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News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

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Winter 2014 In This Issue: The Value of a Complaint Page 2 From the Member’s Point of View Page 3 Spa Superstars! Page 4-5 Social Media: The New “Word Of Mouth” Page 6 The Thank You Economy: Book Review Page 7 Optional Introductory Rates? Page 8 FAQs Page 9 Exceptional Service: Own It Page 10 Creating Raving Fans Page 11 Success with Gift Cards Page 12 Using Millennium Notes for Member and Guest Satisfaction Page 13 Best-In-Class Service During AFC Page 14

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Welcome to this issue of In Your Hands, a quarterly newsletter of articles, ideas, tips and best practices designed to assist our community in strengthening the member and guest relationship. We greatly appreciate your thoughtful feedback and suggestions on our first issue, as well as the valuable contributions you made to this issue. Your input is an important part of making this newsletter an effective tool for you and your team, so please keep it coming! Please enjoy the newsletter and remember to share it with your team!

From left: Liz Kambeitz, Kerry Jaccard, Callie Mindel, and Carolyn Stock Please email your success stories, suggestions for topics, great ideas and best practices to Carolyn Stock, Managing Editor at

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News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Value Complaint

The of a


In Your Hands Newsletter

them that is beyond the check-in/check-out process, booking-an-appointment process. You can fix the issue, be the hero and win them over. The complaining member often turns into a more loyal member, once they feel you will “look after them.” Put simply, they will trust you. In our business, it’s so important to create an emotional connection. Having empathy is even more crucial when dealing with complaints, where emotionality is even stronger. We all tend to look at complaints from our own points of view and with that, responses can be insincere or sound canned. How can you make a stronger connection with your customers and nurture that relationship? What can you do differently to provide the kind of service that doesn’t just fill a need or an order, but inspires trust…that motivates members and guests to return, tell others and become advocates for your location? The simple answer is to put yourself in their shoes. “If I were the member or guest in this situation, how would this experience feel for me? Did the experience feel simple and easy? Did my issue get resolved quickly? Respond in a way that demonstrates understanding and respect, which creates a stronger connection with your customers. As you read through the newsletter, you’ll see inspiring examples of our franchisees and managers who are doing this and winning over members and guests. They understand the value of a complaint and the need to make that emotional connection with their customers, and we applaud them for that! The value of a complaint may not always seem apparent in the moment, but handling it effectively and taking action can result in significant dividends and goodwill over time…Happy Reading!

In our first newsletter, I wrote about the Power of Nice and treating our members and guests “nice.” Maybe you remember, “Just Be Nice,” right? Well admittedly, it’s not always that simple. Most times, it can be. However, sometimes team members make mistakes, or things happen that impact the service we can deliver to our members and guests that might be beyond our control. Or, maybe sometimes someone on the team wasn’t nice. Complaints happen. Does the thought of a complaining member or guest give you that feeling of… dread? It’s easy to feel that way. Nobody likes hearing complaints and sometimes you might feel overwhelmed when a member or guest has a serious issue. Let’s face it; complaints are a natural part of doing business and something to be welcomed. “Something to be welcomed”? You are probably thinking I have lost my mind, right? Why should I ever welcome a member or guest complaint? Think about it this way. A complaining member or guest is providing an important service. They are giving valuable feedback, quality control information and it’s free! Most importantly, and more often than not, giving you the chance to make things right. The thing about the member or guest who complains is that you —Kerry Jaccard have a chance to build a relationship with Director of Member Experience

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Member’s From the

Point of View

Customer Service statistics reveal that customers who have complained and had their complaint satisfactorily resolved are more likely to be loyal customers than those who have not complained. But, it can be difficult to hear bad news from members and guests. The good news is that this critical feedback can provide valuable insight into how your members and guests see and interact with your clinic team. You can then make any necessary changes to eliminate those circumstances that lead to unhappy members and guests. The following is an example of how Courtney Kuhl (Dacula 1021, Sugarloaf 0249, Snellville 0645) transformed a guest’s negative perception of Massage Envy Spa into a positive one. On Dec 18, 2013, at 2:08 PM From: Melinda I checked your website and found the facial special for $59 and went to the Lawrenceville, GA. Store to purchase. I was told that since my daughter-in-law had been to that location before she was not able to use the facial special that I was going to purchase. I was then told that I could purchase a facial for $88. I informed the non-caring “young girl” that I would not purchase for that price and that I would go elsewhere. Well that’s exactly what I did. I also informed her that your website does not state what she told me. Therefore, I will never use your facility anywhere or for anyone that I would like to purchase a facial or massage for. I will also post my concerns on Facebook and spread the word on a neighborhood email that goes out to approximately 1,000 people. False advertising at the least, bad company leadership at its best. On Dec 18, 2013, at 6:14 PM, Courtney Kuhl (Franchisee) wrote: Good Evening Melinda, I appreciate you taking the time to send feedback to us about your recent experience at Massage Envy in Sugarloaf. I certainly apologize that you felt the young lady working at the front desk was uncaring. I assure you that

