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Grow Your Business With High Impact Growth Solutions From RECORIS. RECORIS is a leader in management consulting and private equity services, specializing in innovative "High Impact Growth Solutions" for small to medium growth oriented organizations. RECORIS helps your organization by improving your performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems, the development of detailed plans for improvement and management/execution assistance. Our solutions are based on the combined expertise of a team of industry leading professionals specializing in the 12 key principals of business most responsible for business growth and profitability.


Corporate Finance & Accounting


Sales & Marketing


Internal Operations & Logistics


Organization & Change Management


Customer Relationship Management


Legal & Risk Management


USP/VP & Growth Strategy Development


Business Technology Management


Human Capital Management

10. Leadership Training & Coaching 11. Asset Management & Resource Allocation 12. Implementation & Execution Management

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Seize Opportunities Proactively enabling your business to adapt and capitalize on change. Today’s small to medium companies and the owners and executives who operate them are faced with huge challenges: a full-blown, worldwide economic crisis, tax hikes, rising healthcare cost, ever-increasing government regulations, lagging consumer confidence and heightened competition just to name a few. But with every problem, in every downturn, there is opportunity if you make the right decisions and execute a well thought out plan for improvement. Now more that ever, organizations everywhere understand the positive impact consultants can have on their businesses. RECORIS provides our clients with a unique strategic advantage in the market place. We do this by capitalizing on the specific knowledge and expertise provided by a team of industry leaders specializing in 12 key principals critical to business growth and sustainability.

“Management, and technical consulting services is projected to be the fastest growing industry over the next decade due to increased competition among businesses, and increased complexity of business operations.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Guide To Industries 2010-11

Simply put we align ourselves with your needs and provide you with high impact solutions from industry experts that help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS. The collective expertise of the RECORIS Team in conjunction with the RECORIS Alliance of industry leading service providers helps our clients navigate volatile market trends, and prosper, even in difficult times. To seize opportunities and get ahead of the competition, you need agile strategies, proactive decisionmaking and the ability to focus scarce resources in every area of your organization on the activities that are most likely to bring you success. RECORIS can help you achieve this level of performance. How? By delivering world-class business consulting services from our team of industry leading consultants on an independent basis or collectively as a team. This provides you with a strategic advantage that helps you meet today’s challenges and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Our consulting services enable you to: • Solve complex business problems • Manage performance to achieve measurable objectives • Gain market share and improve profitability • Drive sustainable growth through value differentiation • Manage and capitalize on volatile market conditions

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Solve Complex Problems Optimize performance across your organization. RECORIS provides thorough assessments, detailed plans for improvement, and management/execution assistance that enable you to solve your most complex organizational problems. Our scope of services can expand or contract as your needs change. And our flexibility and in-depth knowledge base positions RECORIS as the go-to-business partner for the life of your organization The Process - Empowering the strategic business decisions that optimize performance across your organization.

Consultation A platform for mutual discovery - The initial consultation provides an opportunity for us to learn more about your companies’ needs and challenges, and define general goals and objectives. It also provides you with the opportunity to learn more about RECORIS and the services we offer.

Assessment Success begins here - Our comprehensive assessments address the full spectrum of data necessary to develop detailed plans and solutions to meet our client’s strategic business initiatives.

Planning & Strategy Strategy before structure - Following a thorough assessment, a strategy is developed, and a detailed structured plan including key deliverables and resource allocations to achieve the strategy is developed. Unlike traditional consulting agencies, this plan combines specific knowledge from industry leaders all contributing to the plan with one goal in mind, to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Execution & Management Where the rubber meats the road - A great plan without execution is just good intentions, not to mention a lot of wasted effort. Here at RECORIS we provide execution and ongoing change management services that assist decision makers with realizing their objectives.

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Organizational Solutions Make a real difference in your success. Our organizational solutions are meant to address issues common to all businesses - achieving greater ROI, optimizing supply chains, enhancing customer relationships, managing risks, etc. In every area of your organization, decision makers need answers to the questions that are crucial to increasing market share and improving profitability and sustainability. RECORIS helps you answer the tough questions that other consulting firms won’t or simply just can’t answer. Our extensive expertise combined with our flexible consulting platform allows you to address critical issues faster and yield better results. Although many organizational problems are common to most businesses, each business has specific challenges that need to be addressed, and solutions targeted to those core organizational sectors:

