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9.Yildiz Block  B/24  100.YIL   Ankara  /  Turkey  

E R E N Y A G D ı R A N

+90 530  3818191  

EMPLOYMENT Software  Engineer   TUBITAK   Nov  2012  -­‐  Present   MBS  Project   • MBS  Project  is  a  debian  based  operating  system  that  is  used  in  the  intranet  of  Ministry  of  Defense  in  Turkey   • Maintained  20+  custom  debian  packages  which  are  deployed  in  500+  terminal  servers   • Built  LTSP  skeleton  and  made  customizations  on  LXDE  desktop  manager   • Design  LDAP  Scheme  and  partially  replicated  into  500+  terminal  servers     • Developed  a  custom  python  script  that  updates  LDAP  tree  by  fetching  records  from  ORACLE  SQL  Server   • Setup  Postfix  ,  Dovecot  and  Address  Book  service  with  LDAP  integration     • Setup  Heartbeat  as  a  load  balancer  between  multi-­‐master  LDAP  servers   • Built  torrent-­‐tracker  based  deb  package  update  mechanism  among  terminal  servers    

Entrepreneur   Self-­‐Employed   May  2011  –  Nov  2012   • Raised  $58K  as  seed  fund  from  Ministry  of  Science  ,  Turkey   • Built  calorie  calculator  hardware  based  on  3-­‐axis  accerelometer  (  Tech  Video   • Built  as  a  web  startup  for  Turkish  internet  market  (  TR-­‐press   • Built  as  a  web  startup  for  Global  internet  market  (  TR-­‐press   • Built  as  a  web  startup  for  Turkish  internet  market  (  Interview    

Game Developer  Intern   Kodobur  Game  Technologies   • Used  Unity3D  for  game  development   • Developed  a  pool-­‐mechanism  for  game  objects   • Implemented  Vertex  &  Fragment  shaders  

Summer  2010  

TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE   Projects     • Calorie  Calculator  Hardware  (2012).  The  gadget  lets  you  track  human-­‐body  stats  by  using  3-­‐axis   accerelometer  and  store  the  data  in  its  internet  cloud.  Built  on  Arduino  and  Zigbee  modules.  Redis  is  used  as   scalable  back-­‐end  storage   • FastBuzzer  (2012).  A  SaaS  Platform  built  upon  vo-­‐ip  technology.  FastBuzzer  provides  click-­‐to-­‐call  buttons  to   web  sites  so  visitors  can  call  help-­‐desk  or  pbx  etc.  jQuery  is  used  for  frontend  and  Django  is  for  web  backend.   Red5  is  used  as  media  server  for  getting  voice  data  from  microphone  and  transform  that  data  into  Asterisk   VOIP  Gateway.   • Opaket  (2012).    Opaket  is  a  food  ordering  system.  It  uses  FastBuzzer  technology  to  order  from  restaurant  by   talking  through  microphone    

EDUCATION Ankara,  TR   • B.S.E.  in  Computer  Science  Engineering    

University of  Cankaya  

Fall 2007  –  May  2012  


Undergraduate Coursework:  Operating  Systems;  Databases;  Algorithms;  Programming  Languages;  Comp.   Architecture;  Engineering  Entrepreneurship;  Calculus  III.   Forssa,  Finland   HAMK   Fall  2010  –  May  2011   • Erasmus  Exchange  Student   •


• Graduation Project   ADDITIONAL  EXPERIENCE  AND  AWARDS   • Cankaya  University  Full  Scholarship  (2007-­‐2011)   rd • Third  Prize,  Graduation  Project:  Awarded  3  prize  for  Email-­‐remainder  project,  out  of  100  projects.  

Languages &  Skills   • Full  Stack  Developer  {HTML5/CSS3/jQuery/MVC/SQL/No-­‐SQL/PHP5/Python/Memcache/Redis/}     • Deep  knowledge  of  x86  Assembly  &  Linux  Internals    

Eren yagdiran cv  

Eren Yagiran CV

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