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Conversation 1 Girl 1: Okay sorry, I was talking to my mom. Girl 2: Thats ok, tell her the cookies never came. Girl 1: She knows, she says she is so sorry that we made you peanut butter ones especially for you, and we're sorry they never got there. They must be somewhere because they were never returned. [ Girl 2: I miss them, I was really looking forward to them. Girl 1: I’m sorry Girl 2: I know! Stupid postal service losing my cookies, how dare they. Girl 1: I’m sorry. Girl 2: It’s not your fault...I just wanted my cookies, they were special! They were from NY! gah! I am gonna go fight the postal service! Girl 1: Ha, okay have fun with that. Girl 2: Oh it will be sweet vengeance! for losing my beloved cookies. Girl 1: Haha Girl 2: Anyways, maybe I will steal Eric's, but you have my new secure address now so they should come here, its just sooo confusing. I will probably march down to that front desk and yell at them. Conversation 2

Girl 1:  There  is  gonna  be  a  third  party  in  the  IU  election,  and  I’m  the  campaign   manager  for  like  the  vice  president  and  treasurer,  you  know  whatever.     Girl  2:  Hmmmm.     Girl  1:  And  I  have  to  study  so  much  tonight,  it  sucks.     Girl  2:  So  I  assume  you’re  not  going  out  tonight.     Girl  1:  no,  so  how’s  it  going.     Girl  2:  Good     Girl  1:  Did  you  print  that  off  the  Internet?     Girl  2:  Yea,  for  the  review.     Girl  1:  I  don’t  understand  what  form  the  test  is  in.     Girl  2:  Well,  she  said  it’s  like  multiple  choice  except  for  two  questions.     Girl  1:  What  is  that?     Random  Guy:  Oh,  it’s  just  a  calculator.     Girl  1:  It  looks  helpful.  I’m  ready  for  this  fucking  week  to  be  over!  


I had to eavesdrop on people for my class assignment, and this is what I heard.

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