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The Evil Religion- Your choice of trip back in time for a few the forced Catholic view and thus poison, Religion vs the Temple. moments and see what we can allows us to worship freely. Does learn and if we can find out why it? Honestly stop and think about By Eric Chambers the people are the way they are in it for just a moment. Lets look at their religion today. the structure of the Catholic I'd like to focus today on the Church for a minute. Starting Protestant Reformation. In 1517 with the Pope because he is the So, most of us can remember the only person that is infallible as days of being a young child and Martin Luther published The Ninety-Five Theses. In short, the God. being directed through Sunday Ninety-Five Theses on the Power 1) The Pope School and the great times that of Efficacy of Indulgences was 2) The Bishops we had. We remember being and is widely regarded as the 3) Priests taught the word of God and we 4) The laity thought at even a young age that primary catalyst for the Reformation. The document Now lets look at the UPCI : we were called of by God to do protests against clerical abuses, 1) General Superintendent his bidding. We would all run especially in regard to 2) General around preaching the gospel, and Secretary/Treasurer preaching what we were taught. It indulgences. It also centers on agreements within the Catholic 3) Assistant General was enough to excite the group Church. In addition Protestantism Superintendent and with a few good words we concluded in 1648 with the Treaty 4) Assistant General could really get them pumped up! of Westphalia and that of coarse Superintendent There were some that were lucky ended the eighty year war or the and were liked that they were European religious war. The Hmmmm something look encouraged to go on to Bible College when they were older and Protestant Reformation began as familiar? It should, it's the same structure. The only thing that has just about out of school and the an attempt to reform the others that still had the fire, well, CATHOLIC CHURCH. There changed is the names, and while it was put out and never to see the must much division even amongst the General Superintendent does folks like John Calvin, Martin not believe he is infallible as God warmth again. Or that is what Luther, The Puritans and the the Pope does. The structure goes those responsible for putting out Presbyterians. One of the most further and if you look each of that fire though. Friedrich recently forms of Protestantism is these up you will see that the Nietzsche's quote “What doesn't the UPCI. The United Pentecostal Catholic Church has bishops. kill us makes us stronger” rings Church International was ushered Cardinals. Priests and nuns true today. Because those that were responsible for putting out in on the scene about the 1900's etc...The UPCI has Superintendents, district those fires were guilty of killing. or about 1901. Now while this new religion brought to us the superintendents. Pastors and Physically killing no but a oneness of God, Direct bishops etc......While the names spiritual killing. Fortunately, it interaction with God, it's also have clearly changed, the did not kill all of us and Nietzsche's quote only holds more brought along with it, ALL THE organizational structure of the FORMS OF CATHOLICISM!! church has not. For the sake of water today! I can tell you this Since the Protestant Reformation this article, there is a lot that still much. Religions and those there have been many divisions in needs to be research, so it is my associated with religion today hope that you will research and especially those that are of “rank” the Catholic Church and many see what else there is to see as we within the church know a threat new religions and or denominations started. Not to cannot put everything into article when they see one. They are the mention the number of additional form. So as you can see the warriors of the church and it is their job to stop any back lashing churches that began to pop up all structure still is in place in in or any uprising's that the church over the world. Many would say denomination. I only use does not approve of. Lets take a at this point, but it freed us from Catholicism and UPCI as

