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State University of New York at New Paltz ​hi and welcome to today's systems hangout we're talking today about SI p NS AP Hutta my name is tom sullivan i'm hanging out today with anna bond cha to be from power systems and there's been a lot of announcements this week with power systems an essay p and anna by man right in the center of it so a lot of news coming from power as well as s AP online thanks so much for joining us today thank you i'm also joined by a joke on away and Joe is with evolving solutions for those who don't know evolving solutions they are very strong premier partner and they have a particular strength in s a P&S AP Hana for those who don't know Joe I've known him for a long time Joe is the real deal and what I mean by that he's got some of the biggest transactions we've ever closed in storage personally Jeff driven by Joel Conaway so near bond and Joel thanks for joining us today so with that let's jump into the actual subject we're going to talking today about SI p as well as SAS application workloads well IDC actually does a very interesting study it's called the IDC workload study suds and what they basically do is they look at the most demanding and largest workloads so we're going to first talk about SI p now SI p from an overall workload actually is about the fifth largest workload overall it's rated number two is the most mission critical application and that's an overall view of workloads but if you look at customers that are actually using SI p SI p will be described by those customers as their number one workload and the number one most critical workload as well so this gives us a great opportunity as partners as well as from power and storage they're really combine a great deal of value centered around this area so the ship now to our relationship with thats AP art ibm's relationship with SI p of a long relationship it's centered around an alliance at a very strong partnership and it actually goes back as far as 30 years we are one of the largest integrators we are one of their largest consultants were also actually one of their largest customers now this relationship is exceptionally strong and it is as strong with power and storage and equally long so it's actually shift the discussion now to that that relationship from a storage perspective well we at storage are actually very proud to say that we are the number one certified storage platform on both SI p and hana in the world what do we mean by that that means that our flash systems technology are certified RDS arxiv d7000 our new spectrum portfolio offering fully certified that includes things like archive and things like a spectrum scale or actually the persistent interface on x86 technology to connect storage now what that translates to in addition to being very proud of that is we are able to bring solutions to our customers that allow us to ramp performance dramatically sohana implementations for storage implementations but we're also able to ramp price for customer depending on need and that's a lot of value that that we actually can bring to a customer so now let's actually shift the conversation to power and all these big announcements this week out at sa p sapphire anna bond I understand a lot happened this week and I understand you actually were center right center with all that action maybe you can share with the team what actually happened at sapphire this week yeah thanks Tom I'm half be too i was actually i just got back from sapphire last night I spent I spent I spent the week there and I was there for two major announcements that took place with regard to stp Hannah on the power platform this is actually big news for us I know a lot of our clients been waiting for this the first is that sa p has actually announced that they will make the hana platform generally available for the power platform in june so next month we this is after a long test and evaluation program and a ramp up program that's been happening since last year and we have a ton of clients that are already part of that program they're excited to go into production and i know we have a lot more that are in the queue waiting to try this and put this into production for their businesses as well so it's big news for a lot of clients that the key differentiator for us is that unlike like the x86 architecture where you have to have appliances for Hannah the Power Architecture is certified across the board so any power 8 server any poweredge server it is capable of running Hannah and its flows imported run Hannah so you're not you're not constrained by by specific configurations that other vendors provide you can actually you know build your own configuration based on your own individual need as a client or you know if you're a partner and you're and you're you're working with a client you can actually help them to design the right solution for them and you'll actually be able to customize the memory and and all the other factors and if they're actually an existing power customer they'll actually be able to deploy Hannah into their existing power rate infrastructure which is another great

