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Spring Semester 2013

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Around Texas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Read stories of local unit and region success from across the state.

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ATPE leaders receive tips and tools for effective recruitment and retention at spring 2013 region meetings.

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Members of ATPE’s committees put the association’s member-owned, membergoverned tenet into practice.

Cream of the crop. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Congratulations to the 2012-13 finalists for Local Unit of the Year, Campus Rep of the Year and the Sam Houston Award for Political Involvement.

Leadership defined. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


ATPE’s more than 5,000 volunteers define what it means to be a leader. Find your name in our list.

Three cheers for the red, white and black. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


ATPE members wear their creativity and pride on their sleeves—and on their T-shirts!

It’s that time once again: We’ve reached the end of yet another school year. I hope that yours has been rewarding and that you’ve accomplished the goals you set for yourself and your students at the start of the year. The end of a school year brings with it a unique perspective. It’s a chance to look at both the past and the future. Looking back, I’m so proud of all that you, as ATPE leaders, have accomplished. What could have been a dangerous legislative session for public education ended on a positive note, thanks to your advocacy efforts and your willingness to spread the word about Teach the Vote. Looking forward, I can’t wait to spend time with you at the 2013 ATPE Summit in July—learning, networking and making important decisions about ATPE’s future. It’s always awe-inspiring to think about being a part of this family of 100,000-plus members. Our annual volunteer list is featured on pages 11–30 of this magazine. The 5,000-plus volunteer leaders across Texas who are featured in “Leadership defined” are our family’s leaders, and it makes me proud to see your names in print. You consistently work hard to make sure that ATPE remains the preeminent educators’ association in Texas. I can’t thank you all enough! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be your state president, and I am excited to continue working with you in the future for the benefit of ATPE—and Texas public education. Take time this summer to relax and recharge, and I wish you all the best for 2013-14.

Deann Lee, ATPE state president


SPRING Semester 2013 • Volume 4, Issue 2 Stars Around Texas is published biannually by the Association of Texas Professional Educators. Submit article ideas and high-resolution photos for publication consideration to Copyright 2013 by the Association of Texas Professional Educators.

State Officers

Stars Around Texas Staff

Deann Lee President, Paris

Mandy Curtis Senior Copy Editor/Writer

Ginger Franks Vice President, Pineywoods

Erica Fos Graphic Designer

Richard Wiggins Secretary, Boerne

Alexandria Johnson Copy Editor/Writer

Cory Colby Treasurer, Willis

John Kilpper Senior Graphic Designer

Cheryl Buchanan Past President, Ballinger

Jennifer Tuten Communications Specialist


Table of Contents


AROUND TEXAS stories of local unit and region success Local Unit Management

Building a network


ome ATPE regions are finding out that Facebook is not just a fun network for socializing—it also provides another avenue for communicating region business. The social network designed to connect people near and far can effectively create a virtual region that connects members across many districts. Members from Region 10 ATPE, one of ATPE’s largest regions, are able to benefit from an active Facebook page that features a variety of posts, including information about ATPE state and local events and even inspiring quotes aimed to help educators survive STAAR testing. Region 12 ATPE turned to its Facebook page during a time of crisis. After the April 17 West fertilizer plant explosion, Region 12 leaders immediately organized a donation drive and used Facebook to post regular updates on their progress and thank donors by name. It was an excellent way to simultaneously show appreciation and generate additional donations. What makes any good Facebook page great is a strong twoway communication stream that creates a community feel. For example, fans of the Region 10 and Region 12 Facebook pages feel welcome to share thoughts, interesting links and photos with their fellow region members on the Facebook pages. When mem-

bers post questions to the pages, page administrators quickly provide answers, and all members are able to benefit from seeing an exchange that would have otherwise happened privately. This online community also has the potential to break down barriers between regions and new members who enjoy ATPE but don’t know how to get involved. Region 10 officers have noticed that many newer ATPE members have become more involved in face-to-face region events after joining the Facebook page. Communications via Facebook have worked especially well with younger members, who are more likely to feel comfortable online. Facebook pages can also serve as an outreach tool to nonmembers. Regions and local units can include photos and posts on their pages showcasing ATPE events and member accomplishments so all can see in real-time how active and successful ATPE truly is.


Looking for a few good retired leaders

▸ If you are a retired ATPE leader—even if you just retired at the end of the 2012-13 school year—and you enjoy talking about ATPE, you can earn up to $500 in gift cards! All retired ATPE volunteers are invited to share their enthusiasm for ATPE at district orientations this August. If you host an ATPE table at one of our approved districts in which there is no local unit, ATPE will give you a $100 gift card; you can earn up to five. We’ll provide you with a list of potential districts and materials such as promo items, a table banner and applications. You’ll be responsible for contacting districts to arrange your attendance at their orientation events. Contact ATPE Field Representative Sarah Denny at (800) 777-2873 or for more information.

Card t f i G 0 0 1 $


Service to School and Community

Leadership involvement

Spring forward T

was a success!

hanks to the generous donations of individuals, ATPE local units and regions, and other organizations, the ATPE Foundation was able to raise $3,795 in May during its Spring Forward donation drive. These funds will be used to support the foundation’s literacy initiatives, technology programs, and educator recruitment and retention efforts. The ATPE Foundation is registered in Texas as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Showing support for West Three out of the four West ISD schools were severely damaged in April 2013 by a tragic fertilizer plant explosion, and many educators lost most, if not all, of their classroom supplies. ATPE members from across the state immediately came together to show their support for their family in West. Here’s a sampling of ATPE’s efforts:

▸ The ATPE Foundation raised more than $14,000 through its West ISD Relief Fund.

▸ Region 6 ATPE voted to give $2,750 to help the educators who lost their classrooms in the disaster replenish school supplies.

▸ On behalf of their local unit, Plano ATPE Treasurer Julie Riggs, Secretary Caryn Bartle and campus rep Paul Bartle handdelivered more than 75 gift cards and six boxes of school supplies to West ISD.

▸ Region 9 ATPE Director Kristi Daws and Region 12 ATPE President Sandra O’Connor collected basic supplies from their regions for West Intermediate School, which experienced the greatest damage.

▸ West ATPE’s region, Region 12 ATPE, organized a donation drive and used its Facebook page to spotlight those who made contributions. The region raised a total of $10,887.

Region 1 ATPE remembers a dedicated educator


ongtime Region 1 and Laredo ATPE leader Esther Buckley passed away Feb. 11, 2013. With her passing, ATPE has lost a shining example of an educator who devoted her life to her students and her colleagues. Throughout her career, Esther taught at Laredo ISD’s Christen Middle School, Nixon Annex; Cigarroa High School; and Martin High School. Her last position was at the Dr. Dennis D. Cantu Health Science Center at Martin High School. In addition, Esther was a dedicated advocate for public education and served on many education-related commissions and boards, including the Governor’s Commission on Women and the Texas Hispanic Advisory Practices and Ethics Commission. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan appointed her to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. She served as a commissioner for nine years. Region 1 ATPE held a memorial for Esther during its region convention in March. Leaders presented a list of Esther’s accomplishments and a PowerPoint photo presentation. “We then asked that all of the funds raised for ATPE’s Political Action Committee that night be donated in her memory,” Region 1 ATPE President Susie Andrews says. “Everyone received credit for their own donation, but since Esther was so politically involved, we decided to make the total amount raised that night a donation in her memory.” Esther’s dedication echoed all the way to Austin. Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D–Laredo) released a statement Feb. 12 regarding Esther’s death, which you can read at www.zaffirini.senate. She also asked the Senate to adjourn for the day in Esther’s memory; the motion passed unanimously.



★ ATPE Foundation Technology Grants

Beth Ann Rogers Literacy Initiative Grants

Each campus received a $2,500 grant to use for the purchase of classroom technology resources.

Each school’s library received $1,500 for the purchase of literacy materials and the modernization of literacy resources. Granger School

Granger ISD

Guillen Middle School

El Paso ISD

Herrera Elementary and Highland Heights Elementary schools

Houston ISD

Jourdanton Elementary School

Jourdanton ISD

North Lamar High School

Christian Evers Elementary School,

City View Elementary School,

North Lamar ISD

Northside (20) ISD

City View ISD

Tuloso-Midway ISD

Tuloso-Midway Primary School

2013-14 applications for these grant programs will be available in August at

Attention ATPE local units and regions— ATPE needs your help!

y r1



r2 r3 swing plane

See, you really do use geometry in real life.

Please encourage your local unit or region to be a sponsor for this year’s ATPE Foundation Golf Tournament and help the ATPE Foundation hit a hole-in-one for public education!


What : The 2013 ATPE Foundation Golf Tournament Where: Teravista Golf Club, Round Rock When: 1:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18 for sponsorship information.

The ATPE Foundation is registered in Texas as a nonprofit corporation and is a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Whose line is it

anyway? It’s yours!

ATPE leaders receive tips and tools for effective recruitment and retention

refresher for our veteran leaders.” The presentations included recruiting techniques, tips for preparing for new-teacher orientations (NTOs), role-playing the most commonly encountered recruitment situations, what’s new for 2013 and how the ATPE state office can assist members and their local units. In addition, attendees were shown humorous training videos produced by ATPE Member Services. You can view these videos on the official ATPE YouTube channel at

The 2013-14 Region 14 ATPE officers received “Back to Basics” training during their April 27 spring meeting at the Towne Crier Steakhouse in Abilene. From left to right: Treasurer David Curry, Abilene; Vice President Maria Murillo, Snyder; Secretary Melissa McCormick, Abilene; President Chana Appleton, Snyder; and Director Tonja Gray, Abilene.

photo–Kate Johanns


uring spring 2013 region meetings, ATPE leaders participated in a state office-presented “Back to Basics” training covering tried-and-tested recruitment and retention techniques. The state office’s goal for these training presentations was to take the show on the road. “We wanted to reach campus reps and members who aren’t always able to make it to the summit,” ATPE Member Services Supervisor Lacey Denton says. “It was great information for new volunteers, as well as a


What did you think? We contacted the 2012-13 ATPE state officers and region directors and presidents to ask them what they thought of the presentations and if they’d received any feedback from their members.

“I think that the presentation was a wonderful opportunity for leaders to share an idea or story. This is helpful for those who are a little uneasy about making that first presentation. The energy and enthusiasm was contagious in the room, and it left everyone anxious to go out and get some more members!” —Region 10 ATPE Director Jackie Davis

“It would be great to pull [what we learned] up right at the beginning of school to remind everyone just how simple it can be to be a productive volunteer.” —Region 8 ATPE Director Rita Long

“I think the key was ‘be prepared, and know your facts,’ because people believe you when you believe what you are saying.” —Region 8 President Sandra Patterson

“New attendees commented that they enjoyed all the information given, and we all discussed how to use it in recruiting.” —Region 17 ATPE President Ranelle Baldwin

“I am hopeful that some of us heard a fresh new way to approach our colleagues about becoming members.”

“At the Region 5 Convention, I sat next to a new teacher who was a member of both ATPE and AFT. She said she had joined both because she was not sure which one she wanted to be a part of. By the end of the training and conversations with other members at the table, she was 100 percent sold on ATPE and was excited about going out and telling others. She will only be a member of one organization next year!”

—Region 6 ATPE Director Judi Thomas

—ATPE State Vice President Ginger Franks

The ATPE Volunteer Study Guide


long with the training, Back to Basics attendees received the ATPE Volunteer Study Guide, a two-sided quick-reference guide full of information that will be especially useful come NTO season. A 2013-14 version of the Study Guide will be mailed to local units in membership materials boxes in late June, and the information is also available in the ATPE Mobile App, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play. (Search for ATPE.)

The guide features:

▸ Association talking points. ▸ Examples of good “opening lines.” ▸ Details about ATPE’s protection, advocacy and resource programs.

▸ A list of the services and discounts

that come with ATPE membership.

▸ Answers to frequently asked questions.


Picture-perfect ATPE’s standing committees meet each fall and spring to address important association business. The members of the nine committees discuss items of business that will later be considered by the ATPE House of Delegates; coordinate the election of state officers; review the annual membership campaign and recruitment of minority and diverse populations; discuss strategies for developing future association leaders; and recommend ways to improve the association’s services and its communications, including media relations, and publications such as this magazine. ATPE thanks the nearly 80 members who devoted their time to committee service in 2012-13. Please consider volunteering to serve on a 2013-14 standing committee or one of the special committees that selects award recipients. To volunteer, complete the form at by July 19.


The Bylaws Committee meets May 4. Pictured are Eddie Hill, Tyler; Teresa Gross, Andrews; Carol Davies, Mesquite; Cindy Chapman, Whiteface; Kirk Brown, Beaumont; State Vice President Ginger Franks; Roger Gutierrez, Weslaco; and Chairman Don Cotten, Keller.

Leader Development The Leader Development Committee meets Oct. 26, 2012. Standing in the front are Diane Nix, Mesquite; Tina Briones, San Antonio; Alice Page, Killeen; Heather Houston, Corpus Christi; and Stephanie Bailey, Cypress-Fairbanks. Standing in the back are Dan Johnston, Del Valle; Colleen Frerichs, Round Rock; Pam Miller, Burkburnett; Brenda Lynch, New Caney; ATPE State Vice President Ginger Franks; and Chairman Tim Fogarty, Lewisville. (Not pictured: Laura Herrera, North East.)


The Legislative Committee meets May 4. Seated in the front are Andrea Martini, Judson; Abby Rogers, Paris; and Chana Appleton, Snyder. Standing in the middle row are Kim Kriegel, Waxahachie; Linda James, River Road; Twila Figueroa, McAllen; Jennifer Lindsey, Corpus Christi; Sue Allen, Warren; Kris Ann Bennet, Tyler; Chairman Darius Hatchett, Keller; Candace Beal, Coleman County; and Andy Erdelt, Palacios. Standing in the back row are Larry Davis, Connally; Sylvia Zamora, Clint; Cathy Duvall, Fort Bend; Melodye Pinson, Conroe; Beth Wolpman, San Marcos; ATPE State Treasurer Cory Colby; Gayla Brown, Kermit; and Sam Spurlock, Olney.

Membership The Membership Committee meets Oct. 26, 2012. Standing in the front row are Kay Whitley, West; Stephanie Stoebe, Round Rock; Mandy Derington, Spearman; Candy DuBose, Tyler; Cindi Rojas, Mesquite; Deana Jacobson, Nocona; Karen Clausen, Beaumont; Terri Howard, Frenship; and Melissa Faubion, Ballinger. In the back row are ATPE State Secretary Richard Wiggins; Hector Cruz, Weslaco; Cassandra Carter, Northside (20); Chris Douglas, Montgomery; Melissa McCormick, Abilene; Chairwoman Joni Reese, Andrews; Jeannie Evans, Crowley; Annette Lewis, North Lamar; Teresa Toliver, Alief; and Rudy Romero, Clint. (Not pictured: Leather McCall, Calhoun County.)

photos–Erica FOS and john kilpper


The members of ATPE’s committees put the association’s member-owned, member-governed tenet into practice ➜

Minority & Diverse Population Recruitment The Minority & Diverse Population Recruitment Committee meets Oct. 26, 2012. Pictured are Past State President Cheryl Buchanan; Kim Modica-Brown, DeSoto; Olga Garza, Odessa; LaTasha Marshall, Paris; Diana Juarez, Aldine; Aaron Bonds, Agua Dulce; and Chairwoman Terry Hildebrand, San Antonio. (Not pictured: Gilma Hernandez, Valley View.)


The Nomination/Election Committee meets Oct. 26, 2012. Pictured are ATPE State President Deann Lee; Leslie Pedrotti, Lytle; Janya Hodge, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City; Floyd Trimble, Dallas; Lissa Shepard, Galena Park; Christopher Adams, Hurst-Euless-Bedford; Kim Cross, Nacogdoches; and Chairman David de la Garza, Northside (20). (Not pictured: Lynda Stark, Northside (20).)

Public Information The Public Information Committee meets May 4. Pictured are Jason Orlando, Houston; Norma Vega, La Joya; Chairwoman Gwen Craig, Irving; Michelle Pittman, Plainview; Nancy Blackwelder, Willis; Sally Horn, Arlington; and ATPE State Secretary Richard Wiggins. (Not pictured: Libbie Payne, Corpus Christi.)


