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EREN the trusted reference for buyers and sellers of luxury real estate in Europe


Europe — diverse and unique EREN, the tailored partner for luxury European real estate With boutique offices in the capitals and finest locations of Europe, the prestigious agents that make up EREN have the expertise and credentials that make the difference. Europe remains the main focus for HNWIs from across the globe to own second homes and invest in real estate. No other part of the world attracts quite as many affluent buyers and investors, or enjoys the same status appeal and intrinsic desirability as Europe’s many cultural capitals and beauty spots, but why should this be so?

José Ribes Bas

EREN Director

Other continents offer cultural fascination, economic dynamism and natural beauty too, but clearly Europe has a unique blend of factors that set it apart, and above the rest of the world as a place where the earth’s affluent and successful wish to be. Why does Europe continue to exert such a strong pull and why is it unlikely to lose this leading position for some time to come? Culture and heritage Europe has a uniquely rich tradition when it comes to art, history, culture, cuisine and above all, exclusivity. While it is in no way the only place where the elements mentioned above can be enjoyed, this relatively small continent has long held a position of dominance within the world of luxury brands and luxury experiences that even today is hard to challenge. We largely associate aristocracy and luxurious cars, jewellery, fashion, cuisine and many other of life’s finest experiences with the best that Europe has to offer, so it is no different when it comes to real estate. This is, of course, epitomised by palaces and chateaux, wineries and historic properties full of pedigree, but also with exclusive big city pads and glamorous beachside or ski locations. Europe’s plethora of urban, rural, seaside and also natural settings and beauty spots adds to a fascination with the luxury homes and amenities of London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Rome and many more cities, as well as the Mediterranean seaboard, alpine ski resorts and lakeside idyll, not to mention rural beauty. Europe brings a world of options together within a two-hour flight. Security and Infrastructure Add to this the stable democratic government of Europe, the modern infrastructures, efficient legal systems and prosperous, educated and inclusive societies, and it becomes clear that this is a safe, desirable part of the world that also offers benefits to those who wish to have a business foothold in a place that can act as a springboard for global commercial interests. EREN brings luxury Europe together Within this scenario, EREN offers a network of the most highly respected specialists in the luxury European real estate and property investment fields. Situated in the best locations, they cover the continent’s most important cities, luxury resort and country estate markets, offering a level of specialised know-how, market knowledge, integrity and a business network that is unequalled. In other words, our real estate, commercial property, investment, legal, fiscal and financial specialists help discerning buyers and investors from around the world buy, sell and optimise real estate across the continent in a wide variety of languages. You won’t find a more effective and suitable partner for luxury European property, for EREN represents the best Europe has to offer.

José Ribes Bas. Publisher




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ON THE COVER The main entrance hall, finely finished with Venetian style floor and large windows, welcomes you in style. A few steps take you up into the villa where you can find on the ground floor a large living area and guest bedrooms as well as first access to the garden. Through the grand staircase, you will reach the upper and main level, with a broad representative living area, direct access to the garden with swimming pool and pool house where you can admire the breathtaking Lake Lugano view framed by the surrounding nature. For more info contact Wetag Consulting. Ref: 88545.


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Besides sunken fire pits, open-plan living rooms and minimalist kitchens and bathrooms, the modern wine cellar is one of the classic additions of 21st century home design. VILLÆ 6

By Michel Cruz







A wine cellar used to be just that, a somewhat dank stone or brick room hidden in the vaults of a home. Indeed, it didn’t use refrigeration but had to be located beneath the main house to attain the ideal temperature and humidity conditions required for storing precious vintages. As time moved on and classical homes become more comfortable in style, the bodega, as it is also often called, became a little more accessible. By the late 20th century it was no longer just the place where the erstwhile butler or chef ’s assistant would go to find the requested bottles of wine, but now an increasingly attractive space, not infrequently in the style of a winery, a traditional café or even a tapas bar. Fancy brickwork was accompanied by a bar, tables for wine tasting and even card-playing, as this was the sort of room that had become part of the modern villa’s basement area.

Puri Mancebo Wine estate specialist at Rimontgó Valencia, Spain


“Bodegas, or wine cellars, are an integral part of life in the Mediterranean region, the birthplace of wine culture as we know it. For this reason, they feature prominently not only in the winemaking estates but traditionally also in luxury homes – a trend that continues in modern villas and, thanks to the latest evolutions in the field, also in luxurious apartments. As someone specialised in sourcing wine estates for international clients, bodegas for me represent the ultimate meeting of viticulture and real estate.”










THE BODEGA COMES INTO THE LIGHT With the trend switch to sleek modern architectural styles this decade, has come a veritable revolution in the shape and function of this centuries-old space, which has seen it totally redefined from a traditional brick space located below the home to a glass-and-chrome vitrine situated right at the heart of its living areas. In other words, in this century the bodega has come out of the dark and into the light. If the look and location of the wine cellar have changed, the function hasn’t, and as many of these beautifully styled glass cabinets are located at the point where the kitchen and dining room meet, the wine tasting can now be done at the kitchen bar, the dining room table or even on the terrace outside. Now, the modern wine cellar has also become a true design feature in its own right, for a glass-and-chrome bodega is attractive by day and a visual delight when lit up with LED. Coming in a wide range of sizes and configurations, what is effectively a gently refrigerated cooling cabinet can be a practical and aesthetic addition to anything from a studio apartment to a large mansion, and they range from standardised designs to anything you want them to be. Modern technology ensures the sky is the limit, so be creative.






Images courtesy of Stact Wine Racks VILLÆ 17



ATHENS by Yannis Ploumis Ploumis Sotiropoulos Real Estate Brokers. Athens, Greece.

Athens has been described as a contradiction that assaults the senses. Would you say this is so? YP - Athens is a beautiful city harmoniously built around the Acropolis. Poetry and prose has been written about this city which is a feast for the eyes. Athens is a city full of life, one time is never enough to visit and experience the history behind the charming architecture of ancient buildings and beauties of the culture and nature it has to offer. If tourists head in one direction, where do locals go to relax, enjoy and socialise? YP - Locals enjoy the Kolonaki area in the centre of Athens, Glyfada in the south and Kifissia in the north. In the summer months most locals spend their weekends in the sandy beaches in the southern suburbs of Attica. What’s better, classic Athens or modern Athens? YP - Both can be enjoyed if one knows where to go and what to see. Athens offers the best of both worlds ancient and modern. You could be walking in the streets of Plaka and on one side view remnants of the ancient city and on the other amazing contemporary buildings. What are the must-see discoveries off the beaten track? YP - If you have already experienced the fairness of great historical buildings and museums, then you should definitely walk through the flea market of Monastiraki. Make a stop for a Greek coffee in the streets of Plaka, visit and enjoy the peaceful environment at the National Garden off Syntagma square, and finish by walking all the way up to Mount Lycabettus and enjoy the breathtaking view. After that, take a short drive to the south. Sit back and relax while the calmness of the blue Mediterranean Sea does all the work. Don’t forget to visit the Vouliagmeni Lake and the temple of Poseidon in Sounio. Which are the residential zones you recommend, and why? YP - Other residential zones include Plaka and Makrigianni in the historical centre, Kolonaki and the Presidential Palace in the centre, Palaio Psychico and Filothei in the north and Vouliagmeni and Kavouri in the south. How do you endear yourself to Greek people? YP - By speaking the language and by having some knowledge of the history and civilization. Learn and understand the culture. You will not find it difficult to socialize with Greeks since they are very open and outgoing. So just listen and dance to their traditional music, taste the local food with them and you shall win their hearts.


Cryptocurrency Future or Fad?

By Michel Cruz



It’s a topic that many originally ignored and all the world now talks about, but what exactly is cryptocurrency and is it the future or a fad?


uddenly it was there, an alternative to the very concept of money that has been with us for millennia. Most ignored it as a passing fad, but when values soared and millions were made the public took an interest. Now, as most everyone knows of cryptocurrencies, but not necessarily what they are, the market looks as volatile as ever but perhaps the golden days of astronomical growth are gone. The abandonment of the Gold Standard in the early 1970s and the embracing of so-called FIAT Money, which has no commodity value but is backed and regulated by individual governments, coincided with the electronic era and led to the spread of credit, producing an explosion of consumer spending that has fuelled much of the economic development in advanced countries ever since. Increasingly known as ‘plastic money’, it represents circulating sums that greatly outnumber the actual amount of currency minted and printed by the authorities.

