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Jessica Lombardo’s TI SANA EXPERIENCE My name is Jessica and I’m a 34 year old female living in Amsterdam, originally from the US. I work as a director for a large accounting and professional services f irm. For the past 2,5 years I’ve lead an enormous project requiring intense focus. I reached the end of it and felt extremely intensive, overweight, tired and unhealthy.

DAY 1 – Left Stress out the gate! Reception very friendly/full service; suite is spacious, comfortable, very lovely décor. The f irst morning juice: Delicious! I decide to skip the cooking class. Juice for lunch is excellent… tastes like a very fresh gazpacho. After lunch I’m discussing my intake documents with Virginia and went through the program. I then use the Spa course… very relaxing! I love the hammam and I notice a lot of dead skin rubbing

Green Juic

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off myself. The cool mist showers smell like peppermint, refreshing, salt jacuzzi was serene. Favourite is the water fall and relaxation room. Herbal tea fantastic and very relaxing. Dinner is a veggie soup with peppers, broccoli and pea, very tasty. DAY 2 – Opening my eyes on myself… I wake up feeling good but tired. A peaceful power walk on the river with the instructor Mario, beautiful nature, good pace to get heart pumping and some tough hill at the end. Breakfast is fresh and tasty: juice of apple, cucumber and courgette. Live blood test with Virginia – very interesting! I can see that I have low iron, some liver stress, maybe some thyroid issues and also some heavy metals builded up. Morning f itness with Mario is active aerobics with boxing. The next juice: fennel, grape, apple: shockingly good!

After lunch I’m going for my first colonics. The machine Angel of Water is surprisingly comfortable and I’m able to go through the process in private, which I like. Next I’m going to the doctor’s visit. I undergo the Bioimpedence test to check water and fat content, other minerals and stats. She also looks at my posture, checks blood pressure and glands. She analyses a typical day of my diet and is able to see why my hormones and sugar levels are upside down and why I am acidic. She workes out a new meal plan for me to get the sugar boost in the morning rather than in the evening.

I’m surprised how high my fat content is (40%) and I’m told I should lose 15 kg of fat mass.

Live Blood


Next I got a deep tissue massage and then a himalayan salt bath. The massage is intense! The bath is lovely and relaxing! I’m feeling pretty hungry for dinner and I’m happy to get a f illing lentil soup.

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Power Walk


DAY 3 – In life, no free ride I didn’t sleep well last night: hot, cold and uncomfortable, but I’m looking forward to another day starting with power walking. We got to a ferry that was originally designed by Leonardo da Vinci, fascinating. Delicious breakfast juice with beetroot, apple and lemon in the sunny courtyard. Virginia joins me to discuss on how I can best adapt to my new everyday life. Next I’m rebounding on the trampoline, excellent exercise for the lymphatic and circulatory system. My lunch juice is a veggie combo of carrots, red peppers, zucchini and… it’s not my favourite! At the Spa I let the Garra Rufa f ish suck on my feet for a few minutes. I’m off on the excursion to Bergamo. I start to feel a slight congestion in my sinuses and sore throat.

The view from the old walled town is spectacular! Enjoying a delicious packed lunch. I feel very tired, but I understand I’m actually detoxing with consequent symptoms. For dinner, a delicious green bean soup, it’s thick and nutty and tasty. I need something for my headache: The chef gives me agave syrup with cinnamon. It’s sweet and nice!

DAY 4 – Spoiled and cleansed I wake up with an even worse headache and have to skip power walking. Next I’m having a very relaxing honey massage and an enjoyable and long facial with pure collagen. My skin is very soft, clean and polished... a big improvement! Then I use the wellness course and spend extra time in the hammam for my congestion. Second time Angel of Water!

I’m surprised that only 2 days later there’s still a lot of waste even though I’m juicing. Dinner is pumpkin soup, very good! At night I’m not hungry but do have an empty feeling in my stomach. It’s ok because I feel my body still adjusting to my new lifestyle. During the day I’m not hungry as long as there is no temptations.

DAY 5 – Good health, Extreme Wealth! It’s my last day, so I really want to make the best of it. I therefore meet up with

Muff ins!

Mario for river walk. This time the climb up at the end is still getting me out of breath but I feel much more f it. Breakfast is beetroot, zucchini, cucumber and fennel juice and 1,5 muff ins! Delicious, suprising for vegan baked food. Mario explains to me the new lifestyle regime recommended and details about the supplements. Virginia delivers the “Gospel” to me which is full of information about after detox and my new lifestyle as well as easy receipes to ease my life change.

Sadly it’s time to pack. I’m given a delicious looking lunch to take, which is great because I will never find anything as fresh and as healthy at the airport. Very warm goodbyes and easy check out.

TO VIRGINIA, MARIO AND ERICA: Many many thanks for your excellent service and attention to my needs and health. This was undoubtly a great decision for me. It was all very enjoyable. I feel motivated and excited to continue on a healthy course and change my lifestyle. Timing is perfect because work shouldn’t be so hectic anymore (no excuses). I will come back and hope to be much healthier. Many thanks again and good luck getting the detox retreat more and more popular and successful.

XO Jessica