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erin rhody

My name is Erin Rhody and I am a visual communications design major at Purdue University. The patterns I chose for this catalog exemplify my playful style. The two types chosen, create exciting patterns that move your eye across the page. The shape pattern design is dynamic and very striking with the color palette applied. The color palettes were chosen for each pattern and help them become better designs. The selected merchandise is all commonly used items that people buy every day. I want to appeal to as many people as possible and these products will achieve that. All of the products you will see are available at

Pastel Ocean

Spilling your coffee on the way to work? The Stainless Steel Travel Mug can be the solution to those coffee stains on your shirt. Coupling that with a great design can make the dullest of mornings exciting! Is your iPad naked? Add some dazzle to your electronics. With this Case-Mate iPad case, not only will you have a striking design, but the case itself is as light as a feather. If you decide to upgrade, this case can hold the iPad 2, 3, and 4.

Stainless Steel 15oz Travel/Commuter Mug $22.95

The Case-Mate Barely There iPad Case Made for 2/3/4 $72.95

Coral Reef

Need a new look? With this Stainless Steel Watch and Rickshaw Commuter Bag you can make a lasting impression on anyone you meet. With a clean and exciting design, these two products can enhance a wardrobe and liven up any boardroom.

Stainless Steel Watch with Pink Strap $45.95

Rickshaw Commuter Laptop Bag with Blue Skies Binding $170.00

Electric Fruit

Looking to add some color and excitement to otherwise boring object? With the Electric Fruit pattern design, any product will pop! The Round Wall Clock would be a great addition to any home. It brings color, and overall vibrance to a room. The Case-Mate Barely There iPhone case has the same effect on phones. You take your phone everywhere. Why not have a design that catches someone’s eye?

Round (Medium) Wall Clock 8� diameter $19.95

Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 5/5s Case $39.95

AD 318

Erin Rhody

Purdue University Fall 2013 | Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts

Erin Rhody Pattern Book