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30 days to a HAPPIER...HEALTHIER YOU!! Sunday Wake up ready to take on a new day! 10 sit ups 5 push ups 10 second planks



Remember Breakfast Walk to class today! is the most important meal of Stay hydrated and the day! keep a bottle of water Try scrambled eggs on you. and a piece of fruit

Wednesday Try a turkey wrap for luch today instead of something greasy and fried.



Run thirty minutes Its the weekend! Enjoy today wearing your yourself without over school colors! indulging in high Invite a friend to calorie liquor and beer. join you!

Saturday Try yoga! Look for beginner classes on Youtube.

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Day 7

Eat at least 5 different veggies today

Hit the gym after class today and get lifting!

Try this! 10 Squat Jacks 30 Lunges 10 push ups

Dont forget to study! Keep up with due dates and assignments

Make sure you are following @_HealthyStudent on twitter!

Super foods for the super you! Walnuts: contains omega 3 which is good for memory and coordination

REST DAY Enjoy your day with a favorite movie or good book

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Day 14

Have a picnic on The Yard with friends make sure you pack lots of fruit and veggies!

Remember to drink plenty of water! try adding lemons, limes or cucumbers for added flavor

Create a workout playlist of your favorite songs to get you amped up!

Super foods for the super you! Black beans: A good source of protein, fiber, and flavanoids which are good for your arteries

Jumping Jack challenge! Four sets of 25 jumping jacks today!

Try This! 40 squats 8 push ups

Attend a Zumba Class today!

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Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Visit Healthy University! Read reviews on workout dvds and more!

Try this! 30 crunches

For dinner try whole wheat pasta with vegetables and a garden fresh salad!

Try this! 50 squats 10 push ups

Get up 45 minutes earlier today and enjoy a brisk morning run around your campus!

Wear your favorite school shirt today

REST DAY Attend a school game or function today

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Day 28

Play flag football with your friends

Share this Calendar with a friend!

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Day 30

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