In Your Hands Newsletter

is not the case. When we sell gift cards it is important that we explain that since our gift cards are good at any location for a minimum of 5 years, it is not possible for us to sell a set “service” but instead a dollar amount. This way we ensure that the guest can customize their visit to their wants/needs. The rate for a facial does change based on whether the recipient is a member ($49 facial), first time guest ($59 facial), or non-member/returning guest ($88 facial). Of course we never want to waste your time by misleading you to get you in the door only to change the cost on you. I have attached a screen shot of the main page of It does show that the facial rate is $59.00 but also specifies it is for an “introductory” session. We look up your intended recipient to avoid misleading you into purchasing a gift that may not cover their entire cost. I will be happy to forward your concern on to our marketing department and let them know that you feel it is unclear as to what our pricing structure is. We do strive to be competitive with our prices, however there are times when another spa runs a special or has a regular rate that is below ours. While we don’t match prices, we do hope that our hands-on services speak for why paying a few dollars extra sometimes is worth it. Again, I apologize for your poor experience but am glad that you found the gift that you were looking for. Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! At your service, Courtney Kühl

Loyalty Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. -Chip Bell, Founder Chip Bell Group

On Dec 18, 2013, at 9:16 PM From Melinda: Thank you for your reply. I was never informed about the gift cards and the five year deal!!I. I could send out negative comments about your locations, but I haven’t. I have also not posted on Facebook yet. I am a very caring, non-confrontational person, but your reply shows me that you appreciate your comments. My husband was a successful business owner and I appreciate that you responded directly right away. Best to you and your business venture!! On Dec 18, 2013, at 7:39 PM Courtney Kuhl” wrote: Thank you, Melinda. You hit it right on the head, I appreciate any and all feedback! I find we learn the most from the comments that are the hardest to hear. I do hope you’ll give us another chance sometime in the future. Best to you and yours! At Your Service, Courtney Kuhl

A big THANK YOU to Courtney Kuhl for representing the brand so well!



News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

In Your Hands Newsletter


Doug Jensen, Franchisee 0688 Pensacola, FL Nathan Pettinano, Therapist

I wanted to write you guys to spotlight one therapist that does an excellent job and to tell you about the incredible customer experience that I had with him. His name is Nathan and he is a massage therapist at the Pensacola Florida Office off Davis Highway. I cannot say enough nice things about this man. First of all, he is extremely friendly and personable. He greets you with a large smile, tons of energy, and lots of eye contact. He treats his customers like a friend. Still, he is very professional and makes you feel extremely comfortable and at ease. When I see him, he will quickly ask me about something we may have chatted about the last time I saw him and that simple little act shows that he really cares about his customers and you guys are lucky to have him. Moving forward, when it comes to the massage, Nate is a great listener. I’ll tell him my problem areas and he does a great job focusing on them. He will ask periodically throughout the massage to ensure the perfect amount of pressure is given and really wants to make sure that he is doing a great job and that his customers are relaxed and stress-free by the Grant Morse, Franchisee 0859

“I am very proud of our entire team!” Esthetician: Malorie Bennett Therapist: Jess Beatty Front Desk: Bill Dean


end of his sessions. I had a blast the last time I got a massage from him. I literally walked in to a friendly greeting. We rushed over to the room and had a quick interview and he went to town and massaged all of my problem areas. He even added a warm towel to the foot massage just because he cares about his clients. He fixed the neck brace throughout the massage to ensure I am comfortable throughout. Adjusted the bed warmer to make sure I wasn’t too hot. And when I mentioned my throat was dry, he brought me two cups of water. I walked out of Massage Envy on a high. I FELT LIKE A MILLION BUCKS after my session with Nate. Not only was I treated like royalty, but also there was not an ounce of tension left in my neck, back, shoulder, legs or feet. I have told my friends about Massage Envy and recommended that if they go they get a massage from Nate. To date, he is the best massage therapist that I have ever had and I’ve gotten a lot of massages. I’m writing you guys today to make sure that you know this and that he gets recognized/ rewarded for caring about his job and his clients. I am a promoter for Massage Envy based on the experience I have had with Nate. Again, please make sure that he is recognized and rewarded for doing such a great job! Thank you for your time! Aaron, Massage Envy Spa Member “We are very fortunate to have Nathan on our Team!” -Doug Jensen, Franchisee