We Give You: • The strength to access industry specific knowledge in the 12 key principals of business most responsible for business growth and sustainability • Comprehensive services that take your organization from assessment to execution • Custom solutions that are aligned with your organizations specific objectives that address your biggest challenges

RECORIS helps you optimize the following: • Customer Relations • Finance and Human Capital • Internal Operations • Risk Management • Information Technology • Sales & Marketing Efficiency in these core organizational sectors is the foundation for sustainable growth and profitability. Get it right and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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Capitalize on Opportunities Industry-specific solutions. For customized consulting services to yield maximum value, the solutions must be relevant to the unique challenges you encounter in your industry. For example: • Financial services firms strive for effective capital management, customer profitability, risk management and regulatory compliance • Retailers seek to create high-value customer relationships while offering the right mix of products at the right price • Communications providers contend with issues of network utilization, customer churn and technology obsolescence

Poised for Growth “By combining best practices in organizational solutions with customized industry-specific solutions RECORIS is poised to help your company grow even in today’s challenging economic environment.” Eric Ables Chief Executive Officer RECORIS International

To turn industry specific challenges into opportunities for competitive advantage, you need more than generic reports, strategies, and plans. You need business solutions that directly address these complex challenges. These custom solutions incorporate best practices and research in your specific industry. Just to name a few, they take into account: • Legal Challenges • Direct Competitors • Cash Flow Problems • Intellectual Property • Industry Best Practices • Product Service Delineation • Product and Service Differentiation • Market Positioning These custom solutions reduce project risks, streamline deployment and accelerate the process of gaining market share while assisting our clients with increasing ROI.

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The RECORIS Difference Grow your business with the right solutions provider. How does RECORIS deliver what your organization needs to thrive, especially in the current economic climate? Comprehensive Knowledge & Expertise Our objective is to provide our clients access to the very best business team in the industry. Senior Consultants at RECORIS in addition to the RECORIS Alliance of industry leading service providers, provide our clients with a wealth of specific knowledge and expertise that’s unique in the industry. The comprehensive nature of the RECORIS Team and their combined efforts to grow your business provide our clients with a distinct strategic advantage in the market place. Flexible Framework RECORIS provides a flexible consulting framework that grows as your business grows to support your performance objectives and address changing market dynamics.

Commitment to Your Success RECORIS is an active and committed partner in our clients’ businesses. As a company, we are dedicated to operating in an ethical, moral and socially responsible manner. RECORIS is committed to the well being of our clients, their businesses, our employees and the communities in which we operate. Please visit us on the web for more information.

Eventually, after solving your largest business challenges, your organization can ultimately re-focus it’s efforts on refining and optimizing sustainability objectives. Integration Our consultants work hand-in-hand with key decision makers within your organization, taking into account existing protocols. And our solutions are designed to integrate directly into your existing frameworks and day-to-day business practices. Maximizing ROI Getting the most from business consulting services calls for more than just strategy and suggestions. Unlike our competitors our services include: proprietary processes, hands on assessments, consulting and strategy sessions, execution and management assistance and ongoing support services. This ensures you gain maximum return on your investment.

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Choose RECORIS GROW YOUR BUSINESS Make better decisions and get better results with RECORIS. RECORIS is the first company to call when you need to solve complex business problems, address key objectives and achieve sustainable growth. As a leader in high impact business consulting services, we provide proprietary and market-leading solutions to help you navigate today's challenges and capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. Our High Impact Growth Solutions help organizations by improving their overall performance. This is achieved primarily through the analysis of existing business problems, the development of detailed plans for improvement, followed by management and executions assistance.

It's All About Building Value For Our Clients "In today's challenging market, be worth what you charge and you have a 50/50 chance of staying in business. Be worth more than you charge and consumers will line up at your door.” Eric Ables, Chief Executive Officer RECORIS International

Our solutions and services are based on the combined expertise of a team of industry leaders specializing in the 12 key principals of business most responsible for growth and profitability. RECORIS has the knowledge and resources to continue to meet our clients’ challenges head on today, tomorrow and far into the future. While many of our competitors have merged, changed ownership or simply vanished, privately held RECORIS is poised to remain focused on delivering superior management consulting services. RECORIS helps you achieve true competitive differentiation moving you forward with confidence and clarity.

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Grow Your Business Contact us today to get started To find out more about how RECORIS can help you overcome your unique challenges, visit us on the web at: From our web site you can request more information, request a free consultation, visit our resource library, view case studies and more. For immediate assistance contact us direct 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday by calling 512-732-1243.

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