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The 2012 Formula 1™ Australian Grand Prix will be held at Albert Park from

15 March - 18 March 2012 The Australian Grand Prix is one of the most spectacular sporting events in Australia today. As well as being the best car race in Australia, the Grand Prix now boasts a huge array of supporting events, concerts, parties, kids’ activities and more. Whether you love motorsport or a family looking for a great day out, the Grand Prix has something for you!


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The Australian Grand Prix is a Formula One race held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park as part of the annual Formula One championship season. Australian Grand Prix, was not part of the World Championship but featuring F1 open-wheeler racing vehicles, were held at various circuits around Australia for many years. A notable venue in the 1950’s was a road circuit at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia, for many years. They sometimes attracted the world’s top drivers of the era, who competed against (and were challenged by) local entrants. The last such race was held in 1984. Australia became part of the F1 world championship in 1985 with the last race of the season held on the street circuit in Adelaide. The Australian circuit, not as ridiculously tight as Monaco, was notoriously tough on drivers and gearboxes. The most famous Australian race there was undoubtedly the 1986 event, where Nigel Mansell, and Nelson Piquet in a Williams, and Alain Prost in a comparatively underpowered McLaren were still competing for the title.


In Australia in 1996, after the government of Jeff Kennett spent an undisclosed (but speculated to be quite large) amount, the race was shifted to a rebuilt Albert Park street circuit in Melbourne. The decision to hold the race in this part of Australia was controversial. A lot of protests were organized by the “Save Albert Park” group, who claimed that the race turned a public park into a private playground for much of the year. Finally, they said that the claimed economic benefits of the race were false or exaggerated. The Australian race organizers and the government claimed that the economic benefits to the state outweighed the costs, and that the park’s public amenities have been improved considerably by the works carried out for the race. The idea of a permanent racing circuit has never really been addressed in Australia, but there is much speculation that the real reason for a street circuit is to provide a distinctive backdrop for television a permanent race circuit would be unidentifiable and, from the perspective of the Formula One organizers, may as well be held in Europe at

much lesser cost and inconvenience to them. In any case, a substantial number of people do embrace (and attend) the Australian race at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. The Australian race was struck by tragedy in 2001, when a flying tire from a crash between Ralf Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve flew through a gap in the barrier fence and killed a volunteer track marshal. The 2002 event saw the best performance by an Australian driver when Mark Webber, in the perennially uncompetitive Minardi, took advantage of the misfortune of other competitors to finish an unlikely fifth, holding off a fast-closing Mika Salo in a much faster Toyota. He and the Australian-born team owner Paul Stoddart became instant national celebrities well beyond the motor racing world, the minor placing receiving far more attention in Australia than Michael Schumacher’s win. Traditionally, Melbourne, Australia has hosted the opening round of the championship.This will change in 2006 because of the Commonwealth Games.

F1 2011 WINNER

Sebastian Vettel Heppenheim, Germany 03.07.1987



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The 2011 Formula One season is the 62nd FIA Formula One season. The original calendar consisted of twenty rounds, including the inaugural running of the Indian Grand Prix. Pirelli returns to the sport as tyre supplier for all teams, taking over from Bridgestone. Red Bull Racing are the reigning Constructor’s Champions. Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel is the defending Driver’s Champion, one of five World Champions appearing on the grid.





NAME Mark Alan Webber DATE OF BIRTH 27 August 1976 HOMETOWN Queanbeyan, Australia RESIDES Aylesbury, UK SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Annie, Luke, Shadow, Simba and Kiska


GET TO KNOW ME ON & OFF THE TRACK: TOP 6 QUICK QUESTIONS GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS ON: Making it to F1 has to be my greatest achievement because the odds were stacked against us. OFF: Getting ready for the ’09 season after smashing up my leg and shoulder in Tasmania. Crutches on the side of the pool, pain when I tried to do anything; constant dependence on people to do things for me – it was very tough psychologically.


SCARIEST MOMENT ON: Going upside down at Le Mans in ’99. Twice. Valencia 2010 OFF: Seeing my mate Morris Denton have a head-on with a car while we were cycling near Monaco. I just missed the car and he hit it head-on, totally writing it off with his body. I thought he was dead but, thank God, he wasn’t.


MENTOR ON: Mick Doohan. He’s always given me advice and support, and was very good during my recuperation in ’09. Mick’s broken a few bones in his time, so helped me deal with it. OFF: David Moffett. Ex Group MD at Telstra. A very successful businessman who knows how to get things done. Jackie Stewart. He’s worked very hard to get where he’s got, and he continues to work very hard. He’s remained poised and elegant all the way through his career. He’s a class act; he’s an inspiration.

FUNNIEST MOMENT ON: Australia ’02. Before the race Stoddy told me to stay out of trouble and bring the car home. With 10 laps to go he came on the radio and told me under no circumstance to let Mika Salo through! OFF: My brother-in-law and father and I trying to do a long paddle in Australia. They were stopped by the coastguard for not having the correct flares and torches. I did the whole thing alone. When I got back they were waiting for me at the jetty!





ON: Australia. It’s the best race of the year. OFF: Italy. The Dolomites are stunning, the food is great, I just love that place.



ON: Watching sport on TV. I have a little room in the Red Bull Energy Station, where I chill out and see what else is going on in sport. OFF: Hanging out with the dogs, whether it’s ragging with them on the lawn or taking them for a walk.



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