The Resolutions Committee meets May 4. Seated in the front are Kimberly Anderson, Spearman; Thelma Munoz, Corpus Christi; Caroline McClain, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City; Jason Forbis, Midway (12); Michael Slaight, Clint; Jeri Willis, Boerne; Charlotte Anthony, Pasadena; Sally Carter, Denton; and Chairman Carl Garner, Mesquite.

Services The Services Committee meets Oct. 26, 2012. Pictured are Shelley Byars, Alice; Debbie Robinson, Boys Ranch; Jayne Serna, Leander; Chairman Mike Sweet, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo; John Tyson, Abilene; and Belinda Wolf, Wichita Falls. (Not pictured: Rita Crow, Calhoun County.)


The Cream t



e c ro


The 2012-13 ATPE award finalists have risen to the top Congratulations to the 2012-13 finalists for ATPE Local Unit of the Year, Campus Representative of the Year and the Sam Houston Award for Political Involvement. The recipients of these awards will be announced during the 2013 ATPE Summit, July 17–19 at the Austin Convention Center. Awards honoring professional excellence and membership growth will also be presented during the event.

Local Unit of the Year

501–1,000 members Birdville

1–500 members Burkburnett

In the fall, Birdville ATPE sponsored pizza parties on every Birdville ISD campus as a show of appreciation and a means of possibly recruiting new members.

At the start of the school year, the local unit held an iPad contest to drive membership recruitment. Through the efforts of 11 dedicated recruiters, 27 new members joined—some of whom even canceled their competitor memberships to do so!

Kermit Kermit ATPE officers hold a luncheon at the start of each new school year to set local unit goals. “This luncheon is always a big success, as members catch up on the summer events and renew in each other the spirit of enthusiasm that is needed to inspire our members through the school year,” President Gayla Brown says.

McAllen Members of the local unit attended a city zoning meeting in August 2012 to speak for the need for bike lanes throughout the city. Many of the ideas presented by McAllen ATPE members, which were given with the safety of the community in mind, were incorporated into the final plan.

Boerne Each April, Boerne ATPE holds a meeting to recognize the accomplishments of its members. “It is wonderful to see how humble our teachers and staff are, and [it’s] fun getting them to open up and share,” President Teri Nail says.

Houston The officers of Houston ATPE feel a responsibility to make ATPE a thriving organization in Houston and are currently rebuilding after years of dormancy. President Cynthia Villalovos thinks “we are like a beaver building strong campus reps and schools, one building at a time.”

1,001-plus members Carrollton-Farmers Branch The local unit works with the district administration to promote public education and political involvement. President

Charlton Holmes believes that their local unit’s membership continues to grow because of the association’s position as a professional organization rather than a union.

Denton Denton ATPE officers believe in the power of good communication. Monthly updates that include information on local unit finances, activities and opportunities, and the achievements of individual members are disseminated through campus reps; the local unit also maintains a website and a Facebook page.

Mesquite Mesquite ATPE President Kristi Petty sent a letter to each new Mesquite ISD employee at the start of the 2012-13 school year to welcome them to the district and introduce them to ATPE.

Texas Woman’s University Members of the TWU local unit continued the tradition of holding a weekly community reading program at the Denton Barnes and Noble. This year, they even had a celebrity guest: Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs shared two books about elections with the student participants.

Texas A&M University– Corpus Christi In December 2012, TAMUCC ATPE members cooked a meal for the residents of their local Ronald McDonald House.

Campus Rep of the Year 1–500 members Jerry Jarrell, North Lamar Hilda Martinez, La Joya Katherine Whitbeck, Nacogdoches

501–1,000 members

University Houston Baptist University

Bobby Barnes, Tyler Sierra Villalovos, Houston

The local unit worked to increase attendance at local unit meetings by sending members email and text notifications, involving HBU faculty members in spreading meeting details, and hosting speakers on a variety of member-chosen topics.

1,001-plus members Caryn Bartle, Plano Helen Bradley, Irving Jill Gipson, Plano

Sam Houston Award for Political Involvement Sharon Diane Nix, Mesquite


Leadership d e f i n e d

Forget the dictionary definition of leadership—ATPE leadership is defined by the dedication of more than 5,000 volunteers across the state who lead our local units and regions. Their names are listed on the following pages. Without the enthusiasm of these individuals, the association wouldn’t be what it is today—the largest educators’ association in the state! Each local unit’s membership total is listed in parentheses after its name. Volunteer leaders are listed in alphabetical order by first name.


President: Susie Andrews Brownsville (526) President: Jose Garza Leaders: Carol Muller, Celina Blackmon, Cynthia Hernandez, David Blackmon, Dawn Hall, Delfina Trevino, Frances Mata, Greg Rincones, Ignacio Mata, Irma Barrientes-Sherman, Joe Martinez, Juana de la Garza, Maribel Suarez, Marisa Davies, Martin Leal, Nora OntiverosHinojosa, Pamela Downing, Richard Casarez, Scott Sherman, Timmy Ramirez, Ulrich Weisse Donna (93) President: Ida Garcia Leaders: Christopher Park, Diana Villanueva, Elisa Gonzalez, Esmeralda Zuniga Lopez, Jessica Lopez, Joel Garcia, Juan Garcia, Juan Mendoza, Lydia Gonzalez, Maria Alvarez, Maria Pena, Mary Jauregui, Melissa Schmutz, Roel Tovar, SanJuanita Franco Edinburg (709) President: Michael Balderas Leaders: Amancio Garza, Estefany Gutierrez, Martin Martinez, Mike Dennett

Mercedes (112) President: Marianela Barrientes-Garza Leaders: Geralyn Zuniga, Lee Garza

La Joya (424) President: Norma Vega Leaders: Cynthia Barrera, Dalia Aleman, Evangelina Garza, Hilda Martinez, Michael Lopez, Sandra Aguero, Sylvia Hernandez

Mission (392) President: Maria Trevino Leaders: Fernando Perez, Matilde Guerra, Mayte Flores, Rodolfo Salinas

Laredo (447) President: Sylvia Moreno Leaders: Angie Trevino, Aurora Rojas, Betty Floyd, Carmen Erazo, Elizabeth Salinas, Elizabeth Trevino, Felisa Eveland, Gloria Ortiz, James Buckley, Joseph Pelto, Juanita Bradley, Judith Puig, Lizette Lozano, Maria Almazan, Maria Hernandez, Maria Martinez, Maria Moreno, Maria Ybanez, Marta Walker, Martha Zamarripa, Rosa Hammond, Sara Lopez, Trina Bratton, Walter Wilkins, Yolanda Garcia Los Fresnos (147) President: Alice Garza Leader: Rebecca Gonzalez-Garcia McAllen (259) President: Daisy Palomo Leaders: Blanca Shortill, Elizabeth Munoz, Gari Griffith, Iris Salazar, Jesus Perez, Ma Elena Ingram, Maria Trevino, Marilyn Schroeder, Michelle McMillan, Nereida Gutierrez, Sandra Requenez, Teresa Schuette, Twila Figueroa

North Starr (26) President: Trini Garza Leaders: Gloria Ramos, Veronica Lopez Pharr-San JuanAlamo (446) President: Nora Martinez Leaders: Amy Trevino, Anabel Castillo, Anabel Mendoza, Belinda Rodriguez, Bobbie Gonzalez, Delma Singleterry, Eloisa Rodriguez, Esther Arredondo, Felipa Sanchez, Felipe Rodriguez, Fernanda Sanchez, Flor Saldana, Jennifer SolisGarza, Juan Leija, Juana Leal, Laura Lozano, Leticia Bocanegra, Maria Navarro, Maria Vasquez, Mark Garza, Martin Garcia, Mike Sweet, Olga Baldazo, Paula Bustamante, Raquenell Solis, Roberto Perez, Sandra Garza, SanJuana Rodriguez, SanJuanita Ruiz, SanJuanita Sepulveda, Sonia Olivarez, Susan Garza, Susanna Escobedo, Teresa Ovalle, Thelma Rex, Valerie Cordova

Rio Grande City (352) President: Juan Garcia Leaders: Elizabeth Chapa, Gloria Alvarez, Maria Rodriguez, Maria Villarreal, Miguel Villarreal Rio Hondo (190) President: Susie Andrews Leaders: Edna Sandoval, Imelda Zuniga, Jessica Cavazos, Lillie Arredondo, Marisela Yanez, Monica Hernandez, Pedro Trevino, Stephanie McIver, Yasmin Hernandez, Yesenia Hernandez Roma (174) President: Javier Riojas Leaders: Eliza Villarreal, Jaime Saenz, Leida Reyes, Lorena Barrera, Maria Riojas, Natalie Garza, Sandra Gonzalez, Xochitl Garcia Santa Rosa (72) President: Eduardo Hinojosa Leaders: Anna Gaytan, Martina Benavides, Russell Totora South Texas College (146) President: Jesus Fuentes Leaders: Leticia Rosalez, Maria Olvera, Rene Zuniga, Susana Magallanes United (245) President: Beverly Goodin Herrera Leaders: David Villarreal, Elizabeth Guerrero, Joel Solis, Lamar Ramirez, Martha Garcia

Valley View (41) President: Melissa Anzaldua Leaders: Leticia Ojeda, Mary Alvarez, Rosa Cruz, Yesenia Trevino Weslaco (781) President: Hector Cruz Leaders: Colette Lowe, David Silva, Frances Contreras, Gilbert Guardiola, Gloria Silva, Isaura DeLeon, Kelly Zavala, Krishna Bugarin, Laura Balderrama, Magdalena Lugo, Manuela Miller, Maria Aguirre, Maria Moreno, Maria Saldana, Melissa Diaz, Michelle Morlock, Omar Rivera, Rebecca Monsevalles, Roger Gutierrez, Sergio Martinez, Trinidad Peralez, Virginia Silva Willacy County (231) President: Patricia Brashear Leaders: Christina Lopez, Douglas Buchanan, Gregory Storms, Miguel Salinas, Peter Pointer, Robert Brashear, Robert Howell, Rosemarie Buchanan, Tracie Wright, Virginia Denny Zapata (175) President: Paul Soto Leaders: Amanda Perez, John Jackson, Maria Garza, SanJuanita Garza

Šone/pixland/thinkstock; one toy on cover, two, three/istockphoto/thinkstock

Region 1

Hidalgo (130) President: Emmanuel Garcia Leaders: Edna Castorena, Felicitas Garcia

13 Brooks County (120) President: Maria Anzualda Leader: Amanda Garza

Region 2

President: Monica Gonzalez-Rios Agua Dulce (20) President: Terrie Whitley Leader: Sammie Richardson Alice (322) President: Patricia Garcia Leaders: Abel Lopez, Alma DeLaGarza, Cecilia Cantu, Cristina Rivadeneyra, Elma Anguiano, Emma Chapa, Jemima Gomez, Margarita Ysassi, Maria Araujo, Norma Zuniga, Patricia Edwards, Velma Smithwick Aransas County (112) President: Candace Ochoa Leaders: Angela Martin, Judy Weddell, Sandy Melton Aransas Pass (86) President: Esther Vasquez Leaders: Joyce Morgan, Margaret Montemayor, Norma Perez Banquete (50) President: Berta Wymore Leaders: Erlinda Lopez, Patricia Valle Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco (47) President: Naida de la Paz Leader: Anna Buentello

Calallen (53) President: Vienna de la Garza Leader: Stormi Ross Corpus Christi (963) President: Michelle Barabino Leaders: Anna Adame, Anna Guizar, April Chapa, Autumn Caro, Barbara Gonzalez, Barbara Ruiz, Brenda Law, Cesarea Germain, Criselda Martinez, Dana Matthews, Delia Choate, Dickey Hines, Edwardo Mata, Emmanuel Ayala, Frank Reyna, Freddy Ortiz, Graciela Garcia, Irasema Saavedra, Isabel Bautista, Janet Shearer, Kathryn Rhodes, Lori Maldonado, Margaret Lara, Margaret Marquez, Maria Ortiz, Michael Reiling, Michelle Jones, Monica Gonzalez-Rios, Rebecca Quinones, Rita Hoy, Rogenia Bonds, Ronald Vela, Rosa Pinon, Rose Perez, Sandra Hinojosa, Sara Montez, Thelma Munoz, Tracie Rodriguez, Velma Moreno, Veronica Morin, Virginia Olson, Virginia Randal, Yvette Lopez Driscoll (39) President: Janell Owen Leader: Rhonda Greif Flour Bluff (137) President: Elizabeth Stein Leaders: Allyison Burdett, Beverly Perkins, Cynthia McGaughey, Elizabeth Lee, Kelli Floyd, Kimberli Brandt

Freer (37) President: Margaret Lee Leaders: Ana Reyna, Belinda Rangel, Christopher Gonzalez, Linda Hinojosa George West (71) President: Rosemary Liska Leaders: Ellie Jimerson, Glenda Locke, Mary Blevins, Nancy McKinney, Sandra Liska Gregory-Portland (62) President: Norberto Jimenez Leaders: Judy Monk, Teresa Raney Kingsville (79) President: Ode Moreno Leaders: Daniel Naranjo, Debora Barry Pettus (42) President: Susan Secord Leaders: Johnny Proffitt, Norma Proffitt, Stacy DelBosque, Teresa Schauer Port Aransas (28) President: Janis Moore Leader: Carly Carlough Ricardo (46) President: Marla Duron Leaders: Candice Ley, Eva Garcia, Melissa DeUrioste, Patricia Martinez, Rita Valenzuela Riviera (31) President: Carol McFall Leaders: Catherine Borden, Cydne Reynolds, Nona Moffitt Robstown (174) President: Leonel Guerra Leaders: Adrian Guerrero, Armando Castro,

Irma Guerrero, Ruben Sanchez, Stacy Serna San Diego (52) President: Rebecca Saenz Leaders: Ana Garcia, Pamela Garcia Santa Gertrudis (32) President: Tules Ramirez Leaders: Carmen Gonzales, Darlynn Fugate, Debra Hinojosa, Donita Powell, Evangelina Flores Sinton (87) President: Kandice Kauk Leaders: Alice Berecka, Angelica Basaldu, Brenda Galbreath, Emily Goetzel, Robert Mendez, Terry Plumley Skidmore-Tynan (34) President: Judy Whatley Leader: Arleen Salge Texas A&M–Corpus Christi (84) President: Damon Whitley Leaders: Criselda Martinez, Isabel Bautista, Melissa McConnell, Rodney McConnell Three Rivers (45) President: Robin Curbello Leaders: Carolyn Orsak, Kimberly Graves West Oso (53) President: Staci Gurleski Leaders: Deena Taylor, Maria SanMiguel

Region 3

President: Yvonne Meharg Calhoun County (57) President: Leather McCall Leaders: Beverly Parker, Cynthia Mutchler, Darcy Presley, Rita Crow, Truly Batts Columbus (63) President: Deborah Petrosky Leaders: Dean Klump, Sheila Prause, Tamalyn Neuendorff, Terri Jurek, Zachary Venghaus East Bernard (66) President: Jenna Taylor Leaders: Karen Riley, Norma Robinson, Shawn Carr, Sheila Kolafa El Campo (139) President: Danna Roppolo Leaders: Donna Shrout, Frances Kyle, Helen Johnson, Kelli Cook, Kim Wilson, Nelda Kovar, Sherlynn Janke, Stephanie Garrett, Susan Nohavitza Ganado (48) President: Trudy Knuppel Leaders: Jana Johnson, Melissa Fowler, Renee Bures


Hallettsville (38) President: Brenda Masek Leaders: Brian Leist, Karen Darilek Karnes City (30) President: Candice Stolle Leaders: Jennifer Gonzales, Tamyra Albers Louise (29) President: Michelle Brown Leaders: Doris Ochoa, Lori Heard Nordheim (5) President: Meliss Eckhardt Leaders: Anna Garcia, Dianna Soliz, Jovita Villarreal Palacios (162) President: Kay Lawson Leaders: Andrew Erdelt, Anita Garcia, Donna Dillard, Guadalupe Gonzales, Kymberli Zamarripa, Marina Spaw, Mary Niccolai, Shelley Newsom, Terry Divers, Yen Tran Refugio (56) President: Leslie Barber Leader: Nancy Keyes Tidehaven (39) President: Cathy Rickaway Leaders: Christine Naiser, Jane Zapalac, Lisa Sexton, Mary Foley, Shirley Webernick

