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Problems of Illness and Health Care 14. Describe differences between health care in the United States and other countries. 15. Describe the relative proportions of the American population who are covered by government health care plans versus private insurance and explain differences between traditional health insurance plans and health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, and managed care in the United States. 16. Describe the provisions and recipients of America’s major publicly funded health programs of Medicare, Medicaid, the state Children’s Health Insurance Program, Workmen’s Compensation, and military health care and explain problems associated with each of these government programs. 17. Describe and explain the problems in the United States of inadequate health insurance coverage, including inadequate insurance for the poor and problems of health coverage related to increased longevity. 18. Explain the high costs of hospital services, doctors’ fees, medical technology, drugs, health insurance, and health care administration in the United States and the consequences of the high cost of health care for individuals and families. 19. Explain the managed care crisis. 20. Explain the problem of inadequate mental health care in the United States. 21. Explain differences in the strategies of selective primary health care and comprehensive primary health care and discuss the effectiveness of each of these kinds of strategies. 22. Describe and explain strategies for improving maternal and infant health. 23. Describe and explain strategies for preventing and alleviating HIV/AIDS. 24. Describe and explain strategies for fighting the problem of obesity. 25. Compare health care coverage in other industrialized countries with the United States and describe U.S. efforts toward health care reform. 26. Describe strategies to improve mental health care, including eliminating the stigma of mental illness and eliminating inequalities in health care coverage for mental disorders in contrast to other health disorders.


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