I went today and received a massage and facial. I was BEYOND pleased with the service. I went to the Main and Transit salon in Buffalo. Bill was my receptionist and was super friendly and made me very comfortable as I was a first timer. Jess did my massage. He mentioned he was new but he did a fantastic job. Marlorie did my facial and was superb as well. I will definitely be coming back! Kelly, Massage Envy Spa Guest

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department Kelly Perelli-Minetti / Van Perelli-Minetti, Franchisees 0956 “I’m bursting with pride for the team in Vero Beach!”

I am sure that you hear when things go wrong, so I wanted to let you know when things went well during our last visit to the Massage Envy here in Vero Beach. I am a member and thoroughly enjoy my bi-weekly massage with Susan. So it just seemed obvious that when my two good friends were going to visit we would go to the spa for the afternoon. I booked three appointments for massages and facials in advance. I got a phone call shortly after that two of the therapists that I had booked would not be available because of a meeting on the day that I wanted. The receptionist that called couldn’t have been nicer trying to reschedule the three of us. Somehow she managed to get us all in at the same time on a different day. We had to change two of the therapists. When we arrived the day of the appointments, the front desk couldn’t have been more professional and friendly. What a surprise when we went to pay our bill and they had given all three of us the member rate because of the inconvenience Deborah Glorius, Franchisee 0900 “I am truly blessed to have such an amazing, caring team in Clermont.”

My mother and I had an appointment on Friday October 18th, 2013 at the Massage Envy in Clermont, FL.I have to say that I was so happy with my massage and my mother as well. We don’t get to spend too much time together so when she suggested that we get massages done, I was thrilled to step away from the hectic life of being a mother. We arrived to the spa and I noticed right away that the music was pure relaxation. We were greeted at the desk by 2 young ladies who I later found out their names, Megan and Sabrina. They asked us if we wanted any water and we gladly agreed and asked us to fill out some paperwork. After we filled out our paperwork, Sabrina sat next to us and started to ask us questions that would help the massage therapists out better. I was a little stand-offish at first thinking it might get too personal but she reassured me that whatever we were comfortable sharing with her was up to us. We ended up talking for 10 minutes and she jotted notes down and that’s when I thought wow, I’ve never been somewhere where they cared about what I really wanted and my needs. She went into further details about how our services would play-out and then we were directed to this quiet room that made you feel even more relaxed. My therapist Karen was amazing!! I was so happy with my massage

In Your Hands Newsletter

of changing our appointments! All three treatments were outstanding. So much so that the two ladies want to join Massage Envy in their home states, New Jersey and California. Please thank Susan, Kayla and Katarina! Martha, Massage Envy Spa Member

The Vero Beach team who impacted this client in a positive way! From left: Summer Tracy (Sales), Nicole Whitt (ACA), Caterina Goldstein (Therapist), Brittni Yawn (Sales), Susan Walter (Lead Therapist), Liana Medeiros (Sales). Not pictured: Kayla Remy (Dual Licensed Therapist)

and she really listened to my needs and I felt so much better when I left. My mother feels the same way about Maria who she says was very sweet and had a kind soul. When we arrived to the desk to checkout, Sabrina was checking us out and that’s when my mother realized she was bleeding from her knee after bumping it into the desk. She doesn’t panic for these things since she is used to it but it was all over her leg and the floor and her new shoes she just bought. Quickly, your front desk staff responded and got the first-aid kit and some wipes, as well as the trash can. They helped my mother clean her leg and the floor and my mother couldn’t help but chuckle, feeling like we were all doctors. They also helped bandage her up and made sure she was going to be ok and if there was anything they could do. I had to quickly get my mother out of there and to the doctor. My final word is that my mother and I felt very blessed to have people care to take care of us. I was beyond happy with my experience and hope that I sent it to the right addresses that I found on Google. Your staff is 100% committed to customer service and I will be returning. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Debbie, Massage Envy Spa Guest

It is always a pleasure to share compliments given to our Massage Envy Spa team! THANK YOU all for being awesome brand ambassadors!