Van Vleck (35) President: Meredith Keelan Leaders: Gena Smith, Tiffany Oncken Weimar (48) President: Phyllis Jurica Leaders: Brenda Miller, Hailey Hess, Jessie Otto Wharton (38) President: Sue Boyette Leaders: Billie Taylor, Bonnie Sharp, Jaime Cruz, Nanette Anglin Yoakum (29) President: Charlotte Hartl Leaders: Brittney Herzik, Christi Berger, Janice Thomas, Malissa Williams, Peggy Chumchal, Petra Mercer, Stormy Chandler, Susan O’Neill

Mott, Debra Bennett, Dedre Jefferson, Doris Curry, Elizabeth Curtis, Fernanda Brady, Heriberto Ibarra-Abrego, Jacqui DeRome, Janet Dammann, Jerry Rider, Jodi Knuppel, Jorge Cavazos, Julienne Sanders, LaKeytra Ross, Leslie Nash, Linda Glasser, Lisa Allison, Lori Eberle, Louis Werner, Maria Cardenas, Mark Longino, Marshall Williams, Myra Busby, Pamela Aycock, Penny Konicek, Rhonda Good, Sarah Heinsbroek, Sharon Walls, Sonja Nitsch, Teresa Toliver, Terry White, Tessia Brixey, Ticia Schonefeld, Tina St. Clair, Tony Makanji, Wendi Carpenter, Wendy Cavazos Alvin (446) President: Tanya Meinecke Leaders: Barbara Allen, Christi Turner, Derrick Burton, Hayden Schmidt, Jamie Groth, Kay Totty, Loretta Palmore, Mark Erwin, Michael O’Gea, Ron Fitzwater

Region 4 President: Stacey Ward

Aldine (337) President: Paula Johnson Leaders: Cathie Topping, Gail Hall, Geraldine Simmons, Herbert McDaniel, Howard Theiss, Jeffrey Gross, Judith Comeaux, Wanda Giles Alief (849) President: Debbie Stolpa Leaders: Allison Willoughby, Amy Owens, Christina Stark, Deborah

Anahuac (32) President: Tammy Duhon Leaders: April Dougan, Donna Zieschang Angleton (30) President: Makeda Stroman Leaders: David Raciti, Patricia Wilkins Brazosport (43) President: Margaret Keillor Leader: Jo Marshall

Channelview (92) President: Margaret Tipton Leaders: Geraldine Haire, Jennifer Martin, Karen Bryant, Karen Butler Clear Creek (367) President: Martha Pierson Leaders: Amy Thac, Cheryl Beu, Cynthia Bradley, Donald Mize, Doris Camp, Edward Sorenson, Elisabeth Smith, Holly Berndt, Jeanne DeVezin, Jill Kennard, Kelly Henry, Nancy Fiegel, Patricia Karam TamayoFagler, Stephany Brown, Susan Sotsuda Columbia-Brazoria (63) President: Bess Simple Leaders: Amy Stephenson, Brenda Matthews, Debra Griffin, Debra Williams, Hollie Nail, Laura Lackey, Pamela Erwin, Travis Chatman Crosby (55) President: Brandi Baker Leaders: Lisa Kallies, Meredith Hackney Cypress-Fairbanks (1,990) President: Eli Rodriguez Leaders: Al Brien, Allison Cheatham, Angela Bowen, Anne Marsh, Annette Porter, Blanca Nunez, Carol Scursatone, Carolyn Coffelt, Carrie Hendrix, Cazzie Escalante, Charlotte Godsey, Cynthia Lorenz, Daniel Scursatone, Daniella Schultz, Debra Robbins-Williams, Debra Vela, Dorothy Hulett, Emily Lovejoy, Emily

Lucas, Frances McMenamy, Ginger Picone, Ginger Thevenote, Gloria Hawthorne, Gloria Islas, Holly Hays, Jackye Spell, James Bosworth, Janet Kramer, Janice McSpadden, Jenifer Johnson, Jennifer Soileau, Jesse Guerrero, Jessica Flowers, Julie Medrano, Karen Comer, Kathi Milam, Kathleen Moreman, Kathye Allen, Kenneth Garcia, Kristi Crawford, Krystal Durham, Laura Bissey, Laurie Spence, Lisabeth Belinoski, Liz Skinner, Marcus McGriff, Maribel Contreras-Helton, Marilyn Ocker, Mary Smith, Mary Turrin, Mary Wynn, Michelle Manuel, Nola Jensen, Paige Phares, Pamela Spivey, Pamela Tompkins, Patricia Fisher-Holmes, Rachael Barrow, Rebecca Kassing, Rebecca Keels, Rhonda Esterak, Roman Nunez, Sean Ocker, Sharon Halliburton, Sheri Klein, Sherie Doyle, Shira Sherer, Stephanie Bailey, Susan Byrne, Susan Guidry, Susan Lancaster, Tara Burns, Tracey Dennison, Vivian Treadwell, Wendy Brien Dayton (284) President: Sheryl Wagenseller Leaders: Christopher Conner, Jennifer Lawson, Kathy Ford, Laura Allen, Olivia Smith, Sherry Peterson, Susan Oubre Deer Park (373) President: Judith Cureton Leaders: Catherine Baker, Jamie Ellis, Jamie Penick, Jeanne Mills, Jennifer Pate, Joyce Brandon, Kathy


Goliad (90) President: Tammy Campbell Leaders: Cecil Boniface, Jan Womack, Thelma Ousley, Yvonne Meharg

15 Partridge, Kimberly Lester, Kristen Sledge, La Tonya Stone, Laurel Graham, Leslie Cruse, Pamela Greene, Sherri Liebert, Stefani Kubena, Susan Warner, Tina Henderson Dickinson (173) President: Lisa CookDouglas Leaders: Ann Zamora, Carol Williams, Cheryl Tippit, Christina Burkhardt, Diane Wonio, Edie Hopper, Lara Sanchez, Lisa Williams Fort Bend (609) President: Cathy Duvall Leaders: Amy McConnell, Anthony Buford, Candace Ewert, Courtney Coburn, Cynthia Blatzer, Deborah White, Dennis Onyango, Diane Watson, Eileen Bruns, Elizabeth Sizemore, Erin Tenczar, Helen Amsler, John Portier, Joshua McLain, Judy Lawrence, Karin Jackson, Kathleen Aaron, Kathleen Radek, Kathy Duong, Kathy Jeffers, Krista Smith, Kurt Pepper, Leslie Guzman, Lewis Lepore, Mandi Stamper, Marguerite Burton, Mary Neal, Natalie Cadenhead, Patricia Luhn, Regina Maxfield, Rustin Buck, Ryan Estrada, Salethia Morris, Sally Buhner, Sangeeta Garg, Steve Goodman, Susan Johnson, Vicki Gassen Galena Park (468) President: Imelda Hernandez Leaders: Angelica Cuellar, Beth Dunn, Bette Speaks, Beverly Finley, Cheryl Clardy, Cristina Samos, Deborah William-

son, Lissa Shepard, Gina Lewis, Jeri Davis, John Parrott, Kara Ashworth, Karen Moore, Kathryn Gant, Lisa Krippel, Loyce Manahan, Lynn Nutt, Marcie Fortner, Marla Taylor, Mary Cook, Nancy Timpani, Regina Wasson, Ricky Cox, Ryan Heitzman, Sharon Dixon, Vicki Reed

lalovos, Suzanne Gager, Travis Hunt, Vallie Massey

Galveston (142) President: Lynette Smith Leaders: Creacy Brown, David Mulrooney, Dora Nelms, Georgia Sherrod, Kimberly Sam, Lana Croft, Merian Stinson, Rhea Raymond, Sylvia Anderwald, Terry Stokes, Valerie Clem, Vernon Kennedy

Huffman (78) President: Mary Kitchel Leaders: John Trautner, Kathy Dodgen, Susan Blackman

Goose Creek (180) President: Anna Maire Leaders: Leslie McMahan, Victoria Burton Hardin (71) President: Jonathan Mealer Leaders: Carrie Yarbrough, Christy Jones, Tracy Mealer Houston (703) President: Cynthia Villalovos Leaders: Belinda Lawson, Candias Strange, Chasity Fountain, Christopher Smith, Coletta Sayer, Dawn Martinez, Esther Zamarripa, James Cumming, Jason Orlando, Joseph Foster, Joseph Williams, Kay Kubik, Linda Burks, Marcia Kushner, Maudie Reece, Michael Holton, Monica Booker, Norma Karlsen Palumbo, Patricia Butler, Patti Randolph, Robette Carter, Ruby Carter, Sierra Vil-

Houston Baptist University (174) President: Amy Wethington Leaders: Abigail Cisneros, Blanca Dimas, Carol McGaughey, Jenneth Olivaras, Juanita Camarillo, Linda Brupbacher

Humble (1,831) President: Stacey Ward Leaders: Allan Griffin, Amanda Harrison, Amy Johansen, Amy Walker, Ann Hill, Anne Blake, Arlene Smith, Ashley Jolley, Audra Boney, Audrey Curtis, Bethanie Wheeler, Betsy Duplechain, Brenda Rider, Caryn Rasberry, Crystal Livingston, David Srubar, Derry Summer, Emily Garcia, Gayle Sampley, Gloria Reidlinger, Gretchen Guseman, Hiedi Bassett, Holly Miller, James Ellis, Jamie Tisdale, Jan Reding, Jane Painter, Jason Netardus, Jenneffier Culver, Jennifer Turner, Jerelyn Brown, Katherine Mitchell, Keith Kitts, Kimberly Koch, Kristi Vannett, Laura Awe, Lauren Zindler, Linda Kenyon, Lisa Bender, Mary Schaefer, Mary Stowell, Marylyn Livingston, Matthew Wiggins, Melissa Crizer, Melissa Parker, Patricia Luna, Robbin Burger, Robin Zorkic, Sally Shackouls, Sandra Beck, Stacey Landrith, Stacy Wiest, Stephanie Baker, Susan Simmons,

Tesslyn Mustain, Ty James, Valerie Ross, Zane Barra Katy (1,670) President: Diane Wilson Leaders: Allison Roy, Amy Crockett, Amy George, Angelique Ramon-Valdez, Ann Crockett, Ashley Trevino, Avery Franch, Bill Crockett Jr., Carrie Godfrey, Charla Stansbury, Charlotte Kormash, Christine Goolsby, Cynthia Felder, David Crockett, Debra Brown, Diana Welsh, Doris Ramos, Elizabeth Davis, George Crockett, Heidi Kirby, Hellen Secrist, Jama Bolt, Jane Sihvonen, Jewyl Thomas, Jill Graham, Kara Jones, Karen Stacy, Katherine Berger, Katherine Boxleitner, Kelley Carr, Kelly Starr, Lee Nuckles, Lisa Love, Lisa Rigling, Lisa Rothe, Manda Simmons, Mara Kemp, Maripat Herzog, Marjorie White, Marsha Smith, Mary Mattingly, Melissa Jones, Michael Zaritski, Nancy Allen, Ollie Kendrick, Patricia Billi, Paula Harvey, Penny Rosas, Petra ThompsonDavis, Phillip Jones, Rayfeal Wells, Richard Kirby, Sarah McKiernan, Terrie Weaver, Timothy Elliott, Traci Hickman, Valerie Robles Klein (334) President: Allen Bettis Leaders: Angela Stengl, Catherine Doyle, Cheryle Glocksien, Claudia Browning, Gay Allbritton, Judy Walker, Karen Ford, Kathryn Travis, Kim-Ling Sun, Lisa Caldwell, Martha Cum-

mings, Pamela Kingdon, Rachael Sims, Sally Lawder, Wilma Mysak, Xanthia Vanderford Lamar (75) President: Jose Diaz Leaders: Leslie Hunter, Melissa Serrano, Renea Koelling Lone Star College– University Park (17) President: Kristi Willis Leaders: Cheryl Jordan, Devika Lalsinghani, Donna Stumbaugh, Kellie Atherton, Mary Jackson Pasadena (850) President: Charlotte Anthony Leaders: Alonzo McQueen, Amy Ashby-Pike, Cassandra Wilkerson, Christine Rink, Christopher Cabana, Christy Cobb, Cindy Gunter, Claire Stoker, Darla Kelly, Dawn Donahue, Debra Blum, Esther Janis, Irene Alfaro, Jamie Murray, Jill McLain, Joanna Bowyer, Joyce McConville, Julia Montes, Karen McEwen, Karen Radons, Kathlene Balesky, Kerry-Ann Thompson, Lauren Kocian, Lelea Ybarra, Linda Boyd, Linda Escamilla, Maria Izaguirre, Mary Browning, Melissa Carpenter, Norma Rodriquez, Pamela Dunn, Renita Toney, Rhonda Jacobs, Robert Kelly, Rosa Hernandez, Rosannette Melia, Sandra Burrough, Sherrie Raines, Sherry O’Neal, Tracy Porter, Travis Teichelman, VeAnn Richards, Veronica Lopez, Wendy Sullivan


Spring (245) President: Terrence Boggs Leaders: Alice Musella, Alvin Vavra, Bradley Berry, Catherine Cathey, Christopher Paul, Ivor Stankovic, Jaqueline MacPhee, Jonathan Warren, Joy Sweeney, Karol Cargill, LaTonia ThomasScott, Lawrence Rocque, Marker Case, Mary Jones, Meredith Harris, Michael Ratz, Ranti Adio, Robert Hanchett, Sally Falkner, Vicki Perritt Spring Branch (404) President: Cindy Woods Leaders: Brenda Lynch, Carolyn Cossey, Cheryll Ownby, Cindy Davis, Cynthia Dionne, Cynthia Gallagher, Dayna Smith, Diann Rugg, Elizabeth Johnson, Jamie Russo, Jana Gwinn, Jane Riddle, Joan Salamanchuk, Judith VanHorn, Mahendra Mehta, Maricela Jimenez, Meredith Boane, Nancy Delgado, Patricia Perez, Patricia Portice, Rene Rosales, Roger Christman, Sharee Cantrell, Shawn Mustain, Shelly Horne, Susan Eda, Thomas Boane Stafford (82) President: Melinda Fauver Leaders: Amanda Turlington, Carl Jones, Cheryl Cobb, Michelle Wasserman

Sweeny (119) President: Minerva Sanchez Leaders: Becky Wojcik, Celeste Burns, Dani Mikel, Jeanette Hlavaty, Rebecca Mahurin, Tammy Carpenter Tarkington (51) President: Kimberly Willis Leader: Jessiene Bruce Texas Southern University (67) President: Kala Batiste Leaders: Ashley Holley, Danielle Ingram, Donny King, Roscette Lewis Tomball (248) President: Ronda Morgan Leaders: Angela Brock, Brandyne Finney, Catherine Karamath, Cathy Eng, Christian Lloyd, Clarence Deckard, Debra Turpin, Janet Blott, Laura Eickstead, Melissa Martin, Natalie Machalek, Patti Brownfield, Rachel Grimes, Rebekah McShan, Sarah Rumfield, Terry Necessary University of St. Thomas (19) President: Meredith Smith Leaders: Blanca Ontiveros, Jennifer Maldonado, Mary Patton, Terry Brandt Waller (104) President: Terry Davis Leaders: Cynthia Auble, Mary Oliver

Hardin-Jefferson (66) President: Tracy Maxwell Leaders: Cynthia Henderson, Darla Gaspard, Geraldine Kirkland, Lucinda Gault

Region 5 President: Jackie Arthur

Beaumont (540) President: Suellen Ener Leaders: Carol Dixon, Carol Siler, Charlotte Nobles, Cynthia Gibson, Darrolynn Ford, Deborah Barideaux-Rowe, Donna Landreth, Elaine Schumacher, Geraldine Wiggins, Glen Rabalais, Glenda Shaw, Hannah Gigliotta, Helen Overall, Jannette White, Jennifer Lyons, John Hart, Karen Clausen, Kirk Brown, Kristie White, Kristin Byars, Lien Tran, Linda Pate, Mary Beth Woodall, Michael McAleer, Ozita White, Paula Herrington, Phyllis Lee, Rhoda Poe, Rhonda Schell, Shelia Bryant, Stacey Hansard, Susan Brewer, Theresa Kozlowski, Tiffany Woodall, Wanda Narcisse, William Littles Brookeland (30) President: Michael DeFee Leaders: Cynthia Beard, Denise Rawlinson Burkeville (9) President: Cynthia Kay Leaders: Phyliss Stephens, Purita Flournoy