The rise of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency took off and became a big thing just as the financial crisis hit, a coincidence that greatly fuelled its appeal among those who had burnt their fingers and were suddenly weary of capitalism. Interestingly, while it originally appealed to libertarians and free thinkers it has since become a prime example of capital speculation. Moreover, cryptocurrency was not born around 2009, as many believe; it has its antecedents in computer whiz kid David Chaum’s ecash, which dates all the way back to 1983. By 1995, when he launched DigiCash, the concept was already in full development and not much later the world was ready for the birth of this new concept, which saw b-money, bit gold and others pave the way for the digital value exchange, or if you like electronic currency system, to fully emerge a decade or so later, when the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto launched the now-eponymous Bitcoin and started the latest chapter in the evolution of what we call money. VILLÆ 21


Ë?...the vertical growth charts experienced by cryptocurrencies in recent years give small investors the hope that they too can benefit from the financial system and make headway.Ë? Where next for Cryptocurrency? Savvy investors with the know-how and resources to enter markets in earnest are slowly but surely beginning to dip their toes in the water. They have the means to spread their risk very evenly and still be significant players earning a royal morsel, but it is for the average man that Bitcoin has come to represent the possibility of economic mobility. Banks and financial markets offering relatively low-yield returns are not designed for people with rather small amounts to invest, so the vertical growth charts experienced by cryptocurrencies in recent years give small investors the hope that they too can benefit from the financial system and make headway. It is, however, as the mass market gains interest that the most dynamic growth appears to have gone out the crypto world. Whether this is temporary or not is hard to tell, but for those who are willing to spend time learning the market, navigating the online systems and selecting the right products to back, it can still be highly rewarding.



The authorities Initially, they seemed amazingly disinterested in the phenomenon, perhaps distracted by the pressing realities presented by the financial crisis, or perhaps believing it would never take off. Now that trade volumes have grown spectacularly, the general public is gaining an interest and the systems used by cryptocurrency networks are beginning to rival or even date mainstream technologies and procedures, many a government has been ordering studies into the overall impact and potential threats posed by Bitcoin and its peers.

Terminology in a technical world The crypto-financial world was created not so much by legal and financial minds as by computer experts. This means that it comes with the usual ‘outer-space’ jargon straight out of an episode of the Big Bang Theory, but here are some of the basic concepts behind it. Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms, which use advanced data transaction systems that offer a decentralised way to trade that is fast and safe. Blockchain technology is the infrastructure that enables it all to happen, and it functions as a massive databank of transactions within a network of accredited blocks, much like banks do, and will increasingly find its path into the way conventional finance works too – especially in how it uses ‘timestamping’ verification of transactions without the use of a third party. Fintech investors are jumping on the technology right now, and its open ledger system seems to be the future.

The growing acceptance of new currencies such as Bitcoin, and its increasing interchangeability with regular money – for instance in the form of ATMs and websites or businesses that accept Bitcoin payment – will speed up the arrival of state regulations and controls, especially as there is a potential for money laundering in an era of all-out war against this. Already, your virtual profits are tax-free but become taxable the minute you convert them into normal currency, and there is likely more control to come. The Wild West days of unregulated open speculation and towering gains will eventually be a thing of the past, but as with any new industry or sector it will mature, be regulated and take its place within the economy and society.

New cryptocurrencies are released through a process called an ICO [Initial Coin Offering]. Those that have their own blockchain system release a coin, those who share it release a token. Miners are people who effectively contribute to the ‘hashing’ or computer power of cryptocurrency networks, and they are rewarded for successful volume trading with coin shares and lower transaction fees, while whales are investors who move such quantities of cryptocurrency that they can influence outcomes. More and more, experienced investors are backing new coin launches rather than the coins themselves, but while it offers greater potential rewards the risk is also greater. VILLÆ 23


THE RED TUNA Revolution of an ancient land

The southern coast of Spain is an ancient land hewn from the sea and moulded by age-old traditions. It is here, at the point where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet, where the Pillars of Hercules signal the path to the mystical Isles of the Blessed, that an ancient bond exists between man and sea. This is the world of tuna, and today a growing centre of culinary interest.

By Michel Cruz



“It’s all happening a short distance along the coast from Marbella, where an ancient and a modern fishing tradition come together in one of the finest tuna fishing grounds in the world.” Enrique Domínguez, founding partner of Cleox Inversiones. (Marbella, Spain).

The Costa de la Luz – so named for its beautiful golden light – is a coast visited by mariners since time immemorial. Thousands have come and gone, suffered, perished or been rewarded with the bounty of their dreams. Not unlike the tuna fish, a bounty of these seas, men sailed from the known world of the Mare Nostrum and out into the untold depths of the Atlantic, driven by a sense of discovery and wonder. The various species of tuna that frequent these waters do it the other way round, rising up from the depths of the cold Atlantic and entering the Mediterranean to spawn in its warm eastern waters. The fish are thus born in Levantine waters, and come of age on their journey along the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea back to their home, the Atlantic. Many will not make it, thanks in part to the Almadraba, an ancient fishing technique invented by the very Phoenicians that hailed from the Levantine coastline and followed its westward

winds to eventually colonise much of the Iberian Peninsula almost 3,000 years ago. The Almadraba is still practised today, giving the spectacle by which tuna is caught in an encircling manoeuvre all the more impact, for it forms a direct, living link with a very distant past. That past, like the tuna itself, forms part of the lifeblood of this region of Andalucía, at the heart of which are the coastal towns of Conil de la Frontera, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and Tarifa, these days better known as a hippie chic surfer’s paradise. The fishermen in this area carry on a time-honoured tradition, but it is the tuna that is the star, attracting chefs and buyers from as far afield as Japan – and diners from around the world. The bluefin tuna caught here is among the very finest anywhere on the planet, and with the introduction of new cutting and bleeding techniques the finished product is good enough to rival that found at the best restaurants of the world, including Japan itself.

Spawning and migration areas of red tuna in the Mediterranean sea

Porto Cervo

Jávea Marbella

Presence of eggs and larvae Medium-intensity reproduction High-intensity reproduction Movements of adult tunas (entrance in spring-summer and exit in autumn)

Movements of young tuna (between summer and autumn) Note: Data based on the results of tacklings and recaptures.



A ‘red’ revolution The Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Spaniards have all feasted upon the bounty of these waters, but it is in recent times that something of a gastronomic cult has grown up around the hallowed tuna, and its associated kitchen. Many of the top chefs around the world source their tuna from Barbate, Zahara and Tarifa, but increasingly the area is also becoming a special destination among food aficionados themselves, spurring on the growth of new specialised eateries in the area that draw upon the new flavour sensation of red tuna in its finest form.

New ways of catching, despatching and cutting the fish that have been introduced from Japan are not only more humane but also greatly enhance quality as they avoid the release of hormones that once affected flavour and texture, and also offer a more effective way of draining blood to eliminate any metallic hints. The result is a beautiful, fresh red tuna cut that, if it doesn’t find its way to Tokyo or one of the world’s other culinary hotspots, becomes the centre of a gastronomic feast that is drawing more and more people to experience the delights of southern Spain’s red tuna revolution.

“As someone who loves the Mediterranean Sea, boating, and fishing, this is an article I can really associate with.” Antonio Ribes Bas, Director of Rimontgó (Javea, Spain).

“The famous red tuna is a certificated fish in Sardinia and its fishing is practiced with an ancient, traditional and sustainable technique in the renowned area of Carloforte in the Island of San Pietro, in South Sardinia. It is what I really associate with,” says Giancarlo Bracco. “It is part of the culinary excellence of Sardinia and supreme delicacies of the Mediterranean, as well as part of a fantastic gastronomic revolution.” Giancarlo Bracco founder of Immobilsarda on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda (Porto Cervo, Italy).


By Michel Cruz



Images courtesy of Rolls–Royce Motor Cars VILLÆ 29






or over a hundred years, Rolls-Royce has maintained the stellar levels of quality, refinement and elegance it rose to as one of a handful of car manufacturers that has become legendary. In the process, RollsRoyce has chronicled a century’s definition of ultimate luxury – moving with the times but always remaining true to an innate philosophy of sumptuous style, classic sophistication and timeless craftsmanship. The result is an icon whose very name is loaded with such meaning that its mere mention requires no further description. What started as a small engineering firm has since grown into an international concept that is instantly recognised and translated across the world. By the World Wars, Rolls-Royce had established a mythical status shared with only the very pinnacle of the industry, creating a segment where carmaking escapes the bonds of mechanics and becomes a fine art. Indeed, famously being able to balance a glass of champagne on the engine block as you rev it is a sublime feat of engineering achieved by its creators almost a hundred years ago. Before long, this skill was also applied to aeroplane engines, a field where Rolls-Royce

would again establish itself at the very pinnacle of excellence. By the 1970s, this part of the business had begun to overshadow car manufacture, and when Rolls-Royce’s car division was eventually taken over by BMW at the end of the century, the aeroplane engine company continued with the same name but a different destiny. Rolls-Royce cars, therefore, entered the new millennium on the not insubstantial wings of the BMW corporation, known for its technical excellence and commercial success.

“Like many of my clients, I am a great lover of sporting pursuits and beautiful cars, both modern and classic. Rolls-Royce is among the finest, most legendary car makes ever, and simply made for the driveways of Europe’s finest homes.”

