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Virginia’s Potatoes By Erica Noll

INT. NURSING HOME DINING ROOM -MORNING The early sun peeks in through the curtains of the huge windows in the dining room. The residents of the nursing home are eating their breakfast. The nurses are walking around giving out medications to the residents they are in charge of. EMILY Okay Arnold, time for your meds this morning. ARNOLD Yeah, Yeah... I really don’t need these, ya know. They just make me take them. A doctor never told me I had to take this stuff. This is just how they legally steal my savings. Arnold looks to his left. ARNOLD Right, Ginny? EMILY Okay, here’s your water. We wouldn’t be able to give you meds if you weren’t prescribed. We’ve gone through tis everyday this week. ARNOLD Yeah, yeah...I’ll take your water. Hey Ginny, remember that time I pushed you into the lake, and a frog jumped on your head! Ha! What did you say? ARNOLD Oh yes, you’re right. It was a dragonfly, and you were so scared. Haha. Emily walks away, and Arnold yells after her. ARNOLD Hey! What about Virginia’s meds! These young nurse’s not doing their jobs, garsh. Emily turns around to look at Arnold.




EMILY Again? She gets hers at a different time, remember? Emily walks away to the nurse’s station. Arnold looks to his left. ARNOLD It’s like they all have something against you, Ginny. Without you here, I think I might go crazy though. Remember that time we rode in the back o’ that old Ford. Those were the times... INT. NURSING HOME- NURSE’S STATION- MORNING The nurses are filling out paper work. Emily sits down next to her co-worker, Clara, and starts to work. EMILY Arnold saying we’re stealing his money again. CLARA Yeah, Betty threw her water at me, don’t you be complainin’. EMILY Are we ever going to tell him? CLARA Why don’t you? I’m not unless it starts smelling. EMILY Yeah, he’s a lot happier too. He’s so lively now. Before he never complained about his meds, he just took them silently, but now it’s like he’s afraid of what Virginia thinks of him. Emily brings her voice down to a whisper. EMILY Hey, do you know what happened to D.? Did she get fired or what? CLARA Oh, you weren’t here that day? Uh, I don’t really want to say (MORE) (CONTINUED)



CLARA (cont’d) anything, ya know, but it was really bad. EMILY Oh come on, I won’t say anything. CLARA Well, everyone saw it anyway. EMILY Yeah, I know! I was the only one gone from work! CLARA Well, it was morning med time last Friday, and Joe, you know Joe right? EMILY Yeah, the truck guy that stocks the food. CLARA Well, he comes in really really mad, right, like throwing stuff, and yelling for D. He comes into the dining room, and basically says she cheated on him, you knew they were dating right? EMILY No, really? him? CLARA Yeah. She acts like he is crazy, and he frickin yells the crap out of her. Saying that the guy’s name is Kevin, and how he told him what was going on. EMILY Oh my God! Why did I have to miss THAT day. CLARA Yeah, and she kept acting like she had no idea what was going on until he’s finally just like, "Fuck you, D.", and storms out.




EMILY Oh my gosh. CLARA Yeah, it was pretty of course, he threw Virginia’s Potatoes before he left, and happens next...

intense. And, those into that chair you know what

They both look up from the desk to glance at Arnold. EMILY So that’s how it happened, I thought someone just put them there randomly. CLARA Yeah, after Joe left. Arnold went crazy. He yelled for someone to "help that lady", and call the police. No one knew what he was talking about, until he wheeled his chair over to the potatoes, and started talking to them like they were a person. EMILY Well, we know who that person is now, "Virginia". I wonder if she was a real person. CLARA I don’t think so, he’s obviously just gone insane. EMILY But I think I heard him talking about her one time, before this happened, like he was looking for her or something. CLARA Who knows, all I know is that he’s gonna need to come to his senses soon before those potatoes go bad...


INT. NURSING HOME- ARNOLD’S ROOM- NIGHT Arnold’s room is very small, and simple. There is a bed, desk, closet, and a small bathroom. The walls are white, with a few pictures hanging up. There is one picture by his bed of him and Virginia when they were young. Arnold and Virgina (the one he sees) are laying on the bed together. ARNOLD I still can’t believe I found you at last. I’m happy I can be with you at the end of my life. VIRGINIA I feel the same way, Arnie. Now I can be with you forever. ARNOLD Forever. INT. NURSING HOME- ARNOLD’S ROOM- MORNING Arnold is laying on his bed with his arm around the potato sack. Emily walks in to wake him up for breakfast. EMILY Wake up Arnold, it’s time for breakfast and meds. Arnold doesn’t get up. Emily shakes his shoulder. EMILY Come on Arnold, wake up. Emily grabs Arnold’s hand, and feels how cold it is. EMILY Oh! She glances at the potato sack. The potatoes had disappeared. In their place was a red rose laying over the picture of a young woman. Emily gasps, bringing her hand up over her mouth. EMILY Oh my gosh! Where did they go? Emily runs out of the room to tell the other nurses. The scene ends with the camera zooming in on the picture and the rose.

Virginia's Potatoes  

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