Jasper (112) President: Rebecca Dougharty Leaders: Cathryn Coley, Debra Cordova, Elaine Harrison, Karen Byerly, Kathy Dominy, Linda O’Brien, Martha Morian, Shannon Stott, Sheryl Elmer Lumberton (156) President: Jackie Arthur Leaders: Beverly Hooks, Christy Skinner, Deborah Oliver, Elizabeth Sanders, Margaret Sample, Nancy Hatton, Rebecca Holleran, Sallie Mooneyham, Tanya Crites Nederland (14) President: Niki Lege Leader: Rachel Provost Newton (51) President: Catherine Pearson Leaders: Sherry Tracy, Susan Harrell, Tammy Marshall Port Arthur (55) President: Barbara Klingman Leaders: Jule Joffrion, Trudy Goza Vidor (235) President: Shannon DeVillier Leaders: Bridget Day, Jaime Carter, Jennifer Richards, Rebecca Lee, Shirley Melvin, Staci Orta, Stacy Rector

Warren (91) President: Kay Daniels Leaders: Amy McCoy, Bill Moye, Jamie Young, Lorie Johnston, Melinda Moye, Terri Babino, Velena Whisneant Woodville (36) President: Amee Scarberry Leaders: Dana Ackley, Josephine McCullough, Kathy McDonough, Leslie McCullough, Pamela Buckner

Region 6

President: Charles Lindsey Bellville (59) President: Ann Lanier Leaders: Janet Montgomery, Sharon Dyer Bremond (48) President: Carol Boring Leader: Barbara Ryza Bryan (522) President: Sallie McGehee Leaders: Daneen Grogan, Sheila Fields Caldwell (101) President: Pamela Cantey Leaders: Becky Zavodny, Janet Treeter, Kara Mantey, Kristi Barber, Terri Armstrong


Royal (100) President: Henry Bostick Leaders: Angela Andrews, Brandi Stewart, Carmen Carey, Christi Hicks, Linda Woodard, Marty Schiller, Shonda Besselman

17 Cameron (92) President: Kathryn Barrett Leaders: Bonnie Tumlinson, Brenda Dirba, Kyle Barrett, Toni Lafferty, Veronica Tucker Centerville (15) President: Kristi Wakefield Leader: Lonny Wright Coldspring (65) President: Tina Quiser Leaders: Barbara Squier, Rebecca Nix, Sylvia Cooper College Station (254) President: MacKenzie Zumwalt Leaders: Bonnee Lieuwen, Connie Sanders, Cynthia Stephens, Elaine Everett, Janice Fechhelm, Joyce Sechelski, Judy Weir, Karen Westbrook, Kristen Manning, Rebecca Rowlett, Shanna O’Connor Conroe (957) President: Rosa Sendejar-McFarland Leaders: Al Woodum, Amanda Barton, Angela McCallum, Anthony Livecchi, Barbara Andes, Betty Young, Caralee Gladden, Caroline Martin, Cynthia McNamara, Gretchen Montgomery, Jacqueline Rigby, Janene Fowler, Jeanie Walker, Jennifer Gann, Jerri Smith, Jerrie Curran, Jewel Manders, Judith Howard, Karen Brunson, Kay Jopling, Kristin Buford, Larry Spence, Linda Kovach, Marsha Corley, Mary Butler, Mary Givens-Donohoe,

Melodye Pinson, Nancy Hawkins, Oneida Chapa, Pamela Bradley, Peggy Gusler, Phylis Ohnheiser, Sandra Hammond, Selene Lander, Stacy Newman, Susan Baker, Tamara Willer, Teresa Seaburg Hearne (55) President: Linda Dairy Leader: Staci Trojacek Huntsville (220) President: Kathy Partin Leaders: Amy Langley, Christine Welle, Cynthia Anderson, Debbie Morris, Deborah Lyons, Gayle Crumpley, Jeanine Sicard, Jessica Ballard, Joe Whitehead, Johanna Ullrich, Margaret Rozell, Roberta Stefaniak, Sheila Spencer, Stephen Farlow, Tammy Doyle Iola (17) President: Debra Graham Leaders: Lindi Pesl, Monica Hurst Lovelady (10) President: Deborah Stewart Leaders: Janice Harrelson, Loyce Leland Madisonville (20) President: Leigh Howeth Leader: Kathryn Jenkines Magnolia (335) President: Rae Tucker Leaders: Alice Schiel, Autumn Weitzel, Brenda Hoppe-Morgan, Charles Lindsey, Diane Ehler, Lori Sassie, Nancie Rutledge, Rebecca Comstock, Rhonda Gross, Sarah Cravens, Sirena Rutledge-Troxell

Montgomery (366) President: Chris Douglas Leaders: Andrea Coleman, Carrie Dodson, Cathy Oliver, Elizabeth Klammer, Erin Meador, Kelly McLaughlin, Murrai Scanlon Navasota (197) President: Sharon Ganske Leaders: Chase Ganske, Dorothy Malek, Jennifer Ramirez, Jesus Oyervides, Karen Kloss, Nancy Kremenak, Ritta Litzenberg, Sarah Lee, Susan Brak

Willis (507) President: Donna Ward Leaders: Becky Kennedy, Candy Savoy, Christina Evans, Cory Colby, Debra Folk, Diane Perdue, James Boswell, Janet Lindsey, Judi Thomas, Lori Hawkins, Lori Mitchell, Nancy Blackwelder, Toni Smith Windham Consolidated (43) President: Susan Norris Leaders: Catherine Harbour, Kathleen Chance

New Waverly (32) President: Jason Cotton Leaders: Elizabeth McFadden, Janna Burzynski, Patrick Shevlin, Stephanie Novark Normangee (61) President: Helena Kelly Leaders: Anne Watson, Dorothy Mullinnix, Jacqueline Embry, Jamie Hemphill, Misty Light, Suzanne Riley Onalaska (44) President: Karen McCaffety Leaders: Fay Yarbrough, Margaret Rybarski, Vicki Ryan Shepherd (103) President: Sandra Barrow Leaders: Lindsay Duke, Wanda Martin

BrownsboroChandler (106) President: Julie McCullough Leaders: Angela Volentine, Betty Eberhart, Janet Kiker, Linda Wood, Shirley Vause Bullard (72) President: Pamela Lott Leaders: Debbie Eitel, Donna Templeton, Kelly Nichols Carlisle (17) President: Regina Sugg Leaders: Sherri Pirtle, Stella Hall Center (47) President: Joyce Jackson Leaders: Angela Lawson, Karen Albert, Reggie Daniels, Robin Crawford

Region 7

President: Kimberly Cross Alto (44) President: Beverly Milner Leaders: Jennifer Knott, Kathie Cox, La Nita Hicks, Lisa Low, Misty Duplichain, Sharon Delgado Big Sandy (47) President: Teresa Jackson Leaders: Kimberly McDonald, Stacy Little Broaddus (31) President: Richard Kilmer Leaders: Angela Runnels, Faith Kilmer

Cross Roads (36) President: Melanie Stovall Leaders: Delana Newman, Shari Musick, Susan Ivey East Texas Baptist University (30) President: Britni White Leaders: Amber Applewhite, Ashley Starr, Hannah Gray, Kristin Williams, Tiffany Blalock Eustace (68) President: Janice Beasley Leaders: Donna Chiles, Elizabeth Costlow Grand Saline (119) President: Patricia Lott Leaders: Brandi Denmon, Donna Taylor, Doris LaPrade, Kristina White, Kyle White, Loretta Wheeler, Michael Young, Michelle McFarlin, Patricia Sherman


Harmony (61) President: Pamela Hoelscher Leaders: Judy Barrick, Melissa South, Nancy Lindsey, Patty Isonhood, Renesia Wilburn, Susan McCool, Tammy Bearden Hawkins (52) President: Erika Prater Leaders: Kathy Boyd, Teresa Pemberton Hemphill (62) President: Nina Farrell Leaders: Lori Henderson, Sandra Butler, Stephanie Corley Henderson (116) President: Yulanda Wall Leaders: Carol Plemmons, ChaMetra Acy, Debra Brown, Evelyn Anderson-Wall, Jason Brown, Jessica Rhudy, John Malone, Pressley Rowe, Shannon Perry Hudson (66) President: Julie Temple Leaders: Amanda Pierce, Marilyn Bolt, Rocinda Weems Jacksonville (140) President: Lena Todd Leaders: James Tate, Janet Miller, Jessica Early, Misty Brown, Nancy Heron, Nancy Malmstrom, Patricia LaVigne, Stephanie Ganske

Kilgore (13) President: Lance Homeniuk Leaders: Margaret Carter, Sarah Whitfield LaPoynor (29) President: Debra Mulholland Leaders: Belinda Wallace, Cynthia Moore, Melissa Sheffield, Pamela Penney, Patricia Bristow, Sandra Burch Leverett’s Chapel (17) President: Shannon Dickerson Leader: Brenda Smith Lufkin (53) President: Patricia Clos Leader: Katherine Goehring Marshall (19) President: Amy Crumrine Leader: Anna Hardy Mineola (31) President: Kay Lamb Leaders: Janet Zachary, Pamela Haston Murchison (16) President: Gina Byford Leader: Kimberly Followwell Nacogdoches (245) President: Laura Achterhof Leaders: Carla Coffee, Christy Clark, Gari Dial, Janie Leath, Joanna Jordan, Karen Dickinson, Katherine Whitbeck, Kayla Hughes, Keirstin Anson, Kerron Joseph, Kimberly Cross, Kimberly Petty, Laura Baker, Laura Treadaway, Linda Braziel, Mary Shepherd, Megan Ivy, Melka Davis, Michael Smith, Nannette Fausett,

Penny Long, Shunta James, Tammy Baker, Victoria Doggett, Wendy Barnhill Pine Tree (184) President: Valerie Ogle Leaders: Alycia Hepler, Elizabeth Shelton, Katie Davis, Linda Nelson, Lori Ashby, Meredith Clay, Susan Duncan, Teresa Meadows Pineywoods (104) President: Mark Whitehead Leaders: Alison Bradford, Clint Watson, Donna Goldsberry, Ginger Franks, Karen Morton, Kimberly Lee, Linda Tootle, Pamela Lowery, Randi McQueen, Shannon Whitehead Rains (27) President: Jeannie Taylor Leader: Helen Boatwright

Kergy Smith, Kristie Bennett, Lillian Sokol, Lula Satterwhite, Marcia Smith, Melissa Hughes, Mickie Gilbreath, Monica Wood, Monique Krouse, Pamela Gilmore, Rebecca Clements, Tracy Nash, Virginia Lynch Westwood (148) President: Linda Moran Leaders: Christie Perry, Emily Connor, Kathryn Hightower, Stacia Duncan White Oak (49) President: Scott Floyd Leader: Michelle Carrington Woden (86) President: Shelly Watson Leaders: Cortney Stroud, Brittany Clay, Teresa Millard

San Augustine (42) President: Falbert McCoy-Garrett Leaders: Deborah Evans, Lisa Henly, Mandy Stewart, Shirley Roberts Shelbyville (19) President: Pamela Jamison Leaders: Karen Taylor, Stephanie Bass Tyler (564) President: Betty Berndt Leaders: Abby McCowin, Bobby Barnes, Camille Buie, Candy DuBose, Carol Smith, Christa Kimberlin, Derrell Broughton, Eddie Hill, Janet Slimp, Juanita Maxwell, Julie Thompson, Karen Schmutz,

Region 8

President: Sandra Patterson Chapel Hill (82) President: Phil Williams Leaders: Deanne Dial, Rhonda Willson, Stacy Laing, Stephen Trussell Chisum (79) President: Carie Archer Leaders: Carla Sanders, Diane Stegall, Kathy Cook, Patricia Weiberg, Sandra Deupree, Tammy Wood, Timothy Skidmore

Clarksville (28) President: Patricia Cochran Leaders: Laquetta Williams, Laura Fox, Terri Townes De Kalb (33) President: Lea McKinnie Leaders: Debbie Shumake, Leta Foster, Lynn Hodges Jefferson (69) President: Bessie Rhodes Leaders: Julie Squyres, Layla Godfrey, Lisa Stokely, Shirley Moore Linden-Kildare (26) President: Paula Fitts Leaders: Frances Perry, Melissa Lanier, Stacie Holland Mount Pleasant (69) President: Eugene Baxter Leaders: Brandie Craver, Mary Koder, Tammy Abbott, Tina Gilmore, Vivian Warren Mount Vernon (126) President: Rita Long Leaders: Adrian Bolin, Jamie King, Judy Johnson, Kristi Key, Kristy Lynch, Laura Hallonquist, Sandra Lowery, Stephanie Wright North Lamar (173) President: Alison Hayter Leaders: Annette Lewis, Christa Brown, Drethia Parsons, Emily Cole, Jerry Jarrell, Kathy Ballard, Mary Franklin, Penny Stutsman, Sandra Patterson, Suzanne Culbertson, Tracy Johnson

Šeights, nine, ten/istockphoto/thinkstock; Neon ten on cover/stockbyte/johnfoxx/thinkstock

Hallsville (162) President: Freida Russell Leaders: Janet Greer, Katherine Green, Linda Ross, Mary Pruitt, Mindy Baker

19 Paris (255) President: Jodi Andoe Leaders: Abby Rogers, Deann Lee, Jennifer Hamner, Kendra Beshirs, LaTasha Marshall, Melanie Carter, Morgan Chesshire, Sheila Ensey, Stephanie Staggs, Steven Tucker, Will Jones, Yesica Munguia Pewitt (32) President: Verna Moos Leader: Karen Fry Pittsburg (85) President: Cindy Johnson Leaders: Carolyn DeWoody, Sheila Carter Prairiland (76) President: Sharon Connot Leaders: Janice Patterson, Leslie Martin, Mendy Cole Rivercrest (43) President: Tina Gentry Leaders: Andrea Martin, Connie Phosay, Ginger Williams, Wendy Ordorica Sulphur Springs (33) President: Ann Boyett Leaders: Lesa Wilburn, Michele Smith, Shelia Rorie Texas A&M– Texarkana (81) President: Marilyn Hillis Leaders: Barry Nutter, Judy Sander, Kayla Barraza

Henrietta (47) President: Lela Frieling Leaders: Connie Johnson, Mandy Story, Pennie Clevenger

Region 9 President: April Tipton

Archer City (48) President: Karen Brunker Leaders: Deann Orsak, Michelle Cadman, Nicole Baxter Bowie (51) President: Toni Stone Leaders: April Tipton, Cheryl Whatley, Lacy Murphey, Kay Stagg, Rebecca Pickett, Stacey Sides Burkburnett (140) President: Stacy Brown Leaders: Audrey Ash, Jaime Hunter, James Mize, Julie Lewis, Kayla Strickland, Lisa Crumpler, Marla Boswell, Paula Vroom, Sharon McCluskey, Sherrie Moore, Tony Mayer City View (82) President: Erin Green Leaders: Amanda Dorsey, Jenna Dozier, Julie New Crowell (30) President: Lorie McMahon Leaders: April White, Herlinda de la Pena, Mary Mathis, Megan Clifton, Mitzi Howell Graham (65) President: Tracy Pippins Leaders: Cheryl Sides, Cynthia Walton

Holliday (80) President: Autumn Menasco Leaders: Karie Miller, Kristi Lawson, Laurie Allen, Ninfa Rivers, Pamela Ridge, Stephanie Parker Iowa Park (132) President: Annetti Grinnell Leaders: Candace Greene, Christina Strahan, Kristina Burns, Rachael Gibbons, Valerie Dillard Jacksboro (95) President: Elizabeth Reynolds Leaders: Kristi Daws, Laura Epps, Misty Sherrod, Peggy Clayton Knox City-O’Brien (23) President: Amanda Baker Leaders: Cheryl Urbanczyk, Christie Howeth, Colin Howeth, Kelly Bartley, Terra Martinez Midway (12) President: Sherry Wheeler-Smajstrla Leaders: Cheryl McClendon, Judy Peden Munday (21) President: Mary Jane Loftin Leader: Susan Gulley Nocona (68) President: Deana Jacobson Leaders: Leslie Prastik, Patti Gibbs