Customer First When the customer comes first, the customer will last. -Robert Half, Founder Robert Half International


News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

In Your Hands Newsletter

Word of Mouth

Social Media: The New

Brand Message A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is. - Scott Cook, Co-Founder Intuit


At the beginning of my Annual Franchise Conference workshop last year, I asked a question: Who here would like to earn an extra $50,000-100,000 this year without adding a penny to your marketing plans? Consider the following two emails we recently received here at the FSC. “I was going to purchase a gift card for my wife for Christmas until I looked up your ratings on the Better Business Bureau. I saw multiple complaints filed with no responses from the franchisee, thus earning an F rating. No thanks! I don’t need those headaches. I will purchase elsewhere.” “I was interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a 1 hour Swedish massage as a Christmas gift to a friend. Right before purchasing I decided to check the Yelp reviews on xxx location just to make sure this would be an enjoyable gift. I am very disappointed to say that I did not see one good review. Every single review states that the therapist was “not bad” but that the customer service and front desk was so rude that most would not be returning. I did not see one reply to a review from the Massage Envy staff apologizing for the bad experience or offering options to make up for the bad service. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing any services from your company and I will continue my search for spas in the area with good reviews no matter the price…” The money-making advice I have is this. Respond to reviews! That’s it. Treat every single review, opinion, thought, post, and comment with the same courtesy as someone who would walk in your clinic. Why? Because every member and guest counts! Apart from treating sites like Facebook, Yelp, Google+ Local or any other review site with the kind of seriousness it deserves, a recent Harvard Business School study showed that a one star bump on a site like Yelp can increase sales 5 to 10 percent. There are obviously no guarantees and your mileage will vary but consider the emails above. Managing your online reputation is your key to tapping into this unseen revenue because these are the modern day, digital equivalent of people with bullhorns standing outside of your clinic reading their reviews out loud. The current statistics show that 60% of the public makes buying decisions based on reviews.

That said, what can you do? By understanding what reputation management is will help put this all into context. First, it’s about listening to what people are saying about you. Look at Yelp for your clinic and your region. Take, for example, an exchange we had with a member just months ago on our national Facebook page:

Notice some key points in our response to Eva: • We thanked her and started the dialogue. • We wanted to know more about the situation and committed ourselves to closing the loop. • Acknowledge their feelings, but keep in mind you do not have to always accept responsibility. We are happy to say that this exchange had a great ending. Eva just needed someone to listen to her issue and follow up with her concerns. Again, how much money did we spend? Zero. Keep these tips in mind: • Control the conversation by taking it offline. • Do not delete negative reviews. However, when it concerns allegations of inappropriate contact, personal attacks, vulgar language, it is absolutely appropriate to delete or report abusive comments. • Respond to the positive. • Request a do-over. It happens. • Refrain from incentivizing reviewers. By just taking the time every now and then to stay current with your reviews, you are investing in an aspect of your business -- your reputation -- which is directly impacting bottom-line results. All it takes is the equivalent of a “Thank you!” or “How can we help here?” to have you completely owning your reputation online. If 5% to 10% of revenue isn’t an incentive, then what value do you place on customer service? Right now, over 79% of ALL customer complaints go unanswered by big business on social channels.

—Chris Stipp Director of Online Marketing

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Thank You

In Your Hands Newsletter



Book Review:

Synopsis of Content:

Gary Vaynerchuk, an award-winning entrepreneur, reminds readers that American innovation is alive and well and - with his intriguing guide to developing strong consumer relationships - can get even better. He shows how companies that used YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. to forge personal relationships with customers on a massive scale with untold speed, came out the winners. Others were simply left behind. This is a worthy book and fun to read, too. Applicable to enterprises of all stripes, here is a pithy takeaway: “Culture changes and business has to change with it or die.”

Three Great Ideas From the Book:

1. One effective tool in social media, if used correctly, is shock and awe. This method involves an offer or product demonstration that will shock

By: Gary Vaynerchuk

and get attention. This then draws viewers to your site and sets you up for further marketing. 2. The author advises businesses to “trust your people”; to allow them to Tweet and use other social networking systems without censure. This may be the most controversial suggestion in the book but one worth thinking about. It is intended to promote an honest and open communication line amongst employees, between employees and the company and with customers. 3. Commitment to customers must be authentic. This requires top down commitment really taking an interest in your customers and demonstrating this.

