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GLENN BECK PREACHES LIES Where do the poor fit in the plan of the tea party? Per Glenn Beck "they will be with us always" Why Mr. Beck Why must you always have the POOR? Well he was quoting from the Bible however he totally Lied about the purpose and was afraid to use the truth! I am NOT the Jesus you left out of your so-called advice was stating the Facts you and your FOXTEAGOP PARTY want us to forget. You are the reason the Poor will be forever doomed. Jesus wanted us to Care for Each Other, if you have 2 coats then give one to the man who has none (re-distribution) of wealth remember! Jesus would have compassion on the poor, widowed and orphans He gave that job to the Church. So, why if “People” are the Church would you be relieved of your responsibilities? Only a man stuck in, Pride and perversion would teach such Tingling half-truths. You have no intention of making a way out of no-way what you and your party have is no plan for the Poor- let them eat cake. You have no plan for the people barely making ends meet and still paying more taxes than you and most of the "COMPANIES YOU REPRESENT "GOLDLINE" "FOX" "REPUBLICAN PARTY" "BP" etc. You and the top 10 percent of America control 90 percent of the Money making it very easy for you to Trumpet LET THEM EAST CAKE And the closest People to your heart the "Middle Class" you “DESTROYED” WITH THE HELP OF the Limbaugh Brothers with Hannity, Kudlow, GOP along with the Tea Party which was recruited and paid for by The Republican Party TOOK THE LAST 10 YEARS OF WEALTH WHICH EQUALED 3 TRILLION DOLLARS and don’t forget Fox newt’s Fair and Balanced Reporting. How are you now convincing & teaching the few minds that have forgotten? You are a Mormon and don't believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Mr. Romney I speak to you to step up and follow your heart not the dictates of an evil and destructive group of Haters. ARE you too willing to destroy the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to obtain a win in an election? Tell the Truth only we will be Checking and so will "HE"