Olney (98) President: Dale Lovett Leaders: Carol Wainscott, Charlotte Mahler, Dixie Kirby, Janice Stanley, Kathy Pirtle, Kimberli Cuba, Marsha Richardson, Marti Hamilton, Michele Carpenter, Paula Bernhardt Perrin-Whitt (26) President: Debra Francis Leaders: Jamie Jenkins, Kathlyn Brumfield, Melissa Hill Petrolia (52) President: Carla Hornbeck Leader: Vickie Moser Seymour (32) President: Donna Carver Leaders: Amy Burnett, Janice Knezek, Jennifer Parrish, Jo Sammons, Laura Petit, Nancy Roach Throckmorton (20) President: David Eakins Leader: Debra Hargrove Vernon (113) President: Glenda Moore Leaders: Angela Bradford, Deanna Vargas, Susan Kenner Wichita Falls (238) President: Belinda Wolf Leaders: Eura Reusch, Mary Lee, Stephanie Mullens Windthorst (27) President: Leann Berend Leaders: Pamela Wolf, Regina Stallcup

Region 10 President: Carl Garner

Allen (539) President: Eric Torrence Leaders: Angela Moffett, Becky Kersh, Christine Gutierrez, Deborah Hitt, Diana Duke, Elizabeth Dentler, Joyce Mattox, Kay Hodges, Margaret Smith, Pamela Knight, Patricia Choate, Patricia Gear, Sarah Partin, Sharon Laney, Shayna Marshall, Tracy Savitch, Valerie Hinsen Blue Ridge (24) President: Micki Smith Leaders: Jennifer Adlof, Lisa Reeves, Sonja Stephens Bonham (149) President: Tracy Foster Leaders: April Peterson, Cherie Frazier, Connie Skidmore, Janet Kennedy, Janet Woodruff, Jennifer Trout, Pamela Hunter, Patti Shepherd, Roberta Rogers, Sheila Fernandez Canton (108) President: Susan Wood Leaders: Heidi Carroll, Nicole Thomas

20 Carrollton-Farmers Branch (1,008) President: Charlton Holmes Leaders: Alice WalkerRoss, Amalia Jackson, Amanda Peeler, Barbara Rust, Brittany Manuel, Christine Civello, Dana Carroll, DeAnna Nunez, Deborah Burkhardt, Debra Holst, Diane Filibeck, Donna Powell, Elizabeth Weaver, Gayle Baar, James Ross, Jennifer Abbott, Jo Luttrell, Joel Myers, John Ricken, Joshua Seff, Juliann Johnson, Karen Diaz, Keri Minier, Kriste Schlosser, Kristin Minassian, Leta Nelson, Linda Montgomery, Lori Smith, Lynn West, Michele Markee, Michilene Hensley, Nicholi Hoskins, Paul Morrison, Princess Ball, Sabrina Garza, Sarah Jones, Sharon Kopriva, Sheila Esparza, Stefani Johnson, Tristie Loyd, Virginia Welch, Wynter Nash Cedar Hill (219) President: Candice Isaac Leaders: April Williams, Brandy Manning, Cassandra Woods, Dinesh Yadav, Jill Danklefs, JoLynn Maddox, Kemistri Texada, Melony Booher, Michelle Simmons, Schretta StewartMays, Teri Allen, William Niell Celina (96) President: Kimber Kincaid Leaders: Deanna Peters, Linda Long, Linn Cobb, Paula Moore

Community (65) President: Donna Elwell Leaders: Anjanette Griffith, Ashley Loyd, Donna McNair, Mollie McKee, Sharon Alverson, Virgie Johnson, Vonda McFarling Dallas (961) President: Gabe Veliz Leaders: Argelia Garcia, Bonita Dixon, Charlotte Barber, Curtis Faulkner, David Hedgpeth, Dianne Reed, Elizabeth ReedSmith, Evelyn Mitchell, Gayland Sims, Gloria Garcia, Jennell Johnson, Judy Cole, Koretta Tesfai, Lois Harbaugh, Marc Cortez, Maria Garcia, Mary Strackbein, Melissa Flanagin, Nancy Sims, Sheri Whitford, Susie Temple, Tiffani Hall, Tiphanie Paige, Vali Maglaras, Vicki Reed, Vickie Rippy, Wanda Davis Dallas Baptist University (140) President: Kirk Mansfield Leaders: Judy Abercrombie, Kelly Wright, Meagan Childress Denison (28) President: Jimmy Cravens Leaders: Eugene Bernardin, Keith Gilliam, Martin Shoopman Desoto (70) President: Steven Baker Leaders: Beatrice Lovett, Kimberly Modica-Brown

Duncanville (240) President: Gail Loski Leaders: Beverly Warren, Carol Bain, David Womack, Debra Marcell, Demetria Warren, Elaine Culp, Freddie Culp, Glenda Oliverio, Irma Morris, Kathryn Mounce, Laura Voelker, Laurinda Vasquez-Falk, Leslie Warren, Mary Goodier, Marylin Post, Steven McPeek, Valerie Kelley, Valerie Norris Ennis (405) President: Carolyn Huebel Leaders: Andrea Loveless, Cecilia Cameron, Della Brown, Denise Beasley, Diem Campbell, Donnesa Sanchez, Eva Moyers, Janell Taylor, Jennifer Doherty, Judith Buchanan, Kay Kovar, Larry Hollingsworth, Larry Moore, Linda Pearce, Maricela deRojas, Mary Dowell, Merry Creager, Ronda Hollingsworth, Theodora Cervantes Farmersville (28) President: Chonte Reeves Leader: Mary Anne Truemper Ferris (220) President: Meredith Malloy Leaders: Betty McCoy, Carolyn Grant, Cherilyn Davis, Cicily Samuels, Cindy Zuniga, Deborah Brazil, Debra Connell, Leslie Bukowski, Micah Hope, Ruby McLean

Forney (463) President: Wendy Smith Leaders: Barbara Melillo, Dianna Hellenguard, Jean Rotering, Joe Stewart, Karen Meno, Kristi Jones, Kristi Schoblocher, Linsey Simmons, Mary Burton, Pamela Hassell, Susan New, Toni Martin Frisco (320) President: Diane Willoughby Leader: Sheryl Williams Garland (1,612) President: Julia Lepek Leaders: Allison Floyd, Amy Craig, Angela Ambrosio, Angela Arey, Arley Barton, Beth Moore, Beverly Purdom, Blanche Richardson, C. Wayne Shaw, Carol Cates, Carol Phelps, Cherelle Wilson, Cherry Holland, Corey Bankston, David Lewis, Deanna Donaho, Deborah Pittman, Diana Reynolds, Duana Yates, Elizabeth Garcia, Ericka Thrower, Erik Wingrove, Gail Womack, Glenda Williams, Gregory Platt, Jackie Davis, Jane Homolka, Janice Baker, Jeanne Davis, Jennifer Hashert, Katina Jones, Kelly Weese, Kimberly Platt, Lana Bailey, Laura Duffy, Leigha Doss, Lisa Cummings, Mary Taylor, Mary Youngman, Maxine Stokinger, Michelle Nichols, Myra Murphy, Nancy Shaw, Nichole Waggoner, Paul VanAssen, Rebecca Lowe, Rebecca Orsini, Richard Roland, Rikki Bonet,

Robert Quach, Rosalind Kaplan, Sandra Holmberg, Sandra Sims, Sara Erickson, Seidy Trent, Stephanie Hollenshead, Susan Allred, Susan Ball, Teresa Legler, Tevis Kriechbaum, Timothy Richardson Grand Prairie (189) President: Erika Hensley Leader: Louis Verrett Highland Park (84) President: Gregory Rico Leaders: Hilda Alcerreca, Linda Ault, Micah Lyles Howe (55) President: Leslie Smith Leaders: Angela Garner, April Adams, Diane Richardson, Lori Gaston Irving (1,568) President: Robin Hurt Leaders: Allison Lopez, Amber Bell, Andrea Keller, Angeli Key, Ashley Mutschler, Avalyn Balliet, Barbara Bese, Barbara Vick, Bernadette Jackson, Carolyn Carter, Cheryl Drews, Craig Howe, Dana Hartness, Darla Liesman, Deborah Bellew, Della Chaffin, Diana Jauregui, Donna Plunkett, Dora Venne, Eric Hall, Federico Williams, Gary Schepf, Helen Bradley, James McCalip, Jamie Alderson, Jeramia Bailey, Jo Adamson, Julie Lewis, Julie Mosty, Karen Lowman, Karen McCoskey, Kathleen Adams, Kristi Woodhouse, Kristin Kilday, Kyle Kinder, Lakisha Parish-Lias, Laura Herrera, Lauren Hurt, Lynn Andrews, Marilyn Mutchler, Mary Lobb,

21 Mary Surber, Michelle Grady, Michelle Harris, Miriam Galusha, Monica Zarate, Phyllis Ethridge, Roberto Villanueva, Rocio Beas, Sharon Phares, Taylor Carter, Yolanda Flores Kaufman (54) President: Crystal HuffPeterman Leaders: Carlene Carter, Cory Smith Kemp (35) President: Stacy Canady Leaders: Crystal Tischler, Debra Airheart, Kassidy Harper, Rachael Anderson, Sherilyn Smith Lovejoy (97) President: Melody Lloyd Leaders: Amy Burks, Glen Miller, Valerie Lapp Mabank (140) President: Cheryl Roberts Leaders: Dana Valderas, Dell Hamilton, Felecia Erwin, Sandy Chasteen Maypearl (66) President: Deborah Martin Leaders: Catherine Bates, Letitia Pipes


McKinney (319) President: Douglas Chapman Leaders: Angela McNally, Loraine Grady Mesquite (2,304) President: Kristina Petty Leaders: Amanda Snyder, Amy Mueller, Anita Young, Annie Cullivan, April Domenico,

Ashley Rideout, Barbara Dirickson, Brittney Tubb, Carl Garner, Carol Davies, Casey McDowell, Charlet Sapundjieff, Cindi Rojas, Concepcion Haas, Cynthia Johnson, Dawn Comley, Deborah Massey, Diana Sanchez, Dixie Wolfe, Donna Jones, Elizabeth Warrick, Emily Edgar, Holly Kirby, Jamie Jennings, Jay Drake, Jennifer Dowse, Jennifer Grady, Jennifer Willard, Kaci Rutledge, Kathy Maddox, Kelly Ross, Kevin Morgan, Kimberly Saldana, Kristen Harmon, Kristie Hernandez, Kyla Edge, Lindsay Henderson, Mallorie Barr, Margaret Henk, Mary Schaper, Melissa Rhodes, Nathan Spradlin, Patti Howell, Rachel Kubala, Rona Price, Shanda Hix, Sharon Nix, Sonya Estrada, Stephanie Melton, Susan Williams, Taylor Morris Midlothian (340) President: Larry Doran Leaders: Ellen Hayden, Karyn Story, Laurencio Arroyo, Marilyn Hopkins, Monica Arroyo, Rhonda White, Terrie Money Palmer (118) President: Gina Godding Leaders: Candi Barr, Patricia Brossett, Regina Cottongame

Plano (2,802) President: Andra Harris Leaders: Aaron Stark, Ana Dominguez, Andrea Mayfield, Anna Cordova, Barbara Buchanan, Barbara Nalley, Becky Richards, Brenda Hudnall, Brooke Gibson, Caryn Bartle, Chad Fox, Charles Pippin, Christine Mello, Christine Raiford, Christine Robin, Connie Bowman, Corey Houchin, Cynthia Craft, Dana Struchtemeyer, Daniel Burch, David Deaton, Dennise Schuler, Diane Porter, Doris Ratenski, Elizabeth Adkins, Geralyn Hendrick, Jennifer Melander, Jennifer Smith, Jill Gipson, Joe Adams, John Richards, Judith Alfaro, Judith Johnson, Julie Darling, Julie Riggs, Kaitlynn Kim, Kathy Schadt, Katie Tigh, Katy Matthews, Kelly Hamilton, Kendra Russell, Kim Beattie, Kimberly Seale, Kristi Sims, Lana Adams, LaTwonda Tyree-Davis, Linda Havins, Linda Matthews, Linda Warzusen, Lindsay Beattie, Lislia Padilla, Mandy Rains, Marilyn Oliphant, Martha Preston, Mary Brown, Mary Grimes, Mary Long, Melinda Carr, Melissa Perez, Mindy Dember, Miriam Madill, Monica Maldonado, Natalie Garza, Paul Bartle, QuynhHoa Hoang, Ramona Sparks, Rebecca Bottin, Ronald Sowell, Rosalie Watkins, Roslyn Jones, Sally Ray, Scott Herndon, Sheela Thomas, Shirley Sadowski, Shreya Desai, Stacey Ragsdale, Susan Snowden, Sylvia Devers, Tiffany Young, Tina Christian, Tina Cone, Veronica Rodela, William Freeman

Prosper (86) President: Jennifer Napier Leaders: Janice Stalling, Nancy Sherrill Quinlan (25) President: Brian Kinsworthy Leaders: James Barton, Molly Stone Red Oak (337) President: Jeanne Powers Leaders: Hollie Kruse, Joanna Baxter, Margaret Wolf, Mary Gibson, Sally McCabe Richardson (983) President: Blake Chapman Leaders: Carma Frazier, Carren Hastings, Cotton Mendenhall, Delia Beltran, Denise Galletta, Edgar Beltran, Elissa Hutchinson, Elizabeth Darby, James McLean, Jennifer Moore, Joy Tribble, Kathy Shivers, Kimberly Aman, Lance Norman, Larry Turner, Lenise King, Lynda Short, Lynne Leissler, Mary Dean, Mary McClendon, Michael Bray, Patricia Hockaday, Sally Parks, Sharon Springer, Vickie Armstrong, William Parker Sherman (98) President: Crystal Parks Leaders: Blanche Waters, Kristi Brashier, Lisa Salazar Sunnyvale (53) President: Wendy Beard Leaders: Kenya Ware, Rebecca Fisher

Terrell (58) President: Jason West Leaders: Felicia Robinson, Lisa Jenkins Waxahachie (625) President: Kim Kriegel Leaders: Cheryl Mitchell, Leanne Kelley, Nora Crist, Rebecca LeBreton, Robin Brown, Tammy Hill Wills Point (72) President: Dicy Keith Leaders: Janette Kay, Marcee McFarland Wylie (272) President: Britni Johnson Leader: William LeNeveu

Region 11 President: Melba Poppe

Argyle (80) President: Paula Smith Leaders: Amie Carlisle, Marilyn Ellis, Marilyn Kemp, Phyllis Clark Arlington (761) President: Stephanie Hudson Leaders: Allison Nelson, Amy White, Angela Knipe, Carole Lemonds, Debra Wood, Diana Mays, Dianna Anderson, Emmett White, Glenda Henry, James Hawks, Jennifer Etley, Jessica Dague, Johnathane Gaffney, Julia Snyder, Julia Turner, Julie Barganier,

22 Laura Brown, Leslie Moore, Lisa Rutledge, Lisa Stultz, Lori Byrd, Louann Chapman, Maria Ortega, Martha de la Fuente, Melissa Perez, Nina Cox, Pamela Pelt, Patricia Howell-Pritchard, Paula Threlkeld, Phillip Ledesma, Rachel Donnini, Rose Husband, Salome Horn, Sara Cagle, Shannon Hanrahan, Shaunn Merkerson, Staci Kino, Sue Montgomery, Susan Gosdin, Terri Braswell, Troy Collins, Virginia Jennings, Wendy Hunter Azle (391) President: Judith Charles Leaders: Anita Hatchett, Anna Counts, Brenda Marlett, Charlean Roberts, Cheryl Welcher, Cori Fukuchi, Margie Shotwell, Ordana Barnett, Patricia Hann, Teresa Bagwell, Tisha Woodard, Tracy Smith Birdville (631) President: Bill Monty Leaders: Adrian Previte, Amber Kolpin, Amy Jenkins, Candice Farrow, Carrie Chandler, Cynthia Granade, Deanna Davis, Deborah Larsen, Debra Darter, Gertrude Byers, Janet Emmons, Janet Erlinger, Karen Brothers, Kathy Eby, Kimberly Harrington, Laura Tippett, Lori Caruthers, Martha Farr, Mary Hensarling, Mary Marion, Michelle Turner, Nancy Kozak, Patsy Clepper, Richard Carr, Ronda Harlin, Shannon Croft, Shari Benton, Sharla Malone, Susan Walker, Tamara Brown, Teresa Nickell, Teri Naya, Thomas Lane, Tiffany Gygi, William Combs