Social Media

How companies that used YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc. to forge personal relationships with customers on a massive scale with untold speed, came out the winners, and others were simply left behind.

The Member Experience & Guest Relations team is excited to offer Gary Vaynerchuk’s book to the first ten franchisees who contact us. Please email your request to: GuestRelations@ Hurry – they won’t last long!

Massage Envy Spas across the country say “Thank You” to their loyal members with special offers, promos and giveaways during Member Appreciation Days. How is your Spa saying “Thank You” to your members for choosing ME Spa to be part of their health and wellness program?


News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department


In Your Hands Newsletter



Customer Service Good customer service costs less than bad customer service. -Unknown

NO! We have learned that some clinics are under the misconception that our Introductory rate policy is a discretionary policy, as evidenced by the increase in complaints received by Guest Relations. To be clear, ALL Massage Envy Spa guests receive the Introductory rate once every 6 months, regardless if they are former members. If the guest is a former member, this is the perfect time to welcome him or her back and invite them to rejoin! From November 2013 to February 2014, we received a significant number of emails and calls from guests who were not given Introductory rates during their visit, but who were eligible to receive it. The following is a small sampling of those complaints. • I am writing regarding a recent horrible first-time experience with Massage Envy. After doing a couple of hours of research, I came across Massage Envy’s website which at the time displayed an introductory rate of $78 for a deep tissue massage. To my surprise, the day of the massage I was charged an additional $21 fee, which for me was totally unexpected. She began to inform me that the rep I spoke to a week prior made a mistake or did not catch the price for an introductory member verses an introductory non-member, so in turn there was nothing she could do or was willing to do.


Did you

Membership Transfers & Accumulated Membership Services When a member transfers his/her membership from one location to another, any accumulated membership services must remain at the originating clinic. If the membership is in auto-renew when the transfer occurs, the Help


• I purchased a gift card for my wife for Valentine’s Day. When she went in, she was charged an extra $30 because she had been a customer two years ago. Imagine my embarrassment in getting her a gift but only to find out she had to pay out of her pocket. You just lost a customer who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars there over $30 dollars. I will be posting my experiences on the internet for others to be aware. • I received a gift card as a gift for this past Christmas for a massage. When I went to redeem it at the location, the girl told me that I had to pay $98.00 because I was once a member of Envy? I don’t understand your policy! Also it was very unfair to the poor woman who was counting on us today to get a massage, now they lost money and tips. I have bought many gift cards for Christmas this year for people and every year for bdays! I think I am going to have to rethink this one unless you can explain this to me and help me understand this! My friend was also turned off and we left! • She stated because I was previously a member, the introductory offer could not be extended to me. We then understood but we suggested that as a courtesy they should offer it to me again in an attempt to get me to come back as a member. The response was that I could sign up again but she could not offer me the introductory rate.

Desk will automatically extend the expiration date out a year to ensure they can be used globally as needed – no action is required by either the originating location or the receiving location in this scenario. Membership services for members who are transferred while in their initial term will remain active until the expiration date shown on the original agreement. Beyond these dates, membership services for memberships that have not lapsed since the transfer was processed can be extended either by submitting a Help Desk ticket or by contacting the originating clinic directly.

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

In Your Hands Newsletter


Frequently Asked

Code of Conduct Violation Q – Something inappropriate just hapBelow are some examples on how to best respond to members and guests when pened during my session. Can I talk to a manager? questions arise.

Credit Card Required to Book an Appointment

A – Massage Envy Spa has zero tolerance for any inappropriate conduct. Any claims of inappropriate conduct will be fully investigated. I am going to contact our manager immediately and have him/her contact you as soon as possible to discuss this further.

