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Chapter 2 Review Questions

1. True 2. True 3. False 4. tnsnames.ora 5. b. Centralize access to tools and utilities 6. b. Shared pool 7. Storage 8. a. Killing a user session 9. DBWn or database writer 10. a. Local naming; c. Host naming 11. c. 4 (an opening parentheses is missing after ADDRESS_L:IST =) 12. True

Exam Prep Questions 1. e. None of the above 2. a. Assign users the ability to create tables, c. Limit the resources a user can use on the database, e. Create a new user 3. True 4. a. Net Manager, c. Net Configuration Assistant 5. a. User Name, c. Service name, d. Password

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6. b. Incorrect port number specified, c. Database instance not running, d. User SCOTT was removed or password was changed 7. a. PGA, c. Server process 8. a. Copying redo log files to a remote storage area 9. b. PMON 10. a. SGA, b. PGA, d. Background processes 11. b. Redo log buffer 12. a. Redo log file, c. Control file 13. d. lsnrctl start 14. e. None of the above (the correct URL is http://<hostname>:5500/em)

Solution manual oracle 10g database administrator 2nd edition powell  

solution manual oracle 10g database administrator 2nd edition powell. Full file at

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