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“Traditions are an important part of our national identity and should be preserved at all costs” This statement is true because past traditions shaped the country and the actions of the people within it. People have grown up with certain traditions that made them who they are, which is why it is important to keep them so that countries and people will be different from each other. For example for me and my family visit Sweden once a year in summer where we like to celebrate mid summer with our family. However now they have kind of neglected this tradition as they have other things to do on that one day, such as swimming practice or they aren’t in the area when it is celebrated. This celebration involves getting the family together to eat, drink, dance and play games and this is very important for me and my family who are in Singapore as it is the only tradition once a year we get to celebrate in Sweden. This celebration defines us as people as no other country does it. This helps the country itself get together to be social which is important. This national celebration helps Sweden be Sweden as it differs us from others. This major celebration should be preserved however others may be lost if they aren’t seen to be as amusing or important to the country. In order to keep these traditions alive they need to be taught to the younger generations so they can keep it to continue making countries preserved and different.

Traditions are an important part of our national identity and should be preserved at all costs  
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