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the shooting guide 2014





rayton House was built in 1300 by Sir Simon de Drayton with many changes being made to the building over the years. The Estate was passed to the Sackville family in 1770, who still own the Estate today. Arriving at such a unique and beautiful setting , with such an abundance of History makes the day extra special and memorable.


rayton Estate provides a private and exclusive driven Shoot day for clients. The stunnning classic English countryside which surrounds the House makes for an unforgetabble day of sport. Drinks and a spot of lunch is served in the House grounds after 4 drives, with an array of freshly shot partridge and champagne to refresh you for the rest of the day.


the loaders


For those who aren’t a confident shot, help is at hand! For guidance,

loading the gun and for your own sense of security Loaders can be hired to make your day as tailored to your needs as possible. The loaders are experienced and well trained so you can feel at ease if you are not an experienced shot. If you do not own a Shotgun, no need to rush out and buy one, there are ample Guns on the Estate for you to choose from.




mans best friend


Feel free to bring along your dog, whether it’s a gun

dog or not it doesn’t matter, so long as they are not scared by loud noises. A driven Shoot day can be a great day out for you and your dog, with the excitment of the birds flying over for you and the excitement of them falling for your dog, the day is full of thrills and I’m sure some compeition between friends.

If you are looking to buy a dog for your Shooting

adventures, the obvious choice are gun dogs; including breeds such as Labradors, Cocker and Springer Spaniels. When buying a puppy ensure that they are Kennel club registered and always check the Pedigree, Field Trial Champers and Winners are a desirable





Now Ladies, the Countryside may not be seen as a

particularly fashionable place, but a Shoot Day is an oppurtunity to clothe youself in your Winter best with furs and tweeds dominating the Country scene. Those fabrics are #however worn for a reason, not just to look the part but to ensure that you are warm as the days can be on the cold side.

A good sturdy boot is an essential, the popular choice being

the classic and timeless Dubarry boot or the lined Le Chameau Wellington. With knee high socks and garters worn under the boot be sure to choose bright colours to stand out and add some vibrancy to what can otherwise be a very earthy toned outfit.

Not everyone suits a hat, but there are many styles of hat

suitable for your day out, whether it is a tweed cap, fedora or a fur headband there is sure to be one that looks the part. This isn’t to look glamourous or in vogue, it is to keep you warm as







After several drives, it is customary to have lunch in the Courtyard of the House. With freshly cooked Partridge, crispy crackling and delicious roast potatoes are some of the delites served to recharge you for the afternoon ahead. On offer is also a rather unusal drink of chilli Sherry to quench your thirst, but of course don’t be excessive with drinks as you wouldn’t want to be tipsy whilst Shooting. Everything in moderation.






There are on average 8 drives per Shoot day, 4 in the morning and 4 in

the afternoon after lunch. They vary from being located in open fields, to pits and wooded drives dotted around the Estate. For the novis shooter the open field drives are for more suited to you, as you have plenty of time to perfect your aim on the bird.

However, if you are a more experienced shot, the pit drives provide a

more thrilling and challenging experience as the bird come quick and fast over head. The drives also vary in the amount of birds that will fly over depending on the amount of birds released there and the conditions of the area.




Shooting is obvisously a very dangerous sport , it is

imperative to have proper guidance and safety equipment. A less obvious safety risk with shooting is the damage the sound of the gun can do to your hearing. Protective ear gear comes in different forms, the classic ear defender is a popular choice, they range from your basic set to a more high tec ear muff with a built in hearing protection noise cancelling technology. A more subtle device is the practical and discreet ear plug. These range from standard shaped plugs to specially moulded ones.




Children are more than welcome on the day, it provides great life

experience for them and will provide them with a knowledge of where their meat comes from. If they are a little squeemish simply avert their eyes to anything which may upset them until they are more acustomed to such sights. You will also need to dress them up in warm, comfortable clothing as it is a long and potentially cold day. It is also imperative they are safe during the drive, they should be kept safely behind the peg with an adult. Shooting can be a fun, educational and active day out for all the family.






Whether you book a Shoot day with colleagues, piers or friends or just for yourself on

a let day, it will provide you with an unusual activity and day out to experience with old or new friends. If you are the compeitive type why not see who can shoot the most birds, of course only aiming for the high flying, high quality birds to make for good sport. Many Estates such as Drayton offer the chance for you to have your day documentated by having a photo book or single prints made.

Photographs can make a great souvenir from your day or as a present for someone on

your team. The day will be documentated from start to finish, with shooting and candid shots included. After your day if you think Shooting is for you, there are many societies and clubs you can join to keep updated with the Shooting community.

This guide will allow you to feel more confident before going out into the field, ensuring you know about aspects of the day.




Shooting Guide 2014  
Shooting Guide 2014