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Brand History The French Crocodile


The history of Lacoste

1923 French tennis star René Lacoste received his nickname ”The Alligator” by an American journalist.

1927 Artist Robert George creates the Lacoste crocodile.

1933 René Lacoste officially launches the Lacoste brand with it’s first ad campaign.

1952 Lacoste makes it’s way to America.

1951 Kids collection is launched.

1996 René Lacoste dies at 92 years of age due to heart failure.

1970 The start of international advertising campaigns, promoting their french style.

2010 Felipe Oliveira Baptista is named the new Creative head of the company, allowing for more freedom in re-interpreting the famous crocodile logo.

2006 In honor of René’s values, the company started Foundation LACOSTE, helping young, vulnerable, people with tennis and golf lessons.

2018 Lacoste started their re-branding project and are not looking back.


Kids Sports Color wheel

Expensive Old Fashioned Rich

Preppy Grown men Stylish

Try-hards Tennis Outdated

Douchbags Frat boys French


Clean Sports Modern

Exciting Gender equal Adventurous

Free Stylish Happy

French Tennis Empowering

Ambitious Chique Price worthy

TO EXIST IS TO SURVIVE UNFAIR CHOICES. Continuing to evolve and learn from one’s mistakes is the only way to enjoy longevity. As soon as complacency strikes, what once was destined for greatness turns into failure.

We strive for success by adapting before innovating.

ABOUT LACOSTE Strong In Numbers




The Crocodile.

Douchebag stamp.

Rich heritage.

Misconceptions about the crocodile.

Plain Polo shirts. The Lacoste foundation.

Lowered the quality of their clothes.

Established worldwide.



Use the momentum from current projects such as the wildlife awareness campaign to shift the brand perception.

Strong competitors who have similar products.

Focus on the sporting spirit and freedom.

Counterfeit products on the market.

Increasing demand for sportswear products.

Losing market shares to competitors over the last couple of years.

Increasing competition from lifestyle brands.

Current Competitors Quality

Ralph Lauren

Calvin Klein

Fred Perry

Tommy Hilfiger


Ralph Lauren

Calvin Klein

Fred Perry

Tommy Hilfiger



Adjacent Competitors Quality




American Eagle





American Eagle



Aspirational Competitors Quality


New Balance


Marc Jacobs



New Balance


Marc Jacobs



THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD COMPETITION Competition is good for any brand. Without it, we would become complacent far too easily. It’s essential to thrive and that is why we view competitors as friends rather than enemies. It’s only together that we’ll reshape the fashion scene and defy the norms.

Brand Review Founders: René Lacoste & André Gillier, 1933. Origin: France. Personality: Proud. Products: clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, tennis shirts, sheeting, and towels. Distribution: Available in 120 countries around the world. Biggest strength: Brand Logo. Biggest weakness: Unintended target audiences. Fun Fact: René Lacoste’s nickname was Alligator before being translated to Crocodile in France.

Costumer profiles Heey!


How’s it going? You wouldn't guess how lazy I’ve been this week. In my defense, the weather has been absolutely amazing and because of the light savings, it is actually still light and sunny when I get off work. On Friday I’m traveling to Aspen with my friends from College so I should probably get back to work. Would be a shame if I got back with no job waiting for me here on Monday. Have a good one!



Sorry.. that was super lame, but I’m so incredibly boooored right now! The weekend can’t come fast enough. On Sunday my friend and I are going to this animal shelter nearby and she’s going to adopt a little puppy! (You’re welcome my Instagram) Gotta go Bayee



My name is Brooklyn. I love doing things with my friends but at the same time, I have no problem sitting at home binge-watching Netflix with my besties Ben and Jerry. Might have happened last night heh... But today the sun is out so I’m up early and in the car atm, traveling to wine country with my friends. It’s gonna be so much fun! See ya xD

Hey! My name is Hugo and I’m one of those cliché tech guys from SF... Or at least during the week because on weekends I transform into a completely different person and try to visit Tahoe as often as possible with my girlfriend and friends. Breathing the fresh air really recharges my batteries for the upcoming week.


Hey! I’ve literally been stuck in traffic all day... But it’s ok as long as I have some Dua Lipa to jam to. That’s my girl! Opening my windows and getting some tan doesn’t make it worse either! Hope my boss doesn’t think I went on a vacation (I’m from Seattle and it’s been raining 2 months straight).



What’s up! Last weekend I was supposed to go visit my parents, but the weather turned out to be so good that I ended up on my surfboard for three days straight... Now I’m in deep shit at home and far behind in school. Was it worth it? Definitely. See ya!


INNOVATION means daring to dream.

BRAND VOICE The Talking Croc


Personality The ideal’s and presence of RenÊ Lacoste has never diminished, and we continue to strive for new ways of allowing our costumers to be free and work for what they believe in. A piece of clothing can say much more than comfort or power. It can completely shift a mentality.

Soul Our ambition is to support the go-getters of the world and encourage them to speak their minds.

Mission We break borders and shed new light on what you can await from us at Lacoste. Because the primary function of our brand is to provide you a platform to free mind and soul. Wearing Lacoste is an unprecedented liberation that we wish to celebrate with you.