Shared Experiences 74% of people choose companies to do business with based on the customer service experiences shared by others online. – ICMI

Q – Why do I have to provide a credit Appointment Cancellations and No Shows card to reserve my appointment? Q – I had an appointment yesterday A – We require a credit card upon book- and completely forgot and never made it ing an appointment because our therapists in. are reserving that time especially for you. If you cancel on short notice and we are unA – We appreciate you calling us today. able to re-book that appointment, or you do Since you were not able to make it to your not show up for the appointment, we want appointment yesterday and other guests to make sure that the therapist is paid for missed the opportunity to reserve that time the time they have reserved for you. slot, we did have to charge full price for that scheduled time with your therapist. Appointment Booking on Short Notice

NOTE - It is important to be aware of and

Q – Why is it so hard to get an appoint- weigh the costs versus benefits of your cancelment on short notice? lation/no show procedures. Your goal should A – We apologize for any inconvenience you are having. Due to the high demand for our therapists, many of our members and guests book standing appointments in advance. Since our appointments are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, this helps ensure you get your preferred time slot and therapist. We will be happy to book a standing appointment for you.

be to provide great customer service while also protecting the assets of your business—this includes your members and guests. While you need to take care of your therapists and estheticians and ensure they are paid for their time, you also want to provide great customer service and do not want to alienate your members/guests, especially those who have a legitimate reason for a last-minute cancellation, e.g., car accident, not feeling well, etc.


In Your Hands Newsletter

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Exceptional Service


One of my favorite quotes acknowledging the value of customers is: Treat every customer as if they sign your paycheck…because they do. If each member and guest signed your paycheck, how would that change the way you treat your members and guests? Would you strive to give outstanding service 100% of the time? Would you do something extra to build a relationship? Would you make sure that each and every member/guest is helped to the very best of your ability, rather than passing the problem on to someone else? If so, you are “taking ownership.”

problem if they can’t do it themselves. They resist the temptation to get defensive or assign blame to someone else. And above all, they ensure the member or guest knows they care. Whatever your role, whatever your position, make a choice to “own” exceptional customer service with every member and guest, every day. “Own” your piece of the customer service experience by following the ownership principles below and watch what happens!


perate as though it’s your business. Take responsibility. There’s no, “It’s not my job” in owning it. There’s only, “I will help you.” Don’t pass the buck. If you’re not able to reach a resolution, make sure the member/guest feels valued and appreciated.

Walk in their shoes. That’s the best way

to be sure you understand what’s going on with the member/guest -- both emotionally and physically -- and the best way to help. What if this happened to you? Pretend it is you needing the assistance.


ever say “No.” Even when you’re not able to provide the desired outcome. The word “No” is offensive, abrupt, unfriendly and disagreeable. There are several positive alternatives you can use to let the member/guest down gently. To offer a few: “I wish we could” or “Let me double check on that” or “I’m going to take some time and see if we can work this out.” Bottom line, offering “No” at the top of the conversation is usually not the best choice.


ntegrity. Having integrity is a huge part of ownership. Do what is right ALL the time. And remember, having the right to do it doesn’t always “make it right.” Always act with integrity!

Touchpoints. View each point of contact


Granted, you may not be able to resolve the problem alone. Employees who take ownership expand their “circle of influence” to find a way to get things done. They navigate around obstacles. They work with others to solve the

with the member/guest as an opportunity to do more than the specific task at hand. Make sure they know you value them and appreciate their business. Focus on building a long-term relationship by making your interactions memorable and positive.

- Carolyn Stock Guest Relations Specialist

News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Creating Raving Fans

Congratulations to the winners of our Fall 2013 Raving Fans book give-away! Samantha Caitlin Daly - 0517, 0769 Susan Edmund - 1053 Rick Boden - 0510 Mark Mussmann – 0612, 0613 Paul Petersen - 0190 Gordon Kaufman – 0094, 0095, 0096, 0097 Todd Lipton - 0055 Bob Higgins - 0681 Mandar Dange – 0244, 0172, 0243 Jeffrey Scholder – 0776 MANY THANKS to Amy Gilliland for her inspiring testimonial in our Fall newsletter. Amy and her team’s commitment to creating a Raving Fans culture in their three spas has been contagious! Here’s what some franchisees and Regional Developers had to say after reading and sharing the book with their team: I bought the book on Amazon - definitely going to make it required reading for my Management Team (going to start with them) - Lori Gentile, Franchisee 0298

In Your Hands Newsletter

I’m not sure who we should send this to but we just had to share. After we won a free copy of the Raving Fans book from the latest newsletter, our management team decided to read it. We loved the principles so much we bought a copy for all of our staff. The things that it talked about made so much sense and everybody is on board to create Raving Fans for Massage Envy – Layton, Utah. We have really noticed more positive comments and feedback from our members and it has blown away some of our new guests who come to visit. We even had a major snow storm come through the last few days and Michelle decided to go the extra mile and take her umbrella and new snow scraper to clean off a client’s car. We are striving to get as many Raving Fans as possible! We’ll keep you posted! Thanks for all you do. - Paul Petersen, Franchisee 0190

