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For me, design and creation are our tomorrow world‌

Presentation : Page 4-5 Process Design : Page 6-7 My process 3D : Page 8-15 Surfacique project : Page 16-23 Polygonal project : Page 24-27 Other : Page 28-31 CV: Page 32-33

presentation Hello, I’m Eric Guertzmann, I’m 22 Years olrs and I’m currently in 3rd year of digital design at the International School of Design (ISD) in Valenciennes For me, design isn’t only my future job, it’s already part of my life, of my way to think and to observe the world around me. Passionate and curious, I have a critical point of view on the existing products, and I’m able to find pertinent problems and to answer it.

I’m looking for a 5-6 month internship, to increase my experience in the professional world and to develop the skills I learnt during my studies.


- : Brief’s analysis

- Synthèse de l’analyse

- Understanding of the environment

- Brainstoming

- Market study - Target - Finding of the needs - Specifications

-Technical and technolgical researches - Technical drawing -Product’s package

- Sketches

-Materials’ choice/ Color & trim

- Functional mock up

- Economical specifications

- Concept - Firts 3D

-Choice of the final concept -CAD ofthe concept / renderings 2D/3D -Communication around the product (animation, integration in theenvironment, show reel, 3D relief…)

-Researches on the shape with the fabrication process - 3D printing - Mold for the production line

The digital designer is the one who combine the creativity of a designer and the technical parts of an engineer. It’s to use its own experience to conclude with an optimized and sellable product. tour du lac

The SKILL of digital designer : Creativity A good technical and artistic culture Good image analysis Observation Curiosity Proactivity Great at communicate A favor for the team work skills in lots of diffrent software Known in new technologies

STEP 1_Information and pictures researches

STEP 2_Analysis and understanding of the surfaces

STEP 3_ Beginning of the CAD, place the blueprint and create a curve network.

STEP 4_ Establishment of the first surfaces.

STEP 5 Global volume close

STEP 6 _Finish the details

STEP 7 _Control and increase the surfaces

Final Modeling

STEP 8 _Setting of the lights

Rendu Platre

STEP 9_White render (to see the lights and validate a coherent scene)

STEP 10_Mapping Project and ajust UV map

STEP 11_Texturing Work on textures, decompose several passes. With Photoshop and crazy bump


Color diffuse



Final Render_Maya,Vray

STEP 12_Render and compositing.

Student Project_Team of 5 members

Brief: Create a collaborativ robot, which breaks the current codes if uses intĂŠgration and perception. On this project I was part of the whole process : Analysis, Creativity, Development Once finished concepts, I went to one of the three modeling concepts in order to show our jury and engineers with whom we work.

Skecht Modeling: Sketch and speed modeling.

Show reel _I use VRED as a software for my show reel scenes, it’s useful to visualize in real time with the designer or the client the concept or the part of the project. To turn around, zoom on details or even change the color.


This concept was to improve in order to give a final concept which was carried out in 3D and which give effect to an animated presentation of the outcome of the project. Modelisation of the robot: ALIAS Modelisation of the scene : MAYA (Polygonal) Animation: MAYA with VRAY No video available because of its confidentiality, currently being finalized for sale on the market.


ModĂŠlisation: Alias Rendu : Maya,VRAY

As I have an interior architect background, I always love to realize that kind of scene. -The establishment of the scene is very simple in polygonal (but the sofa)

When my product is in soft material,I export my CAD file in a sculpture softwareto realizethe folds and makethe product more realist.

Maya,Vray,Sculptris and Photoshop

Free software, easy to use : I use it for furniture, seat of cars, Human body ‌

Realisation of a CAD model for an integration in an animated advertisement The CAD highlighted the product (presentation) It explain better the technical parts of the product (special rack and pinion) Animation of a role playing


Creation of a storyboard rectly with te client to establish the video.

- Modelisation ModĂŠlisation : Maya - Rendering Rendu : Mental Ray - Animation Sous Maya et Mental Ray Montage video -Sous Final Cut pro ModĂŠlisation Polygonal

Even if I use the 3D tools I draw again because for me it is a universal communication and outie with which I forward d and enchange my ideas.

63 Chemin des regniers 62137 Coulogne 0614911314 0321823693 SoftWare 2D

Education: -Digital designer 3rd year (ISD) -BTS (2 years studies) in the architectural organization (2012) -Frech high school diploma, A level, Option carpentry (metion) (2010)

extra -Société Picture Studio Picture studio ( computer graphic designer, film editor) (3mois) (2012) Société Abciss Architectes (Computer drawing) (3 months) (2011) Société Cousin Alain Fermeture (Carpentry) (2 months) (2010) Menuiserie Pompe Funèbre Baudouin (Carpentry) (2 months) (2009 )

SoftWare 3D

Driving license (Personnal car) Hobbies for art, architecture et le design Drawing, Digital art Basket and extreme sport Data processing Cinema

Guertzmanneric portfolio