Quentin Epiney Comptoir Immobilier. Geneva, Switzerland














The rebirth of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ A new range of models was launched in the following years that would make use of these resources and Rolls-Royce’s unequalled expertise to replicate the classic style and opulence of the marque for a new generation of buyers. Somehow, the designers succeeded in blending tradition and modernity in an exciting new product range that continues to represent the pinnacle of motoring, starting with the RollsRoyce Ghost limousine and then progressing through increasingly dynamic models such as the fastback Wraith and the gorgeous convertible lines of the RollsRoyce Dawn. Twin-toned aluminium bodywork, sweeping doors, soft leather, majestically styled interiors, handcrafted opulence and an incomparable list of luxury features are now also matched with increasingly dynamic drive experiences. The ‘Roller’ is a stately vehicle; it will never be a racing car, but today it blends cosseting comfort and consummate status with a sense of fun and turns that roaring power on when you want it to deliver a kick. With the addition of the long-awaited Cullinan, the marque’s first-ever jeep, Rolls-Royce has created the ultimate limousine in 4x4 configuration – and in the process has produced a range of cars that represents the epitome of 21st century refinement. VILLÆ 37



ROME by Maurizio Pezzetta La Commerciale SRL. Rome, Italy.

Which side of the river is best – a) for living, b) for exploring MP - The Tiber crosses the city in a curvilinear manner. Concerning only the city center, I would say that both sides are good for living. The difference is that the Old Town is on the left bank, far away there are also districts born in the last century; while on the right bank except for the Borgo district near the Vatican and Trastevere, there are mid-800s, early 900s or more recently built districts that are residential. I would say that both sides of the Tiber of the historical center are valid for living or being explored for history, art, and shopping. Does Rome miss having high-rise? MP - I would say no, you do not feel the need, because the emotions that Rome generates are all related to its history, uniqueness and also to the complexity of this beautiful and unique city. The skyline of Rome is beautiful with the profiles of the large and small monuments that are everywhere, it would not be the same with the skyscrapers, and I say it as a Roman who loves Roma. What is the best residential address in the city? MP - Rome is big and has a big extension, therefore it depends on what you want. If you want to live in the historical center, I can indicate: the areas of Piazza di Spagna, Via Condotti, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Coliseum, near the Theater of Marcellus. Prestigious addresses are also in the areas of Via Veneto and the districts of Salario/Pinciano, also Parioli near Villa Borghese, Trieste, or beyond the Tiber the districts of Prati, Trastevere - as I have already said -, or the area of the Gianicolo that faces on Rome dominating it from the top. Other possible prestigious addresses are also in more recent districts with different elegant residential complexes such as Fleming, Vigna Clara and Camilluccia. What is the best view in the eternal city? MP - Inside the Historical Center all the views on the monuments that I have already mentioned, because they are unique in the world, but I would also say the views over the typical roofs of Rome, or the green area inside the city, but also the views of the Tiber . The panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the Gianicolo or the residential area located on Monte Mario like the Camilluccia are suggestive. If tourists head one way, Romans go to… MP - The historical center is interesting for tourists but also for the Romans who are proud of living here and are constantly discovering suggestive corners that transmit emotions, including the little restaurant or the artisan shop that recalls times gone by. I can say that the Beauty of Ancient Rome is pleasant for everyone. Tourists surely show more their amazement and enthusiasm because they are not used to seeing and enjoying what Romans take for granted. Where is La Dolce Vita? MP - Dolce Vita is an expression that indicates the good life lived in Rome in the sixties (1960), when Rome was the Italian Hollywood with the studios of Cinecittà and Titanus. Famous actors, characters and entrepreneurs stayed in the beautiful premises of Via Veneto, and in the five-star hotels and who usually walk around the historical center. So the atmosphere that you could live originated the expression "Dolce Vita". Today it doesn't exist anymore because many things changed, but surely you can found it in the charming aperitifs in fascinating hotels, the meetings in famous houses, and the Rome and Romans atmosphere that involve and wrap people who come in contact with it, except for the problems of a complex and big town such as the "Eternal City". VILLÆ 39

By Michel Cruz


Energy of the future? The golden era of petroleum came to an end with the Arab Oil Crisis of 1973. Since then people have been dreaming of alternatives to fossil fuels that are not only renewable but also environmentally clean. As this desire slowly becomes more of a necessity, is bio fuel the answer to our hopes?.


n the debate about different energy forms, as elsewhere, descriptive terms are so loosely bandied about that their meaning – and significance – can gradually become obscure, and with them the actual content of the discussion itself. Terms such as ‘renewable’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ are the artillery of the ‘green’ movement, regularly parried with the ordenance of ‘oilers’, which centres upon issues of economic viability, cost and economic impact. What was once a philosophical debate between nurturing our planet and nurturing our economies is becoming an increasingly pressing topic, and one to which geopolitical concerns – not to mention a confusion of descriptions and available options – add further layers of complexity.


By Michel Cruz



˝Just to be clear, a renewable energy is one that isn’t mined and therefore depleted over time, but that can be produced in a non-exhaustive manner.˝

‘Alternative’ energy sources Most of us are agreed that in an ideal world we’d like to replace, costly and polluting fossil fuels with kinder alternatives. But what are the options available to us and how do they weigh up as viable replacements for the energy sources that have sustained our way of life for well over a century? In truth, many possibilities have been put forward, ranging from the ludicrous to the extremely promising, but as time passes and oil remains surprisingly resilient and hard to push off top position it has become clear that, for now at least, we will need a combination of renewable sources to meet our ever-growing energy needs. While we wait for breakthroughs in nuclear fusion the main focus is therefore on a varied mix of solar power, aeolic (wind) energy and hydrogen-based technologies supplemented by new developments in the harnessing of geothermal, tidal and wave energy. All of these resources are already increasingly serious players in the energy field, but while they retain great potential for further growth and development it is the conversion of organic matter such as biomass and bio crops into electricity and especially bio fuels that offers perhaps the greatest scope for the near future.


Terms defined To avoid the usual confusion of meaning, it is useful to clearly define what we’re talking about. What, for instance, are the true criteria and characteristics of renewable energy sources, and are they per definition sustainable and eco-friendly? Just to be clear, a renewable energy is one that isn’t mined and therefore depleted over time, but that can be produced in a non-exhaustive manner. And yet, true long-term sustainability of this resource and the creation of a more or less closed circle between supply and demand would depend on the proper management of the factors involved, most notably land, water and also labour and capital. Free of unforseen climatic or other disasters , this can be achieved, but even then a renewable/ sustainable energy isn’t automatically and by definition environmentally friendly, so each and every new technology and alternative to ‘ghastly’ oil has to be critically examined from a practical, cost, geopolitical (supply) and environmental perspective.



The advantage of Bio fuels over Fossil fuels Though both are derived from an originally bio-organic mineral source, the immediate difference between fossil and bio fuels is the fact that oil, coal and gas are the product of prehistoric biological matter that has decayed over millions of years while bio fuels are made from special crops grown ‘fresh’ for the purpose. Not surprisingly, fossil fuels are far more combustible and therefore more efficient, but the greater amount of carbon they burn and release into the atmosphere contributes greatly to the build-up of greenhouse gasses. This is especially visible in ecologically vulnerable production areas such as the Niger Delta in West Africa, where oil pollution has spoiled land, water sources and also killed off fishing stocks. The huge attraction of bio fuels is that, unlike fossil fuels extracted in mining processes, they can be grown and are therefore renewable sources of power. They exist in a wide range of products and applications that power cars, trains, trucks, aeroplanes and ships, as well as provide heating. However, even bio fuels are not perfectly ‘green’ as they require large land and water resources and do release pollutants into the air. The potential competition for land that could be important for food production has also been criticised, as is the fact that most bio-crops are heavily dependent on genetic modification for continuous improvements in yield and output quality. However, much of the production of bio fuel crops can be achieved on land of marginal quality not really suitable to normal agriculture. In terms of the ideal vision of creating a sustainable cycle of energy to meet our needs that doesn’t damage the earth (and our health), crop-based bio fuels therefore fall short of perfect, but they remain one of the most interesting options available to us right now and with only a five per cent contribution to global energy needs still have lots of growth potential to offer.


BRINGER S O F PE AC E The history of humanity is dogged by a long succession of wars, conflicts and ambitious despots. Many a list catalogues the dictators and warlords of past and present, but here we prefer to focus on those who sought to bring peace instead.



Marianne Walde Walde & Partner Immobilien Zollikon, Switzerland

“I am privileged to live in a country that has been at peace for centuries, even when wars raged around us. Not surprisingly, Switzerland is seen as a model of peace and security, and we have various United Nations and other international organisations with headquarters and offices in cities such as Zürich and Geneva. In spite of living in a relative bubble of peace, the Swiss are well aware of the challenges facing other parts of the world, and we both cherish our freedom and feel inspired by those who work so hard to bring it to others.”


t is tempting to call such people ‘Angels of Peace’ and somehow sanctify them, but ultimately, they too were just people, and as such neither perfect nor universally good. Some had chequered pasts or deviated from violence to follow a path of reconciliation, while a few truly can be said to have dedicated their lives to the betterment of humanity. But what makes these individuals really stand out is the contribution they have made to peace in a world where lists of aggressors are easier to compile than those of peacemakers.

