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Ergonomics components. Production Division Enjoy your work, enjoy our chairs.



onsolidate as the best national company in the field of distribution of components and parts for office chairs.

Our philosophy is based on the versatility of our products and the market approach, always fulfilling user needs . We design our products for spaces that simplify human activities with a great sense of aesthetics and function. Use quality materials, we ensure that our increasingly demanding market has preference with our products. We work tubular steel structures, national plastic

injection, electrostatic painting and import other components of the best Italian and Chinese companies for our clients. The proposal of the company is to manufacture and multidisciplinary functional components correspond to the operational needs of the users, always considering ergonomics as a cornerstone of this proposal creating modern and timeless spaces that allow for a comfortable and convenient environment.

History. Ergonomics Components is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of office furniture and supplies. Our products are designed and distributed to meet the needs of social centers, restaurants, home office, hospitals, clinics, schools, airports, stadiums and industrial lines. Created on October 26, 1999 with 12,000 meters of warehouse and office, was dedicated to the import and distribution of components and parts for chairs and office. In 2000, we opened an office and warehouse in Mexico City in order to provide better service and control on the south of the Mexican Republic, likewise opened offices in Guadalajara.

As part of ERGOCOMP group, the same year the company developed METALSIL S.DE R.L. DE C.V., a producer of steel, with its more than 25 machines (including presses cutters, etc) serve the needs of our company as well as direct sales in the steel market. In the earlier of 2008 we opened 2 companies incoportating them into our production group: PLASTINJECT (plastic Injector) and VERNICIATURA ITALIANA (steel coater).




Metalsil Company specializing in the production, distribution and development of tubular structures for different industrial sectors. We have a team of high background in the metallurgical industry, trained to evaluate, propose and implement production processes and cost-effective solutions that improve the productivity of our projects and our clients. Our industry knowledge, experienced staff and strategic partnerships makes us experts in the design and manufacture of materials and specialized skills. We specialize in: Development Design and fabrication of tubular structures BLM Swing Pedrazzoli 2 Semiauto 2 Kawasaki Robots Soldering 10 MIG welding stations

TOOLING Punches Matrices Tweezers Plates Guides Dice PROCESSES Die

Cutting of metal parts using steel dies, which are manufactured in the same company.


Through specialized machinery we transform the raw material projects with little tolerance dimensional products quick and easy to make.

MIG welding MIG welding equipment for different metal parts offering greater strength and toughness. Quality The structures are subjected to a quality process by testers and templates to reduce the variations of the different processes, increasing the quality of manufacturing.

Production - 60 workers - 3 shifts Monday to Saturday Machinery 13 Die with capacities of 5 to 90 tons. 6 Bench Polishers 3 Rolling tube 6 Cutters 3 Manuals 1 Semiautomatic 2 Automatic 4 Benders

Machinery: Die 90T Product: Hook Plate Input: 10,000 pieces / 7 hours

Machinery: BLM Swing Product: Top Echo Input: 700 pieces / 7 hours/7 folds

Machinery: Manual MIG welding station Product: Elliptical Iso Input: 250 pieces / 7 hours/16 welds.welds.

Machinery: Die 40T Product: Curve Back Input: 750 pieces / 7 hours

Machine: Kawasaki Robot Product: Top Iso Input: 1,000 pieces / 7 hours / 8 welds.

Product: Elliptical Iso Output: 65,000 per year / 10% utilization of the production plant. Input: 250 pieces / 7 hours/16 welds.welds.

Machinery: Die40t Product: Loop Back Input: 750 pieces / 7 hours

Production Capacity

Machine: Pedrasoli Product: Bracket Input: 800 / 7 hours

Customer Experience In METALSIL we elaborate transforming steel products under the specic request of our customers. We provide all the necessary information about their products, through drawings and samples. In our company, the group of employees responsible of the products designs and supervised by the general manager begin with the parts and products designs, after the study of the best materials for their construction, the machinery and tools necessary. And the full study of productivity in production, costs, raw material suppliers, packaging and shipping of the nal product to wherever the client requires. The estimate is done by administrative staff, waiting for the clients approval of the product, and the appropiate process of negotiation that opens up to a specic purchase order for a determined period. This process is supported with documents that help the recording of the processes, that are digitally recorded and allow an ecientling, the specic machinery and in occasions the right tools for the specic products.


