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Lastest Sexy Online Dating News Save the date: Kerry Cronin on the love lives of college students I talk to some students who say, “I came to college and I just wanted to have sex with somebody to get it over with,” or “I just don't want to be the person who hasn't had these kinds of experiences,” both in terms of sexual expression and just … Read more on U.S. Catholic magazine

Fall TV Preview: Partners Is Our Favorite New Buddy Comedy By the by, we love you so much David Krumholtz, and we think you are sexy in your own way, but the fact that your character doubts his love for someone who looks like Sophia Bush is, how you say?, bats–t crazy. But we digress. Sitcom shenanigans ensue … Read more on E! Online

Flirty at eighty A few months ago it was Alec Baldwin who made news by tying the knot to his 27-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend Hilaria Thomas. Woody Allen, Doug Anthony Hutchinson and Rod Stewart are the seniors in this league of elder men dating younger women. Read more on Deccan Chronicle

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dating 2012: Kim Talks Marriage, Couple … Posing on the beach at night in a sexy black cut-out swimsuit, Kardashian looked as though she was being snapped for a Sports Illustrated cover. (Photo: Twitter). Like Us on Facebook. (Photo: Twitter). The 31-year-old reality TV fixture is with West as … Read more on Books & Review

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