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an∂m-an∂n 2014


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an∂m-an∂n 2014

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General knowlede 1 1. Which country celebrate X'mas on 7 th January 2 What day is celebrated as national educational day 3 Who is the great freedom fighter honoured by 16 universities with honourary doctorate 4 The bird which represents the love and peace 5 The war of wars 6 Who was the most prominent cholaking

- Russia - November 11 - Vijayalakshmi Pandit - Dove - World war II - Raja raja Cholan


an∂m-an∂n 2014

Unity is Strength We are here together, together, together We are here together, everyone What we do together, we do as one When we play together, it is so much fun When we sing together, the beat goes on When we move together it keeps us strong When we study together it teaches us to share

Devadath S. Nair VA

My Great Father Sweet as honey Dear as money Hard as metal Delicate as a petal Great like sun Yet soft like bun

The goal of success Life is like a glowing seed What all factors influence its growth From its first to last stage How do they survive in thi world The rain comes to make it fresh, Summer comes to make it dry, Birds comes for making nests, And humans come to get shade Changes take place one by one And it struggles for its existence Our life is just like that Which is something special for us As we all havesomething to achieve Wihin a short span of time So we must try our best To achieve the goal of success Sr.Vincy S.H

Ip™n-∏qhv Ip™n-∏q-th, Ip™n-∏qth \ns∂-°m-Wm≥ F¥p ckw Bcp X∂o h¿Æ߃ Bcp X∂o CX-fp-Iƒ Bcp X∂o ]qsºmSn ]dbq ]dbq Ip™n-∏qth Ip™n-∏q-th, Ip™n-∏q-th

Cheerful as flower having lots of power Steady as a tower He is no other He's my loving father Marykutty Jacob

Aeo\ t__n VI B

My Mother

Erfan Habeeb V.N VI A My mother told me stories When I was a baby And she gave me courage When I went to school She makes food And gives it to me And in the evening She waits for me She gives me food When I reaches home Oh my lovely mother She is the best She teaches me lessons Lessons of love Lessons of care Lessons of charity My mother is the best

]qºm‰ ]qhn¬ h∂-Wbpw ]qºm‰ ]qt¥-\pÆpw ]qºm‰ ]qhn¬ abßpw ]qºm‰ ]qsºmSn Xqhpw ]qºm‰ APv\p-tamƒ k°o¿ VA

Sw... ]Sw.... ]∏Sw kmen ]n. tPmk^v "F\n°v A©Sn ]Øn©p s]m°hpw AXn\-\p-k-cn®v hÆhpw, sImº≥aoibpw D≠°Æpw cmL-ht- a-t\m≥ F∂ t]cpw BsW¶n¬ Rms\- ß s\ C∂- s Ø- t ∏mse Ip´nIpw hen-b-h-cp-sa-√m-ap≈ kZ- n-s\t\m°n Sw ]Sw ]∏Sw ]S-]Sw ]∏Sw F∂pw a‰p- a p≈ hnUv V n- ° p- ´ n- Ø - ß ƒ ssIøpw Iem-ihpw Im´n Dds°s®m√n ckn°pw? "Ip™p-Æn-s°mcp tamlw F∂pw Ip™m-bn´pw Ip∂m-bn-´p-an-cn-°m≥ Ip´n-I-fn-jvS-s∏-´o-Sp-s∂mcp Ihn-bm-bn´p acn-°m≥' Aßs\ Xs∂ Ip™p-Æn-amjv t]mbn. ]t£ B Ihn-XI - ƒ t]mIp-∂n-√t- √m. Xr»qcnse he-∏m´v AXn-bm-cØv ho´n¬ Ip™n°m-eSn i_vZ-Øn\v ImtXm¿Øv I¬°-≠Øns‚ U∏nbpw h®v ImØn-cn-°p-I-bm-bncp∂p Ip™p-Æn-am-jv. henb Imcy-߃ ]dbp-hm≥ sNdnb hm°p-Ifpw hcn-Ifpw aXn-

(Ip-™p-Æn-am-jn-s\-∏-‰n) sb-∂m-bn-cp∂p aq∏-cpsS hnNm-cw. "CØn-cn-sb-bp≈q Rm≥ F\n°p ]d-bm˛ \nØn-cntb hnj-b-hp-ap≈q AXp ]d-bm˛ \nØn-cntb hm°pw th≠q..' F∂m-Wt√m amjv ]d-bp-∂-Xv. ho´n¬ hcp∂ F√m Ip´n-Iƒ°pw amjv I¬°≠w sImSp-°pam-bn-cp-∂p. I¬°≠ a[p-c-ap≈ Ihn-X-I-fpw. cmjv{So-bØ - nse sIm≈-cp-Xm-bvaI - sf ]cn-lk - n°p∂ Nne Ihn-X-Iƒ "Hm´p sNbvtXm´p sNbvtXm´p sNbvtXm´p sNbvtXm´p sNbvtXm´ °e-ambn \Ωƒ. C¶p- em-_nepw knµ- _m-Znepw C¥y tXm´nepw ac-W-sØ-°p-dn®v amjv ]d-bp-∂-Xn-ßs\ P\n®p Ign-™n-´n-√n-\nbpw apgp-h≥ Rm≥