examples here but there are others himself would subject himself to might as well close your bible and to include the baptists and the and allow his spirit to reside? Just throw it away. God never lies. southern baptists and many more. what is the right church and God never deceives. We must All these religions and which church does God really wake the masses and show them denominations rely on this reside in. I'll give you the answer that they have been deceived, structure. So the Protestant to the questions, though you are deceived by who? People of the Reformation was about changing not going to like them because it faith. Religions and the Catholic Church or better goes against everything that you denominations. 1 Peter 5:8 “Be words was about breaking away have ever been taught. The sober, be vigilant, because your from the dogma of the Catholic answer is NO, NO and NONE. adversary the devil, as a roaring Church. Well they got their wish, That's right. God does not exist lion, walketh about, seeking except they brought along the any any church that has been built whom he may devour.” structure. In today's religions and by man today. He does not exist God resides in us, our bodies are denominations, you won't make it because of that day that he hung his temple. God left us no choice very far. Sure you might end up on the tree. Under the Old to “accept him”, he left us no teaching Sunday School or you Covenant, God spirit resided choice. Sure we can run, we can might get a chance to sing in the behind the veil in the TEMPLE. hide but the power of the living choir on a Sunday Evening but if The day that Yahshua hung on God will always be amongst us, you want to go above that you that tree and gave up the ghost the for God said that he would save have to have the blessings of the veil was rent. Meaning that God all men. church and you have to educate spirit no longer existed in the Folks, we as humans and our yourself on the dogma of that Temple. Even after the carnal minds put too much religion. You must believe in it in resurrection many still thought emphasis on many things. it's entirety or forget it. Religion that he did exist but they soon Included in this is religions and and Denominations are just like found out that the temple was no denominations. Most people will the world of Politics. It is a dog more better than the dirt it was read this article one time and eat, dog world. Now the built upon. God no longer existed never read it again because it goes government likes to show that it amongst man. So where did God against the things that they were plays nicely with church's and go? 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 taught. The church is destroying thus allows them an exemption in “Know ye not that ye are the you my friend. You might have the form of taxes. It's called temple of God, and that the Spirit friends and loved ones in the 501C3. If you think for one of God dwelleth in you? If any church and it might just be your moment that the government is man defile the temple of God, him routine to attend church every letting any religion or shall God destroy, for the temple Tuesday/Wednesday and denomination get away without of God is holy, which temple ye Thursday and Sunday. You go paying them some sort of money, are.” because you are being fed, but are you are crazy. So just how does There you have it. God dwells in you being fed the entire truth? the government get money from us. IN US FOLKS!! Not in a Does the pastor, or the preacher the churches regardless of their church built by man, not in some allow for you to question the religion or denomination? From religion or denominations where word? 1 John 4:1 “Beloved, being members in good standing's they they require you to pay your believe not every spirit, but try with private government groups. tithes and offerings to better the the spirits whether they are of It's all one big happy family folks. church or their business. Not so God: because many false There is much more to be they can take that money and pay prophets are gone out into the researched on this, but lets get to the government for allowing them world.” I can tell you that the the meat and potatoes on this on. to be a 501C3 status. GOD religion that I came from would Does this sound like some place RESIDES IN US. WE ARE HIS not let you try the Spirit, and not that God resides?? Does this TEMPLE. If you believe anything just me but they would not let sound like a place that God else other than this, then you anyone that done any

considerable amount of studying your trust in him and not the given up on churches and to question anything that was church the Lord will prevail and religions and decided that the taught from the pulpit. It was will comfort you and take care of only one that is important is GOD their way or the highway. I you. 1 Peter 2: 9 says “But ye are and begin the journey that will challenge each and everyone of a chosen generation, a royal start with God removing the you that read this article. Find priesthood, an holy nation, a blinders from your eyes and heal yourself. Take a look at yourself. peculiar people; that ye should you and mold you into that Make a change. It was the hardest shew forth the praises of him who priesthood that you are? God is thing for me as young man to do, hath called you out of darkness still calling. Will you chose but let me tell you something. into his marvelous light.” religion/denominations over When you let go of your religion The time is now folks. Stand up GOD? Or will you allow God to or your denomination and put and be counted. Be that royal work in your life. Certainly the away the filth that is in the priesthood that God has said you chose is your, but let me tell you churches today you will see are. WE are a chosen generation that God has revealed things to something happen. God will and God is looking for a few me that I could never seen had I begin to move in your life. You good people!!! You cannot find dedicated my life to religion. I will see things happen if you truly God in a religion or denomination encourage you to try my spirit want them to happen. God called folks. No matter how long you and to try what I am telling you us out of the miry clay! Psalm look. No matter how much you today. I know I have the truth, 40:2 “He brought me up also out search. You will knock on doors why? Because the truth always of an horrible pit, out of the miry and they will never open to you. sets you free!!!! I am free. I am clay, and set my feet on upon a The church today is not the free of religion and rock, and established my goings.” church of biblical days. Did you denominations and I have been Praise God that he cared so much hear me? THE CHURCH saved by Yahshua and I am of a about us that regardless of the TODAY IS NOT THE Royal Priesthood and I am of a decisions that we make he still CHURCH OF BIBLICAL peculiar people!! brought us out and still today DAYS!! We as individuals are wants to show us things. the strong holds. We are the However, with the spiritual watchtowers. It is US that God is I leave you with this scripture, blinders on and the eyes that have calling can you hear him? He that won't you hear God knocking on been protected by God we cannot hath an ear.... your temple door? see the greatness of God. God is calling out today for you and for Again, it is my hope that Revelations 3:22 “He that hath me. He wants to use you. He somehow that God allows you to and ear, let him hear what the already molded you for who you see the importance of this Spirit saith unto the churches.” are today, and he wants to message. God is no respecter of continue on that masterpiece. He persons, and God is angry with all cannot do this while our minds the worship towards idols and are yet carnal and distracted by churches and religions and their You may contact me at anytime man and false prophets. The dogma. Folks today God is still should you have any questions, churches today are the biggest of calling us. He still wants to show comments or suggestions. My the false prophets. They teach you us all the mysteries of the word. email is only what they want you to know He wants us to understand fully and what their his plan. He cannot use you if you religion/denomination wants them are bound by this world. This to teach. I'm here to tell you folks world will only bear down on you that God is a powerful God and and will mislead you and he wants you to know everything misguide you. Won't you please about him, if you will only put get a hold of someone that has

The Evil Religion  

Your choice of poison, Religion vs the Temple

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