Production - We have 11 injection machines ranging fr om 55T ons up 750T ons, water coolers 25 and 30 T ons. - 60 workers - 3 shifts Monday to Satur day


Machinery: BMB 600 T Product: Base Material: 30% Nylon Fiber Input: 700 pieces / 7hrs

Machinery: BMB 350 Product: Arm Veneto Material: Polypropylene Input: 800 pieces / 7 hours

Machinery: BMB 600 T Product: Seat Berlin Material: Polypropylene Input: 900 pieces / 7hrs

Machinery: Aotai China Product: Kiwi Material: Polypropylene

Machinery: Reed 550 Product: Yeka Set Material: Polypropylene Input: 800 pieces / 7 hours

Product: Iso Back / Seat / Covers Material: Polypropylene Output: 432.000 per year / 15% Use of plant production. production plant. Input: 250 pieces / 7 hours/16 welds

Machinery: Aotai China Product: Novaiso Material: Polypropylene Input: 203 / 7 hours

Production Capacity

Machinery: Cincinnati Milacron Product: Julian Arm Material: Polypropylene Input: 161 / 7 hours



Pelleting The pelleting process involves converting the plastic material which is previously ground in small concentrations thereof. Depending on the needs of our customers and the products that are to be injected, we handle the following resins: Polypropylene (PP) ,Santoprene, Polyethylene , PVC and Nylon 30% with FU. The plastic to be reused is placed in the mill for triturating and granules become like cereal flakes. Spent the material to the cleaning area, where we ensure that the material does not contain waste paper, food, stones, dust, glue or any material that may contaminate the resin. Once the melted plastic purified to pass through a thin tube that produces resin strips, which are cooled in water and then cut to terminate the pellet production process .

Mill ECONOGRIND • 50 HP • 4 fixed blades • 6 rotating blades • Sprinkler system with engine of 5 HP • Production of 1 ton per hour Pellet Machine SJ-150A/140A Double Stage Recycle Making Granular Plastic Extruder • Engine 440V / 60Hz • 10 zones of warming • Nitrided steel barrel • 24 blades of 440V / 60Hz • Cooling tank stainless steel – 3m • Production of 200-280 Kg x hora



- 35 workers - 3 shifts Monday to Friday

Depending on customer requeriments and functional uses of the pieces, 3 different types of coating can be used for preserving the quality, finish the process that allows increasing production possibilities.

Epoxy Coating The essential feature about this coating is its high impact resistance, which guarantees an excellent application; it also improves adhesion of subsequent coats and has a high preventive agent for oxidation plus being a non-polluting product. At a disadvantage to all of the above features, the epoxy paint has very low durability gloss and nish, and it is not recommended for application on outdoor products. Common applications for this coating are: anticorrosive, functional nishes and chemical resistance.

Polyester Coating - Tgic One of this coating’s remarkable features is the ideal for outdoors high resistance with high gloss retention which helps color and finish remain stable. Another important feature is the high resistance to UV rays and heat. In defiance of these benefits, polyester coating-Tgic tends to burst if it has a high functional load, as an be impacts and folds, it also has less resistance to oxidation and chemical agents. Common applications for this type of paint are outdoor areas where heat is generated.

Hybrid Coating Mixes the benefits from polyester coating with the impact resistance and toughness from epoxy coating. This coating is commonly used for indoor decoration products.


Process The piece that is going to be coated is fixed so it can be deoxidized and degreased by a washing process to eliminate contaminant agents. This process changes the whole surface’s physical and chemical properties, adding corrosion protection and increasing surface’s hardness for applying the base color before the powder coat..

Process follows these steps

1. Degreasing 2. Rinse 1 3. Zinc phosphate 4. Rinse 2 5. Seal

Drying Cycle The piece goes through a drying tunnel for uniform drying at a 100°C temperature. After the piece is entirely dry it is taken to spray booths, where it gets fully coated with special equipment applying negative and positive electric charges so the piece’s surface has a better adhesion to the powder coat.

Convection These furnaces make it to the curing temperature (220째C) by heating the air inside the enclosure where the pieces are placed. To accomplish this, can be used both as gas burners electrical resistance and recirculation systems to generate forced convection.

Equipment: Continuous Line Product: ISO Chair Material: Epoxy coating / black embossing Temperature: 185 째 C / 15 min Input: 1000/9 hours welds.

Equipment: Continuous Line Product: Banking Mall Material: Epoxy Coating / silver anodized Temperature: 185 째 C Input: 50 pieces / 9hrs welds.

Equipment: Continuous Line Product: Hook Plate Material: Epoxy coating / silver embossing Temperature: 185 째 C

Equipment: Continuos Line Product: Bracket Material: Epoxy coating / black embossing Temperature: 185 째 C

Inspection Film thickness measurement Adherence evaluation Cured evaluation

Production Capacity

Ergonomics Components Production Division. ERGONOMICS COMPONENTS S. DE R.L. DE C.V. Tel. +52 (81) 8327 - 8864 +52 (81) 8327 - 8865 Tel. +52 (81) 8327 - 8812 +52 (81) 8327 - 8811 Tel. +52 (81) 8327 - 8888 Oficinas / AlmacĂŠn Monterrey N.L. Fax. +52 (81) 8327 - 8866

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