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Erica Frischkorn Finished Her Bachelor Of Education From Queen's University, Kingston, ON

Erica Frischkorn aims on providing vibrant skills to her students as she has an exceptional skill set and great knowledge of her subject, which has been increased her excellent academic background. She received her Bachelor's degree in French and English Honors from McMaster University, Hamilton, ON in 2009. Later, she finished her Bachelor of Education in French, English, and Special Education from Queen's University, Kingston, ON.

She also has experience in the field of teaching French to the students of both Grade 6 and 7 in Mississauga, ON, using Advanced Integration Method (AIM). Erica Frischkorn focused at improving oral communication by leading class discussions and analyzing related texts. Apart from this, she also taught English to Grade 12 students and enhanced student's interest in reading comprehension with the help of differentiated instruction and problem based learning. She has also been honored as the Ontario Certified teacher by the Council of the Ontario College of Teachers.

She has been a volunteer teacher in Naples, FL., and helped students in literacy days and student field trips. She is a highly compassionate and responsible personality who is also a strong believer that contributing to the society is giving back to society. She involves herself in numerous community activities and has also worked as a Student Ambassador in Hamilton, ON, where she helped students in their academic endeavors.

Her seriousness, determination, and dedication has build her very capable to achieve a scholarship from the Florida Canada Linkage Institute. In her career, Erica proved herself as excellent English and French teacher who has made her students learn with her immense knowledge. She taught French to Grade 9 students at a school in Napanee, ON. Besides this, Erica Frischkorn is a member of the Golden Key International Society.

Thank You Erica Frischkorn

Erica Frischkorn Finished Her Bachelor Of Education From Queen's University, Kingston, ON  

Erica Frischkorn has an excellent academic background. She has a great knowledge of her subject and an exceptional skill set which helps in...

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