States is captivating and Olivia’s aptitude to solve any problem is powerful. 4. Moesha Mo to da E to da. Moesha was the teen chick to be or be friends with. Her romances were cute and plentiful.

3. Girlfriends Who doesn’t want a fun, diverse, stylish group of girlfriends. Girlfriend’s was an amazing series with a long run. It became of pillar of the african american community inspiring many women. Including me! 2. Titanic Titanic is THEE ultimate love story. 1. The Game I absolutely love this show. Til this day, this is one show that I can ABSOLUTELY relate too. For some strange reason I feel connected to the story and I greatly appreciate BET’s reprisal of this classic series. A major shift in the cast has recently occurred and I thought I would be the last to say it, but it rivals the amazingness that was the original cast. Keep up the great work BET.


The Summer is the time of the blockbuster movies, so what better time to honor Movies and TV. #EricaVainWeekly Dives into Movies and TV Show...