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Issue : Being poor and without sources to provide new information This issue is relevant to Customs and Traditions as the people of Malawi/Africa believe in certain things that aren’t true, not right and in things that limit their knowledge. If the people had money or if the government changed their “tactics” to provide the Chewa people with money to buy books or reach out to knowledge that has been discovered that could potentially benefit the Chewa people then the people of Malawi and Africa would maybe stop believing in past stories and move on with their lives to create new things which would benefit them. It implies that William and the rest of the Chewa people went though famine as well as times where they couldn’t sell their crops because people couldn’t afford it. If the Chewa people could afford or be given sources to find out (for example) what can help them with their crops during a drought, then the people would be able to (maybe) survive during that drought. With knowledge comes great power that would benefit them and if William had that, then his life would have been different. We learn that it is a common thing to be poor in Africa and that nearly the only new information that the people receive is new stories from others parents. It can however be argued if that old information is useful/helpful to them or not. Being poor in Africa is a big problem however it is difficult to change as there is barely any new ideas or knowledge that people come up with. People who haven’t heard the stories and who have outside knowledge of the world (such as not believing in witches) know/believe that some of the stories are wrong. It shows that many people are different and if you don’t have the resources to tell you any different, you will listen and obey the elders as they are seen to know the most as they lives longer and experienced more. However, not being in that society and being able to access other information as well as what is passed down to me I am able to judge what I believe to be true and not true.

Customs and Traditions (Being poor)  
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