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Chapter 2: Web Browser Basics: Internet Explorer and Firefox 2.1 Introduction to the Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 Web Browsers 2.1 A web browser is ______ that renders Internet documents. a) hardware b) software c) a search engine d) firmware Ans: b 2.2 ______ and ______ are the two most popular Web browsers. a) Opera and Netscape b) Amazon and E-bay c) Firefox and Internet Explorer d) America Online and MSN Ans: c 2.2 Connecting to the Internet 2.3 A(n) ______ connects computers to the Internet. a) ICW . b) WWW. c) ISP. d) ISO. e) ASP. Ans: c 2.4 Which of the following is not required to connect to the Internet? a) computer. b) modem or network card. c) service provider. d) All are required. Ans: d

2.3 Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 Features 2.5 The acronym URL stands for ______. a) Universal Required Label. b) Universal Remote Locator. c) Uniform Resource Locator. d) Uniform Resource Label. Ans: c 2.6 Typically, web pages are delivered to web browsers via which protocol: a) TCP. b) HTTP. c) FTP. d) QTP. Ans: b

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2.4 Customizing Browser Settings 2.7 Which of the following is the best definition of a cookie as related to Internet browsing? a) A cookie is a sweet, baked good. b) A cookie is a file that continuously updates the time on a client’s computer. c) A cookie is a file that indicates the security level of a web site being visited. d) A cookie is a file placed on a client’s computer that stores information about the user. Ans: d 2.8 The storage that a browser uses to save web pages for quick future access is called the ______. a) cache. b) Internet Options. c) ISP. d) source code. e) plug-in. Ans: a 2.5 Searching the Internet 2.9 Which of the following sites does not use databases to search the Internet? a) Google. b) Yahoo. c) MetaCrawler. d) AltaVista. e) MSN. Ans: c 2.6 Keeping Track of Your Favorite Sites 2.10 The ______ feature in Internet Explorer lets the user add URLs to a saved list. a) Search. b) Favorites. c) Tools. d) Bookmarks. Ans: b 2.11 The ______ feature in Firefox lets the user add URLs to a saved list. a) Search. b) Favorites. c) Tools. d) Bookmarks. Ans: d

2.7 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)  2.12 FTP sites with ______ allow any user to access files on the site. a) open interfaces. b) anonymous FTP access. c) restricted access.

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d) HTTP protocol. Ans: b 2.13 Restricted access FTP sites require that the user ______. a) login. b) register. c) send an email address. d) download a file. Ans: a 2.8 Online Help 2.14 Answers to frequently asked questions about using the web browser are are accessible in the ______ menu. a) File. b) Contents and Index. c) Tools. d) Help. Ans: d 2.11 Other Web Browsers 2.15 Which of the following are alternative web browsers to Internet Explorer and Firefox? a) Safari. b) Opera. c) Mac OS. d) a, b and c. e) Both a and b. Ans: e 2.16 Firefox 2 uses the _______ layout engine. a) Gecko. b) Lizard. c) Chameleon. d) Internet Explorer. Ans: a

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