Burleson (319) President: Maria Donohoe Leaders: Amy Goodman, Debra Anguiano, Diana McGee, Donna Smith, Dorinda McCoy, Doyle Daniell, Eddie Hutchison, Janet Devine, Jo Blackwell, Joy Sullivan, Kristi Easterling, Lucretia Jernigan, Mary Bryan, Mendy Busby, Michael Cox, Patricia Bradley, Patricia Hensley, Sarah Molina, Tracie Payne Carroll (147) President: Laura Newsom Leaders: Elisha Dews, Nichole Gilley Cleburne (193) President: Tena Alexander Leaders: Angela Briscoe, Elizabeth Rains, Jane Burton, Jill Goodgion, Maria Morgan, Melanie Doty, Michele Lamb, Mindy Wilborn, Natalie Bicknell, Sharon Bell Crowley (360) President: John Phillips Leaders: Carlos Diaz, Crystal Tharp, Andra Gates, Cheryl Howard, Debbie Walker, Elaine Basham, Nela Foster, Skylar Chastain, Jeannie Evans, Katherine Smith, Patti Oxentenko

Denton (1,163) President: Vicki Storrie Leaders: Amy Miller, Angela Cope, Angela Thomas, Anna Hendrix, Anthony Vidal, Carla Ruge, Cassandra Jordan, Charlotte Place, Christine Slocum, Darla Purcell, Donald Place, Elisha Bomar, Erika Simon, Helen Krejci, Holli Rice, Holly Caley, Hope Creech, Jannet Calhoun, Jennifer Engelbrecht, Jennifer Koontz, Jessica Cozens, Joan Phillips, Karen Guenther, Kate Macaulay, Lara Isbell, Lesle Lehman, Malicia Curran, Marcia Lewis, Melinda Schultz, Micki Wilkins, Nancy Gaillard, Pamela Collamer, Rachel Helgesen, Richard Moseley, Robyn Mullendore, Sara Carter, Sarah Carney, Tammy Austin, Terri Metzler, Thea Turner, Ulinda Yeahquo, William Lane Eagle MountainSaginaw (350) President: Frances Selner Leaders: Adrianne Russell, Crichelle Polk, Deborah Pesnell, Denise Daughtrey, Dorothy Carriker, Frances Poteet, Ivy Roberts, Megan Jackson, Neomia Lee, Patricia Oliveira, Shannon Jordan, Sharon Pinkerton, Shelly Couch, Susan Weeks Era (19) President: Cheryl Clarke Leader: Melissa Chaffin

Glen Rose (87) President: Eden Wooten Leaders: Angela VillarrealGill, Anne Glass, Barry Payne, Judy Shipman, Missy Freas Granbury (213) President: Suzan Watson Leaders: Alan Ford, Amber Picasso, Julie Morris, Kim Hare, Kristen Titus, Lori Bramlett, Rhonda Naylor, Sandra McGuffin, Tammy Clark GrapevineColleyville (398) President: George Berghauser Leaders: Andi Robbins, Diane Norwood, Dianna Trang, Gene Guinane, Jeffrey Dickeson, Jennifer Bisballe, Karen Giesler, Kari Christy, Kelley Walker, Kristy Harden, Lisa Hall, Raschel Boyd, Sue Pritchard, Vicki Johnston Hurst-EulessBedford (494) President: Mark Buckner Leaders: Barbara Wallace, Betty Fink, Brian Cambra, Brittany Pruitt-Gunter, Cheryl Cleveland, Christine Lennox, Christopher Adams, Julia Hyde, Kimberly Ball, Kirsten Smith-Foreman, LaRonda Pippen, LeAnne Nguyen, Marion Gural, Matthew Sanders, Melissa Hall, Nora Brogan, Ron Goyette, Wanda Jackson Joshua (85) President: Cynthia Loewe Leader: Beverly Trammell

Keller (494) President: David Williams Leaders: Carolyn Morrow, Cherie Gopffarth, Cheryl Thompson, Christa Taylor, Darius Hatchett, Gregory Gopffarth, Heather Jackson, Jennifer Kranzberg, Jennifer Simmons, Jennifer Winingham, Jill Kersh, Karen Ash, Karen Shatford, Kathy Yancey, Kimberly Blevins, Linda Voller, Nicole Morris, Patti Farmer, Robert Hughes, Ruth Morton, Sarah Underbrink, Shirley Royal, Susan Green, Tonia Wilson, Traci Wilsie, Vickie Pavelka Kennedale (71) President: Cynthia Langston Leaders: Alta Dupire, Kimberly Jones, Sandra Jones Krum (105) President: Betty Plunkett Leaders: Brandi Claiborne, Christina McDaniel, Julie Nabors, Lynn Hilliard Lake Dallas (224) President: John High Leaders: Ann Hodges, Johnny Mumford, Lydia Easton, Sabrina Chapman, Stacy Sorrells Lake Worth (66) President: Sheri Merritt Leaders: Heather Flowers, Heather Smith, Peggy Jackson, Shirley Crow



Lewisville (1,059) President: Greg Alexander Leaders: Alisha Byerly, Allison Shaub, Amy Bailey, Andrea Janak, Beth Lagana, Brenda Barth, Carin Shearer, Carol Maxwell, Christine Collins, Corrinne Skelton, Corry Thompson, Deborah Psencik, Debra Kisinger, Gerry Hudman, Heather Brosette, Jean Callahan, Jeffrey Skelton, Jennifer English, Jennifer Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Lantrip, Joy Hutto, Judy Keown, Karen Brody, Karen Hames, Kelli Kallail, Kelly Leal, Kelsey Brown, Kendra Wilson, Kimberly Watson, Kristina Huffman, LaDawn Snapp, Laura Warnick, Lawrence Mumford, Lisa Terrell, Samantha Montano, Melanie Votrain, Meredith Bowman, Michele New, Nicole Shafferman, Pamela Kerl, Patricia Fluker, Sara Turner, Stacey Esely-Black, Staci Rivero, Stephen Ryan, Tara Linz, Terri Shafferman, Tracy Rutan Mansfield (603) President: Donna Sibila Leaders: Alessandra Colon-Santos, Amy Bogen, Anne Showers, Bertha Holguin, Bonnie Liakos, Catherine Holladay, Cecilia Neufeldt, Cherie Haefner, Cindy Bridges, Colleen Norton, Dina Nimmo, Donna Jackson, Emilie Chiozza, Glenn Morrison, Janette Lawler, Jennifer Bowland, Jennifer Pellham, John Sudbury,

Kara Phillips, Karen Hennegan, Kimberly Dunn, Kimberly Greig, Kristi Powell, LaVerne Ferrell, Leslie Klahn, Lester Roberts, Linda Zumwalt, Lisa Neisler, Lula Daniel, Nicole Sportsman, Ruthie Phillips, Sally Ward, Scott Christensen, Sherri Turman, Stephanie Manning, Susan Morrison, Tammy Ledesma Millsap (28) President: Lori Adkins Leaders: Charles Reddin, Johnnie Littlefield Sanger (153) President: Dawn Payne Leaders: Belita Morris, Crystal Trejo, Darah Edwards, Jan Looper, Melissa Giles, Teresa Calvert, Tiann Frazier Stephenville (216) President: Susan Petross Leaders: Brenda Burks, Elisha Watkins, Julie Brinkley, Pamela Jones, Rebecca Young, Vickie Walker Tarleton State University (93) President: Kirstie Wixom Leaders: Andrea O’Mary, Ashley Arthurs, Emily Hobson, Lindsey Wall, Mallie Crow, Robin Pate Texas Woman’s University (421) President: Jacquline Price Leaders: Carrie Covarrubiaz, Eva De Leon, Janice Kesselus, Jennifer Hall, Qwashima Glasper, Rebecca Fredrickson, Robin Woodson, Sarah McMahan

Tolar (26) President: Claudia Whiteley Leader: Janna Sullins Weatherford (268) President: Leah Richardson Leaders: Dee Truelove, Kathy Higginbottom, Marsha Good, Teather Powell White Settlement (70) President: Dana DavisAvants Leaders: Amy Barton, Karen Brahn, Pamela Roberson, Susan Welch

Region 12

President: Sandra O’Connor Academy (59) President: Timothy Butler Leaders: Jayme White, Kanita Ludwig, Mary Simmons, Patsy Smith, Steven Walsingham, Vicki Butler Baylor University (207) President: Malloy Butler Leaders: Katherine Crouch, Rachelle Rogers, Taylor Heatherly

Belton (181) President: Kimberly Beshansky Leaders: April Robinson, Farrah Dunaway, Kristie Blattner, Lucille Yates, Sherry Ayres Blooming Grove (39) President: Diana Bugg Leader: Cinda Melton Blum (39) President: LaDonna Jean Leader: Mikehail Williamson Bosqueville (23) President: Greg Gardner Leader: Kimberly Schwarz China Spring (143) President: Dawn Wilson Leaders: Dolores Lauck, Lacreta Carr, Margaret Hammond, Miranda Brown Clifton (39) President: Vickie White Leader: Vikki Moore Connally (200) President: Christina Flores Leaders: Barbara Cantrell, Courtney Travis, Janie Davis, Larry Davis, Laura Reed, Lindsey Pippen, Pamela Dunn, Robi Michael Coolidge (19) President: Paula Reed Leader: Tracy Machacek Corsicana (258) President: Julleen Bottoms Leaders: Dee Haffner, Donna Sublett, Elizabeth Clayton, Jessica Bentz,

Joan Otten, Judy Paschal, Mary Straw, Sara Lewis, Tammy Casaday Crawford (17) President: Thayer Lewis Leader: Toni Greene Dawson (18) President: Danny Feuge Leader: Amber Parker Fairfield (144) President: Edye GillenHall Leaders: Amanda Williams, Darla Matthews, Deborah Rash, John Hart, Kristen Dunlap, Laura Craddick, Shonda Isaacs Gatesville (193) President: Gwendolyn Omenson Leaders: Helen Gonzales, Lisa Dews, Patricia Aslin, Stella Wiegreffe, Tobi Shirley Gholson (14) President: Mary Heese Leaders: Lois Ward, Melissa Morgan Groesbeck (86) President: Kelley Young Leaders: Alice Jones, Bobbi Allison, Deborah Little, Elizabeth McDaniel, Hollye Reynolds, Lea Myers, Rebecca Reeves Holland (42) President: Misty Houston Leaders: Jerry Cabaniss, Misty Allen, Shelley Lum


Killeen (1,118) President: Sharon Woody Leaders: Alice Page, Amanda Polson, Archie Woody, Barbara Graham, Bonnie Holland, Charles Sheppard, Christa Griffith, Cindy Sawyer, Damian Cancel, Deana Ricciardi, Eileen Walcik, Erica Green, Frank Hammond, Gloria Giles, Jaime Williams, Jayne Doxsey, Jennifer Spiegelhauer, Jennifer Wolf, John Milton, Jsanean Mark, Judith Roundtree, Julie Fife, Julie Williams, Katherine Paris, Kelly Fife, LeVera Braswell, Lily Fraser, Marc Williams, Margaret Lopez, Melissa Nix, Melissa Walcik, Michelle Mikeska, Nadine Brown, Randy Hudson, Ronald Sursa, Ron Walcik, Ronnie Simpson, Sean Cook, Shelia Mosser, Stephen Harris, Tara Cherizard, Theodore Stroot, Tonya BrownJohnson, Vance Self, Venda Stitt, Wendy Bons, Yvonne Frate La Vega (127) President: Jeremy Gilbert Leaders: April Wagner, Cameron Garrett, Dennis Hataway, Elizabeth Epperson, Jan Skrabanek, Jana Miller, Loyda Phipps, Nicholas Urmston

Lampasas (233) President: Elizabeth Haviland Leaders: April McDonald, Catherine Kuehne, Cathy Brown, Haley Wheeler, Keely Trauber, Lucy Walker, Shawna Harrison, Tracey Randolph

Kerry Lashombe, Kimberly Crunk, Kimberly Granger, Kristle Coulter, Martha Rogers, Pamela Lomas

Lorena (31) President: Kathy Rolan Leader: Kerrie Swepston

Rosebud-Lott (39) President: Robin Reyna Leaders: Brenda Maas, Jennifer Lorenz, Randy Willberg, Trista Reid

Marlin (18) President: Donna Randazzo Leader: Edward Rogers McGregor (32) President: Connie Schmalriede Leaders: Karen Tucker, Melisa Hudson Mexia (145) President: Melissa Holt Leaders: Michelda Brown, Norah Kendall Midway (455) President: Jason Forbis Leaders: Abby Neal, Beth Miller, Brian Bruce, Cara Fisher, Carol Peckinpaugh, Christina Glaser, Dana McMahan, Dema Moore, Ebony Cousins, Gloria Lewis, Holly Alman, Leighanne Parrish, Lindsay Shockley, Patricia Fertsch, Sara Teichelmann

Rogers (57) President: Thelma Rose Leaders: Kayce Neal, Larry Allen

Salado (47) President: Anna Stanley Leaders: Janet Jones, Kendra Copeland, Latishia Ptomey, Ty Brown Teague (114) President: Gina Taylor Leaders: Lola Myers, Mary Lee, Melanie Cooper, Sheila LaFoy, Susan Persons Temple (192) President: Joan Caughlin Leaders: Beatrice Salazar, Courtney Mitchell, Kerri Schneider, Kristy Printy, Laura Kaulfus, Melissa Alverson, Misty Stapp, Patricia Duran, Trina Galvan

Moody (36) President: Larry Parham Leaders: Beverly Bredemeyer, Bret Brunell, Stacy Fletcher

Texas A&M–Central Texas (87) President: Melissa Stokes Leaders: Amy Cox, Deb Crowder, John Brown, Lloret McNeill, Samantha Martinez, Sara Davy

Robinson (79) President: Mary Betke Leaders: Angela King, Elzene Machac, Jacquelyn Bordner, Jennifer Young, Karla Pokraka,

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (183) President: Dailene Brown Leaders: Carolyn Allemand, Molly Gibbs

Waco (243) President: Magdalena Campos Leaders: Barbara Myers, Carol Nixon, Charlotte Lowe, Connee Duran, Cindy Strunk, Denise Crocker, Jane Sykes, Katie Forbis, Lauren Miksch, Lisa Richards, Maria Tovar, Marlene Symank, Patricia Bower, Patty Reneau, Ray Bickerstaff, Rick Schrader, Sandra O’Connor, Susan Gibson, Wanda Jackson, Ann Dixon, David Middlebrook West (104) President: Sue Melton Leaders: Janice Hornsby, Kathy Roller, Linda Franke, Richard Phillips, Stephanie Sullins Wortham (20) President: Denise Butler Leaders: Janna Massarelli, Mary Weems, Sandra Lee, Tamara McCord

Region 13 President: Genie Rolfe

Austin (1,612) President: Heidi Langan Leaders: Abigail Santana, Adriana Cochran, Adriana Lichtenberger, Aline Weinheimer, Allison Wied, Amanda Bradley,

Amy Becker, Amy Trevino, Anita Stevens, Annette Campbell, Bernice Gould, Brittaney Morrison, Cathryn Harris, Christina Burbank, Darletta Jaycox, Dennis Malloy, Eleanor Carr, Elizabeth Maldonado, Ginger Turner, Gloria Gaters, Guadalupe Chavez, Jacqueline Seaborn, Jackie Totten, Jean Stein, Jerry Williams, Joecila Garcia, Juanita Batista, Juliet Guzman, Karen Wright, Kathy Renfro, Winnell Chinn, Leilani Clark, Leona Weinstein, Linda McKay, Lisa Petranto, Lori Frels, Marcie McNeil, Maria Alanis, Maria Borrego, Maria Granado, Maria Maldonado, Mary Buck, Molly Anderson, Nancy Fuentes, Patricia Andrews, Patricia Dudley, Paula Bostick, Rashida Williams, Rebecca Everett, Rita Painter, Ronald Reed, Ronda Hankins, Rosa Zuniga, Shelley Samuels, Sonja Jimenez, Stella Mata, Susan Lockhart, Suzanne Guerra, Sydney Platis, Terina Conley, Thomas McNeil, Vadelia FloresPerry, Victoria Finnegan, Vincent Valdes Bastrop (329) President: Walter Arnold Leaders: Brenda Wallace, Cheryl Harris, Chevalya Barnett, Chris Coleman, Christine Hansen, Kathryn Bankston, Kathy D’Amico, Lisa Willmon, Monica Roffol, Rebecca Saenz, Sandra Jones