Just have to say, that we, our leadership team as well as Ralph and I (owners) thoroughly enjoyed the first edition of “In Your Hands”. To quote one of our leaders “what a great way to remind all of us about basic work ethic principles we forget about and how to go above and beyond for loyal customers such as listening to an individual’s needs and trying to accommodate them, for example, prepaid story. I also like the examples of how to respond to common complaints and the seven simple tips. Let’s print this and go over key points during our team meetings. We can share what we find insightful.” This comment came to me as a text at 9:30pm from a leader who works the morning shift. Love the fact that she liked the edition so much she read it at night and felt compelled to text me. - Leocadia “Lee” Salas, Franchisee 0882, 0963

Michelle Strickland, Sales Associate 0190 Creating Raving Fans in Layton, UT!

I have looked on Amazon and found it. I plan on sending one to each of my franchisees. I really enjoyed the “In Your Hands” newsletter and think the timing is perfect. I’m in the process of firing off an email to everyone in my region to make sure they read it. NOTE – Bob sent Raving Fans to each clinic in his region and requested each manager to sign the back page once read. The feedback received was that ev eryone loved it! -Bob Conklin, Regional Developer-Alabama, Florida

Social Media Our head of social media is the customer. - McDonald’s


News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Gift Cards

Success with


Just as one gift card season comes to an end, so begins another! For anyone looking for the gift of relaxation, Massage Envy Spa gift cards are always near the top of everyone’s list. As we approach another high volume gift card season, we want to touch on four gift card policies that will help facilitate a smooth and seamless transaction:

1. Swipe…Don’t Type! Remember to always swipe the gift card instead of manually typing it in. This might seem obvious, however, it doesn’t always happen as it should. By swiping the gift card, you will be reducing the potential for mistakes which could lead to difficulty locating the gift card in Millennium.

Methods Best

Lori M. Gentile, Franchisee 0298 Member and Employee Appreciation


I want to tell you one of the things we do at my clinic to show our members how much we value them - AND our therapists as well. One of the main complaints I’ve gotten from LMTs is not getting paid for no-shows (except when we use a banked membership massage or charge a credit card). So we implemented a system where if an LMT has a last-minute cancellation or no-show, they will get paid $12 for the hour (considerably above min. wage) if they sit down and write out 6-8 Thank You Cards to members or guests who

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2. Make Sure the Gift Card is Present. This requires the member/guest to present the physical gift card at the time of redemption and can prevent a number of problems for your member/guest and your clinic. If the gift card number was previously pulled into Millennium but the actual gift card was not presented, someone else was able to redeem it. The actual recipient is then left without the value of their gift card. 3. Honoring Promotional Gift Cards. Remember that all promotional gift cards may be redeemed at any of our locations, including those containing a sticker from the issuing clinic. 4. A Dollar Value, Not A Guarantee of Service. It is important that the member/guest is aware that Massage Envy Spa gift cards can be used toward services or products at any of our locations. Since not all of our members/ guests understand that gift cards hold a dollar value, it is important to communicate that our purchased gift cards do not guarantee a service. Reminding the member/guest of this can increase their satisfaction and reduce refund requests.

If you would like additional information pertaining to our gift card policies, please log on to MEIntranet, and search “Gift Card Policy.” —Callie Mindel Guest Relations Specialist

RT them. We log it into formula notes so that we can keep track of who is sent cards and when. We also give them a “script” to follow for their card, allowing room for personalization. The cards are then given to the Manager on Duty for review and documentation in Millennium and then the front desk addresses and mails the cards. We’ve received many positive Shared Insight comments about the cards from our members. And it’s optional for our LMTs to do, but writing cards is the only way they will get paid for that time. By doing this, if we have 10 no-shows in a week, and all the LMTs complete the task, we have between 60-80 thank you cards being sent to members and guests by their actual LMT. People LOVE it and so do I, as the owner. I tried to do this myself and got bogged down very quickly. I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but for us, it’s been a positive program.