P\n-t®-S-tØm-fhpw acn®p Xo¿∂p IjvSw PohnXw ac-W-sØ-∏-Tn-∏n°p∂ns√m∂pw acWw Pohn-XsØ∏eXpw ]Tn-∏n®p Rms\-\n°p acn-°m-\mbv Pohn-bv°m-sa∂p hbv°pI F\n°p Pohn-®n-Sm\m bmcp-s≠m∂p acn-°p-hm≥ \ns∂ tXSn-b-Sßo Rm≥ P\\w Zb-\o-b-am-samcp Npcp-ßepw acWw al-\o-b-am-samcp hnIm-khpw ASpØ P∑w Rms\mcp ]qhm-ItWm AtXm AtXm AtXm Hcp ]qºm-‰-bm-ItWm ]qhns‚ apºn-se-Øp-tºmƒ h≠m-bn-Øo¿∂n-St√ Rm≥ hs≠≥ ap∂n-se-Øp-tºmƒ ]qhmbv hncn-tb-Wta Iptd I¬°≠ Ihn-X-Iƒ _m°n h®v Ip™p-Æn-amjv bm{X-bm-bn.


an∂m-an∂n 2014

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Rß-fpsS ]®-°d- n-tØm´w Rß- f psS ]®- ° - d n- t Øm- ´ - Ø n¬ ]bdpw sh≠bpw, ]mh-epw, Npc-bv°bpw aØ\pw Dƒs∏-Sp-∂p. {Kq∏p Xncn-™mWv ]®-°-dn-Iƒ R߃ kwc-£n-®-Xv. R߃ \´phnfshSpØ ]bdpw sh≠bpw aØ\pw Npc-bv°bpw D]-tbm-Kn-®-t∏mƒ Fs¥-∂n-√mØ kt¥mj- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. slUv a m- k v ‰ - ¿ t\XrXzw \¬Inb ]®-°-dn-Irjn Hcp-a-bpsS hnP-b-ambn-cp-∂p. A`n-cman F≥._n VII

{]mY-an-Im-tcm-Ky-tI-{µ-Øns‚ t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ \S-Øn. XpS¿∂v {]mY-an-Im-tcm-Ky-tI-{µ-Øn¬ h®v ]©m-b-Ønse kvIqfp-Isf ]s¶-Sp-∏n®p-sIm≠v \S-Ønb Iznkv a’-cØ - n¬ Bdmw ¢mknse C¿^m≥ l_o_v hn.-F≥ H∂mw kΩm\w t\Sp-Ibpw sNbvXp.

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HmWm-tLmjw tZio-tbm-’-h-amb HmWsØ hc-th¬°m≥ sk]v‰w-_¿ 13 \v R߃ Hcp-ßn. HmW-∏q°-f-a-’-chpw HmW-∏m´pw amthen a’-c-hpambn R߃ BtLm-jn-®-t∏mƒ amXm-]n-Xm°fpw A≤ym-]-Icpw HmW-k-Zy-sbm-cp-°p-Ibm-bn-cp-∂p. HmW-∏m-b-k-tØmSp IqSnb kZy Kw`o-c-am-bn-cp-∂p. APnØv taml-\≥ VI A


c£m-I¿Ør-t_m-[-h-Xv°-c-W-¢mkv Cu A≤y-b\ h¿jw Btcm-Ky-kw-cw-£Ww, kz`m-h-cq-]o-I-c-W-Øn¬ amXm-]n-Xm-°fpsS ]¶v F∂o hnj-b-ß-fn¬ CS-sh´n {]mY- a n- I m- t cm- K y- t I- { µ- Ø nse Pq\nb¿sl¬Øv C≥kvs]-ISv ¿ {ioaXn B≥kn ^nen∏v \bn® ¢mkn¬ `qcn-]£w amXm-]n-