India Most considerations of the pacifist movement first lead to India. This may surprise some, as this huge, often troubled country with its teeming, impoverished masses is certainly not devoid of violence and strife. But in spite of this India also has a long pacifist tradition that is best embodied by Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as Buddha, or the Enlightened One. A mythical figure at the heart of one of the world’s leading religions, he like Jesus Christ had a message of peace, conciliation and spirituality for the peoples of this world that still resonates today. It found root in another of history’s inspiring figures, Mahatma Gandhi. Perhaps the most famous of all pacifist leaders, he led India away from a potentially destructive violent campaign for independence to a surprisingly affective one of nonviolent resistance that avoided large-scale slaughter. Gandhi will go into history as a man of law, peace and a nationalist who did not allow the love for his fatherland or any feverish personal ambition to blind his principles.

A modern-day saint Beatified shorty after her death, Mother Theresa pretty much embodies our concept of a life spent in the service of others. This wizened, diminutive Albanian lady could not have imagined that she would be her nation’s most famous citizen when she chose to become a nun who travelled to the other side of the world to work with the poorest of the poor. It’s through her work among the impoverished masses of Calcutta that Mother Theresa would become the personification of selfless sacrifice in a mostly selfish modern world.

fallen on deaf ears, but there are some illuminating cases where leaders were able to inspire entire nations and bring them together, however briefly. The struggle between groups of haves and have-nots often takes the form of the ‘evil oppressor’ and the ‘righteous oppressed’, but in blindly pursuing their own interests and repeating the evils of their predecessors, most ‘liberators’ contribute to conflict rather than its resolution. Some leaders have broken this cycle of self-serving conflict by focusing on conciliation. A notable example is Nelson Mandela. The man raised to the status of the Second Coming by the Western media, started his political career as an activist who planted bombs that killed both white and black civilians in the South Africa of the 1960s. Imprisoned for many years, he began a dialogue with the white regime that eventually led to the opening up of the country in the early 1990s, and his election as president shortly after his release from Robben Island. In a continent beset by rich dictators, warlords and genocidal conflicts, Mandela rose to become a great leader when he desired his people to bypass the usual post-colonial bloodletting and follow a path of conciliation and responsible democracy. The process was made possible by his opposite number, former Prime Minister FW De Klerk, who paved the way for universal franchise and treated Mandela with the dignity he deserved. Sadly, his legacy has been on the wane ever since. The USA is another country where history – and how it is perceived by both sets of antagonists – has pitched white and black against each other. It’s a divide that is widening into selfserving agendas and threatening to split America open. What is needed is the voice of reason, someone like Martin Luther King who, like Gandhi and Mandela, not only preached conciliation and universal humanitarian ideals but also had the ability to impregnate the hearts of the masses with such messages. However, it is only when we can complement our own icons and heroes with leaders who somehow jointly effected peace or liberation, such as Mandela and De Klerk, or even Sadat and Begin, that we begin to understand that creating and maintaining peaceful coexistence is the joint responsibility of both parties in any conflict.

Ebony and Ivory The cry for nations, classes, races, religions and those of different ideologies to live side by side in harmony has all too often VILLÆ 45


RÍOFRIO CAVIAR FROM A NEW SOURCE More perhaps than any other kind of food, caviar is associated with wealth, privilege and the aristocratic surroundings of the Russian and Persian courts, whose rulers have sourced this delicacy from the Caspian Sea and the lakes and rivers of the region for centuries. Now, Ríofrio caviar offers an altogether more ecologically responsible alternative without any compromise on quality.



he problem with the classical sources of caviar is that they have been largely depleted. The Caspian is not the vibrant inland sea it once was and many of the region’s rivers and lakes have suffered from pollution and over-fishing. Yet the demand for this iconic dish of elegance and luxury remains as strong as it was in the days of Czars, Shahs and aristocrats. One of the most notable suppliers of quality caviar offers a more sustainable alternative, and it does so from the fresh, cold waters of Ríofrio in the Andalusian highlands near Granada. Not only does it reduce dependence upon the traditional sources of the sturgeon in the Black Sea, the Caspian and the Volga River, but the caviar produced here comes from a renewable source – ‘farmed’ on-land hatcheries.

It is thanks to producers such as Ríofrio Caviar that sturgeon stocks have a chance of recovering in the wild without disrupting the supply of one of the most exclusive food products on our tables. The once-small hatchery near Granada has grown into a proud enterprise that leads the way, showing that the most demanding quality can be married to innovative, ecologically minded production, and Ríofrio now supplies many of the finest restaurants, hotels and retailers around the world in a manner that is responsible, humane and sustainable – providing not only quality caviar but fine cuts of sturgeon fish as well.

It is interesting to note that the leading exponent of this kind of caviar production lies not in Russia but in Spain, where a hatchery first founded in 1956 has grown into one of the most highly respected purveyors of this fine quality delicacy in the world. After perfecting its production for more than 60 years, Ríofrio Caviar has gradually won over most doubters and ‘purists’ with the standard of its offering.

Eva Marschall Marschall Immobilien Vienna, Austria

“At Marschall Real Estate and within EREN and the Villae International publication, we specialise in those luxuries that represent the finer things in life. This applies to beautiful homes in gorgeous locations as it does to fine food – and caviar has always been considered one of life’s luxuries.”




GENEVA by Quentin Epiney Comptoir Immobilier. Geneva, Switzerland

Is Geneva only a city of diplomats and bankers or does it also have an alternative side? QE - It is true that Geneva is a global hub for International organisations, banks as well as for the watchmaking industry, hence it has a natural inclination for cosmopolitan elegance and luxury. Still, Geneva has quite a free-minded alternative scene, where bankers and diplomats take the business suit off to attend underground concerts at “L’Usine”, or dance the night away in one of its night clubs. In Geneva I go to have fun in… QE - If it feels like Geneva is relatively calm, it is because it is safe and well organized. But if you know where to go and how to exploit the city’s central location, you could find yourself in a wild adventure easily ! In Geneva you can enjoy a multitude of activities and sport infrastructures, access close-by skiing resorts in less than an hour, jump in the lake to practice water sports or, my favorite, sky-dive above the city and see far beyond the Lake. What is life by the lake like? QE - It is a blissful invitation to live a healthy lifestyle and relax the mind. The Lake offers a wide variety of activities such as wakeboard and wake-surf, wind-surf or sailing, without forgetting of course the many charming lakeside bars and restaurants, where one can spend the afternoon tanning with a fresh glass of rosé ! Fed by the Alpine glaciers and flowing into the “Rhône” river, the Geneva Lake is particularly clean, with its water naturally renewed every 7 years. What can you expect from a city that gave rise to Jean Jacques Rousseau and Jean Calvin? QE - In the image of Rousseau and Calvin, Geneva inspires its youth, citizens and visitors to peacefully question, challenge and explore every subject worthy of study. Philosophy, religion, history, arts or current global affairs, the culture of Geneva opens the boundaries of thoughts, cultures and beliefs, as a most fundamental right – a most precious freedom. Where would you live in Geneva if you were me? QE - If I was you, I would have a difficult time choosing between an urban yet classic apartment in the old town, centrally located to access all the facets of the city with a view on the St-Pierre Cathedral, or an architect’s villa on the shore of the Lake, in the most fancied neighborhood of Cologny – to enjoy a quality of life that only a few have experienced. Where would you take a visiting friend for a fantastic, unexpected experience? QE - After visiting the United Nations in the morning and shopping some of the most prestigious brands and jewels in the afternoon, I would take my friends to experience the “Fêtes de Genève” celebrations, then witness the grand Firework which illuminates the Lake every year in August, from a classic lakeside panoramic apartment.



By Michel Cruz

Top Tech Trends Technologically, the world is in rapid evolution right now, and as a result we’re getting used to gadgetry that not so long ago would have seemed like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Technological change seems to be coming thick and fast these days. It wasn’t that long ago that a video machine, PC or mobile phone seemed a wondrous thing, but now we have smartphones, smart TVs, inbuilt sat nav, home automation systems, Siri, real-time communication with people at the other end of the world and apps that will tell you anything from the constellation you’re looking at to where the airliner flying overhead is headed. The time may come when we won’t consider even the most mundane action without first consulting online references or using a digital crutch, but in this transition phase between a mechanical/analogue world and a digital one it all seems pretty wondrous and exotic. Here is a selection of some of the upcoming ‘next gen’ tech trends about to hit a virtual store near you.

Guifré Homedes Amat Luxury Barcelona, Spain

“We live in a modern era and one that is evolving fast, lead by lightning speed technology changes. Some are fun, some challenge us, but all offer exciting new possibilities, so it’s interesting or even vital to stay up to date with the latest developments in the tech world.”


