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Lecture Ideas Introduction The following files contain ideas for lectures based on the chapters and exercises contained in Buchanan and Huczynski's, Organizational Behaviour: An Introductory Text, fifth edition. They are arranged by chapter number, and the number of course lectures per week. They are oriented to a semester length course. As the sample below shows, each one contains an idea for a lecture content and objectives; indicates the key concepts, theories and research and authors to be considered; highlights the relevant lecture and tutorial exercises; and references to the Student Resources section of the Companion Website. There are a total of 72 suggested lectures. Traditional work design: Taylor and Ford on people LECTURE CONTEXT: This session will consider Henry Ford’s development of Frederick Taylor’s ideas, and his own unique contribution to organizational design and workplace control of labour. Contemporary applications of Taylorist and Fordist principles, in the form of McDonaldization, will also be discussed. LECTURE OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lecture, students will be able to: (a) Understand Ford’s development of Taylor’s ideas. (b) Assess Ford’s unique contribution to workplace organization. (c) Relate these ideas to McDonaldization in the present day. PRE-LECTUREPREPARATION: None POST-LECTURE READING: Chapter 13 KEY CONCEPTS INTRODUCED: Taylorism; Fordism; flow line production work KEY THEORIES INTRODUCED: None KEY RESEARCH FINDINGS: None KEY AUTHORS REFERRED TO: Taylor; Ford LECTURE EXERCISE: Exercise 1. ‘Assembly line simulation’ LINK TO TUTORIAL: Exercise 2. ‘McDonaldization’ CWS-Student Resources Questions on Chapter 13 Traditional work design As an adopting instructor, you are invited to download these entries, and then resequence, modify or amend them to suit your particular course. The entries can, of course, also be translated into your own language of instruction. Using the ‘cut-and-paste’ facility on your word processor, you should be able to construct the details of your own course for your students’ course handbook, in under an hour.

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solution manual organizational behaviour 6th edition huczynski. Full file at

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