Kerens (54) President: Sharon Langley Leaders: Martha Dodson, Pamela Lane, Tammy Bobbitt

25 Blanco (59) President: Jennifer Collette Leaders: Cynthia Warner, Linda Minjares, Pamela Nabers Burnet (33) President: Kimberly Cozby Leader: Tamalah Hullum Comal (525) President: Thomas Ash Leaders: Kasey Gohlke, Kim Farlow, Melissa Dowden, Roger Schafer, Tommy Marshall Del Valle (255) President: Sheila Abbott Leaders: Adam Cuellar, Cristela Rocha, David Cochran, Debra LuciewNelson, Erika Arellano, Kara Hendry, Kevin Johnston, Maegen Kuhrt, Mario Palacios, Mary Hopkins, Sandi Castro, Susan Lopez, Tina Bren, Toni Marquez Dripping Springs (172) President: Becky Hutson Leaders: Angela Smith, Bonnie Drane, Capri Heintz, Cheryl Hayden, Debra Roberts, Jay Larson, Jenifer Neffendorf, Karen Tiller, Mary Buchanan, Monica Wetzig Eanes (127) President: Jeffrey Pilchiek Leaders: Christina Isom, Kathy Arendt, Kristen Peterson, Laura Aulenbacher, Lori Brandenburg, Mary Ann Baker, Melissa Hahn, Shelly Dennington, Stephanie Castaneda

Florence (28) President: Jeanne Atkinson Leader: Jodie Taylor

Lago Vista (72) President: Melinda Falk Leaders: Carol LuceWright, Cathy Evans

Marion (82) President: Kathryn Lehmann Leader: Dee Ditmore

Fredericksburg (112) President: Michael Myers Leaders: Brenda Virdell, Carolynn Weatherford, Constance Radle, Evelyn Peese, Karen Grona, Karen Young, Stephanie Whitworth, Vicky Crenwelge

Leander (813) President: Phyllis Crider Leaders: Adam Ladner, Alana Coleman, Carol Rogers, Consuelo Hernandez, Debra Allred, Gabriel Serna, Janet Kloppe, Jayne Serna, Jeannine Jones, Kristin Picken, Laura Wilson, Lauren Nash, Marilyn Weisbruch, Rose Stanford, Sandra Brashier, Shanna Ellis, Sharon Davis, Steve Kuwitzky, Susan Wilson, Tonya Wilkinson, Valerie Baca

McDade (21) President: Jeanette Williams Leaders: Angela Fisher, Julie Belz, Laurey Wolf

Giddings (24) President: Phyllis Simmonds Leader: Cody Morse Hays (516) President: Steve Thompson Leaders: Alisha Mize, Carla Bandy, Cody Mize, Cynthia VandeGarde, Dolores Reedy-Yanez, Eric Martinez, Jamie Holley, JoAnn Marcantonio, Joanne Lytle, Kathryn Diehl, Kayla Noble, Kelly Billo, Kelly Gripp, Kimberly Bishop, Lois Hunt, Meagan Hall, Melisa Williams, Sharon Roberts, Shawna Mayerson, Sylvia Coffey Jarrell (61) President: Heather Dunnam Leaders: Jacquelyne Puska, Jamie Golla Johnson City (65) President: Kimberly Haertner Leader: John Schulz La Grange (30) President: Sharon Vinklarek Leader: Marilyn Kothmann

Lexington (53) President: Elizabeth Selman Leaders: Debbie Johnson, Jennifer Hancock Liberty Hill (142) President: Rebecca Kott Leaders: Michelle Cole, Shellie Brewer Llano (110) President: Kimberly Smarr-Grider Leaders: Debbie Rabb, Deborah Engler, Dena Wilson, Suzan Gibbs Lockhart (51) President: James Elliott Leader: Marilyn Legan Marble Falls (69) President: Barbara Ripley Leaders: Magdalina Deaver, Krissy Sralla, Connie Thompson, Sally Burget, Dana Zamarippa, Marilyn Barr

New Braunfels (217) President: Lori Gruwell Leaders: Amber Thompson-Adams, Anita Carrera, Audrey Barber, Benita Whittaker, Dianna Flores, Gloria Miranda, Helen Linebarger, Jennifer McGovern, Jill Shuemate, Katherine Dowell, Kathryn Lamon, Kerstan Copeland, LeeAnne Vipond, Lora Means, Mary Waters, Russell Roper Pflugerville (370) President: Christie Smith Leaders: Carolyn Garza, Crystal Beck, Daniel Reyna, Greg Thielke, Jennifer Dodd, Jessica Cooper, Jessica Gaston, Julie Leith, Julieta Nettles, Karen Cunningham, Kathryn Vagalatos, Kathy Hickok, Lisa Flood, Melanie Rios, Nancy Baker, Pamela Brown-Ledet, Paul O’Dwyer, Paula McNamer, Penny Garcia, Peter Wimmer, Richard Andis, Robin Simpkins, Sandra Thompson, Stephanie Rauert, Susan Bell, Tina Zbytovsky, Wyndie Wingate

Round Rock (1,140) President: Colleen Frerichs Leaders: Amelia Bligh, Barry Vasek, Chrissy Hall, Deborah Lenz, Dominique Reat, Gene-A Salvati, Heather Dickson, Helen Hansen, James Spears, Jeffrey Canfield, Joanetta Lauderdale, Joanne Passwaters, Joy Robertson, Kimberly Hassack, Laura Ward, Leah Magnon, Marnie Rundquist, Mary Scrudder, Mary Thompson, MaryAnn Murry, Marylu Layton, Monica HuffDixon, Nikita Shannon, Rachel Shows, Sharon Donahue, Sherry Griffin, Stephanie Stoebe, Tori Holtmeier, Vicki Renfro San Marcos (101) President: Michael Perez Leaders: Beth Wolpman, Jessica Meyer, Valerie Gonzales Schulenburg (27) President: Lori Kallus Leaders: Monica Kusy, Shirley Winkelman Seguin (242) President: Geneva Arce Leaders: Audrea Herrera, Charlotte Hilsberg, Katharine Schievelbein, Kimberly Kauitzsch, Lisa Shelton, Mary Crunk, Mary Ruby, Sandra Wehe Smithville (79) President: Jana Patrolia Leaders: Belinda Kimball, Lisa Wood, Marganna Martin Taylor (105) President: Karen Jahn Leaders: Cheryl Hegar, Marcia Svatek


Region 14

President: Chana Appleton Abilene (622) President: Gregory Rake Leaders: John Tyson, Julia Siewert, Melissa McCormick, Nancy Huyck Albany (16) President: Danita Johnston Leaders: Donnie Lucas, Lavelle Vinson, Paul Johnston, Ricky Davis Anson (50) President: Glenda Maberry Leaders: Belinda Heller, Judith Gravley, Misty Heathington, Treyla Henrich Aspermont (11) President: Ryann Koenig Leader: Patti Walker Baird (28) President: Christina West Leaders: Lauren Rodriguez, Peggy Grimes, Wendy Gerngross, Windy Nail Breckenridge (31) President: Patricia Renchler Leader: Kenna Rainey

De Leon (45) President: Dana Quinn Leaders: Lori Campbell, Terrill Casey Eastland (40) President: Judy Smith Leaders: Donna Sharpe, JoAnn Felts, Walter Williams

Snyder (17) President: Steven Krueger Leaders: Thomas Fogleman, Vicki Rinehart Trent (13) President: Leanna West Leaders: Cindy Beaver, Tina Stephens Wylie (163) President: Cherie Speer Leaders: Alexis Hughes, Tina Brandon

Gorman (17) President: Lisa Laminack Leader: Vicki Brown

Jim Ned Consolidated (61) President: Stephanie Gallagher Leaders: Jennifer Willis, Sandra Lovelady McMurry University (44) President: Erin Johnson Leaders: Gae Lynn McInroe, Jessica Spivey, Perry Brown, Stormie Aguilar Ranger (27) President: Bobbie Thompson Leaders: Lindsey Hawvermale, Marilyn Morgan

Early (30) President: Keith Taylor Leader: Tasha Carter Eden (15) President: Florine Atwood Leaders: Kathryn Mooney, Patricia Stephens, Peter Chernick Eldorado (27) President: Jennifer Engle Leader: Tamalyn Dombroski

Haskell (58) President: Kendra Bevel Leaders: Alma Hopkins, Peggy Adams Hawley (77) President: Desirie Ries Leaders: Janice Whitehead, Julie Morris, Lisa Pack, Tommie Hicks

Concho Valley (181) President: John Cuellar Leaders: April Alexander, Kimberli Cummings

Grape Creek (22) President: Lisa DeHoyos Leader: Sheri Lovette

Region 15

President: Darlene Kelly Ballinger (111) President: Darlene Kelly Leaders: Cheryl Buchanan, Christine Thomas, Dana Travis, Mary Lloyd, Melissa Faubion, Robert Buxkemper, Shannon Caughron Brownwood (37) President: Carrie Morrow Leader: Alora Cummings Coleman County (118) President: Sarah Beal Leaders: Candace Beal, Charlotte Purl, Cynthia Jamison

Junction (52) President: Maria Mendez Leaders: Brenda Trimble, Gloria Grendahl, Kathy Hyatt, Timothy Cotton Mason (55) President: Merlina Gamel Leaders: Cara Ruffin, Tiffany Klaerner Menard (23) President: Marsha Nixon Leaders: Jana Pearl, Susan Lyckman Rocksprings (22) President: Amy Rexroat Leader: Kathy Johnson

San Felipe-Del Rio (129) President: Jose Delgado Leaders: Angel Castillo, Ariela Delgado, Roxana Ballard San Saba (50) President: Myia Stewardson Leaders: Brandi Easterwood, Judith McCoy Sonora (97) President: Pamela Crenwelge Leaders: Joetta Friess, Rosemary Jennings, Shelly Shannon, Susan Nicholas Sterling City (19) President: Margaret Musick Leaders: Jeannie Sparks, Jennifer Sisco, Shannon Blackwelder

Region 16 President: Linda James

Amarillo (603) President: Julie Harris Leaders: Amber Simmons, Amelia Arizpe, Andrea Creswell, Angela Miller, Antony Smeaton, Benito Barraza, Beverly Zearley, Billy Quarles, Brenda Fawell, Candace Burlingame, Cathy George, Cheri Mooring, Connie Yarbrough, Debra Perry, Debra Woody, Dena Melton, Donna


Cross Plains (27) President: Lurene McNutt Leader: Amanda Sowell

27 Bass, Emile Howard, Eunice Green, Gail Sanchez, Gayle Slaughter, Gladys Fries, Janice Barker, Janice Billingsley, John Bigham, Jose Velasquez, Kathy Miller, Kerry Morgan, Kim Davis, Kimberley Walker, Kristel Sexton, Leslie Tuckness, Lisa Thomason, Lori Stover, Margaret Webb, Mary Gray, Nelson Bishop, Patrick Mohler, Richard Wittlake, Rolland Black, Shane Whitten, Shannon DeFord, Sharla Brasher, Sheila Barton, Sheliah Babbitt, Sheryl Ward, Shonda Jones, Susan Kochaniuk, Terry Boulware, Terry Garland, Vanda Isch, Vonda Chapman Boys Ranch (34) President: Sarah James Leaders: Cynthia Smith, Deborah Robinson Bushland (107) President: Dawn Riley Leaders: Autumn Homer, Brandi Culwell, Janet Hanson, Kiersten Diamond, Kristy Johnson, Mary Adams, Stacy Gjerde Canyon (160) President: Kelli Kieth Leaders: Bryan Lintner, Carla Parker, Christine Hall, Deborah Zermeno, Elaine Lawrence, Elise Rhodes, Janet Sheen, Katie Joy, Palmira DeLeon, RaeAnn Hefner, Suni Salinas Childress (36) President: Yancy Vannoy Leader: Melissa Vannoy

Claude (35) President: Jana Lemons Leaders: Lori Maxfield, Mildred Strawn Hart (12) President: Marcos Castillo Leaders: Jim Hulsey, Shelbie McKay, Susie Garcia

Spearman (79) President: Kimberly Anderson Leaders: Amanda Derington, Myrna Biggers, Sherry Boyd Tulia (51) President: Elaine Bevill Leaders: Dixie Johnson, Paula Owens, Rhonda Finck, Sonya Womack

Hereford (19) President: Diego Barela Leaders: Stephanie Parker, Susan Robbins Kress (30) President: Alexis Atwood Leaders: Amparo Becerra, Cynthia Coffey, Jennifer Salazar, Landa Murray, Sheri Warren, Tammy Ebeling Memphis (20) President: Victoria Davis Leaders: Jennifer Lindsey, Kila Manuel, Laura Wilson, Tanya Montgomery Moore County (120) President: Carrie Albert Leaders: Andrea Cox, Crystal Stahl, John Ratliff, Karena Tyler, Kevin Smith, Mandy Bryan, Sara Baker Perryton (103) President: Jon Clifton Leader: Benjamin Malone Plemons-StinnettPhillips (48) President: Sally Kossey Leader: Twila Williams River Road (34) President: Linda James Leaders: Evelyn Williamson, Judith Kutin, Melissa Suttle, Paige Bontrager

Hale Center (80) President: Mary Chandler Leaders: Amy Nielsen, Diane McLaurin, Kara Stambaugh, Lori Hoerman, Robert Stroud Idalou (45) President: Ross Hill Leaders: Angie Gunter, Margaret Shipley Lamesa (93) President: Monica Brown Leaders: Beverly Reid, Bobby Barron, Christine Vera, Jacqueline Wells, Marsha Hamrick, Rita Cornett, Susan Wilson, Tracye Swafford

Region 17

President: Ranelle Baldwin Brownfield (94) President: Elizabeth Anderson Leaders: Crystal Ussery, Donna Hogg, Holly Lee, Mary Jimenez, Valerie Cowan Floydada (35) President: Marisa Maldonado Leaders: James Willson, Mary Molinar, Robbie Odom Frenship (210) President: Mandy Wilbur Leaders: Amy George, Carey McNutt, Caroljean Byrnes, Guadalupe Villarreal, Haley Chance, Janie Seymour, Joan Bills, Susan DeWaters, Tammy Dowgar, Terri Howard

Lockney (41) President: Tracy Long Leaders: Cindy Cotham, Julie Ellison Lubbock (402) President: Lisa McClellend Leaders: Christopher Anderson, Cynthyna Haveman, Dawn Bullock, Dustin Anderson, Jennifer Spencer, Karen Greak, Kathy Pearson, Kelly Baum, Kristi Curtis, Lisa Hiracheta, Melissa Durham, Patricia Shoemaker, Ranelle Baldwin, Sara Yancey, Stephanie Ortiz, Teresa McHam, Vickie Estrada Olton (41) President: Charles Tabor Leaders: Angela Martin, Beverly Sharp, Kent Gunter

Paducah (10) President: Nicole Thompson Leader: Alicia Nash Plainview (68) President: Crystal Burdis Leaders: Jeana Fikes, Kylie VanPelt, Michelle Pittman, Sharon Anderson, Walter Wright Ralls (31) President: Velva Fowler Leaders: Anna Thompson, Crystal Alvarado, Maria Gamble, Mary Sedgwick, Melode Watson, Yolanda Kautz Seagraves (36) President: Melissa Humphries Leader: Gary Sumners Sundown (35) President: Lydia Turner Leader: Bobbie Terry Tahoka (47) President: Kimberly Mercer Leaders: Carletta Renfro, Judith Sanders, Miranda Stice, Pamela Martin Whiteface (15) President: Cindy Chapman Leaders: Melanie Gruhlkey, Sally McAteer Wilson (17) President: Vicki Oden Leaders: Leslie Wint, Sharon Allmon


President: Bridget Loffler

Alpine (64) President: Twila Hardaway Leader: Jennifer Jimerson Andrews (271) President: Joni Reese Leaders: Carlos Galvan, Charlie Griffin, Deborah Wheeler, Donny Hearn, Heather Alberts, Jacque Fleming, Joneva Lyle, Jordan Griffin, Laura Miller, Steven Foster, Teresa Gross, Tina Hardarson Big Spring (65) President: James Cross Leaders: Jessica Carter, Maria Ortega, Ruth Jackson, Sonceia Lowery Crane (27) President: Pamela Lee Leader: Linda Snyder Forsan (50) President: Carol Kirkland Leader: Diana Newton Glasscock (14) President: Kimberly Halfmann Leader: Stephanie Braden