Top Tech Trends

3D Printing Though we’ve been hearing about it for a while now, 3D printing still has a somewhat fantastical, exotic feel about it. In reality 3D printing is neither that odd nor that new. The process consists of the shaped layering of a material – initially mostly plastic – until a three-dimensional object is created. The source of the shape is a ‘CAD’ computerised 3D model that transfers the details of the image to the printer and thereby ‘instructs’ the printing of it from a sequence of patterned layers until the desired product emerges from the final layer in this bottom-to-top method of manufacturing. It first emerged in 1981, when Hideo Kodama of the Nagoya Industrial Research Institute in Japan pioneered the first 3D printing process. Today it’s possible to manufacture an increasingly diverse range of products from an increasingly wide range of materials, and the technology has the potential to revolutionise design and manufacturing – from enabling surgeons to create replacement hips and other body parts on the spot to facilitating cheap, flexible and fast production on a small scale – thus potentially uprooting the entire economies of scale model that manufacturing has been built upon for more than a century. VILLÆ 52

Top Tech Trends

Robots ‘in a store near you’ Well, not yet, but with the rapid advances in digital data speed, processing ability and cognitive capacity, robot-based consumer electronics could just be the next big trend around the corner. We could be on the cusp of having a personal butler to make sure we’re fed, watered, groomed and dressed, that reminds us of appointments, never forgets an important date or the chance to order flowers for it, cleans the house, cooks dinner and also acts as a security guard. Moving, speaking robots with ‘feelings’ such as Kuri are the current trend, using the rapidly-advancing facial recognition technology to accurately identify and interact with different members of the household.


Top Tech Trends

Facial Recognition not a Mission Impossible We used to see it in futuristic movies but now it’s a reality; our faces are now the key to security. The latest iPhone offers X Face ID technology and your new car recognises your eye and nose features to allow access to doors and boots. I guess borrowing someone’s car is out of the question now, but the business is a serious, burgeoning one, worth almost $16 billion last year and growing fast. The implications for security systems are obvious and many, but facial recognition also offers other potential uses, including the collection of medical data and eventually even reading consumer reactions and preferences from facial expressions.


Top Tech Trends

5G power None of the above would be possible without the technology to drive it. We’re talking about fifth-generation wireless technology, which makes ever-faster and more efficient download speeds a reality. To put it in perspective – 3G needed 26 hours to download a two-hour movie; 4G requires six minutes; with 5G it’s just 3.6 seconds! Not only does this enable you to download and enjoy movies, images, games and other heavy files, but it also has a great many practical applications emanating from faster processing speeds.


Top Tech Trends

VR expands its horizons In a similar way, corporations are now also tapping into this previously entertainment-based technology to expand their brand identity and awareness, creating a journey for their clients that forms part of the all-important customer experience. From promotional presentations about businesses, sectors and organisations to client-oriented adventures and shopping experiences, Virtual Reality is escaping the bonds of the computer game to become a commercial and consumer tool as well.


Top Tech Trends

Smart Cities Pretty soon not just individual technologies but whole cities can become ‘smart’ through networking the entire infrastructure – creating an integrated e-grid in which everything from traffic lights and electricity supply to CCTV cameras, traffic flow management and also crime detection is linked and if required cross-referenced. The advantages for greatly enhanced energy efficiencies, safety systems and crime fighting are many, as long as there isn’t a kink in the system! but one that relies only on solar and other sustainable energy sources, is carbon-zero and recycles to the point of creating a zero-waste environment. At least, this is the intention, and advanced urban transport and climate management systems will form a vital part of the 6km2, $22 billion city that is expected to be completed within a decade. A vital element of Masdar’s economy will be businesses designing and producing environmentally friendly products and their life-cycle processing systems, depending heavily on the research and graduates of MIST (the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology), which is linked to the world-famous MIT. Cars will be banned in the city and an ambitious wall will keep the hot desert air out, reducing the dependence on air-conditioning to produce a living environment very distinct from that of other UAE cities. VILLÆ 57


NEW MARKET LEADERS JOIN EREN IN 2019 The European Real Estate Network (EREN) is a select collective of leading real estate agents from across Europe. Since EREN is in itself not a commercial entity and therefore has no interest in increasing member numbers for the sake of it, admission is by invitation only and the selection process dependent upon the candidate firm fitting in with the quality standards and business ethics of the organisation. As EREN’s aim is both to raise service levels in luxury real estate within Europe to the highest standards and also harness our local knowledge, contacts, expertise and reputation to further enhance our combined effectiveness and marketing reach within the top segment, it stands to reason that only the very best of European real estate companies join this exclusive network of likeminded individuals, teams and corporate structures. The above is in no way inspired by any form of elitism or arrogance, but serves to ensure that those who form part of EREN meet and help us exceed the finest levels of know-how, service, ethics and effectiveness available in Europe today. This year we are proud to announce four new members.


Yannis Ploumis

Ploumis Sotiropoulos Athens, Greece. PLOUMIS SOTIROPOULOS is a full-service real estate brokerage founded in the Greek capital in 1924 that offers a prime portfolio of properties in the greater Athens area and the beautiful Greek islands. The company has established a firm reputation in helping international clients acquire properties in locations such as Mykonos, Porto Heli, Hydra, Spetses, Corfu, Paros and many more. Over the years this has led to an international client base in the upper market segment and in the agency being offered the cream of Greek properties for sale to both a domestic and international market. The firm’s knowledge is local and its reach international through transnational partnerships and alliances that broaden marketing impact. Ploumis Sotiropoulos is very pleased to join his esteemed colleagues within Europe’s finest property collective – EREN. VILLÆ 59


Enrique Domínguez and Karen Yelin

Cleox Inversiones Marbella, Spain. CLEOX INVERSIONES was founded in 2004 in Marbella, Spain – specialising in luxury real estate investment for international clients. For this reason, they approach property from a value perspective, covering the area between Málaga and Sotogrande, which has Marbella at its heart. The primary focus is upon the client, from whose instructions Cleox sources properties that are not only beautiful and satisfy a long wish-list, but which are desirable, saleable and represent good investment credentials. They therefore analyse homes with the critical eye of a portfolio manager, albeit enlivened with a passion for their subject matter, for real estate is the ultimate expression of lifestyle. Another part of the service offered is the sourcing of land for development and assisting of potential investors and developers throughout the process. Working in this way and using Marbella as their base, Cleox Inversiones services a high net worth clientele from around the world. VILLÆ 60


Carlos Wadstrom, Sandra Viganego, Katrin Frisch, Marcos Blasco

Living by Carlos Mallorca, Spain. LIVING BY CARLOS was founded in 2013 by Carlos Wadstrom, who has been based in Puerto Portals for over 25 years. Experienced as a yacht broker and highly familiar with the property market of Mallorca, he has built up a solid network of clients from around Europe and beyond. The fact that so many of them turned to Carlos for properties, investment and lifestyle consulting led to the creation of Living by Carlos, which functions more as a boutique consultancy than a conventional real estate agency. Established in this most privileged of settings upon the island, Carlos and his experienced team specialise in the region of Calvià , southwest of the bay of Palma de Mallorca. A very personal approach is followed in keeping with the boutique concept of the firm and the brokerage style of yacht vendors, and this has proved to be much in demand among high net worth buyers. The fact that Carlos and his team can offer this service in fluent English, Spanish, German and Hungarian greatly broadens the range of personal service. VILLÆ 61


Marta Silveira Catemario and Pedro Mateus

Silfiducia Lisbon, Portugal. Founded in 1981, SILFIDUCIA is one of the most longstanding property agencies in the Lisbon market. The firm has extensive experience in the commercial and residential real estate sectors, with specialist teams that uphold high ethical standards and traditional values. Silfiducia is part of Grupo SIL, a leading real estate business with more than 60 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in the Lisbon metropolitan area. Know-how and customer service are at the heart of the company’s operation, along with a personalised approach and lifestyle focus. Silfiducia provides general agency services, as well as customised property solutions, including investment and development consultancy, market research and the full range of support services. Our experts advise local and international clients, from homebuyers and private property portfolios, to corporate investment funds and commercial retailers. In the greater Lisbon area Silfiducia offers a comprehensive service. VILLÆ 62

Europe’s Finest Real Estate

Cap Adriano, Santa Ponsa, Calvia, Mallorca, Spain. More info on page 78. VILLÆ 63

Representative architectural jewel, Vienna / AUSTRIA. Living space 760 m², plot 1.605 m², 18 rooms, garage. Price upon request. Ref. MI-1999 VILLÆ 64

Property section. Austria

“SkyLounge” building development, Mondsee / AUSTRIA. Breathtaking mountain view. Apartments 169 - 379 m2, private spas, terraces, gardens. Price upon request. Ref. MI-1210

Designer villa with swimming pond, Vienna / AUSTRIA. Top location next to the Vienna woods. 411 m2, area 890 m2, 7 rooms, garage. Price upon request. Ref. MI-1984

Apartment building development, Vienna / AUSTRIA. Prime location in noble residential area. 70 - 180 m2, terraces, gardens, garage, prime location. Prices from €  780,000. Ref. MI-2030

High-end luxury villa, Vienna / AUSTRIA. Outstanding completely refurbished historical building. 634 m2, 11 rooms, garage, wine cellar. Prices upon request. Ref. MI-2021