advantage that that that we offer the second announcement the IBM made this week was that we actually announced solution editions for sa fie Hannah power system solution editions and we actually have multiple configurations a small and a large and we expect to have a medium a very very soon so stay tuned for that and if config creations are our starting points they're not locked appliance configurations there there's their addictions that you start with and you can actually add additional memory add additional storage whatever you need for your for your own for your own clients needs but the upshot is you actually get the best of both worlds you get you get the the quick to deploy starting point with the solution edition but you also get the flexibility of designing something that that's you're going to work you know for your business but that's something that we feel is very unique right now when the hannah marketplace and we're excited to bring that to market that's a that's a big week and i know a lot of effort went into that with from sa p as well as from the power team so congrats to both s AP and power so it's going to put that into perspective we're talking about SI p a demanding and critical workload and what we'd be able to do with the announcement of adding power to sa p hana is we're really unharness peed we're basically adding too fast the server in the world running SI p Hana and DRAM and then we're coupling it with the option to put the fastest storage and most wide and most supported storage products connected to that I mean that truly if i were to think about words I would use words like awesome i would use words like stunning and i'm frankly i don't a loss for words so that's just a great story and thanks an awful lot for sharing that so no it's um let's actually shift the conversation to Joel and Joel why don't you give a little bit of a quick flyby what evolving solutions is all about why don't you spend a little bit time with us talking about what evolving solutions can bring to the market with us as well well thanks Tom and thanks for having me this is our 20th year in business this year and we successfully built trusted relationships with our customers by being in strong technology advocate especially in storage and power most recently we've made investments in our software and cloud resources as well our clients like working with us because we listen to their needs and business objectives and customized solutions that actually work for them we've got some of the best consultants and architects in the world and that helps our customers through the entire purchase process from planning designing and implementation of maintenance we really are an extension of their teams so obviously I you as a client in a partner you're seeing the benefits that power and storage actually bring together but a good way to actually describe that benefits is let's let's talk about a really great story you have a particularly large win in a in a manufacturer of food products and it's it's a it's a name big name brand that we probably don't go through a day without eating one of their products and they're and they're fantastic products by the way but you guys put something together which is really special you actually had a first order of I'll write this number down 17 XIV's and a client that prior hadn't really been purchasing much from IBM at all so you sell 17 XIV's and you're now at 20 you got to tell me more about that storage that's fantastic yeah it's a great story for us this was a customer that hadn't purchased a single piece of IBM technology not just storage in over 40 years so they came into a very skeptic we partnered closely with the XIV team at IBM and we demonstrated the value of xiv by going through a really in-depth proof of concept we went through an extensive evaluation it took over a month of on-site off-site around-the-clock testing and they replace three and a half petabytes the BMC vmax running not just their production SI p but vmware oracle exchange and more most recently they deployed some more XIV as part of the essay p hana tailored data center integration or TDI with hana TDI they can leverage XIV as a replacement for their legacy HP hana appliances that weren't getting it done form and they can get you more value out of their XIV investment while expanding s ap's capabilities in the end they save millions of dollars dramatically improve performance reliability and support and they also simplified management to the point that they don't need dedicated storage administrators it's been a tremendous success for us and an amazing reference that's that's amazing Joel in fact I mean if you think about it you want you took a customer wasn't an IBM customer and he took a customer that was skeptical and he got seventeen seventeen xiv systems in the initial order i mean that's that's that's quite an accomplishment and you're now at twenty so let's now shift to and it really doesn't actually stop with sa peel and I want to actually talk about another application its analytics and analytics when you look at IDC would be the fourth largest workload now in this example we're going to be talking about SAS and and just like SI p with a 30 year plus relationship we share the same relationship with SAS now for those who aren't familiar with SAS they're in ninetyseven percent of Fortune 500 customers and they've got 44,000 installations so they're rather dominant now but here then power storage connecting together offer really compelling solutions so it's actually just like we did with Joel's example let's talk about two industries so wait a large law firm oh and and the large level former actually was doing a lot of analytics looking at legal search with highly highly intensive application well in this case we came up again against xat six and EMC in this case we combine again power spectrum scale from IBM storage as well as flash now again write this number down we bested x86 and EMC running a law firm application which is highly intensive 682 percent that is a phenomenal result 682 percent now let's shift to a finance industry now this this particular customer is is one