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an∂m-an∂n 2014

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]mSnbpw {Inkv X p- a kv R߃ BtLmjam°n. c£n-Xm-°-fp-sSbpw A[ym-]-I-cpsSbpw t\Xr-Xz-Øn¬ Xøm-dm-°nb ap´ _ncnErfan Habeeb V.N bm-Wnbpw {InkvXp-akv tI°pw IqSn-bm-bVI A t∏mƒ kwKXn BsI tPmdm-bn. kΩm-\-ßfp-am-sb-Ønb {Inkvakv ]∏ Gh¿°pw-k- C¥y≥ kvt]kv dnk¿®v Hm¿K-ss\-tk-j≥ t¥mjw ]I¿∂p. Gs‰-SpØv \n¿h-ln-°m≥ Xocp-am-\n® c≠mAarX taml-\≥ asØ Nm{µ-]-cy-th-£W ZuXy-amWv N{µV B bm≥ ˛2 tdmt_m-´p-Iƒ IqSn Dƒs∏-Sp∂ Cu ZuXy-Øns‚ {]Xo-£nX sNehv GI-tZiw 425 tImSn cq]-bm-Wv. C¥y-bpsS Nm{µ-t]-SIhpw djy- b psS Hcp em‚dpw tdmhdpw ASßp∂ N{µ- b m≥ 2 Pn Fkv - F ¬hn hnt£-]W hml-\-ap-]-tbm-Kn®v 2013 HmsS Cu ZuXyw ]q¿Øn-bm-°m-\mWv Xocp-am-\n®n-´p-≈X - v. N{I-߃ LSn-∏n® tdmh¿ Nt{µm]-cn-X-e-Ønse ]md-I-fp-sS-bpw. aÆn-s‚bpw {Inkvakv BtLm-j-Øn-eq-sS.. X’-ab ck-X-{¥-]-T-\-Øn\v klm-bn-°pw. kvIqƒ ]m¿e-sa‚v sXc-s™-Sp∏v Cu hnh-c-߃ N{µ-bm≥ 2 t]S-I-Øns‚ klm-b-tØmsS `qan-bn-te°v Ab-bv°-s∏P\m-[n-]-Xy-co-Xn-bn-ep≈ sXc-s™-Sp-∏m-Wv Sp-Ibpw sNøpw. N{µ-bm≥ 1 s‚ hnP-bØ - n\p kvIqfn¬ \S-Øn-b-Xv. _me‰v t]∏-dpIƒ Imc- W - a mb tUm. abn¬kzman AÆmXøm-dm°n cl-ky-_m-e-‰n-eqsS sXc-s™ZpsscbpsS t\Xr-Xz-Øn-ep≈ ZuXy-kw-LSp∏v \S-Øn. eotU-gvkmbn dmjnZv F≥.amWv N{µ-bm≥ 2 \p th≠n {]h¿Øn-°p-∂Fbpw A\n‰ sU∂nbpw kXy-{]-Xn⁄ Xv. sNbvXv A[n-Im-c-ta-‰p.

N{µ-bms‚ Ncn{Xw

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Hcpa ]nSnF bpsS {]h¿Ø-\-߃ IqSp-X¬ kPoh-am-°p-∂-Xn-\mbn tem°¬ ]n.-Sn.F Hcpa CS-sh-´n-bn¬ h®v \S-Øp-I-bp-≠m-bn.\-P-cpsS A≤y-£-X-bn¬ \S∂ ktΩ-f\-Øn¬ sXmSp-]pg FCH {io.-sI.sI cmP≥ DZvLm-S\w \n¿h-ln-®p. aqeym-[n-jvTnX hnZym`ymkw \¬Ip- ∂ - X n¬ amXm- ] n- X m- ° fpw A≤ym- ] - I cpw XΩn- e p≈ _‘w hfsc {]m[m\yw A¿ln-°p-∂p-sh∂pw Ip™p-ßfpsS ap≥]n¬ Ah¿ amXr-I-bm-bn-cn-°-Wsa∂pw At±lw FSpØp ]d-bp-I-bp-≠m-bn. ]mem-°≠ - w, C©n-bm-\n, Nh¿W F∂o taJe-I-fnepw tem°¬ ]n.-Sn.F \S-Øpw.

C¥y≥ {][m-\-a{¥n a≥tam-l≥knw-Kns‚ A[y-£-X-bn¬ 2008 sk]v‰w-_¿18 \v \S∂ bqWn-b≥ Iym_n-\‰v ktΩ-f\ - Ø - n¬ C¥ym Kh¨sa‚ v N{µ-bm≥ 2 ZuXyw AwKo-I-cn®p. 12 \hw-_¿ 2007 ¬ sFF-kv-B¿-H-bpsSbpw djy≥ s^U- d ¬ kvt]kv GP≥knbpsSbpw (ROSKOSMUS) {]Xn-\n[n-Iƒ N{µ-bm≥ 2 ]≤-Xn-bn¬ Hcp-an®p {]h¿Øn-°m≥ Hcp Icm-dn¬ H∏p h®p. sFFkv-B¿H bv°v t]S-I-Øn-s‚bpw tdmkvtImkvtam-kn\v em‚-dn-s‚bpw tdmh-dn-s‚bpw {][m-\N - p-aX - e e`n-®p. Ccp-cm-Py-ßf - n-sebpw imkv{X-⁄-∑m-cpsS Iq´mb ]cn-{i-a-Øns‚