Marschall Real Estate +43 1 533 20 30


Grand Tower: Luxurious 4-room condominium. Frankfurt-Europaviertel, GERMANY 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Apartment: 184 m2. Price: € 3,460,300. Ref: BCI-7773


Property section. Germany

Winwin: Exquisite apartment in top location. Dusseldorf-Medienhafen, GERMANY. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Apartment: 78 m2. Price: € 1,021,000. Ref: BCI-10783

Sophienpalais: Stunning roof top apartment. Hamburg-Harvestehude, GERMANY. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Apartment: 198 m2. Price: € 2,232,100. Ref. BCI-10960

Luisenpark: Exclusive 4-room apartment. Berlin-Mitte, GERMANY. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Apartment: 125 m2. Price: € 1,099,000. Ref: BCI-9100

Grand Tower: Fantastic 4-room condominium. Frankfurt-Europaviertel, GERMANY. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Apartment: 223 m2. Price € 3,734,200. Ref: BCI-7751

JLL Residential +49 30 88 66 000


A Private Island in the Aegean, GREECE. Near Athens. Aegean, GREECE. 12.45 acre private island with nine structures, including a modernist main residence, Venetian Tower, staff and guest cottages, pristine sandy beaches and several boat docks. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, house: 597 m2, land: 50.316 m2. Price upon request.


Property section. Greece

Waterfront Retreat, Athens, GREECE. Luxurious living spaces. Athens, GREECE. On the east coast of Attica near Saronida, an idyllic waterfront property set directly on a lovely white-sand beach with a luxurious residence. Included are two swimming pools, a tennis court, dining terraces and an olive grove. 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, house: 755 m2, land: 7.660 m2. Price upon request.



Villa Bardolino, Lake Garda, ITALY. Italian style, amazing lake views. Bardolino, Lake Garda, ITALY. Designed in what is called the Italian Style, this enchanting Villa offers a perfect setting as it very close to the historical center of Bardolino, and to the lake as well. The villa has been recently restyled and boasts of a large garden and a fantastic in-ground pool. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 400 sqm. Price € 1,200,000. Ref. CF0012


Property section. Italy

One bedroom apartment, Sirmione, Lake Garda, Brescia, Italy. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 80 sqm. Price € 315,000. Ref: CF0003

Single Villa, Pastrengo, Lake Garda, Verona Italy. 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 750 sqm. Price € 750,000. Ref: CF1276

Vintage apartment with wide terrace, Historical center, Canossa’s Palace Verona, Italy. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 213 sqm. Price € 1,500,000. Ref: CF1301

Villa Bembo, Old Vintage Villa with annexed builidings, Venice, Italy. 14 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 1,620 sqm. Price € 2,850,000. Ref: CF1350

Cofim Immobiliare VR sas +39 045 800 11 99


Superb villa in Porto Cervo. Porto Cervo. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Enchanting seafront property, premium location of Porto Cervo, spectacular sea views over the Marina. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 400 sqm, panoramic verandas, large pool, outdoor gym, Turkish bath, pristine garden, guest house, privacy. Price on request. Ref. IMS1863


Property section. Italy

Stunning pieds dans l’eau villa. Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Magnificent property wisely settled in a private peninsula, seafront plot of ca. 4.000 sqm, private mooring, pontoon, private beach, 7 bedrs., double living, excellent position, sunny exposure, extreme privacy and security. Price on request.

Impressive Seaview Villa, Porto Rafael. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Seafront panoramic villa, 200 mt from the sea, wisely immersed in nature, magnificent 3.000 sqm. Mediterranean garden, unrivaled Archipelago views, 7 bedrs., 5 bathrs., guest house, exquisite outdoors, solarium, 3 entrances, few steps from Piazzetta, Marina and beaches. Price upon request. Ref: IMS2529

Fabulous eco villa under construction. Baia Santa Reparata, Sardinia, ITALY. Innovative project in Sardinia, spectacular panoramic position overlooking the sea, lot ca. 2000 sqm., living surface 500 sqm, high technological vision, 2 independent interconnected bodies, swimmingpool, Jacuzzi, Spa, large wooden terraces. Price €  2,500,000. Ref: IMS0464

New beachfront Villas. Cannigione, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, ITALY. Private gated concierge community, 6 ha of private park on the sea in front of La Maddalena Archipelago. 24 new villas under construction, direct beach access, private gardens and pools, private mooring, fivestars bespoke services. Price from €  1,500,000 up to €  3,000,000. Ref: IMS1696

Immobilsarda Srl +39 0789 754500


Palazzetto in the historical center near the Theater of Marcellus. Rome, ITALY. Historical Building created by the world well-known Giacomo Della Porta. Three independent but connected with each other luxury suites: Garden Suite; Ambassador Suite; Executive Suite for a total of 1.200 m2. Other areas: 150 m2; Garden: 177 m2; Terraces: 260 m2. Price upon request. Ref. LC352


Property section. Italy

Villa "Solitary House". Capri, ITALY. One of the most ancient and charming houses of one of the most exclusive and famous locations of the Mediterranean sea in front of Capri's Faraglioni with a breath-taking view House: 480 m2; Garden: 7,000 m2; Terraces. Price upon request. Ref: LC340

La Commerciale Srl (+39) 06 3200 613


Magnificent Palace built in 1830 at the heart of historic Sintra, PORTUGAL. Exceptional views of historic monuments, landscapes and ocean. 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms. House 1.320 m2, land 2.283 m2. Price upon request. Ref: PA404


Property section. Portugal

Excellent beach property close to Praia Grande and to the centre of Sintra. Colares, PORTUGAL. Indoor and outdoor pools. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. House 341 m2, land 3.961 m2. Price: € 3,000,000. Ref: M708

Exclusive duplex apartment with private garden at the heart of the city. Lisbon, PORTUGAL. 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 354 m2. Price: € 2,900,000. Ref: A305

SILFIDUCIA real estate +351 213 555 555


Ciutat Diagonal. Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, SPAIN. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. House: 612 m2; land: 934 m2. Price: € 3,500,000. Ref. 24936 VILLÆ 78

Property section. Spain

Can Martí. Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona, SPAIN. 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. House: 2.100 m2, land: 80.000 m2. Price € 6,900,000. Ref: 17294

Can Majó. Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, SPAIN. 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. House 305 m2; land: 450 m2. Price: € 1,295,000. Ref. 25142

Neoclassical Vila. Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, SPAIN. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. House 301 m2; land: 615 m2. Price: € 1,850,000. Ref. 17071

Pedralbes. Les Corts, Barcelona, SPAIN. 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms. House 815 m2; land: 605 m2. Price: € 6,900,000. Ref.23754

Amat Luxury (+34) 934 529 960


Luxury villa with unique sea views in Cap Adriano. Villa Cap Adriano. Cap Adriano, Santa Ponsa, Calvia, Mallorca. Mallorca, SPAIN. This high-quality villa is located in a first line community with 9 villas, 8 apartments and 2 penthouses, offering amazing views and direct sea access. The property has been built with high quality materials and the community offers concierge and security service. Cap Adriano is located in close proximity to the chic marina Port Adriano and the golf course. 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. House: 1.072 m2, land: 2.082 m2. Price: â‚Ź 11,450,000. Ref: LBC1034


Property section. Spain

Exceptional reformed luxury propertyin Alaró. Villa Alaró, Alaró, Mallorca. Mallorca, SPAIN. This exclusive property is located in the outskirts of the village in Alaró and offers lots of privacy with amazing views to the twin mountains of Alaró. The property has been renovated preserving some of the original details combined with modern character and is equipped with underfloor heating, wooden and stone flooring, solar panels and pre–instalation for air conditioning. 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms. House: 470 m2, land: 68.500 m2. Price: € 6,200,000. Ref: LBC1010

Living by Carlos +34 – 971 679 196


Marbella, SPAIN. An excellent project in the historic center of the city of Marbella. At the foot of a wall of the 11th century, is the old town. This small and unique building, is located exactly between two quiet streets that still keep the purest Andalusian style, and from which you can easily access all commercial life, with its narrow streets, its squares and its large avenues. A strategic place that only the luckiest can enjoy. Apartments of 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms on one floor, duplex penthouses, generous spaces and excellent qualities. Prices upon request. VILLÆ 82

Property section. Spain

Villa Flamingos. Benahavis, SPAIN. A brand new luxury villa with very modern architecture, for sale inside an exclusive gated golf resort, and built with luxury qualities. The house is located in an elevated position, enjoying spectacular views of the golf, the sea and the mountains. 5 beds; 5 baths. House: 623 m2; plot: 1,350 m2; Terraces: 147 m2 Price: € 4,900,000. Ref. LUX0352

New development. Marbella Golden Mile, SPAIN. 8 exclusive luxury apartments in a gated complex, 5 minutes from the legendary 5 Star Hotel Puente Romano and the lively promenade and beaches of Marbella. It is a new concept of living, where the apartments offer large spaces and high quality materials, the same benefits as in a luxury villa. Apartments and penthouses terraces with sea views and swimming pool. Prices from: € 2,095,000. Ref. 359-00004G