Mary Marichalar, Patti Thrasher, Peggy Crook, Rocio Davila, Sally Hollon, Sally Powell, Sheri Young, Tamala Metcalf, Tomas Muniz

Patricia Montes, Robbie Fields, Sandra Siefkas, Sonia Rivera, Thina Booth, Tommy Bradley, Victor Garcia, Yolanda Aguilar, Yvette Ordonez

Kermit (84) President: Gayla Brown Leaders: Carissa Venegas, Liz Kirk, James Brown, Judy Mixon, Kathy Leeson, Mary Franklin

Pecos-BarstowToyah (154) President: Karen Hill Leaders: Annabelle Chavez, Lucy Lara, Melissa Box, Rachel Tarin, Rebecca Patterson, Rhonda Foster, Stacie Fowlkes

Fabens (79) President: Blaine Jolley Leaders: Anita Hartvigson, Bryan Peden, Graciela Sierra, Salvador Cedillo

McCamey (20) President: Katie Bolen Leaders: Elizabeth Brown, Jessica Brooks, Silvia Striegler Midland (141) President: Darrin Farley Leader: Kathie Gressett Monahans-Wickett-Pyote (118) President: Patricia Montez Leaders: Carol Barnes, Delma Bustos, Jana Gaule, Julia Galindo, Karen Crumrine, Kathy Setzler, Kimberly Gilliam, Rebecca Hix, Whitney Brockman Odessa (249) President: Olga Garza Leaders: Amy Mackey, Anna Garcia, Anne Adams, Ashley Fox, Aurora Castillo, Barbara Hirst, Bridget Loffler, Carra Schneider, Catrina Steptoe, Christi Hickman, Connie Franklin, Cristina Stevenson, Cruz Marquez, Deborah Clark, Hillary Cohn, Isela Agundis, Kathryn Billington, Krista Braddock, Leslie Gillian, Luz Melendez, Maria DelBosque, Maria Mutis, Mary Galvan,

Presidio (78) President: Stacey Harris Leaders: Lucia Acosta, Polly Luna Stanton (73) President: Emily Thurman Leaders: Andrea Harp, Bill Griffin, Jacqueline Nichols, Laurie Fleckenstein, Nanci Saenz, Nora Myrick, Ricky Fleckenstein Wink-Loving (40) President: Marina Underwood Leaders: Barbara Jones, Diana Henderson, Victoria Gray

Region 19 President: Patti Garcia

Canutillo (159) President: Manuela Sanchez Leader: Deyanira Fronce Clint (308) President: Helen Whitney Leaders: Alejandro Medrano, Ana Ramirez, Daniel Sanchez, Julieta Scanlon, Maria Buhaya, Robert Zamora, Shauna LaGrange, Sylvia Couch, Sylvia Zamora El Paso (826) President: Genevieve Harkins Leaders: Adrian Sanchez, Aileen Gonzalez, Albert Briones, Alicia Adams, Amada Hernandez, Amanda Bowser, Ana Martinez, Angelica Perez, Chad Shugart, Cynthia Montes-Bustamante, David Gonzalez, Dawn Herrera, Desiree Espinoza, Elizabeth Bulos, Grace Garcia, Hilario Mendoza, Janet Ramos, Javier Aceves, Jenni Rey, Julieta Aguirre, Julio Lujan, Karla Tejeda, Laura Mowad, Luis Ronquillo, Luisa Herrera, Luz Valenzuela, Lynn Edmisten, Mabel Garcia, Margaret Baeza, Maria Martinez, Matthew Turner, Nancy Thompson, Norma Armijo, Patricia Bulos,

San Elizario (136) President: Eduardo Sierra Leaders: Esperanza Lazcano, Manuela Diaz, Socorro Lopez Sierra Blanca (7) President: Alicia Romero Leaders: Carolina Vasquez, Melissa Armendariz Socorro (173) President: Cecilia Bueno Leaders: Belinda Chavez, Beverly Jenkins, Delia Salcido, Diana Romo, Joanne Anguiano, Josie Viel, Maria Liming Ysleta (677) President: Jennifer Adams Leaders: Abigail Negron, Alicia Rios, Altagracia Lucero, Angela Nuanes, Anna Morton, Benjamin Avalos, Bernadette Aguilar-Maya, Bertha Monclova, Bertha Pedregon, Brenda Quintana, Conrado Montes, Debra Medrano, Denise Daniel, Diane Baray, Edana Slaight, Edith Porter, Elizabeth Zuloaga-Hernandez, Estella Vallejo, Eva Fox,

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Region 18

Iraan-Sheffield (51) President: Melinda Doege Leaders: Brenda Brooks, Guadalupe Rivas, Lori Chaney, Stacey Evans

29 Graciela Duran, Guadalupe Navarrette, James Porras, Janise Pries, John Porter, Karen Stott, Lidia Cordero, Lucy Adame, Margaret Miller, Maria Armendariz, Maria Gandara, Mercedes Torres, Milissa Acosta, Nancy McKinney, Patricia Garcia, Rebecca Frias, Rosa Gamboa, Rosana Guillen, Rosangela Miramontes, Sandra Coleman, Selena Granados, Sifrigido Robles, Susan Welch, Susanna Morse, Teresa Barrow, Terry Alvarez, Thelma Fox

les, Kathleen Christman, Kimberly Grosenbacher, Lawrence Gormley, Margaret Hastings, OnaBeth Day, Richard Wiggins, Robert Beckett

Falls City (46) President: Cathy Stolle Leaders: Deborah Wiatrek, Dorothy Kotara, Patricia Startz, Phyllis Jarzombek

Brackett (37) President: Mary Garcia Leaders: Adela Avila, Francisca Franklin, Francisca Hernandez, Maxine Bonner, Yolanda Rueda

Floresville (58) President: Steve Hawkins Leader: Thomas Turner

Center Point (51) President: Shirley Wingfield Leaders: Deanna Stanley, Debra Behrens, Karen Blackledge, Lenola Coldwell Devine (128) President: Neva Sessions Leaders: Amber Isbell, Cassandra Eads, Rebecca Meek

Region 20

Dilley (64) President: MaryAnn Obregon Leaders: Sandra Rios, Sylvia Hughes

Alamo Heights (126) President: Lee Bibb Leaders: Constance Perry, Lori Bauml, Lucile Vincent, Mary Wright

Eagle Pass (104) President: Jose Lopez Leaders: Cecilia Lara, Patricia Lopez, Ricardo Barcena

Bandera (194) President: Yvette Milner Leaders: Christopher Stone, Diane Payne, Jettie Whitlock, Nicole Edwards, Rebecca Kothmann, Sherrie Williamson

East Central (305) President: Bernadette Navarro Leaders: Carlota Tilton, Diane Corona, Elizabeth Castillo-Bailey, Jennifer Thompson, Kindra Schlather, Lauri Peters, Leslie Mendoza, Maria Nunez, Patricia White, Robyn Wunderlich, Shelley Yeater, Terry Gonzalez

President: Mary Reyes

Boerne (503) President: Teri Nail Leaders: Beth Manz, Brenda Hepler, Bryan McCord, Debra Aaron, Jeri Willis, Judith Gonza-

Harlandale (367) President: Nancy Tom Leaders: Blasa Vazquez, Cynthia Perez, Daniel Keller, Elizabeth Danielson, Eva Rosales, Gerald Gawlik, Janet McDaniel, Janis Troy, Jennifer Hill, Jobie Campos, Joe Charles, Joseph Segura, Lacie Wells, Larry Poirier, Leslie Donaldson, Marsha Huggins, Marta Delgado, Mary-Louis Cruze, Michelle Tallon, Monica Voges, Stephen Stukey Hondo (77) President: Tiffany Schueling Leader: Elizabeth Bippert Ingram (38) President: Roger Moralez Leaders: Arthur Knaggs, Katherine Bockoven, Mary Dalton, Traci Craig Jourdanton (79) President: Vivien Howe Leaders: Janis Georg, Jennifer Huizar, Julie Marble, Katherine Norwood, Rosalinda Gutierrez, Sherry Rankin Judson (430 ) President: Marcie Helmke Leaders: Amanda Hampton, Amanda Redman, Andrea Martini, April Schweizerhof, Beth

Patience, Carla NelsonBowers, Cassandra Jennings, Elise Padilla, Erica Toney, Gabriele Simpson, Jennifer Ruth, Jerry Acker, Karis Johnson, Kathlene Pruitt, Maria Vasquez, Martha Carroll, Norma Fernandez, Pearlie Mason, Phoebe Love, Robin Cogburn, Sharon Hons, Susan McIlhenny, Patricia Gutierrez, Susan Mcllhenny, Jennifer Cooper, Terry Lee Kerrville (228) President: Sandra Klein Leaders: Cynthia Hunt, Donald Milner, Donna West, Gloria Moreno, Heather Likin, Ida Delgadillo, Mary McGuff, Michael Holcomb, Teresa Gonzales La Vernia (175) President: Ronald Kimball Leaders: America Guerrero, Brandilyn Hanselka, Clayton Bordner, Karen Campbell, Laura Ramzinski, Lisa Barnes, Margaret Stanush, Sharon Westerholm Lackland (79) President: Mary Reyes Leaders: Carol Cardenas, Cynthia Lutzenberger, JoAnne Moulder, Julie Mihalko, Mary Friday, Rosa Carrion, RosaLinda Santoyo Leakey (10) President: Richard Austin Leader: Roberta Munsinger

Lytle (123) President: Sandra Swann-Jopling Leaders: David Wells, Dora Swann, Irene Robbins, Jerrod Cavazos, Kathryn Smith, Leslie Pedrotti Medina Valley (139) President: Pamela Biering Leaders: Bertha Benedetti, Darlene Haby, Diana Bush, Roxanne Melton, Sandy Bermea, Suzanne Lee North East (1,189) President: Laura Herrera Leaders: Barbara Brown, Barbara McClain, Cynthia Ellis, Daryn Polanco, Elaine Wilson, Elizabeth Harris, Elizabeth Landry, Elizabeth Smilgin, Iris Villafana, Jaan Tolsma, Johnette Fewell, Joyce Gallegos, Karen Bonney, Kathryn Aleman, Kelli Simons, Laura Newberger, Lisa Watson, Lola Miller, Lottie Leyva, Lynnette Hurt, Marian Lee, Melanie Griffin, Melissa Hardin, Melissa Hernandez, Michael Gonzalez, Michele Jackson, Michelle Amey, Nancy Johnson, Noelia Aguilar, Olga Rubio, Pamela Haehnel, Pamela Smith, Rebecca Wilson, Rhonda Meeks, Robert Sharpley, Rosemary Gonzalez, Sharon Reese, Sherri McShane, Susan Nielsen, Teresa Villalobos, Theresa Mendez, Tracy McDonald

30 Northside (1,761) President: Mary Day Leaders: Amanda Ayala, Angelique Hernandez, Ann Cameron, Ashley Bullock, Barbara Allison, Belinda Lerma, Bo Grothues, Bobbye Patton, Bruce Sanders, Cassandra Carter, Charlotte Forrest, Cynthia Guerra, Elizabeth Turner, Eva Garcia, Evelyn Hardaman, Gary Miller, James Bluhm, Jennifer RitcheyMunoz, Kathleen Uvodic, Kenneth Noles, Kimberly Perry, Kurt Weinelt, Laura Campbell, Laura Wylie, Lisa Hinojosa, Lynda Stark, Lynette Inglett, Mariana Garcia, Mary Fosmoe, Mary Jane Garcia, Matthew Garrett, Michael McNierney, Michael Stroud, Paige Alexander, Sami Gillette, Sarah Olvera,

Scott Pritchard, Shelley Stogsdill, Shellie Malik, Teresa Menjares, Tracy Wernli, William Barton, Yvonne Post Pearsall (105) President: Orlanda Herrera Leaders: Gloria Tomasini, Rosalinda Munoz, Silvia Lozano-Martinez Pleasanton (76) President: Patti Bowen Leaders: Dawn Murray, Mary Howard, Michelle Leija, Noel Garcia, Stephanie Seelk Poth (52) President: Amy Lyssy Leaders: Kimberly McClure, Tara Loeffler Randolph Field (53) President: Keri Robertson Leader: Christie Bazaldua

San Antonio (858) President: Tina Briones Leaders: Abel Hernandez, Alexander Caudillo, Angel Curry, Angela Sanchez, Annie Perez, Carlos Perez, Carlos Perez, Carol Scarbrough, Celia Aguilar, Christine Castillo, Crystal Walter, Dana Day, Darlene Palau, DeAnna Siller, Debra Holzman, Elizabeth Jordan, Evelina Reyna, Felix Fierros, Gerald Epps, Gloria VanOver, Guadalupe Salazar, Heladia Martinez-Stock, Irene Vela, Jennifer Maestas, JoAnn Ramirez, JoAnn Trinidad, Jody Bayless, John Richbourg, Karen Riggs, Kristina Navarro, Laura Benavidez-Dominguez, Laura Purchis, Maria Avila, Maria Rosales, Nelly Rosales-Nino, Norma Centeno, Randall Iglehart, Raul Salazar, Robin Horner, Rose

Rivas, Rosmary ForestEpps, Ruben Gonzales, Ruthie Smith, Sheryl Bibles, Teresa Akers, Terry Hildebrand, Vivian Zotz, Yolanda Gomez, Yvonne Cadena Schertz-CiboloUniversal City (574) President: Janya Hodge Leaders: Caroline McClain, Charles Davis, Chuck Vincent, Donna Limrick, Elizabeth Evans, Eric Crenwelge, Heidi Cramberg, Janie Thomas, Karen Dahle, Karen VonBuettner, Kira Mooney, Margo Woody, Michelle Harrison, Sherri Ledford, Sherry Reiser

Schreiner UnivERSITY (31) President: Evelyn Lujano Leaders: Chelsea Mack, Holly Johnston, Karen Backor, Melissa Leonard, Neva Cramer, Rebecca Chiaro Somerset (81) President: Penelope Sturm-Borkert Leader: Rosa Garses Southwest (273) President: Sara Reyna Leaders: Kellie Smith, Lindsay Fassler Stockdale (51) President: Beverly Hummel Leader: Brigit Lucas Uvalde (59) President: Ramon Ramirez Leader: Kathryn Bendele

The first step to ATPE leadership? Finding a buddy. “The buddy system is the best way to first get involved. Walk with a leader in their shoes, go to the officer meetings and be present as much as possible to see if volunteering is something you would enjoy.” —Cassandra Carter, Northside (20) ATPE Campus rep and membership chair 17-year ATPE member, 13-year ATPE volunteer

Talk to the local unit leaders found in this list or contact ATPE Member Services (member_ to find a “buddy.”


Three cheers for the red, white and black ATPE members are a very creative bunch, and this is never more apparent than during ATPE events, when attendees are often decked out in member-designed T-shirts. Animal print, sequins, communityspecific details—the sky’s the limit when it comes to these designs!

Region 7 ATPE

NORTH LAMAR–courtesy of Jerry Jarrell; REGION 6–courtesy of Ashley Fulgham; DENTON–courtesy of Celeste Florence

Region 6 ATPE

State President Deann Lee’s collection

Paris ATPE

North Lamar ATPE

Denton ATPE

Rio Hondo ATPE

Corpus Christi ATPE

PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Austin, Texas Permit No. 575

Your sailing itinerary at the ATPE Summit

Leaders, we know you’re ready for valuable leadership training sessions, the 33rd annual meeting of the ATPE House of Delegates and the 2013-14 state officer elections, but be sure to make time for these exciting events, too:

Membership Awards Luncheon Enjoy lunch as we honor the 2012-13 Campus Representatives and Local Units of the Year, the members of the Ben Shilcutt Plus Club, local units that have earned Membership Growth Awards and the winners of the Newsletter Awards. (See finalists on page 10.)

Professional Learning and Networking (PLAN) Earn continuing professional education credit at engaging sessions that cover topics such as student mental health, gifted-andtalented learners, and the implications of poverty.

A farewell to ATPE’s retiring Executive Director Doug Rogers Join us as we celebrate Doug’s contributions to ATPE and wish him the best of luck in his retirement.

Visit for more details!

2013 ATPE Summit • July 17–19 • Austin Convention Center

Stars Around Texas, Spring 2013  
Stars Around Texas, Spring 2013  

A celebration of ATPE leadership