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Erica Frischkorn Is An Alumnus Of Queen's University

Versatile, enthusiastic, and well-read, Erica Frischkorn is a dedicated teacher who is committed to providing quality education to the students through advanced teaching methods. She believes in the power of education as a promoter of future success and thus persistently finds new and innovative ways to help students in their learning process. She has in-depth knowledge of her subject, which is the result of a brilliant academic background.

Erica has performed exceptionally well not just in her academic and professional career but also as an active contributor to various community events and charitable causes. Apart from being a competent teacher, Erica is a great contributor to the society. Erica Frischkorn has spent much of her time volunteering her services to various charitable organizations and community services.

In addition to being an assiduous member of Rotaract Club, Erica has also been a volunteer tutor in Naples, FL, where she taught maths to students at Grace Place. She encouraged literacy and enrichment by providing learning materials to students beyond their homework assignments. Owing to her commitment, passion and determinism, Erica has achieved various awards, honors and scholarships.

She also worked as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania, Africa, where she taught English to High School students of Butiama village. In addition to this, she streamlined fundraising efforts to raise $ 14,200 for schools and student scholarships in Butiama, Tanzania. She even worked with the school officials and budget committee to make sure that the funds were allocated properly. This was a great experience for Erica Frischkorn as she was amazed at how creativity comes out and how much she could teach students in a classroom with limited resources.

She was grateful to Queen's University as it is one of those few universities that provides the education students with this brilliant opportunity of teaching in a developing country where both teachers as well as students have limited resources. Aside from this, she also worked as a student ambassador in Hamilton, ON, where she helped students in achieving their academic endeavors.

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Erica Frischkorn Is An Alumnus Of Queen's University  

Erica Frischkorn has performed exceptionally well. Erica Frischkorn also worked as a volunteer teacher in Tanzania, Africa, where she taught...