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The Villanueva’s/Solano Family

Meet the Family

Jane is a 29 year old romantic novel writer & single mother. Jane strives to be the best mother she can, including being kind, moral, patient, protective, and fair. Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated 5 years before by Rafael’s sister, Luisa, with her son, Mateo. Rafael & Jane have been on & off with their relationship, this is due to their lifestyle & ideology differences.

Mateo is an energetic 5 year old. Mateo is loved and spoiled heavily by both his mom and dad. And although he has his frequent temper tantrums, he is kind & caring.

Rafael is a 35 year old wealthy, hotel entrepreneur. Rafael inherited his hotel, the Marbella, from his father when he died. Rafael has always lived a wealthy lifestyle, and takes his wealth for granted. He is a very supportive, caring, and loving father to Mateo. Rafael has always had feelings for Jane, whether he acknowledged it or not. However, Jane has always been apprehensive about their relationship, so she has been exploring other relationships.

The Situation As of recently, Rafael found out that he is actually adopted, and not a legitimate son to the father he was raised by. This leaves Rafael concerned because that would also mean that the Marbella is not his to inherit, and the hotel would be left to his emotionally unstable sister, Luisa. After every attempt to keep his secret, Luisa does find out, and gains control of the Marbella & Rafael’s wealth. This leaves Rafael devastated, having never known a lifestyle without money & its perks. Rafael lost his home at the Marbella, and Jane kindly takes him in. After just a few weeks of living together Jane notices that Rafael lacks all motivation and has lost all his charm & morals, all symptoms of depression. He becomes desperate, and will stop at nothing to gain his hotel & wealth back, even if that means doing things that he would never do before (Jane the Virgin Wiki, n.d.)

Traditions ●

Family always comes first, with the Villanueva's & Solano’s. Catholicism is important to Jane, and also hopes to have Matteo join the same faith. They both value family dinner’s and expect everyone to be present to eat together. The family strongly values following your dreams & achieving your goals.

Strengths & Challenges

Strengths ● ● ●

Great communication The ideology that “your problems are my problems” Jane’s concern for Rafael & her will to do anything to help him, whether he wants it or not


● Challenges ●

Rafael is not acting his normal self, and forgoes his previously important values. Jane’s persistence may affect her relationship with Rafael.

Jane & Rafael pride themselves on their ability to communicate with one another for the best interest of Mateo. Jane & Rafael value always telling the truth, and this also includes when speaking with Matteo. Jane, Rafael, & Matteo demonstrate their dedication to each other through their actions, and willingness to do anything for eachother. Jane & Mateo wear their emotions, so when they are concerned or unhappy it is well known to the family.

Developmental Stage

Family Assessment & Intervention Model

The Villanueva & Solano family is in the “families with preschool children” (Kaakinen et al., 2015). Rafael & Jane work very hard to always support Mateo, however with Rafael spending less & less time with Mateo, Jane is becoming concerned it is affecting their relationship. Jane is also required to take on more roles as a parent than she previously needed to. Lastly, Mateo notices more & more that Rafael is not himself, and it concerns Jane because of the influence Rafael may have on Mateo (Kaakinen et al., 2015).

The Family Assessment & Intervention Model focuses on helping families as a whole in a stressful event (Kaakinen et al., 2015). This model uses the families strengths to help each other through the stressful event, and also allows for lines of defense against the stressor. With this model Jane & Mateo can use their communication skills to express their concern for Rafael. And with Jane’s persistence and caring heart, Jane can help Rafael adjust and accept his new lifestyle.

Interventions 1). Speak to both Jane & Rafael about their stressors related to this change in Rafael, help both of them to identify these stressors & ways to deal with them (Kaakinen et al., 2015). 2). Encourage both Rafael & Jane to maintain their open communication, to confide in each other with their concerns, and to look to each other when they need help (Kaakinen et al., 2015). 3). Educate both Rafael & Jane on the normal cycle of grief & loss (The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle, n.d.)

Outcomes 1). Jane & Rafael will identify their stressors, and will collaborate on how they can relieve these stressors. 2). Both Rafael & Jane will look to each other for support when they need help, when they are concerned and when they just need someone to listen. 3). Jane & Rafael understands that depression and change in behavior is not unusual for the cycle of grief, & that some people need to go through it to really cope and adjust (The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle, n.d.)

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Nurs 480 final visual report  
Nurs 480 final visual report