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for Member and Guest Satisfaction

Contributed by Andrea Rivera, Director of Clinic Learning and Development “My sales associate would never say that!” “There must have been a miscommunication.” “Who did you say you spoke with again?” Any of these phrases sound familiar? Whether you have said them to a customer yourself or you have called other Massage Envy Spas and heard them say it, we often find there is a communication breakdown when handling customer complaints. This often happens due to poor tracking of our employee/guest communication in the Millennium system. How many sticky notes are on your desk today with call-back numbers for customer complaints? It’s time to get out of these sticky situations and use the proper tools in Millennium to help improve customer satisfaction. Who will this benefit? Everyone involved with handling customer complaints, from Management and Franchisees to the Guest Relations team at the Franchise Support Center. By noting phone and face–to–face conversations on a


client’s record in Millennium, it allows for the proper due diligence when trying to resolve certain concerns or issues. To create Customer Service User Defined Fields just go to Data > Clients > Client User Defined Fields. Select New and create a new field labeled “Customer Service.” Now all member and guest records have an area in their Millennium file for customer service! See image below:


Lori M. Gentile, Franchisee 0298 Employee Recognition: WOO HOO – Way To Go! At the end of every month, I print out all 100% Shared Insight Surveys and each employee mentioned in the survey receives 5,000 points which can be accumulated to use for massages, facials and ME apparel. We have a “WOO HOO - Way to Go!” book in the breakroom where we put all surveys which

have personal notes of congratulations on them from me. The team really seems to like it and I’ve found that this causes them to keep a closer eye on our Shared Insight metrics and to take less-than-desirable surveys more seriously. Sometimes, team members get 5 great surveys in one month - which gives them an extra free massage that month, on top of the one they earn by meeting their goals. This helps our licensed massage therapists and estheticians receive much-needed therapeutic work in order to keep themselves healthy! Our front desk staff too! It’s a win-win! And it’s super simple to administer - which makes me happy :)



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News and Insights from the Member Experience & Guest Relations Department

Service During AFC

It is that time of year again; RDs, franchisees, and managers will be attending our Annual Franchisee Conference. Last year, we received an increased number of complaints while managers were out of town, so it’s time to start thinking about how you can empower your staff to be better prepared to handle member/guest concerns. Getting front desk associates comfortable and confident in dealing with a difficult member/guest can be a challenging task. Your front desk associate may not be able to solve each issue, but you can prepare them to Believe, Listen, Apologize, Solve and Thank. It is time to deliver BestIn-Class customer service! Here are some tips on how to ensure your staff is educated to provide excellent customer service when you are not there. Many of you have heard of L.A.S.T…Now, we want to familiarize you with B.L.A.S.T:

Apologize: Apologize in an empa-

thetic tone. When you apologize, you’re not necessarily admitting blame or fault. You’re simply letting the guest know you are sorry they were disappointed and displeased.

“I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed… Obviously, we want our customers to leave happy so they want to come back and see us again.”

Solve: Depending upon the situation,

adjust the solution accordingly.

“Because things didn’t work out like we had hoped, I’m going to take care of today’s session for you. However, I’d like to schedule another appointment for you with a different therapist because I want you to leave happy on your next visit. I’m also going to give you my business card. It would mean a great deal if you called me after your next massage to share with me how things turned out.”


Believe: Believe that your customer

“I’d really like to make this better for you. What can I do?”

Listen: Take a second, relax, stay calm,

their feedback and trusting that you will take care of the situation. “Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, Jessica. I appreciate your honest feedback.” Again, complaints and feedback are truly gifts. When an experience is not excellent for a member/guest, their feedback is an opportunity to improve and make it excellent. This is something that should be occurring every day…but this is a great time to get your front-line prepared to provide excellent customer service. —Elizabeth Kambeitz Guest Relations Specialist

is telling the truth and NOT trying to get something for free. Research shows that only 2% of people who complain are trying to get something for free. Do not punish the 98% of your customers because of a few bad apples. Whatever you do, don’t make your customer feel like a liar on top of having a bad experience.


language. It’s important to remain calm and level-headed. Let you customer talk without interrupting. When you speak, talk in a very calm, empathetic tone. Research shows just the act of listening to the customer and not interrupting them will make them feel better. At minimum, they feel they’ve been able to express themselves.

and listen. Resist the natural urge to become defensive. And… imagine that whatever the customer is complaining about has just happened to you. Think about how it would make you feel. On occasion, a complaining customer may be rude, angry, and even use offensive

Thank: Thank the guest for providing

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