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Instructor’s Manual for Haviland, Prins, Walrath, and McBride’s

Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge 12th Edition

Marjorie M. Snipes

University of West Georgia

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Full file at

Table of Contents Introduction Sample Syllabus Utilizing the Anthropology Resource Center

iv iiiv

Part I—Anthropology: The Challenge of Knowing Humanity Chapter 1 The Essence of Anthropology Chapter 2 Characteristics of Culture Chapter 3 Ethnographic Research: Its History, Methods, and Theories Chapter 4 Becoming Human: The Origin and Diversity of Our Species

1 11 21 30

Part II—Culture and Survival: The Challenge of Communicating, Raising Children, and Staying Alive Chapter 5 Language and Communication Chapter 6 Social Identity, Personality, and Gender Chapter 7 Patterns of Subsistence Chapter 8 Economic Systems

41 50 59 67

Part III—Formation of Groups: The Challenge of Cooperation Chapter 9 Sex, Marriage, and Family Chapter 10 Kinship and Descent Chapter 11 Grouping by Gender, Age, Common Interest, and Class

77 87 95

Part IV—Search for Order: The Challenge of Disorder Chapter 12 Politics, Power, and Violence Chapter 13 Spirituality, Religion, and the Supernatural Chapter 14 The Arts

104 114 124

Part V—Change and the Future: The Challenge of Globalization Chapter 15 Processes of Change Chapter 16 Global Challenges, Local Responses, and the Role of Anthropology

133 142


Solution manual cultural anthropology 12th edition haviland  

solution manual cultural anthropology 12th edition haviland. Full file at

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