of the biggest banks in the world is a name-brand bank their biggest application by the way is something called mortgage loss now mortgage losses two things this one it's writing a mortgage and to its if mortgages are defaulting previously they had tried to actually accomplish that with SAS on emc technology as well as neta now in doing that they were hitting 96 hours to process that that that workload 96 hours if he did the quick math on it is about five days that's not competitive for this banquet for that matter any bank well using again power spectrum scale and in this case xiv we cut that ninety four hours 24 hours i'm an incredible 682 percent for the law firm 94 24 for a financial institution you combine power and you combine storage advantage customer and IBM so alibi let's actually shift the discussion back to you for a second dime and you're right in the middle of this and you had a really exciting week congrats again on that give me a perspective on where you see power and the technology evolving over the next couple years if you could yeah totally interesting point with the boosting of performance because as we all know the amount of data that were at were awash in is just growing every day right i mean i think i saw a stat that like eighty or ninety percent of the data that exists in the world today all of it was created just in the last couple of years and that rate of growth has just continued to accelerate so on the one hand you have clients that are challenged with the increasing amount of business data and and market data that they have to wrestle with try to figure out you know how to how to gain actionable insights that they can drive their business on and on the flip side you know you need the answers faster it's not enough to get a report back in a day or in two days or a week you have to have real answers to your questions within within minutes if not seconds in order to be able to respond in a timely fashion in order to be able to outperform the competitors and are able to deliver a better client experience in the market and so we're finding that you know for big data solutions like like the dupe and no sequel unstructured data and spectral data or 44 database solutions that require acceleration we're offering in-memory analytics solutions with with with Oracle 12c with with db2 blue and with and now with Hannah and I know storage is also very very active in using flash technology and and jeep and spectrum scale other technologies to accelerate access to the data um it's going to be a a challenge that continues to grow for our clients for the foreseeable future and I think you'll see a lot of clients actually turn to the cloud in a lot of ways because it becomes a lot more efficient to deal with these you know these data operations of scale in the cloud power systems of course was designed for data we have features that are in the platform that were built that were designed in so that we can process data very efficiently features like four times the cache of x86 four times the threading eight verses 22 of x86 five times the four times the bandwidth a memory bandwidth of x86 these are things that you need to not only crunch numbers very quickly but also move data through the system very very efficiently and of course our i/o subsystem and our protections to storage also need to be very high performance to make sure that the data is never stuck it's always moving is always alive it's always driving in specs for you so there's a lot of innovation that that still has yet to happen are we're only just getting started but I'm excited with you know with the prospects of what our clients are going to be able to do with some of these new developments in order to really you know transform how a business operations getting insights for data it's gonna be very interesting yeah it really is i mean if actually as you were talking i'm thinking wow this just this just sounds perfect for real-time analytics it sounds perfect for cloud and you just nailed it you answered it perfectly so thanks for sure on that so I want to actually thank both you and a bond as a new Joel for coming together today and actually sharing your experience your expertise as well as examples of some great work load benefits with real customers and potential workloads that we can all go after some so really fantastic and great insights on the values that we bring to both SI p as well as SAS but i guess before i close maybe some final thoughts on you know our big clothes or joel maybe you could share some final thoughts with all of us oh no thanks for having me today I appreciate it you can visit us online at evolving Sol com find me on LinkedIn in the full details of the win we were talking about are posted in the IBM internal reference database so please check that out also be out at edge next week with this customer and many more so thanks again and I appreciate it thanks Joel well said and by the way the evolving solutions and Joel personally had been gracious enough he will be there with that big customer that we're all eating every day and and he's made the customer available for your customers should you want to close a deal right at it edge which I'm sure you all do so so there you have it you've got uh two stories about two really great alliances center around the largest workloads and we kind of told it with three just phenomenal case studies let me think about it six eighty to ninety four to four and the example that of Joel's big win I mean you just can't beat you know stories like that so with that I'm hoping that you're all joining us at edge 2015 by the way we're going to have over 5,000 customers it was sold out today so thanks for your support of that and over a thousand business partners joining us so it's going to be a really great event I think we're an accomplished a lot if you've liked this subject by the way and you're interested in want to learn more at winning edge will be actually i'll be with a bunch of skilled experts that actually know SI p no sass no power and no storage and bring them that all together to help you attack these giant workloads and give you the advantage that you need

advantage IBM and benefit to the customer so i guess with that that ends today's Google hangout I ask you to look forward to at the end of the month our friends from power will be learning another google hangout and thanks for spending the day with us today good luck selling and see it edge Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.