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Main Advantages of Using Polystyrene Compactor – How Does it Benefits Polystyrene when thrown out will not break down and it will take more space filling the land. Moreover, polystyrene is blown by the wind easily due to its light weight, which ends up as litter on the ground and affects the environment and harm marine life and animals. Though recycling of polystyrene is difficult, polystyrene compactor is widely used for its various benefits that have still proven to be productive. Here follows some of the benefits of polystyrene compactor: •

The Unique insulation performance of the compactor will keep polystyrene material safe inside and will eradicate pollution

Expanded polystyrene is considered to be non-toxic and chemically inert and no bacteria or fungi can grow on it

Polystyrene becomes non-hygroscopic and insoluble

The technology used for manufacturing is clean, which means only minimal energy and less water input is used without any production waste

The compactors are effective in minimizing 98% of air transportation

About 2% of the polystyrene cellular matrix will give huge impact resistance

It is economic and efficient with localized production units, which means low cost and better solution

This compactor is suitable for EPS polystyrene packaging, polyurethane packaging, EPS polystyrene fish boxes, polyurethane insulation foam and EPS dust

It gives optimum compaction performance with continuous and fast throughput


This compactor is designed to densify packaging foams, which is the tough material that is compact at volume reduction


There are different models of compactor designed to serve specific needs. Some specific models can ensure maximum payload for export

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Main advantages of using polystyrene compactor – how does it benefits  
Main advantages of using polystyrene compactor – how does it benefits