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How fast can I sell my house in the Carolinas?

How fast can you sell my house in the Carolinas? The answer to this question will depend on a few variables: condition of the economy, the location of the home and the price. In the United States, most real estate value have jumped since the low figures in 2011. Cheap mortgage rates and rising rent costs are encouraging more renters to consider purchasing a home. The location will also make a huge difference. For instance, the average value of a home in the metro area of San Francisco is $688,000 compared to just $161,600 in the Orlando metro area. If you want to sell your home in North or South Carolina fast, now is the best time. Before putting up the “For Sale� sign, consider the following tips to expedite the sale of your home:

#1- Improve Curb Appeal In real estate, the first impression is the lasting impression. Think about the impression a potential homebuyer will get when they view your property for the first time. Before the day of the open house, get a street view of your home and its surroundings. What needs fixing? Start by mowing your lawn and keeping the plants green and vibrant. It would be beneficial if you added flowering plants. Paint the door and windows. Ensure the driveway leading up to the home is paved. The house number and mailbox must be clean and visible. Improving your curb appeal will draw the attention of more buyers.

#2- Make Upgrades Before discussing what upgrades you should make, remember return on investment. If you spend $40,000 on remodelling the kitchen and your home costs $200,000, do not expect to get back $240,000. Remodelling does add value, but it will not bring in your home’s original price. Therefore, it is recommended that you make small upgrades. Good examples include updating the water heater, fixing leaky faucets, replacing the sink, adding lights, etc. If there are major repairs pending such as a leaky roof or presence of mold in the basement, address these immediately. Most home buyers will make an offer contingent upon receiving a report from a home inspector. So do not ignore repairs as they can cost you a potential homebuyer.

#3- Depersonalize When potential buyers walk into your home, you want them to imagine living there. It is hard to visualize a lifestyle if the space is already occupied with your personal knick knacks. Before the home viewing, removing anything that screams “you�, i.e. family photographs, collectibles, trophies, certificates, etc. Get the walls repainted in vibrant colours and add soft lighting. Declutter your home as best as you can. Keep the home neutral. Your home should appear like a blank and clean canvas to a potential buyer.

#4- Price Competitively The correct listing price can make the difference between your home selling quickly versus your home getting only a few offers and going stale in the market. This is where a real estate agent can save you both time and money. The agent wants the highest commission possible so it’s in her or his best interest to price your home correctly. Agents are also very familiar with the housing market so they know what a realistic selling price looks like. Overpricing is always a bad strategy because it may keep your home on the market for extended periods of time. Buyers and agents who look at your listing may mistakenly assume that your home is not selling due to not passing inspections or faulty construction when the real reason is that the pricing of the home was not done correctly.

#5- Use a Professional Photographer Serious homebuyers begin house-hunting online and in real estate magazines. An attractive image is what will motivate a potential buyer to pick up the phone and call his or her real estate agent. A great-looking image is what will inspire buyers. In order to obtain high quality images, hire a professional photographer. After taking several photos of your home, make sure you also post them on free home buying sites. Selling your home quickly is possible if you make necessary upgrades, improve your home’s curb appeal, depersonalize your home, price it competitively and hire a professional photographer to take top-notch photographs.

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How fast can I sell my house in the Carolinas?  

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