_mey-Imew a™p-t]m-semcp _mey-Imew F{X kpµ-c-sa≥ _mey-Imew kt¥mjw Ifn-bmSpw _mey-Imew ]n®-I-∏q-\p-≈nbpw N°-c-am-hnse amß ]dn®pw \S∂ Imew B\-µ-Øn≥ Nnd-In-tedn ]d∂ Imew a™n≥ IWw t]m¬ ambpao kpµc _mey-Imew Xncn-sI-sb-Øptam Hcn-°-se-¶nepw Cu _mey-Imew F∂p-sa∂pw Bin∏q Rm≥

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^e-ambn t]S-I-Øns‚ cq]-I¬]\ BKÃv 2009 Bb- t ∏mtgbv ° pw Ah- k m- \ n- ® p. CXns‚ ZuXy-Im-em-h[n Hcp h¿j-am-Wv.

cq]-I¬∏\ djy Hcp em‚dpw tdmhdpw cq]-I¬∏\ sNøpIbpw \n¿Ωn-°p-Ibpw sNøpw. N{µ\v apIfn¬ k©m-c] - Y - Ø - n¬ t]SIw FØn-bX - n\p tijw tdmh¿ Dƒs°m-≈p∂ em‚¿ t]S-IØn¬ \n∂v th¿s]-Sp-Ibpw Nm{µ-a-Æn¬ Cdßp-Ibpw sNøpw. AXn\p tijw tdmh¿ em‚-dns‚ Db¿∂ `mKØp \n∂v th¿s]Spw. BW-thm¿P-ap-]-tbm-Kn®v N{µ-bm≥ 2 t]SIsØ \nb-{¥n-°p-∂X - n-\p≈ {]mtbm-KnI ]T\-߃ sFF-kv-B¿-H \S-Øn-h-cn-I-bm-Wv. \mkbpw CF-kvF bpw t]S-I-Øn\v Nne kmt¶-XnI D]-I-c-W-߃ \¬In-s°m≠v Cu ZuXy-Øn¬ ]¶m-fn-I-fm-Ipw. Cu Xocpam\w Ah-¿ sFFkv-B¿Hsb Adnbn®n´p≠v.

tdmh¿ djy cq]-I¬∏\ sNøp∂ Aº-Xp-In.{Kmw tdmh-dn\v Bdv N{I-߃ D≠m-bn-cn-°pw. AXv kutcm¿÷-Øn-em-bn-cn°pw {]h¿Øn-°p-∂Xv . AXvIsX°v hS°v°{[phß-fn¬ GsX-¶n_meymew Hm¿Ωnp-tºmƒ epsam-Ifn∂n¬ ßmcnsbt∂m¿Ωp-Ibpw Hcp h¿jtØbv°v F≥ °Cdq-´p-I bn¬ {]h¿Øn°p-t]mbIbpw h sNøpw. tdmh¿ ]c-am-h[n hnS sNm√n ƒ hnÆn¬ 360m/h thK-IcpX-bX n¬p∂p 150 Rm≥ hsc k©-cnkpJ-sa∂p °pw. _meyw ambpw aptº.... Ahƒ hnÆn-te°p bm{X-bmbn t\mhns‚ Xoc-ß-fn¬ Rm≥ am{X-ambv


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Fs‚ hnZym-ebw \∑-Iƒ XqIp-sa≥ hnZym-ebw s]m≥ {]` hoip-sa≥ hnZym-ebw F∂p-sa≥ Hm¿Ω-I-fn¬ Xnßn-\n¬°p-sa≥ hnZym-ebw Adn-hn≥ \n[nbmw s]m∂mWv F∂p-sa≥ hgn-I-fn¬ s]m≥ Zo]-taIpw Iq´mWv \∑-Iƒ XqIp-sa≥ hnZym-ebw AΩ-sb-t∏m¬ am[pcyw Xpfp-ºp-sa∂psS hnZym-ebw hnZym-e-b-sa≥ ]qhmSn \s√mcp kpµ-c-a-e¿hmSn Fenk_Øv tPmk^v VA


an∂m-an∂n 2014

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Sports Meet

CXp Rß-fpsS t\´w

dmjnZv F≥.F

DÆn-tbip ]nd∂p

ssZh-Øns‚ hnIr-Xn-I-sf..

CXp Rß-fpsS kz¥w..


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