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Eren Dönertaş Portfolio ’18

Hi, I am Eren Dönertaş. I am an 3rd year industrial design student who is especially interested in ergonomics and user experience design. I would like to be a part of works focusing on human centered design.

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Resume Education


Middle East Technical University Ankara/TURKEY Industrial Design Bachelor (2015-ongoing) Middle East Technical University Production Engineering Minor Program (2018-ongoing) Hochschüle für Bildende Künste (Erasmus) Braunschweig/GERMANY Design in der digitalen Gesellschaft (2017-2018) İzmir Bornova Anadolu Lisesi İzmir/TURKEY (2010-2014)

Schneider Electric Manufacturing Processes August 2017 Middle East Technical University Workshop Practice and Computer Literacy in Design June 2016

Certifications, Workshops

German Embassy Deutsches Sprachdiplom (C1) May 2014 METU R and D Society Entrepreneurship Participant Designer March 2017

Computer Skills

Technical Skills

Language Skills


Rhinoceros 5 Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Autodesk Sketchbook Keyshot Microsoft Office

Model Making

Turkish (Native)


English (Advanced)

Travelling Tennis

3D Printing

German (Upper Intermediate)

Languages Photography Movies

Bouste Bouste is a lighting unit family in an harmony with architectural and natural environment of METU campus.

2018 In collobration with


Current lighting units in the campus were not really in an harmony with its surroundings. They were also having some eďŹƒciency and maintanance problems.

Therefore, the aim of the project was designing lighting unit family in an harmony with each other and with the natural and architectural environment of the campus by using LED as light source.

Research After the interviews, it was

Therefore, organic shapes in the

observed that organical shapes

campus were examined and the

such as bouste bases are more

forms of the units are shaped with

recognizable by users comparing

the lines of modernist architectural

with generic forms.

buildings and bouste bases.

Examples of boustes.

Mockup of armature.

Styrofoam and paper based models were made to have feedbacks from users to decide on forms and funtions of the products.


Creating a flat surface at front side of the product helps to reflect light and improves energy efficiency.

The streamlined design of top parts of the products allow wind flow around them, so that the heat caused by LEDs can be decreased fastly. Moreover, the organic and streamlined design of top parts helps snow or water fall down from the product easily.


LED Component

LED Component Casted Aluminum

Aluminum Plate LED Component

Aluminum Plate

Glass Glass

Stainless steel screws

LED Power Driver


Glass LED Power Driver

Casted Aluminum

Aluminum Body

Aluminum Base Casted Aluminum

Treated Aluminum Casted Aluminum

Aluminum ProďŹ le

Baiga Baiga is a bag designed for designers. It is capable of carrying tools needed for designers, and it can be used in various ways and brings designers ease.


Approach Adjustability Designers live actively and they need to use their bags many times while walking or standing during the day. That is why, they need adjustability and easy access to their bags.

Portability Accessability

The aim of this product is improving adjustability,

zipper for horizontal usage

accessibility, portability and the ergonomics for this user group. appropriate form for bringing back front side of user easily accessability and ease for preparation

horizontal usage

Finalization User...

can use it at...

brings bag front with one

wears easily

simple move

_easy wearing stabilizes it with a “click� _easy wearing _simple moves _easy wearing _simple moves _simple moves front horizontal back vertical back vertical back, vertically

reaches the tools easily

Cutting the pattern

front horizontal front, horizontally

front vertical front vertical front, vertically

carries with one hanger

Leather details for zippers

Adding leather part

Sewing shoulder strap

Adding laptop section

Usage at airport

Maglimpo Maglimpo is designed for improving eďŹƒcieny and ergonomics in production line, in Schneider Electric’s factory.

2017 In collobration with

Approach Injection moulded products come with excess materials. This excess materials are called “burr”.

These burrs are cleaned by operators manually after taking products from injection press machine.

Parts that need to be cleaned.

Operator’s position does not allow him to see the parts needs to be cleaned easily.

Cleaning operation is so important because remaining uncleaned burrs on the product are really sharp and causing hand cuts in assembly line. Moreover, cleaning operation is done in at least 17 seconds and ergonomically problematic especially for short workers.

Ergonomically problematic shoulder posture and the tool used for operation.

The aim of the project is solving ergonomic problems in the process and improving the time efficiency.

Burrs occur on a section line, so only an exact line should be cleaned.


This is a prototype made of PLA by using 3D Printing. This product reduces the required moves to clean the burrs. Operator should just align the product and then turn it horizontally only once.

Link for usage: Link for animation:

Thanks to Maglimpo ... 14 Hours gain obtained for each week.

Burrs are cleaned well and risks are reduced.

Workers’ pains are reduced caused by workload.

Tool reďŹ nances itself less than a week.

This project was presented to the managers in Manisa plant and after their admiration, it was also presented to the managers from Center plant, France.

Lignum Lignum is a decorative furniture and lighting unit designed for interior usage by using waste wood as material.


Otporan Otporan is a package designed for protecting Turkish traditional tea glasses from damages.



External forces were causing many tea glasses cracking on shelves. Therefore, the aim of the project was designing a package for tea glasses to keep them stable and safe only by using cardboards and no glue. It was tried to make the package suitable for industry. While doing it, it was aimed to have less material, low cost, easy setting, suitableness for storage and attractiveness.

Layout of the package and package itself.

It can be set in 25 seconds by hand. It can be stored easily thanks to its rectangular shape.

This package had dropped from 2 meters and saved all glasses from cracking.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my portfolio.

+90 534 208 35 27

Eren Dönertaş Portfolio  
Eren Dönertaş Portfolio