THE LOGO Evolution Of Scales


Logotype History Our logo has evolved quite a bit since its creation in 1927, although always keeping crocodile resemblance as a benchmark and inspiration for future evolutions.

Logotype Explorations In the creation of our new logo, we decided to continue developing on the crocodile shape and add complexity to it, by subtracting from it. Exploring what can be visualized through simple linear shapes.

Wordmark Construction When creating the wordmark for the new Lacoste logo, we decided to juxstapose it with an italic San-Serif font, that adds a new element to it and lets it stand out.

Final Logotype

In the end, we came up with this. A brand new take on the famous crocodile, depicting it through two different linear motions. The first one; also seen as the tail and body of the animal, represents our quest for continuous learning and improving. The second; or the crocodile head, embodies the ever-changing tide and charisma that is Lacoste.

Similar Logotypes Lacoste has since the start, been great innovators on how to take advantage of their logo, a symbol we all are proud of, the RenÊ Lacoste Crocodile. One specific usage was to start putting the logo on various clothing and accessories, and it wasn’t long before brands followed suit. The usage of animals in Logotypes has grown in popularity over the years with many brands having a crack at it. When shaping our new logo we decided to keep the crocodile shape, colors and feel, yet alter it to a more minimalistic, clean and playful logo. By doing so we kept the Lacoste identity, yet differentiating ourselves from our competitors. The logos included on this page are brands with similar logotypes and in the same or similar industries.

GUIDELINES A Path Worth Following


Please Do When using the logo, the Croc’s proportions should at all times be 4x by 6x, no matter the size. The thickness should always stay relative as well. The wordmark is always 5x long and 1x tall. The background color does not have to be white, as long as the color is in tone with the brand and light enough to not cause any distractions. The logo and wordmark should either be represented in green, black or white. However, no mixtures or other colors are deemed appropriate. Body copy can start 1x after either the Logotype or the Logomark. As for taglines, the distance should be no less than 0.5x.


4x 1x 1x 1x 5x

Just Don’t

STYLE without it, playing and winning is not enough.

Color Pallette

Shadow Black

PMS: PQ-BlackC CMYK: 90, 78, 62, 96 RBG: 1, 2, 4

Swamp Green

PMS: 2411 CP CMYK: 82, 47, 92, 54 RBG: 21, 62, 9

Croc Green

PMS: 2259 XGC CMYK: 84, 35, 100, 28 RBG: 29, 119, 0

Mallow Pink

Ocean Blue

Tooth White

PMS: 2337 UP CMYK: 0, 31, 24, 0 RBG: 237, 181, 174

PMS: 290 U CMYK: 32, 1, 2, 0 RBG: 167, 212, 238

PMS: 11-0601 TCX CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0 RBG: 255, 255, 255

Primary Typeface

Source Sans Pro Black Chapter Headline font, 48pt & 60pt

Source Sans Semibold Sub headline font, 36pt & 20pt

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789!#@€%&/()=?+

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789!#@€%&/()=?+

Secondary Typeface

Noto Sans Regular Bodycopy font, 10pt

Source Sans Regular Quotes and one-liners, 14pt

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789!#@€%&/()=?+

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789!#@€%&/()=?+


Always work towards transparency and not jealousy.

LACOSTE KIDS See You Later Aligator


Happy as a Croc can be.

Personality Lacoste kids are all about fun and passion. Everyone is welcome and no one should be left out. Crocodiles are social beings and stay together, we want to keep it that way and will always take the fight for inclusion and equal treatment of kids.

About We offer various trendy as well as sporty clothing options. With everything from T-shirts and hoodies to socks and sneakers available on our shelves. On every item of clothing, our new Lacoste kids Crocodile sits comfortably sown on to the left breast, just as our original logo.

PLAY never let the joyous moments be forgotten.

BRAND VOCALS Making The Pond Smaller


Historic Advertising Throughout our decorated past, we have come up with many innovative adverts that have hit the mark and propelled us to the next level. Famous for our french design and engaging communication we are able to connect with our customers and guide them towards what we believe to be the future.

New Advertising When we communicate we have a few things in mind. The ad should convey at least one feeling, it should empower and most important of all, it should feel fresh and exciting.

WE LIVE IN A CROCODILE EAT CROCODILE WORLD. Sometimes kindness and integrity are all that separates success from command.

Photography Style Our goal is to always communicate positivity and passion through our images. They should relate to nature and feel as if the person viewing the image is inhaling a breath of fresh air. Every shot, whether it’s on location or in the studio, should always come across as natural. Because there is nothing more beautiful than everyday life.


Free & Adventurous.


Warm & Welcoming.


Cheerful & Sincere.

Channels The Easy Way



Landing Page

Shopping Page


Social Media



#beautifulinnature #Happyasacroccanbe






Lacoste Arena The Lacoste Stadium is a brand new recreational area inside the Everglades, Florida. This area is created to protect wildlife and plants from the ever-growing urban cities. The name derives from the sports saying “we made our stadium into a fortress� meaning we will not get beaten in our own territory. Here animals and plants will get to roam freely without the disturbance of people.

