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more monotonous and repetitive, causing dissatisfaction. a.) Some organizations responded to worker resistance by increasing the mechanization of the work process. iv. Achieving the right mix of workertask specialization produced huge cost savings and output increases. v. Scientific management practices cause many ethical concerns D. The Gilbreths 1. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth refined Taylor’s analysis of work movements and made many contributions to time-and-motion study. a. They used film to analyze worker movements to: i. break down and analyze every individual action into each of its component actions, ii. find better ways to perform each component action, iii. reorganize each of the component actions. 2. The Gilbreths became focused on the study of fatigue and how physical characteristics of the workplace contribute to job stress and poor performance. a. Jobs were more repetitive, boring, and monotonous as a result of the application of scientific management principles, leading to worker dissatisfaction. b. Studies led to a “game” between workers, who tried to hide the potential for efficiency and managers, who tried to initiate work practices to increase performance.

STUDENT POWERPOINT SLIDE 5 (INSTRUCTOR’S POWERPOINT SLIDE 9) The Gilbreths TEXT REFERENCE MANAGER AS A PERSON Carnegie Creates the New Industrial Economy Andrew Carnegie’s family immigrated to the United States from Scotland in the mid 1800’s and since, unlike many citizens of the time, Andrew Carnegie was able to read and write he was identified as a worker with potential. Throughout his early career with the railroad, Carnegie made a name for himself by continually finding ways to use resources more productively, specifically to reduce costs and increase profitability. While leading a division, the company’s stock price shot upward and Andrew become a very wealthy man. Carnegie subsequently sold all of his railroad stock and used the proceeds to open Carnegie Steel, the first low cost steel manufacturer in the United States

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