Villa in Sierra Blanca, Marbella Golden Mile. Marbella, SPAIN. Stunning luxury villa for sale in one of the most exclusive areas of Costa del Sol. Located on a very private street, with panoramic views of the sea and the Mediterranean coast. The villa has been built with the best qualities of the market. 7 beds, 7 baths. House: 1,846 m2; plot: 5,005 m2; Terraces: 873 m2 Price: € 15,900,000. Ref. LUX0359

New front line project. Estepona, SPAIN. This fantastic turnkey signature villa, is located in a very quiet area with fantastic access to the beach and all the services. A very modern design and excellent qualities. The house will be ready in December 2019. Price: € 4,950,000. Ref. 359-00013P

Cleox Inversiones (+34) 952 906 432


Modern apartment in the centre of Eixample, Valencia. Stylish contemporary apartment with an exquisite design. Valencia, SPAIN. For those seeking a home in the very centre of Valencia we present this modern apartment completely renovated in 2016, located in a modernist building dating from 1925. Immaculately presented throughout, it is comprised of an ample living-dining room bathed in natural light with access to an office, a chic kitchen, four bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as a laundry area. Highlights of this property: elegant finishings, luxury wooden flooring, tailor-made wardrobes, high-end appliances and excellent heating and air conditioning system. Skillfully restored with taste and attention to detail in order to provide ultimate comfort and boasting imposing direct views of the surroundings. Located on the doorstep of everything that the city has to offer and the transport links easily accessible. 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, build: 345 m2. Price: â‚Ź 1,490,000. Ref: RMGV3204


Property section. Spain

Spectacular property of a modern style in Javea. Idyllic home in a tranquil setting close to Jávea’s Golf Club. Jávea, Costa Blanca, SPAIN. Set within the highly regarded residential area of La Alborada offering the utmost of privacy and tranquillity on a large plot of 6,200  m2, this exclusive finca of 445m2 has been built to the highest specifications. The property is accessed by electric doors and a charming driveway up to the finca. Laid out over two levels the stunning patio with its huge antique doors creates the atmosphere of this delightful property. 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, build: 445 m2, plot: 6,200 m2. Price: € 1,980,000. Ref: RMG5550

Rimontgó +34 963 504 444


Anières, Geneva, SWITZERLAND. This little gem has a living space of 310 m2 and extends over three levels. A Beautiful terrace offers a breathtaking view of the Geneva Lake. The ground floor offers a living room with a dining room, as well as a veranda and a well equipped kitchen. The first floor offers two bedrooms, one with a balcony and a complete bathroom. The parental suite has a dressing, two balconies and a complete bathroom. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, house; 229 m2, land; 1’048 m2. Price CHF 4’500’000. Ref: 24188.


Property section. Switzerland

Geneva, SWITZERLAND. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, house: 500 m2, land: 1'804 m2. Price upon request. Ref: 30323

Nendaz, SWITZERLAND. 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, house: 510 m2, land: 3’590 m2. Price upon request. Ref: 30066

Montreux , Vaud, SWITZERLAND. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, house: 244 m2, land: 223 m2, terrace; 118 m2. Price upon request. Ref: 30019

Comptoir Immobilier +41 (0) 22 319 89 89


Unique historic property with 240 m shoreline and lots of land. Lake Zurich, SWITZERLAND. On the upper shore of Lake Zurich on a unique lakeside plot this property includes three fully renovated homes from the 18th/19th centuries and a boathouse etc. 14 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms in 3 houses, land: 23,000 m². Price upon request. Ref: L07.994


Property section. Switzerland

Villa with a Mediterranean feel in Herrliberg, Zurich, SWITZERLAND. Fantastic views of the Alps and the lake, situated in a quiet residential area with perfect privacy, only 20 mins. from Zurich city center. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, house: 290 m², land: 1’750 m². Price: CHF 7.800.000. Ref: L07.302

Grand residence in a historic villa at the Zurichberg, Zurich, SWITZERLAND. Historic villa, built in 1914, located in the privileged Zurichberg district, surrounded by a dream garden with ancient trees. 12 bedrooms. 9 bathrooms, house: 830 m², land: 2,441 m². Price upon request. Ref: L07.626.S

Family home with endless lake views in Herrliberg, Zurich, SWITZERLAND. So close to heaven in its gorgeously sunny location in desirable Herrliberg, this detached home boasts unobstructed lake views. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, house: 338 m², land: 1’389 m². Price: CHF 6.200.000. Ref: L07.948

Sleeping beauty: splendid villa surrounded by green in Zurich, SWITZERLAND. Historic villa, built in 1925, located in a privileged area, awaiting a makeover. 9 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, house: 320 m², land: 1’840 m². Price upon request. Ref: L08.083.S

Walde & Partner Immobilien AG +41 44 396 60 60


Splendid beachfront luxury real estate directly on the lake. Caslano, Lake Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland. 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, house: 3,294 m², land: 9,723 m². Price: CHF 29,900,000. Ref: 88490


Property section. Switzerland

Mediterranean villa with a dreamlike lake view. Gordola, Lake Maggiore, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 4 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, house: 190 m², land: 1.113 m². Price: CHF 1,990,000. Ref: 88569

Luxury villa with beautiful lake view. Ruvigliana, Lake Lugano, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 5 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms, house: 520, land: 582 m². Price: CHF 5,650,000. Ref: 88265

Classical Mediterranean villa with breath-taking lake view. Morcote, Lake Lugano, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, house: 220 m², land: 976 m². Price: CHF 4,650,000. Ref: 88519

Restored historical "rustico" village with vineyard in Verzasca Valley. Vogorno, Ticino, SWITZERLAND. 6 bedrooms, 6 bedrooms, house: 270 m², land: 53,664 m². Price: CHF 3,200,000. Ref: 88515

Wetag Consulting +41 (0)91 601 04 40


Successful international cooperation “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more,” Dr. J.E. Salk

The productive cooperation between members of EREN continues to grow, and this implies not only an increase in cross-border transactions but also the ability to offer an ever-improving service to our international clients. A signature benefit of working with an EREN member firm is the expertise and high quality of service each member gives its clients, while working cooperatively with the highest degrees of trust and accountability. Here is a sample of case studies from the past few months. VILLÆ 92


Twice better than once. For us, at Rimontgรณ, each client is unique and it is a satisfaction to be able to say that our experience with them always ends up with a touching success story. And in some occasions like this, two stories. This time, the story goes back several years. About 10 years ago, our colleagues from the real estate company Wetag Consulting introduced us to Alex and Carrie, residents of Switzerland, as they were interested in acquiring a second home by the Mediterranean sea. Alex and his wife, together with their children and grandchildren, enjoy a spectacular modern style villa overlooking the sea in Javea ever since. Since they bought the property, every time Alex and Carrie stayed in Jรกvea for a few days, they used to come and visit us year after year. During these years, we have shared many pleasant evenings with them. Our get-togethers have always revolved around the world of wine. They have seen how our department of Vineyards and Wineries took shape since the very beginning, as it was

born almost a decade ago until it has become a model within the sector. And year after year, Alex and Carrie, with a glass of good wine in their hands, were carried along by their passion for wine and daydreamed about the possibility of investing in a winery. A winery, in addition to an investment, is above all a passion. A winery is something alive where every single year is different. The vineyards offer very different landscapes each season of the year. And it is a great satisfaction to see the culmination of each year's effort with the birth of a new vintage year. And so to begin the process again, every year, always in search of excellence. In Alex and Carrie, the passion for wine is combined with investment, but also with the desire to reunite their children and grandchildren around the countryside to get them closer to the rural world, to get them identified with it and that both, they and future generations enjoy this beautiful legacy.

La Rioja

VILLร 93

Successful international cooperation


From Florida to Valencia. About a year ago, a young couple from Florida contacted Rimontgรณ through EREN website as they wanted to move to Spain. They were clear about coming to Spain because they have learned about its lifestyle and quality of life, the culture, the Mediterranean climate, the excellent gastronomy, and many other good reasons that the country has to offer. They had never been to Spain before, but it was not a matter of chance what led them to choose the city of Valencia as their future residence, they had made their research. A change like this always generates excitement whilst concerns for the fact of moving from one part of the world to another, but they embarked on the adventure of moving to Valencia even though there were so many future unknowns. Therefore it was a very well-thought-out decision, considered and the client was assisted during the whole process even before coming to Spain.


VILLร 94

Long beforehand the clients contacted Rimontgรณ. At first, their plan was to come in September and rent a cozy, centrally-located apartment, settling in their new destination

and explore the city, without haste, while beginning the search for their future home. RimontgĂł offered them assistance on the areas to choose, what the purchasing process was, what expenses they would have, how to have access to health services, what documentation they would need amongst others. Having signed the rental contract of an apartment before arriving to Spain they focused on moving their household goods and importation paperwork. Now, after six months of their arrival in Spain, Michael and Helen, know the city of Valencia better than anyone, and have just bought a wonderful penthouse with a magnificent terrace overlooking the Valencia port and the Mediterranean sea with which they fell in love at first sight.