The Crocothon The Crocothon is a brand new race organized and funded by Lacoste. The race will take place in the south of France sometime during the month of June. The Crocothon differentiates itself from regular marathons in that it is held both on land and in the sea. Contestants are challenged to run and swim between the mainland and a chosen islands off the coast with the goal, to get from point A to B in the fastest way possible. The winners of each category will feature in an exclusive article by Lacoste Magazine, a â‚Ź2,000 check as well as brand new, limited edition, Lacoste training gear.

Smooth Meals are important. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to cook. We decided to help them out by launching our own Smooth trucks in cities, where we will sell healthy energy bars and smoothies.

TALENT A made up term to undermine hard work.

Further Business Extentions The Lacoste Hiking Team We will sponsor a team of hikers who will explore the unexplored. They will receive missions and even have their own Lacoste Instagram page. Future Crocs A brand new Tennis Camps for kids aged between 12 and 14, who dream of one day becoming the next Novak Djokovic. Pop Up Shop Pop up stores that sell suitable sport clothes at different sporting events around the world. Hike Up A platform created for explorers to find hiking partners to enjoy the many faces of nature with. Coach Lacoste We will be offering online life coaching with experts on the subject for Lacoste members on our website. Crocout Sometimes the woods or the mountains are far away. Crocout will be a workout program designed for those with limited space in mostly cities. The Green Cleanser A brand new two-week boot camp located in the remote Rocky Mountains for those who want to not only get in shape but also cleanse their minds. Collaboration with Natgeo The Lacoste Hiking team will be collaborating with National Geographics for this action-packed documentary.

LacosteXNeyman We will collaborate with Neymar and together we will come up with a brand new summer collection. Fashionista Here we will talk to our fashion interested audience. Because after all we still care deeply about fashion. The Lacoste blog Our street-style blog will serve as an inspirational page for those who feel that they need advice on not only fashion but also confidence and self-acceptance. Feel Better Mental health is a big issue in our society, especially amongst men. We created Feel Better as a sounding board for those in need of help. Tennis house Tennis courts can be hard to come by, especially indoor courts during the colder months. We have created warm air tennis tents that we will place around Europe during the colder months of winter. Lacoste After School Balancing School and Tennis is not always the easiest task. We decided to facilitate it, by creating a club where our young crocs get tutoring help as well as tennis practise twice a week. What a Croc Eats Eating healthy is the an integrate part of staying healthy. On our newly launched Youtube channel, we will guide our viewers through quick and easy recipes to start the day the right way.

The Lacoste tennis racquet Together with our Pro Athletes we have designed and perfected a brand new tennis racquet. It will be available in three sizes. Pro, Semi, Beginner. The Lacoste racquet bag A big part of tennis is looking the part. A fashionable tennis bag is almost a necessity to accompany the Lacoste tennis racquet. Lacoste untz While working out most will argue that music is the key motivator. We will create a range of Spotify playlist together with athletes to not only get people pumped up but also to give them a sneak peek into the minds of top performing athletes. Lacoste vending machine Sometimes it can be tricky deciding for the right clothing when stepping out of the house. Even more so if you are going hiking. We will place clothes and snacks, in vending machines, in the Rocky Mountains, Alps, and Himalaya. Lacoste Clock Lacoste already has a clock line. Although it is mainly for fashion. A new training clock will be introduced, that counts steps, calories, distance and much much more. Lacoste at the Olympics Lacoste will become a new sponsor for the summer Olympics starting with the summer games in Tokyo, Japan. We will be a secondary partner and feature in the form of booths, lounges, and ads, mainly during tennis and golf events.

Lacoste at the World Cup After entering the Olympic territory, Lacoste has decided to conquer the football world. Starting with the Qatar World Cup in 2022, Lacoste will provide clothes for World Cup employees as well as our logo featuring on match officials’ shirts. Lacoste Sunscreen Sometimes nature is so captivating that it’s easy to forget to use sunscreen. Lacoste will therefore add a new sunscreen brand to their collection of adventure necessities. Lacoste Open To expand our tennis horizon we will launch a new ATP/ WTA 250 tournament in Paris. The tournament will allow us to provide wildcards to up and coming players on the tour, who are looking for their big break. Lacoste Tennis Balls With our tennis tournament looking, we will create tennis balls that will be the official balls for the tournament. The balls will be quick and easily affected by spins. A perfect match for the Clay Courts in Paris.

All content for the Lacoste Brandbook was conceived, designed, and produced by Eric Boheman. Writing and editing supplemented by Eric Boheman. Photography provided by Rachel Holmes, The only exception is for the Instagram pictures, The Product shots, the Lacoste Stadium and the moodboards which were taken from Design Consultation Roger Muller, ADV 370 Brand and Branding Academy of Art University Some of the photographs and images were downloaded from, and are used in accordance with the Creative Commons License and Royalty License. The book is a non-commercial work produced as a student project for educational purposes, and I such is considered a derivative work under the Fair Use Clause of the US Copyright Law.

Copyright 2018 Eric Boheman


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