Marschall Immobilien shines again. An apartment for an opera star. We are pleased about selling an elegant city apartment in prime central location in Vienna to the world famous opera stars Ms. Anna Netrebko and her husband Mr. Yusif Eyvazov in the year of 2018! This deal was the highlight of a very successful time in our core business, the sale of luxury residential real estate. Our international network of partners was very benefitting for this sale too.



AUSTRIA MARSCHALL IMMOBILIEN. Vienna A modern, dynamic company that combines its technical know-how and knowledge of the local property market with a customerorientated service. Providing a key brokerage and surveying service to private buyers and investors, embassies, trusts and foundations, the firm offers a portfolio of upmarket residential properties, commercial real estate and industrial premises. Währinger Straße 2-4 1090 Wien – Austria Tel: +43-1-533 20 30 Fax: +43-1-533 20 30 30

GREECE PLOUMIS SOTIROPOULOS. Athens. Ploumis Sotiropoulos is a full-service real estate brokerage founded in 1924 and offering a wide range of property in the greater Athens area and in selected other areas around Greece.

Via Nazionale 28. 07028 Santa Teresa di Gallura - Italy Tel: +39-0789-754500 Fax: +39-0789-754371 Vicolo degli Archi, 1 07020 Porto Cervo - (OT) - Italy Tel. +39-0789-909000 Fax. + 39-0789-909022 Piazza Krizia 7 07026 - Porto Rotondo (OT) - Italy Tel. +39.0789.381024

6 Panepistimiou, 10671 Athens, Greece +30 210 3643112

Piazzetta Mare 07020 Porto Rafael – (OT) - Italy Tel. +39.0789.700381


IMMOBILSARDA. Milan Branch. Specialized in international clients investors for over 30 years, the branch of Milan provides services in different sectors for owners, investors, developers: from residential, tourism, offices, hotels, funds and retails, advisory and corporate solutions, feasibility studies, as well as property finder, real estate consultancy, marketing analysis, tailor made services for private and owners.

JLL RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT. Berlin JLL Residential Development is the leading expert in Germany for the sale of off-theplan condominiums to an international clientele. From six of JLL’s German offices, the Residential Development Division offers project developers a comprehensive range of services for the planning and marketing of their off-the-plan developments. New residential properties are marketed by the multi-lingual consultancy team in Germany, who covers 15 languages, the 45 sales partners worldwide and JLL's global network. Unter den Linden 14 10117 Berlin, Germany +49 30 88 66 000

ITALY COFIM. Verona Founded in 1978, Cofim is a leading property firm in the Veneto region that specialises in both sales and rentals. A reputation for exhaustive due diligence gives their clients the assurance that the properties offered have been objectively and critically assessed. Stradone Porta Palio, 16/A. 37122 Verona - Italy Tel: +39 – 045 – 800 11 99 Fax: +39 – 045 – 800 26 96


IMMOBILSARDA. Sardinia-Costa Smeralda-Porto Cervo. Since 1974, Property Finder and leading high-end real estate specialist in Sardinia – Costa Smeralda. Providing brokerage and surveying services as well as project management , market research and valuations. As developer, promoter and consultant, Immobilsarda guarantees an invaluable local knowledge, an extensive portfolio of high quality properties for sale and rent, seafront villas and estates, luxury golf resort projects, sustainable developments.

Via Visconti di Modrone, 29 20122 Milan Tel. +39 02 76009446 LA COMMERCIALE. Rome This property specialist for Rome and the surrounding province of Lazio is a leading brokerage, accredited by the Chamber of Commerce to operate with the Real Estate Stock Exchange of Rome, and entrusted with the sale of luxury city properties, large historical country estates and commercial real estate. Lungotevere dei Mellini 44. 00193 Rome - Italy Tel: +39 06 3200613. Fax: +39 06 3218100

PORTUGAL SILFIDUCIA REAL ESTATE. Lisbon. Founded in 1981, SILFIDUCIA is one of the longest established real estate agencies in the market. Our experienced teams cover commercial and residential property, combining innovation with traditional values to provide clients with the highest level of customer service. We provide agency, as well as customised real estate solutions including investment consultancy, development and market research. SILFIDUCIA is part of Grupo SIL, a leading real estate business with more than 60 years of knowledge and perspective of the real estate market. Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 6 - 5th floor 1050 - 121 Lisbon, PORTUGAL Tel: +351 213 555 555

SPAIN AMAT LUXURY. Barcelona Ambassadors of the Mediterranean Way of Life as we offer a selection of properties characterized by Mediterranean culture, Amat Luxury is focused on luxury properties in Barcelona and primarily residential areas. We are a family business with over 70 years in the Catalan real estate market which supports our experience, professionalism and excellence in customer care. Sant Just Desvern (BCN) Bonavista, nº 63-65 – 08960 Sant Cugat del Vallès (BCN) Av. Rius i Taulet, nº 17 – 080172 Barcelona Balmes, nº 345 – 08006 Barcelona Via Augusta, 3 – 08006

LIVING BY CARLOS. Mallorca. Living by Carlos was founded in 2013 by Carlos Wadstrom, who is based in Puerto Portals for more than 25 years, dedicating himself to the selling of ships. Due to the great demand of real estate by his clients, he expanded his business to also dedicate to the real estate sector. Living by Carlos headquarter boasts one of the most privileged location within the island, especially in the well-known Puerto Portals, in the region of Calvià, on the southwest of Palma’s bay. Puerto Portals, Local 47 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca, Spain Tel. +34 971 67 91 96 RIMONTGÓ. Valencia, Jávea Specialising in Valencia and northern Costa Blanca regions, Rimontgó is a well-established family business that has been building, marketing and selling quality villas and apartments since 1959. Rimontgó’s multilingual team offers a full range of residential and commercial property services, ensuring the company’s success in a vibrant region of Spain. Avenida de Lepanto, 1 03730 Jávea (Alicante) - Spain Tel. +34 965 791 035 Fax. +34 965 795 129 Po. Amanecer, bl 9, local 10 03730 Jávea (Alicante) - Spain Tel. +34 966 470 983 Fax. + 34 966 470 983 Gran Vía Marqués del Turia, 62 46005 Valencia - Spain Tel.+34 963 504 444 Fax. +34 963 504 445

Alte Landstrasse 107 CH-8702 Zollikon - Switzerland Tel. +41 44 396 60 60 Fax. +41 44 396 60 90 • WETAG CONSULTING SA. Canton Ticino, Switzerland A leading specialist in high-end real estate in the Ticino region of Switzerland since 1973, Wetag offers a broad range of customized real estate and personal solutions. These include the purchase and sale of residential property, assistance with residence permit applications and also with guidance regarding tax-related or legal issues. Via della Pace 1a CH-6601 Locarno - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-601 04 40 Fax: +41-91-751 96 38 Via Beato Berno, 10 CH-6612 Ascona - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-791 29 20 Riva Antonio Caccia, 3 CH-6900 Lugano - Switzerland Tel: +41-91-601 04 50 •


Tel: (+34) 934 529 960


CLEOX INVERSIONES. Marbella. Our company was founded in Marbella, Spain, in 2004. From then onwards, we have especially dedicated to the real estate sector, taking the utmost care each with the properties we select in order to be sold, within a radius which covers from Málaga to Sotogrande. Our main goal always revolves around the client, is for that reason that we continually strive in our training, to be as up to date as possible of all changes and progresses regarding the real estate sector.

COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER. Geneva. With origins dating back to 1825, COMPTOIR IMMOBILIER is a leading real estate Group in French-speaking Switzerland. Based in Geneva, the company also operates agencies in the Cantons of Vaud and Valais, employing today more than 320 professionals and active in residential, commercial, and luxury real estate with its Prestige division CI EXCLUSIVE PROPERTIES. This family structure carries strong values with a focus on Service, Performance, Ethics and Sustainable development.

Urb. Aloha Gardens,bloque 11, ofic. 8 29660 Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain Tel. +34 952 906 432

WALDE & PARTNER IMMOBILIEN AG Zollikon, Baden, Lucerne, Sursee, Thalwil, Uster, Zurich. Walde & Partner Immobilien are the leading independent real estate agents for prime, exclusive properties in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. Founded in 1985, Walde & Partner operates with a staff of 60 at its seven offices in and around Lake Zurich and Lucerne. The Brand Walde & Partner Immobilien stands for quality, professionalism and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

EREN HEAD OFFICE London 1st Floor, 1 East Poultry Avenue London EC1A 9PT - United Kingdom

Cours de Rive 7, 1203 Geneva. Switzerland


Europe, the land of easy mathematics where he who works adds up and he who retires subtracts. Núria Añó Spanish writer, 1973




EREN HEAD OFFICE 1st Floor, 1 East Poultry Avenue London EC1A 9PT - United Kingdom VILLÆ 100